Taylor Tomlinson’s inspiration for Sad In The City, John Mulaney walks the baby with Sarah Silverman?

John Mulaney took the baby for a walk and was accompanied by Sarah Silverman. No I didn’t misspeak.

Dave Chappelle is playing shows in Paris.

Aaron Rodgers jokes are pretty funny.

Taylor Tomlinson about her new podcast Sad In The City

Charlie Day and Glen Howerton discuss when It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia might end.

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Aaron. Roger has caught a lot of guff for losing to the 49ers. Keith Olbermann tweets. Once again, we all mistakenly believed Aaron Rogers had a shot grant. Brisby tweets, everybody stopped making fun of Aaron Rogers. He hates being needed. At Bobby big wheel, Aaron Rogers likes his football the way he likes medical advisers with zero degrees.

Yeah, it was cold out. Kyle nubuck tweeted Aaron Rogers playoff run warded by snowflakes canceled culture strikes again.

At stampede SPN dam, Aaron Rogers really did get canceled by some limbs from California at Richard staff. Congratulations to Jimmy. Garappolo a hundred placing Dr. Fowchee as Aaron Rogers, at least favorite Italian

And Robbie Callen tweets, Aaron Rogers. Should’ve done more of his own research on the 49ers defense.

Ben Pfeiffer shared some top Aaron Rogers nicknames. The one I loved rush Lambo. Pretty good. Also Klan Marino throw Rogan. Really good Breitbart star QB Giuliani. Suck rule Carlson and a Q a Aaron Rogers. And I sat there. Hey, is, will forte not funny? Cause I watched Saturday night live. And I’m pretty sure will. Forte is not funny. I’m sorry, but did you watch it?

What was that episode, man? Three MacGruber sketches. I’ve been into SNL. Like the last three years have been pretty strong. Those are the first episode where I remember grabbing the remote and hitting fast forward through a lot of sketches. They were bad. Three MacGruber is Lauren Michaels. Yeah, three. I know we got the show on peacock, but if you’re trying to sell peacock subscriptions, because he thought I want to see more MacGruber you didn’t help the cause at all.

The a V club usually ranks the best slash worst sketch of the night. For best they wrote, I cannot in good conscience make this call. So it’s not just me. We’re a sketch. They wrote, I suppose, the Gaslight edition of cinema classical was the most forgettable.

That was one of the sketches. I fast forwarded through the opening with Fox news, Kate McKinnon, crushing it as always. James Austin Johnson has Trump. Very funny. I enjoyed the heck out of that. I even told my wife about the joke of the fake Fox news

sponsor. COVID negs. That was a COVID test. That always comes out negative because you’re going to that wedding. That was the punchline. Very funny. Michael Che seemed off his game.

Sarah Sherman did update and did her shtick where she comes on. Colin Jo says something and then she twists it into tabloid. Ready, canceled juiced headlines. I agree with the club. It’s. But it’s already getting a little tired, probably the best thing in the night, Bowen yang, he returned with his character

chin bow. That’s like the guy that represents the nation of China. But when yang has chin bow came on and talked about the Olympics and how they don’t care, that NBC is not sending any correspondence. That was a fun.

You know who I haven’t mentioned a couple minutes here, will forte not a good episode. SNL being Sarah bang was at that Patrice O’Neal benefit. They have a long recap there. If you want to read it. Not too much in the recap interested me, we already know the Pete Davidson stuff. They did it right about David’s hill who appeared in full winter.

At tell described himself as a guy who looks like he owns his own escape room. Like he put the high and Hamas, like he runs a game stop and Syria.

So it sounds like it’s hell crushed as always page six rewards. Dave Chappelle has been performing in Paris. With the co-host of his hit podcast, the midnight miracle

Chappelle did a run of a sold-out gigs at Paris, Apollo theater, different from the one in Harlem, New York city.

Dave is going to play a bigger venue over the weekend. The source as it’s possible that the trio we’re recording new material for the pond.

Dave is scheduled to do a run of gigs in April at the Hollywood bowl. Billed as Netflix is a joke presents Dave and friends. Hmm.

The daily mail keeping tabs on John Malaney. Apparently John Malaney gave mom Olivia Munn. Malaney took son Malcolm out for a walk daily mail has plenty of pictures of John Malaney and a little baby out for a walk. But who was with John Malaney? Sarah Silverman. Hm. Sarah Silverman was out walking. Her dog millennia was dressed down a Navy blue track pants, long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap for history.

I thought it looked quite handsome.

Sarah. I looked relaxed and slushy black pants, a sleeveless, Heather Gray, t-shirt sunglasses, and a baseball cap. I thought she looked nice on the eyes as well. Taylor Tomlinson was talking about her new podcast. She says the Genesis of the podcast really is that at a week. Well, I was extremely sad, like rock bottom depressed.

It’s not the first time I felt that way in New York. I had gotten to the point where I was so lonely here, that if people recognize me on the street, I would make them talk to me for longer than I think they were even comfortable. If you’re an insecure person who is afraid of being judged, do not come to New York because people are always judging.


Once I achieved everything I wanted to and had the career I wanted to have and had to face the fact that I wasn’t the type of person I wanted to be forever. It was mostly just realizing that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. And wasn’t this great person I thought I was it’s tough. And you’re young adulthood is just constantly punctuated by those moments.

That podcast is called a sad in the city. Charlie Dane, Glenn Howard, in from it’s always sunny. They were on the good one podcast. And they talked about when it’s always sunny, might wrap. Charlie day said we’re going one at a time at this point, meaning one season when we get into the writer’s room and I don’t know when that’s going to be, but the next time we get in the writers room, we’ll have all those big conversations where we’ll say.

What are we doing? Is this it? Are we going to try and leave it? Open-ended or we wrapping it up this year? Who knows? I think we kind of approach every year like that Glenn Howard and said, it’s just constantly reexamining. Are we still getting something from this personally that is artistically fulfilling?

Are we just doing it for the money? And the answer to that question thus far has been now. I’m still getting something out of it, even if it means a little bit more time between seasons, this is a show that can keep going. Cause there’s always something going on on the world.

That would be interesting to see through the lens of these characters.

Let’s see if my voice can make it to the end. I know from experience, I can only record about three of these in a row. And then my voice is shot for the day. I just recorded two episodes before this. I am looking ahead to some travel I have planned later in the year and I’m working on what I lovingly call weekend filler.

I did an episode about Ralphie may and a different episode about Robert Schimmel. And in doing the research on those two guys, boy, I found some great stuff, some great stuff. If you go to the Facebook group,

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I shared one article each about Ralphie and Robert Schimmel that has some great stuff in there. So you may want to check them out. Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by all pro lines. My friends, because stocky com Apolis and Aaron. Do a weekly show, the combines football and jokes, or read a bunch of football jokes at the top.

Here’s one from at All-Pro lines, they were talking about how the Tennessee Titans lost and said silver lining.

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Jason Zimmerman does an awesome job covering comedy for the New York times. He had a piece about Louie Anderson over the weekend and in it, there’s a story about Rodney Dangerfield funeral back in 2004, Bob Saget officiated the service and said he was a heckled by Jaylin.

And Louie Anderson stuck up for second Anderson sold Saget. I know that must have hurt you. What he did. I wasn’t gonna let you hang there. Jay probably just did it out of nervousness. Maybe he needed to do that and not to burst out crying.

Sagun responded. I don’t think he does that.

Meaning crying Anderson said, I bet he does

Sagat then immediately changed his mind almost as if he recognized that the humanity of this thought outpaced the front of his jibe. He said to Louie Anderson. All I ever want to do is hug you.

speaking of Saget AFV is that what we’re calling it now? Is it like officially a F V and not America’s funniest home videos, a V. They are paying tribute to Bob Saget for the rest of the season. There will be a regular segment showcasing moments from SAC it’s time on the ABC.

One of the producers said the decision was influenced by the extraordinary outpouring of testimonials to sag it over the past two weeks. Again, if you skipped it the weekend episodes Saturday was a full-on tribute to Louie Anderson, Sunday, a lot of Louie and some good Saget stuff in there as well.

So you might want to go back and check those out if you did miss them. Mo Gilligan has a new, special to be out on Netflix, February 17th. That is called there is. It was recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo magilligan says this show is his favorite body of work. My London, I caught up with Jimmy Carr. Jimmy Carr has been in a relationship with Carolyn copping who works at channel five in the youth.

Carolyn’s first impression of Jimmy Carr was that he was a one note comedian with the eyes of a sex offender. Jimmy core said he immediately knew she was the one despite her own lukewarm first. I knew it felt perfect.

And staying on that side of the pond, which is not a phrase I think anyone ever uses except me from chortle GB news, which as I understand is like Fox news for the UK. It seems kind of conservatively. Anyway, they have signed up a regular roster of 13 comedians to appear on its late night newspaper preview show headliners.

So Shortle embedded a clip from a headliners. I’m still waiting for the joke. And I watched the clip five days ago. turtle rights. The antiwar channel has green-lipped the show for seven days a week.

The rotating panel of comedians offering comments on the next day. His headlines are Steve and Allen Rona, Cameron and Nick Dick.

Andrew Doyle, Josh Howie. Leo curse is Agila Kirsha. Eric McElroy, Diane Spencer, and Ian stone.

The executive producer says, even though the show’s populated by comedians, it’s not designed to make fun of important news events. The difference with comedians is we tend to look at the world through a different lens. We don’t see everything as a joke or gag, but we do look at things sideways.

So we often spot the irony, the paradoxes, and even the absurdity of serious.

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