The 15 Best Comedy Things of 2021

A look at the Best Comedy Things of 2021 – including two very late additions.

1. Too Funny To Fail, the Dana Carvey documentary.
1.5 Being The Ricardos (late addition)
1.75 Jim Gaffigan’s Comedy Monster (late addition)
2. George Lopez Tacos
3. John Mulaney Gossip
4. Dave Chappelle-gate
5. Tim Dillon’s podcast
6. Nate Bargatze’s special
7. Phil Wang, Philly Philly Wang Wang
8. Tim Heidecker goofing on Joe Rogan
9. SNL’s James Austin Johnson and Bowen Yang
10. Ted Lasso
11. Hacks
12.What We Do In The Shadows
13. I guess the Jimmy Carr special that came out yesterday

Uncorrected transcript below:

Hi, I’m Johnny Mack. I host a podcast it’s called daily comedy news. What this episode is, is the funniest things of 2021. This is an audio only podcast. So everything after here will be audio only with some stills. If you’d like to follow the podcast, we’re on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. And now the funniest things of 2021.

📍 Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news today, my end of year 2021. Best of funny things, comedy comedians specials stuff. I mentioned earlier in the week, this year’s comedy specials. I had a tougher time this year putting a list together than I did in 2020 full-blown pandemic, more things got released, I think maybe, but the specials weren’t that good.

I don’t have a lot of comedy specials on here. So what I wound up doing is just making a list of my top 10, which is really a top 13, which is really a top 12. You’ll see things that I enjoyed in 2021 that were.

Let’s go best to last. So what was the funniest thing of 2021?

📍 to me, foreign away, the funniest thing of 2021. And in between this and number two, it’s like 10 miles huge gap between one and two. This thing had me rolling on the floor figuratively. I was on the couch, laughing very hard in tears, sharing it on Instagram telling all my friends, texting people, oh my God, you got to watch this.

It was on Hulu, too. Funny to fail the documentary about the failed at Dana Carvey show. Oh my goodness. I never laughed so 📍 hard. Some of the people in this things, Stephen Colbert or heard of him, Steve Carell, Robert smile, you know him as triumph Dana himself.

anyway, I wrote when the film turns his focus to the run of the show itself and introduces the fascinating layer of some unguarded feedback from ABC executives as the programming decision makers of the network. Follow the timeline from greenlighting the show to describing the final product.

They had no idea they were getting, you can track the repressed disdain as it slowly builds,

watching Colby, Aaron Corel. Talk about the origins of waders who are nauseated by food or hearing some of Robert’s smuggles inspiration for the ambiguously gay duo is worth the runtime.

you got to wash this thing and there’s a part in it. I don’t want to totally give it away, but

stephen Colbert tells a story about a promo that aired on ABC. They show the promo running on 📍 ABC in context, Colby air can’t even stop laughing to finish the story. And I was in stitches far and away. The funniest thing I saw in 2021, too. Funny to fail on Hulu.

📍 Right. I am interrupting my own podcast and here’s why today’s December 26th. I didn’t want to record a podcast on Christmas day. So I recorded state early. You can understand that, but I recorded it early, like 10 days ago. And then here’s what happened. I went to watch TV the other night and two of the best things of the year showed up on my telephone.

No number one is still Dana Carvey, but these next two things have to be shoehorned between numbers one and two, because the rest of the podcast is done. So let me assign these things, numbers. This first thing is really good, but not as funny as Dana Carvey. So I’m going to say number 1.5 on my. 📍 Being the Ricardo’s.

I talked about it on the podcast during the week. I want to give this thing four Oscars. I think it’s the best movie of the year. So I’ll give it best picture. Javier Bardem as Dezi Arnaz. Awesome. 📍 JK Simmons as William Frawley. Awesome. I want to give him best supporting actor.

I want you to consider 📍 Alia shock hat. She plays one of the writers for best supporting 📍 actress. And I want you to consider Nicole Kidman for Lucille ball. I don’t think Nicole will win it for this, but I thought she did a great job as Lucy, but Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz who on point being the Ricardo’s loved every second of it.

So that is my number 1.5 thing on the funniest things of 2021. Next up again, I have to shoe horn this between Ricardo’s and the thing you’re going to hear me say is number two, 📍 Jim Gaffigan comedy monster. Let’s call this number 1.75 on. I think it’s Jim Gaffigan’s best special.

His opening, especially here this weekend, as we’re all freaking out about Unama Cron. So on point so timely, I thought some of the religious stuff he did in the middle was really strong. Jim Gaffigan comedy monster. And I’ve talked about this on this podcast in the past where I have this emperor of Rome thing where I’ve heard so much comedy that I don’t laugh.

I just go, oh, that was really funny. That’s great. Well, really great written. I was laughing out loud at this thing and my 83 year old. I also liked it. So let’s, you horn those two in and I’m going to go back to 10 days ago me and see what else is on the list. But I will tell you, cause I know what I’m about to announce the gap between Dana Carvey.

Then there’s a gap to Ricardo’s and gaff again. Now there’s like a giant Kenyon until this next thing. Nothing else on this list is as good as these first three things.

📍 Number two. George Lopez tacos. Why? Cause I got so much comedy out of George Lopez announcing he had a taco business and taking it so seriously earlier in the year, when there wasn’t much going on, half the episodes were about George Lopez tacos.

George took this project. So seriously, he spoke to Maston said taco Tuesday. I think it’s limiting tacos are 24 7 every day of the week.

George spoke to eater and said the places where they make the tortillas, all the sauces and all the carnitas, the steak and the chicken, that big wheel of food is going to start turning over all again.

His beloved grandmother who raised him was an inspiration for cooking, authentic Mexican food. 📍 George Lopez said there wasn’t a smaller kitchen than the one my grandmother cooked in. If she was here, I think she might be happy with the way George Lopez tacos turned out. George Lopez. Thank you for all the comedy.

📍 Number three, John Mullen. Is it inappropriate to say, Hey John Malaney, thanks for breaking up your marriage and running away with Olivia Munn. That’d be inappropriate. That’s not cool. Jenny Mack, you’re a jerk, but I got a lot of content out of John Malaney and Olivia Munn and the babies on the way and gossip corner and all of that.

Thank you, John Malaney. And from a clicks standpoint, John Malaney gets the additional downloads. You know, who else gets you additional downloads?

📍 Number four on the list. Dave Chappelle.

This is not a commentary on Dave Chappelle or the trans community. It is a commentary on, I liked downloads. And boy, if you put Dave Chappelle in the title, you get downloads. Dave’s comedy is always interesting. Dave is always in the news. So Dave, Chappelle’s number four, number five. This is a thing that I check out every.

I’m always excited when it hits my phone. I always laugh at it. It always tickles my brain. And you’ve heard me say before someday, I will deny that I ever told you to listen to Tim Dylan’s podcast.

📍 Tim will walks right on the Razor’s edge and he’s going to step on the landmine. Eventually I can feel it coming and I’m going to run for the Hills. It’d be like I never said to listen to Tim Dylan’s podcast, but until that day, listen to Tim Dylan’s podcasts. That’s number five, number six, and we’re already at number six.

📍 I haven’t mentioned any standup specials. That’s what kind of lame year was for standup. So number six Naper Gatsby’s greatest average American. I liked it so much. I watched it twice. I enjoyed it and I’m like, my wife would like this and I watched it the second time with her. That is a can’t miss number seven.

📍 This one only made the list of recently. I recently told you I was one. And they were like, Hey, check out Phil Wang’s Philly, Philly, Wang, Wang. And I’m like, what’s that? But I hit play really good, solid, special fill Wang’s Philly, Philly, Wang Wang, probably off your radar. Check that out. Number eight,

📍 Tim high Deckers, Joe Rogan Perry. He put it up as a 12 hour YouTube video. It’s really one hour loop, 12 times the audio edition, which I listened to his one hour loop four times so good that I listened to two hours worth, even though I had heard all the jokes. Hi Decker, and two guests just channel Joe Rogan and crew talking about nothing and making it sound like it’s also important, spiritual and smarter than everybody else.

Hyde Ecker. Nailed it. Go find that.

You’ll find it on the podcast office hours or go to good pods. I made a list called mentioned on daily comedy news or something like that. Follow me on good pods. I’m at Johnny Mack and I made some lists. You’ll just find it there. Or the office hours podcasts. The name of the podcast. 📍 Number nine, eight time two folks cracking me up on Saturday night, live Bowen yang and James Austin Johnson, Bowen yang crushes in every single sketch he’s.

Absolutely love him. James Austin Johnson coming on here in the fall and doing a really good Trump and appearing in a bunch of things through the last few weeks they’ve hit him, but he came out of the box. Great. So they’re on my list. 📍 Number 10, Ted lasso, even though season two was not as good as season one.

Maybe nothing could live up to the hype of season one, but season two was really nice load a little bit in the middle, but finished strong. So Ted lasso, number 10 on the list. 📍 Number 11 hacks, I was asleep on hacks and I saw enough other people say this is pretty good.

It is not at all the story of Joan Rivers, but might as well be, you know, with some fiction added on top a Joan Rivers ask comedic. Higher as a younger writer, HAX is fantastic. I was evangelizing for that and telling everyone to watch it. You should watch it. 📍 Number 12, what we do in the shadows had a really strong season, always enjoy that.

I was describing to people as the office, but vampires and 📍 number 13, this is a hedge by me, Jimmy Karas, special that came out yesterday that I haven’t seen yet, because believe me, I didn’t record this episode on Christmas day. What are you crazy? I’m just going to guess that was pretty. Jimmy Carter is always good.

I’m excited for the special. Haven’t actually seen it, but I’m adding it to my best of 21 lists based on faith that Jimmy Carr, Jimmy car number 13,

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