The best stand-up specials on Netflix? Where are Chappelle, Gaffigan and Burr?!

Johnny Mac sets out to do some weekend filler about the Best Comedy Specials on Netflix but let’s just say he found the list lacking and slowly loses it before rattling off like 20 specials that are better.

The original list didn’t have Dave Chappelle, Jim Gaffigan or Bill Burr. Not to mention Chris Rock or even Richard Pryor.

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Uncorrected transcript below.

So I’m adding this after recording the episode proper, this episode is one of those weekend article episodes where I see an article and I’m like, ah, I feel like talking about that for a little bit. And the setup here is the 30 funniest specials on Netflix right now in an article that I found and I’m like, okay, But as you’re going to hear, as I get deeper and deeper, I’m like, wait, what the hell is this list?

So if you stick around to the end, I quite tag onto the list because I’ve got some problems with it. You won’t hear me lose it until about 20 down the list, but it’s coming.

If you’re relatively new to the podcast every now and then I do one of these article episodes and I never pre-read the article because I want to react to it. Today’s article from sugar. If you’re in need of a laugh, these are the 30 best comedy specials on Netflix right now. This by Madison, Tyler.

Okay. Madison, Tyler. These are the 30 best comedy specials on Netflix. Right now. I accept your premise. Let’s see what you got.

This is a slide show by the way, slideshows in 2021. Yeah. Okay.

First up on the slide show Taylor Tomlinson quarter-life crisis. It’s a funny line. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I made it a quarter of the way through it. I didn’t dislike it. There’s just so much like sometimes I just can’t watch all comedy special for an hour. I have TV add, you gotta be a really good to get me to watch an hour, but Taylor, Thomas and quarter-life crisis.

Yeah, that’s a good, special

tailor deliver some hard truths and witty commentary about the realities of being in your twenties. Long story short. They’re not as great as they seem. And Tomlinson is absolutely.

Next up Hassan Minhaj, homecoming king.

Fusing his brand of witty political commentary with his personal storytelling has, I mean, I was just totally in his element, blah, blah, blah. I mean, nosh minds, his own upbringing as a child of immigrants, balancing hilarious moments with sincere ones. Can’t remember if I saw that one or not? So. Next slide, Joe, John Malini, kid gorgeous at radio city.

Sure. Who doesn’t like John Delaney. Good choice there. The next slide is an advertisement quiz. Are you ready to retire 20 questions to see if your old tire comfortably? I don’t think we want to do that right now. Do we know?

Allie Wong baby Cobra.

She turns wildly accepted notions about gender equality, feminism, and her identity as an Asian woman upside down. All right. Good choice. Next slide, Sam J three in the morning. This was in my top three of 2020. Great choice here. If you’ve haven’t seen this one, definitely watched Sam J three.

Jay offers sharp bite commentary on traveling with a girlfriend, her Shroom induced epiphany about the audacity of white people and not surviving on a stranded island. Leslie Jones sign machine in this comedy special. Leslie Jones will have you rolling on the floor, laughing her jokes about aging seducing prince and battling sleep apnea

or outrageously hilarious. Leslie never did it for me on SNL. So I don’t think I watched that one. I’m the worst host. Right? Next slide. Michelle Battelle. Welcome to Metopia.

You may know Michelle butcell from stealing scenes in Netflix and movies. Like always be my, maybe in someone. Great. And that’s not how I know her, but she takes center stage in her Netflix special, but so cracks jokes about being a mother of twin babies, her relationship with her Dutch. And more see this copywriting rule of three there, you’ve got a three things, mother of twin babies, her relationship with her Dutch husband and more, and as I told you on a recent podcast, when you write and more, it means you don’t know what else to write.

Wanda Sykes, not normal. Definitely a muscle watch says, Sykes delves into politics, racism, and reality TV in a way that only she could in the copywriting rule of three. Slide show number 10 is a nother ad. This one is trying to get us to buy a trophy trophies, shipping and gray free same day.

Interesting advertisement placement slide number 10. Christella Alonza lower classy.

Christella isn’t just the first Latino woman to create, produce, write and star in her own primetime common in the west. She’s also a genius comedian. She tackles Latinex stereotypes, immigration, and growing up poor in a way that challenges the status quo and will make you laugh. Non-stop

I like this next one on slide 11, James, a castor repertoire, not just one comedy special, but also a collection of four comedic masterpieces that will still leave you begging for more. I don’t know about that. And I mean, four’s a lot, man,

with the multitude of stand-up comedy cross streaming platforms, we’re pretty familiar with the standard set up punchline routine, a Castro’s approach, whoever is unique as emailed storytelling that will send you down a rabbit hole with observations about the absurdities of everyday life. Not like those other comedians.

Hannah Gatsby Nanette. Now I’m a fan of Douglas over Nanette. Nanette is the first Hannah Gasby special that like really made it. And everybody was like, oh my God, Hannah Gaspe reinvented comedy. I think the second one Douglas is actually funnier,

but if you haven’t checked out, Hannah Gatsby definitely do it. The east coast brick mortar. Smoking, a cigarette in front of the seller. Those comics, they’re not dealing with Hannah Gasby, but Hannah’s pretty funny.

Slide number 13, Michelle Wolf, a joke show. Great choice for dose of quirky comedy with eccentric commentary on life. Check out Michelle Wolf special joke show. Michelle Wolf offers her wacky takes on massages, a childbirth feminism, and yes, otters

slide 14, Tiffany Haddish, black mitzvah. Haddish comically takes us through her coming of age as a woman, reflecting on her life experiences. Tiffany pokes fun at her past from living in foster care, to dating for free meals as a broke comedian, starting tales of hardship and joke she can triumphantly laugh at and slide 15.

You can get a $200 gift card with this particular cable company. Slideshow continues on the next slide. I think we’re halfway. And that means I got to monetize my podcast. Right. Yeah,

continuing here from M S N sugar. The headline, if you’re in need of a laugh, these are the 30 best comedy specials on Netflix. Right now. You’ve already listened to half the podcast. So you know that I’m going through a slide show. I’m acting like you joined into the middle. You’re like, I’m going to start listening after the commercial break.

That’s why I reset. That’s the radio host in me. I’m sorry. We’re supposed to reset on the radio. You don’t need to do that podcast. Slide number 15, Neil Brennan’s three Mike’s is a little unorthodox, but so worth it. Brennan literally has three microphone set up on the stage. One for one liners, one for traditional standup and setups and punches and one for emotional stuff.

It’s a pretty hilarious and unique comedy hour in which Brennan gets up close and personal with the audience. Remember Neal Brennan, the writing partner of Dave Chappelle back on Chappelle’s show slide 16 magilligan momentum. I don’t even think I’ve seen a surface on my Netflix, Netflix, while you’re hiding this.

British comedian Mo Gilligan special momentum is so next level that he has a whole band backing him on stage. He can bet that Gilligan’s humor sharp and his observations on family dynamics, friends, birthday parties, and dancing in the club are not only copywriting rule of three, but are hilariously relatable.

The physical and musical comedy is sure to have you clutching your stomach and gym. And at the same time, that sounds fun. Slide 17, Sarah Silverman, a speck of dust.

Sarah has a bit of reputation for being provocative. Cause he’s not afraid to get into controversial subjects in her Netflix, special silver men used to satire a bit of dark humor and her characteristic dead pan delivery to ponder big questions about life. I’m still mad at Sarah for being mad that Kathryn Hahn was going to play Joan Rivers.

So I’m not recommending that. Slide 18, Nikki Glaser bang and Nikki Glaser’s by no means new to the comedy game, dynamic and unbridled a Glazer’s comedy special is in fact bangin.

So my spidey senses tingling here, a lot of women on the list so far, neither good, nor bad, but just atypical. I think if we went to a comedy club, for whatever reason, if 10 comics performed, I’d say eight of them would be dudes. . So a lot of women have been represented on the list so far.

Let’s see if that changes as we had to slide 19 and it does not Lysa Slessinger is elder millennial.

Uh, Eliza gets into the truth about aging, our hidden flaws and dating any copywriting rule of three slide 20

Michael Chase shame the devil. That’s the new one, where he sits on a stool the whole time. He’s his comedy and makes important points about celebrities and activism, mental health, and racial and economic inequities in health care in the copyrighting rule of three slide 21, Hari Kondabolu warn your relatives.

I like Hari a lot, like a.

Hurry breaks down. You ready for the copywriting rule of three? I mean, come on, do you not see it? Every time? Copywriting rule of three, how he breaks down identity politics is mango obsession and an awkward celebrity encounter in the special plus this special is packed with food theme jokes that are downright funny, writes the writer as writers.

Slide 22, Trevor Noah, son of Patricia, Trevor crushes. I, I was a big fan of Trevor before he even got the daily show.

Noah shares lessons. He learned from his mother growing up in South Africa. One, his interpretation of trap music too. And his thoughts on tacos copywriting rule of three. This is fun. Eric, Andre legalize, everything. All right, the dudes are catching up. Now heads up. You will definitely need to prepare yourself for this one.

If you’re familiar with Eric Andre or have seen Eric Andre. You know, his brand of comedy loud in your face and a little bizarre copywriting rule of three things get pretty wild as Andre discusses. Guess how many they’re going to be? One is mishaps getting high in public to missing Tupac hologram at Coachella and third, the TV show cops, inappropriate theme music choice slide 24, Catherine Ryan glitter room fresh off during the UK. Katherine Ryan offers up her clever observations about everything from. One coach’s British daughter to the maddening double standards between single moms, single dads, and three lead challenges of co-parenting with each joke and story she tells Ryan is sure to keep you on your toes slide 25 Christina P mother inferior in hers special.

She gets into one, the reality of how her life changed after giving birth to why people hate on millennials and a three, the key to her happy marriage.

This whole episode has taken a new thing. And now I’m just playing the rule of three copyrighted game. I’ve never seen it done to this extent. Slide 26 Whitney Cummings. Can I touch it? Whitney riffs on feminism, just one year. Just one thing, whatever the copywriting rule of three slide 27, taking the taro epi to be here.

The hours filled with funny anecdotes. I’d hope so about one parenting to her. Wife’s Googleable questions, three talking to her cat four and more. See, there’s not really a Ford. Just this. You could have just said Ann, talking to her cat. Why did you add the add more slide? 28 Jenny slate. Staged. Despite her severe stage fright, dynamic and energetic comedian, Jenny slate, Grace’s stage in this Netflix special, by the way, we have two left.

There better be some Chappelle on this, or I’m going to have to go to Netflix myself and add to this list.

I mean, we’re ignoring a lot of things that are on Netflix. If we’re saying this is the 30 funniest, nothing wrong with Jenny. I just happened to be looking at the slides going there’s not too many left. And we haven’t mentioned a lot of names back to Jenny slate. A makes a footage from home videos, interviews with her family members and Stanhope, featuring stories about adulthood slide 29, Pete Davidson alive from New York.

Yeah, that’s special. Wasn’t bad. I’d dig Pete.

Pete gets candid about one is experienced working in SNL two rumors about his BD E three, a weirdly specific sex story about his dad and more there’s the Enmore again, you didn’t need it. You could have just said, and a weirdly specific story about his dad. Slide 30 Hannah Gadsby Douglas talked about this earlier.

That is one of my favorites. So watch that last slide. Allie Wong hard knock wife.

So thank you, Madison Siler for your article on pop sugar. Now as a professional comedy observer, that’s what I actually do. I’m going to presume based on the less, Madison’s a little more into the comedy stylings of women than men, because I feel like you left some stuff out.

So let me go to Netflix here. If the premise here is these are the 30 funniest on Netflix. Let me open up mine, Netflix.

I have clicked on a tab called irreverent. Stand up. Netflix is putting in front of me, Mike Birbiglia, my girlfriend’s boyfriend. I’ll add that to the list. The new ish Mo Amor special Mohammed in Texas and the other Mo Amherst special. The vagabond. You should watch those bill Burr. Anything. How was bill bird?

Not on that list. Bill Burr, paper tiger. Again, the premise of the list was the 30 funniest specials on Netflix. How is bill Burr? Anything not on this. Ronny Chieng Asian comedian destroys. America is a wonderful, special, you should watch that.

How about the several Tom Segarra specials? How about Jerry Seinfeld? 23 hours to kill? How about Ray Romano right here? Around the corner. How about mark Marin end times. I know I’ve got a Y chromosome. I might be biased, but c’mon man. How about Patton Oswalt? I love everything. Or the other specialist he has.

How about Dave Chappelle? Anything? How about handlebar is comedy commissar? How about Jim Jefferies? Anything about Jack White hall? Any.

How about Sebastian Maniscalco?

Are we putting a time limit on this thing? Cause Richard Pryor live in concert is on Netflix and it’s pretty. Chris rock total blackout is on Netflix. And pretty funny. How about Anthony? Jellinek anything? How about the other John Malaney specials? How about cat Williams about Jimmy Carr, Craig Ferguson

about Ron white.

But Colin Quinn unconstitutional.

You might be saying, how about disease in? Sorry. Well, say you had a satellite radio comedy channel and you were like, kind says he’s in. Sorry. When he was a nobody. And he’d come up to your station on. And then when he got famous, he would never call you back. You probably wouldn’t recommend it in season.

Sorry. What’d you say these things about him on your comedy podcast? Because that’s how it sees the sorry roles. So now let’s not mention him. Kevin Hart. How about Kevin Hart?

Jim Gaffigan people seem to like Jim Gaffigan. I can tell you on any comedy metrics I’ve ever seen. Jim Gaffigan is like usually numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 on the top 10 comedy clips played on say a digital service people like Jim Gaffigan.

Amy Schumer, Tracy Morgan, a lot was left off that top 30. I’m not sure that top 30 was all that good,

but Hey, there’s some weekend filler for you and that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Good pause. Wherever you get your show. I’d love to hear what you think is good on Netflix. You can go to the Facebook group, daily comedy news podcast group.

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