The Revised 15 Best Comedy Things of 2021

There were so many late entries, and great entries, that Johnny Mac had to redo his list to add Being The Ricardos, Don’t Look Up and two new specials by Jimmy Carr and Jim Gaffigan.

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Jimmy Carr talks about his hair replacement.

Frank Caliendo on his most requested impression.

Jay Leno does a benefit for the cops.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler on hooking up.

Uncorrected transcript below:

I didn’t like the late night jokes I had squirreled away. So I’m ditching that plan and I’m switching to all Pearl lines. Did you see the Cowboys beat the Washington football team? 56 to 17, all pro lines tweets. Jeez. Cowboys lit up a little First the smallpox blankets nail this.

Did you see all the snow in Seattle, all pro lines tweets, the Seahawks lost a climate change. This Seahawks game is so white. The only hip hop song it knows is the succession theme. This Seahawks game is so white. It owns a Prius and the bears won. Thanks to a shocking one hand at snatch is their mascot.

Donald Trump.

And you know, those baker Mayfield ads that take place in a stadium pretty soon, they’re going to have to start filming these ads at a stadium and Canada, mind blowing fact from all pro lines, the Vikings have had at least a six point lead and every game this season, they keep losing a commanding early lead is their mascot.

Hillary Clinton love it all pro lines. It’s not only a Twitter feed. It’s a podcast hosted by a stocky kind of hopeless and Erin Hodges. Football and jokes. They sponsored today’s daily company news. Their episode is out every Tuesday. Check out all pro lines. Speaking of football, Frank Kelly endo spoke to CBS news, a Frank Kelly endo.

What impressions you asked to do the most? He said, Morgan Freeman is one that’s out there. I guess also John Madden was there for awhile. Then it was John Gruden, but John Gruden has had issues. I’ve taken that.

As far as political comedy, my political stuff has never been actually political. My political stuff is finding what’s silly about the person. And even if I don’t like the politician in some way, shape or form, I find something that I might like about them. And that’s what.

Is Frank Galleano optimistic heading into 2022. I think it has to be because if you’re not, I think that’s where we’re all just going to get paralyzed. I think too many people are, you know, again, I’m like everybody else. I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe and what to know, what not to know.

I never understand, you know, the I’m a chronic thing that’s going on now. Yes, Frank, we do. It’s a frenzy. I just do my best to go out and be courteous to other people. That’s what I try to do. I understand that other people may be a little more worried or less.

So The laugh button, did their list of the 20 best comedy albums and specials of 2021. Shall we take a look at, we shall.

Number 20 you Lavelle Crawford and the comedy vaccine 19 Nicole buyer’s big, beautiful weirdo, 18 John Marco sources shelf life.

Recorded outside and a Brooklyn courtyard, John Marco, sourcey crafted a perfect time capsule of the COVID era, referencing the pandemic throughout, without wallowing in a contemporary performers, pity 17 drew Michael’s red, blue, green. I like this list because it’s different.

In 2018, June, Michael did something with his first HBO special that at the time was still a novelty. He performed it without an audience. Of course, that would become par for the course. Only two years later in 2021, he dropped that gimmick to perform in front of a small crowd,

16 Dave Chappelle, the closer you’re probably familiar. 15 Mazda Bronny pandemic warrior forgot that even came out. I like MAs a lot.

14 Rosebud bakers, whiskey fists 13. Josh Johnson’s hashtag.

12 Chris Gethard’s half my life. 11 Jo Firestone’s good timing. 10 John fish, hinged

nine. I eat a Rodriguez fighting words. Eight James eight. Castro’s cold lasagna. Seven Ricky Velez. Here’s everything. I don’t get that at all. I, I watched, I don’t get that special six Mo Amaras Muhammad in Texas. You guys know, I love that one five Nate per Gatsby is greatest average American, fantastic special for Pete Lee, tall, dark and pleasant laugh button writes.

Pete. Lee’s impossible not to like his Midwestern charm is second only to just how funny his jokes. Lee describes his comedic point of view of just how much it sucks to be. Nice three Roy Wood Jr. Imperfect messenger to shame Gillis live in Austin.

And number one, and I don’t get it. I watched it as a right, but everybody’s putting this at the top of the list, but not me Bo Burnham inside. Yeah.

So on Sunday I put out my list of the funniest things of 2021. And if you listen to Sunday’s episode, you heard that I had to go in and recut it and insert two things. And then even since then two more things have come along. So I just want to redo the list.

You can hear the original list on Sunday’s episode. And I’m not going to dive deep on all this. I’ll just do the top again. All right. Here is the revised stop of funniest things of 2021. Number one, no doubt. Still the champion.

Dana Carvey is too funny to fail. You heard me explain it on Sunday, but boy, I laughed and laughed and laughed at that. Okay. The new number two being the Ricardo’s. I loved that. I hung on every second of it. I don’t get them mixed reviews. I just thought it was. Number three, this is new to the revised revised list.

Don’t look up. I’ve been thinking about this since I watched it. When did I watch it? And I watch it Christmas Eve. I loved it because it’s exactly what would happen. If say a comment we’re going to hit the earth, or perhaps there was a runaway climate emergency, people would ignore it and worry about.

What Ariana Grande’s doing, no one would pay any attention to anything. I loved. Don’t look up number four, the funniest standup special of the year. It was on my original list, but it’s now shooting up the list to number four, Jimmy. Carr’s new, special on Netflix. I laughed out loud and I’ve talked about the emperor of Rome problem that I have where I don’t laugh.

Jimmy chorus special was fantastic. Number five, also new to the original list. Jim Gaffigan’s new special ed that gets Jim Gaffigan’s best special ever. And then the rest of my list was George Lopez tacos, John Delaney, anything Dave Chappelle, Tim Dylan’s podcast. Naper Gatsby’s is greatest average American Phil Wang’s, Philly, Philly, Wang Wang, Tim hijackers, Joe Rogan, parody, SNL James Austin Johnson and Bowen yang, Ted lasso hacks and what we do in the shadows, that is the list.

But again, the top five now are Dana Carvey being the Ricardo’s. Don’t look up Jimmy Carter, Jim guy.

Speaking of Jimmy Carr, I was watching and I’m like, he looks good, but he looks different. He had work done, and I started Googling while watching the special. And then during the special Jimmy Carter, Addressed that yes, he’s had a lot of work done. He is not hiding this from us. The son wrote Jimmy car’s incredible face transformation, as he says, little of the original still there following midlife crisis during the lockdown, the 49 year old at Jimmy Carr added to his hair transplant procedure by getting a set of veneers and Botox this week admitted very little of his original face still exists.

Cause he’s had so much cosmetic work.

I’ve gone a bit crazy with it. I’ve got the new teeth and the new hair. I’ve had a proper midlife crisis, like right. Let’s get everything done. I’ve had a little bit of Botox and filler. Everything I can get done. My face is now like triggers, broom from only fools and horses. Very little of the original is still there.

Amar Suchi is some sort of expert. The son spoke with Amar said, Jimmy has clearly lost a lot of weight over the year.

Amar believes Jimmy Carr has had regular Botox treatment on his forehead’s remove some of his lines to make him look more fresh. There still seems to be some movement which may indicate a smaller dosage such as that used in baby Botox. I’m learning a lot here.

Jimmy Carter talked about the hair and said, so what happened was my hair was socially distancing from my forehead and I’d had enough of it. I shaved my head and what they do is they take hairs from the back of your head and they put them on the front. Basically I had enough hair, it was just in the wrong place.

It was a bit of redistribution.

That expert Amar says Jimmy core skin looks fantastic. I suspect he’s had a number of laser skin resurfacing treatments to give it that youthful glow. Jeez. It also looks like he may have had skin tightening treatments and under eye fillers.

Anyway, Jimmy chorus special. Very funny.

I totally forgot about this until I started to show prep for today because John Malaney shared a photo of his baby, but he did it Christmas Eve at like [10:00] PM Eastern. And I’m like, dude, it’s Christmas Eve. I recorded the whole weekend and Monday already. Come on, man.

You’re killing me.

Olivia Munn posted a photo on Instagram, showing baby Malcolm, wearing a blue beanie and swaddled in a fluffy blanket as baby Malcolm sleeps. Olivia Munn said my golden ox, baby, Malcolm, he up at Malanie. So it’s that middle name is R H I E. He and there’s some sort of punctuation mark above the E and below the E.

So I’m not sure how to pronounce it. Happy holidays adds Olivia. Oh, yeah. Voting is now open for the worldwide comedy awards. You’re going to go to worldwide comedy You got that. Here’s why.

I’ll go through all the categories tomorrow, but you’re going to vote best podcast or radio program. Are you paying attention? Worldwide comedy Are you paying attention? Best podcast or radio program? The nominees. The asylum gay studies don’t vote for that. Barmy Dale. I like those guys.

Don’t go for that character debates, a French woman versus a Scottish guy, or are the French the best lovers don’t vote for that. The rod Bartlett radio comedy hour do not vote for that. Shut up and answer the question. Nope. Talking BICS comedy podcasts. Nope. Even though their guest is bill bird Odo for that, you’re going to vote for daily comedy news podcast.

Do you hear me vote for daily comedy news podcast? It is worldwide comedy more on that summer.

Today on HBO. It’s the super Bob Einstein movie, a documentary celebrating a life and legacy of the late actor writer and producer copywriting rule of three Bob Einstein debuts today, nine east and west.

The super Bob Einstein movie features commentary from comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Susie Essman David Letterman, Sarah Silverman, Norman Lear, Cheryl Hines, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Martin Patton Oswalt, Rob Reiner and JB Smith.

Speaking of JB Smoove, where you live, do you get these commercials for the casino where he’s playing famous Roman emperor? I don’t want to give them a free plug. You know, the ones I’m talking about, they’re for like sports betting and he’s a Roman emperor and it’s like really, really effing loud. Those commercials can hose off and take JB Smoove with you.

Can’t steal.

Well, he didn’t expect that tirade. Huh? Hey, how Jay Leno forged a relationship with a local comedy troupe at a small theater in Newport. That’s interesting. Tell me more Yahoo news.

A few years ago, Jay Leno pumped into the firehouse theater for a surprise act. The artistic director there said that’s kind of where the bridge started to get built.

After that surprise performance, a Leno contact at Hamot to directly put on a charity event. And we ended up doing it for a Newport firefighter who was battling cancer.

Leno reached out again recently and pitched a five nights series. The artistic director was like, Jay, at your age.

This year’s benefits supported the police because Jay said tongue and cheek, he needed to do one for the police department because the previous one was for the firefighters. I got to bounce the scales here in the municipal world and from a Hollywood or border when comedian Joe coy asked Chelsea handler, if he could give her a call around this time last year, she responded the way she has to many men before not if you’re trying to bang me, kind of like that answer.

But why else would he call come on

over the next eight months, he would call her. And in time she’d call him as their friendship blossomed into something more. It wasn’t until August that he made a move and only at handler suggestion, joe Koy said she basically asked me to kiss her Chelsea handler chimed in said, I, they give a crush on me. And if you do, you should do something about it. See what happens. Ooh, LA LA.

Cohen handler and say, fans have rung them up wherever they are with variations on you give us hope or I’m so invested in the two of you.

Wasn’t it, this fun fact, he’s one of standup’s top grocers, his just kidding tour. It made him be second highest grossing comedian behind only Jerry Seinfeld. Yikes. That’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify. Good pods, Pandora, wherever you get your shows and vote. Worldwide comedy awards, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. Say tomorrow.

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