The ridiculous effect Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are having on Staten Island

Why Katt Williams stopped working out in clubs.

Some ridiculous Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian Staten Island stories

Billy West on a Ren & Stimpy reboot

Who Michael Che asks for advice.

Johnny Mac with your daily company news vulture spoke to Kat Williams. He can’t Williams. You talked about not working your material in clubs. What’s with that cat said it was a natural evolution. I loved working in the clubs and being club comic. The part I had a problem with was even though the other comedians were friends, I thought they were funny.

And I didn’t like listen. A lot of their takes on things because it influenced my takes. So.

I’ve been so victimized, like other comedians by joke, thieves and people who let you work out a set for a couple of years and then take it from you. They’ll take your premise and set up an ad, a different punchline. It was a wild, wild west. I didn’t want to accidentally be involved with any of that on my end.

And then later once I had success, it took me five months to work out material and clubs. I’d be hearing my jokes around the country before I was ready. This comedian from here, this comedian from they’re all doing a version of a thing I’m working on that sucks.

From the New York times a full article, how Kim Kardashians is bringing buzz to Staten island.

Subheading when the comedian Pete Davidson, a passionate ambassador for the borough takes the Starlight out for pizza fans. Follow

people started coming into Campania. I restaurant in Staten island, known for its cold fired pizza and asked about Kim a server. There didn’t quite get.

I was like, Kim isn’t here today, but check back tomorrow. It took me a few times to realize they weren’t talking about my friend, Kim, who works here with me. They was talking about Kim Kardashians.

Word got out about Kim and P Davidson’s dates as a Campania where they skipped out on the truffle Mac and cheese and $150 seafood tower opting instead for a margarita pizza salad and sangria soon crowds were swarming the restaurant.

One of the managers says I don’t want lines anymore because it’s annoying for my customers. We’ve been busy since we opened last April because I, our food and services. Amazing. We don’t even need her. Kim at Pete also went to the movies. Jesse Scarola is the owner of an independent theater near greet kills.

They have 11 screens in arcade games. Jesse said, you can’t get any bigger than Kim Kardashians. The president could be here and it wouldn’t be any bigger, but there would be secret service.

When Kim visited over the winter for a screening of house of Gucci, hundreds of people bought tickets or waited in the parking lot for quick glimpse. What are you all doing? As William Shatner once said, get a life.

Christina as a managing director with bank of America who lives kind of nearby and said, some people acted like they didn’t care, but they did people get starstruck.

And the politicians are involved. Joseph Borelli Councilman of Staten island is grateful. The Cineplex is getting some attention. He is you’re him sort of a throwback to an old era where kids hung out at the movie theater and giggled in the back with their pals. The atrium was crushed during the pandemic.

It’s good to see their name is in the paper for a good reason.

Vincent owns a restaurant and says, the area is no stranger to celebrities. There are two studios up the block, one in the old jail and one in the brewery. So we get tons of celebrities. Um,

Jim Sarlo is one of the people quoted under the subheading locals enjoying having some added glamour to their daily lives. Jim Starla said, when I go out to have my cigarettes. Well, the river, I would say Pete coming out of his condo, which is right next to the museum.

I just say, Hey, sup, that’s what we say in Staten island. I’m mugging for the camera. What a fabulous article, Billy West, you know, Billy West from the best years of the Howard stern show, where are they? The best of years, they probably were.

He was talking about Gilbert Godfried. This happened at a convention in Phoenix last weekend. He said Gilbert rebranded tragedy. He was an unafraid in the face of horrific tragedy in the face of cracking someone up in the face of something horrible. There’s plenty of time to figure out what happens.

And the Phoenix new times rates and west was clearly channeling Gilbert. When he dulled out a one-two punch line, when someone brought up Aqua man, and he said, who’s gonna replace. I ever heard in the film, might it be Kevin Hart? I wish I could cut off Kevin art’s foot and carried around like a rabbit’s foot.

All these good things. Start happening.

He was asked about it, proposed Ren and Stimpy reboot. I don’t know how they’re going to do it in this climate. And suggest that style of comedy might be unpopular nowadays. I guess I’d be offended if I had no life experience at 20, I made a joke about rush Limbaugh dying. I said he invented high Def radio. He was high and deaf. comedy’s subjective. Some things aren’t for anyone. It is what it is not. It’s all going to be shot down. It’s easy to shoot from the peanut gallery. I don’t care anymore. I’m 70. I don’t have to explain. I’ll do it. I’ll keep coming to, they don’t let me come in anymore.

The Hollywood reporter had a round table with several comedic actors. They asked Bowen yang, Hey Bo. And I’ve heard Lauren, Michael say, everyone wants Bowen yang as a voice of, and that’s a lot of pressure on you. Has that weighed on you and your choices on SNL and outside of it, yang said it weighed on me more at the beginning, especially because there was this all important thing placed on these things and it didn’t occur to me that it would be important that an Asian person was on the show because this thing that people can tell you that you are chase said, yes, weird.

Right? It’s weird, but being an SNL uniquely crazy experience for everybody who’s there. If that makes sense. .

Wait. I’m looking at will forte Che. It’s very hard to answer SNL questions. When will forte is right there.

Oh, the report is like we’ll I think you said it took you what seven years to actually feel confident in SNL will said it was five. Then I came in with Fred Armisen and Fred was immediately able to enjoy himself on stage. I didn’t get to that place until season five, but it looks like you guys have so much fun when you’re out there.

Yang. I still panic, honestly, Che I’ve had the worst shows in my life and I’ve had really good shows and the worst shows of my life. And once you have the gamut of experiences, it’s like, wow, whatever happens. We know we’re going to get another show and then you just panic in the summertime.

What are they panic about bone yang said it’s shallow vanity stuff on top of like, can I deliver the joke that someone stayed up until [5:00] AM on Tuesday writing for me?

From the Washington post, the comedians are broke the glass ceiling and laughed.

A review of the book in on the joke, the original Queens of stand-up comedy.

Lisa burn back rights. Before I started reading in on the joke, the original Queens of stand-up comedy, I was reasonably sure. I was not interested in learning about Minnie Pearl. The country-style the comedian who wore a straw hat with a price tag hanging off the side. I was certain I familiar with Joan Rivers, bio.

I’d never heard of an entertainer named Jean Carol by like several of the stars in this book. She began performing her life as a singer dancer when she had a jokester, her repertoire and the 1940s, the term a stand-up comic hadn’t yet been coined that would happen in 1950 by variety, by the. She was called a comic monologist and she was famous for being attractive from our view.

Ms. Carol does not hurt her. Cause by being lovely to look at by enunciating like an elocution teacher, her timing is faultless and the last follow each other and almost unending succession.

The reason many parole caught me by surprise. It turns out is that a persona was completely invented and invested in by one Sarah Ophelia Colley, a graduate of posh ward Belmont college, which she was a theater major.

She had audition for the Opry and was a huge hit on the radio for years. And then she had to figure out what Minnie Pearl would look like on the new medium of television, ,

the costume, and which she became famous for was a hastily improvised purchase from a natural thrift shop. That’s.

in on the joke, demonstrates how soft the work was. Incessant travel, leaving one’s family for weeks at a time just to get heckled on stage or fondled Baxter. And that doesn’t seem so fun in on the joke, the original Queens of stand-up comedy by Shawn levy. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows.

See tomorrow.

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