The Rock is The People’s Comedy Movie Star of 2021?

Bill Burr isn’t afraid of being canceled by someone who is mad about a joke he told at a show they didn’t attend.

The People’s Choice Awards had some, in my opinion, terrible choices for winners. Maybe we shouldn’t let the people choose.

The Comedy Act of 2021
Back to Abnormal Tour (Trevor Noah)
Bo Burnham: Inside (Bo Burnham)
From Scratch Tour (John Mulaney)
Sorry, Harriet Tubman (Phoebe Robisnon)
The King’s Jester Tour (Hasan Minhaj)
The Milk & Money Tour (Ali Wong)
WINNER: Vaccinated and Horny Tour (Chelsea Handler)
You Know What It Is (Marlon Wayans)

The Comedy Movie of 2021
Coming 2 America
WINNER: Free Guy
He’s All That
Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
Jungle Cruise
Space Jam: A New Legacy
Thunder Force
Vacation Friends

The Comedy Movie Star of 2021
WINNER: Dwayne Johnson (Jungle Cruise)
Eddie Murphy (Coming 2 America)
Emily Blunt (Jungle Cruise)
Leslie Jones (Coming 2 America)
Melissa McCarthy (Thunder Force)
Octavia Spencer (Thunder Force)
Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy)
Salma Hayek (Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard)

The Comedy Show of 2021
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
WINNER: Never Have I Ever
Only Murders in the Building
Saturday Night Live
Ted Lasso
The Upshaws
Young Rock

The Comedy TV Star of 2021
Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
Dwayne Johnson (Young Rock)
Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso)
Kenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live)
WINNER: Selena Gomez (Only Murders in the Building)
Steve Martin (Only Murders in the Building)
Wanda Sykes (The Upshaws)
Yara Shahidi (Grown-ish)

The Nighttime Talk Show of 2021
Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
WINNER: Jimmy Kimmel Live
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
Late Night With Seth Meyers
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
The Late Late Show With James Corden
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Carr has a new special coming to Netflix

A comedian destroys a heckler so badly the heckler forgot she had brought her mom with her to the show.

In the not too distant future Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return.

Vir Das gets a Fox sitcom about becoming a country singer.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mac with your daily company news, Biden and Putin got on a video call. Stephen Colbert said, make sense. The only way to resolve a delicate situation that requires crystal clear communication is to have two old men on a zoom call. Vera said, we don’t know the results of the call, but Biden made it clear if Russia invades the U S and our allies would respond with strong economic and other measures.


Colby are added. I know we’re trying to avoid a hot war here, but those were some pretty vague threats. So if you throw a party when your mother and I are out of town, we’ll respond with strong reactions and emotions. TBD Jimmy Fallon chimed in saying Biden held a big video call with Putin that lasted two hours and like most two hour meetings over zoom Booton was like, this could have been an email cordon.

Biden warned Putin. If Russia would invade Ukraine, Putin would feel quote economic pain. I like that Biden is talking like a professional wrestler from the eighties. Seth Myers chimed in president Biden held a virtual meeting. You know, the setup by now though, it was weird that they decided to do it in the metaverse felon, zoom meetings with boot and a pretty interesting, some people go without pants.

Putin just goes without a shirt space background to Trevor and a video chat is a tough way for both these guys to do diplomacy. I mean, especially because even when he’s in person Biden talks like he’s got a bad connection that might win the day felon on the bright side, it was the first time Putin could see Biden on camera.

When Biden actually knew he was on camera. Uh, bill Burr was on the pat McAfee show. Recently he shared his take on why he does not lose sleep about being canceled. Bruce said there’s a time to be irreverent and is also a time to be empathetic. And you’d have to know how to do both. These people are on the extreme right left.

I think only represented about 15% of the population. Anytime you’re hardcore extreme, you inevitably become intolerant. .

I just feel like 85% of the country on the right. And the left is kind of sitting there wondering when dad and mom are going to stop screaming at each other. The thing is, I don’t do anything in my act. That’s malicious. I’m not going to go out there to hurt anybody, but like, I also have the right to say whatever I want. Say it in the way. I want to say it. I’m not saying I’ve never made mistakes and most. I know you’ve ticked somebody off. You make somebody cry.

If they come up to me and they have a legitimate thing, then I’ll apologize to them, but I’m not a bottle jazzing and a bunch of FN people. Cause they just told a joke at a show that they weren’t at. this whole thing with the comedy albums and the streaming services, it’s getting really interesting vulture did a recap of it, but in their article, they included as some specifics from comedians, which I found interesting.

Kyle Kinane released a screenshot of all his streaming earnings saying the average was $2,000 a month. Kyle said, if you think I’m even a remotely famous comic, think about the folks that are grinding, an outlet, just live shows and streaming income to lean on

Eddie Pepitone sold vulture, like a lot of creative artists, stupidly. I’m not great at business. I’m like, oh, I’m getting royalties for my standup. I thought that meant I was getting paid for my written word. Then I come to find out we’re not,

he adds that streaming is a decent, supplemental income that particularly helped in the pre vaccine. COVID. He’s a little ticked off and Spotify saying for them to pull down all our work. It’s so nasty. It’s so corporate it’s so F you,

I mean, is there a bigger F you then here’s your holiday gift from Spotify also? Who do they get to work on Thanksgiving Eve to take all this stuff down. That’s not a great job either.

From the daily star, a heckler who was left out of comedy show forgot her mom. When she stormed out of the room,

comedian, Kevin McCaffrey was doing a show. He decided to confront a woman who had been shouting through every committee and set that night in the clip. A blonde woman raises her hand to speak, and Kevin says, He adds, I guess it’s progress. You raised your hand.

The woman says isn’t it funny to be an a-hole? Well, nobody thinks it’s funny when you do it. What’d you think is going to happen here today. did you know that the comedians were going to say.

Does it not help when people interact now, the laughter from the audience gets to be too much for the woman. She gets up to leave after complaining, she spent 20 bucks on the ticket. Kevin tries to give her some cash. He throws it back at him.

He then jokes that, that makes him feel sexy. The woman marches out of the. Then returns it moments later realizing she forgot her mom. The mom also calls Kevin and a-hole the woman says F you to the stunned audience. Now here’s where it gets worse. Since he shared the video on November 30th, Kevin has revealed on Twitter, he’s been receiving death threats.

He tweeted the fact that I’m currently getting a lot of death threats from one person slash several profiles is if you know me at all, pretty funny. He shared screenshots of the disturbing messages, which read, I hope you effing die and called him a worthless piece of S

someone who knows how to handle hecklers is Jimmy Carr. Nice segue, Johnny Mac. He’s got a new special coming in Netflix on Christmas. Hey Americans, where you get down with Jimmy. Carra already. I mean, come on man.

He jabbed an anti-vax member of his audience with a killer punchline about the coronavirus shot in a preview of the special Jimmy Carter says, let’s talk about the controversial thing, the vaccine. Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous ratio. A bunch of people raised their hand.

And then car said, now take that hand and slap yourself in the effing face. The spread of COVID was directly linked to how dense the population is. And some of the population are really quite effing dense. Jimmy Carr, his dark material, Christmas.

Concurrently Jimmy court will learn how to be less mean in a new channel four series that gives celebrities and image make-over. Chortle says

Jimmy Carr will be on celebrity rebrand.

Did you see the people’s choice awards happened? I had no idea they were about to happen. And I was like, oh, my mom wants to watch something what’s on. After the voice people’s choice awards done, these are awful. Like really, really awful. I don’t know. Who’s picking the people are, Hey, people you’re terrible at this like really, really terrible.

The people’s choice award nominees for the comedy act of 2021, where Trevor Noah for the back to abnormal toward good choice, Bo Burnham’s inside. Good choice, John Malaney. Have you heard of him? Do people like him is to wear from scratch Phoebe? Robinson’s sorry. Harriet’s. Hassan min hashes, the King’s jester chore, Allie, Wong’s the milk and honey soar, Marlon Wayans.

You know what it is chore, but the winner Chelsea handler vaccinated and horny, really who voted? Oh, there’s more, don’t worry.

The comedy movie of 2021, the nominees are coming to America. He’s all that. Hitman’s wife’s body guard, jungle cruise. These are comedies, I guess, space jam, a new legacy who even nominated that. That was terrible. Thunder, forest, vacation friends, your winner, free guy, I guess, out of that list. I don’t know what should.

Coming to America, just so we give Eddie Murphy a thank you for doing it. I don’t know the comedy movie star of 2021. I want to throw something. You ready? Your nominees are Eddie Murphy for coming to America. Emily blunt, jungle cruise. Leslie Jones coming to America. Melissa McCarthy, thunder force, Octavia Spencer thunder force, Ryan Reynolds, free guy,

some a high-tech for the Hitman’s wife’s body guard, but who did the people vote for? Noted comedy star, Dwayne, the rock Johnson for jungle cruise. What are we even doing? The comedy show of 2021? Your nominees. Brooklyn nine, nine. Okay. We could vote for that and had a nice nine-year run grown. Grown-ish only murders in the building.

Sure. Who doesn’t like Steve Martin, Martin short Saturday night live. Is that a couple of good seasons, Ted lasso? Everyone loves that. The Upshaw’s not sure what that is. Young rock is the rock and the wind. No, the winter is never have I ever.

Never have I ever seen this created by Mindy Kayling airs on Netflix? Seems like it’s for the youths. I’m going to sit up here on old man mountain and be cranky. As I tell you about

the comedy TV star of 2020. You’re nominees, Andy Samberg. He’s in the Mack pack. Brooklyn nine, nine. We could vote for him. Joe Wayne Johnson, the rock who doesn’t love the rock. He right. He wants some stuff. Jason Sudeikis for Ted last. So we’re going to vote for him, right? Nope. Kenan Thompson. SNL. Nope.

Steve Martin. Legendary. Nope. Wanda Sykes. Nope. Yara Shahidi for Grown-ish. Nope. The winner, the comedy TV star of 2021, obviously Selena Gomez for only murders in the building. Of course. The nighttime talk show of 2021. The nominees are every show you’ve ever heard of. Sam B, John Oliver, Seth, Trevor Gordon Cole, beer felon.

The winter Jimmy came alive. Right? At least that one was a good. From the Hollywood reporter Universal’s comedies strays has found its barks. My former coworker, Jamie Fox will star alongside will Farrell and will forte. This is a live action slash CGI hybrid adult skewing comedy

in streets. We follow an abandoned dog who teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner will Ferrell plays the abandoned dog. My former coworker, Jamie Fox is one of the pooches who befriends will. Ferrell’s dog will forte that nasty human. And from in the AAV club in the not too distant future mystery science theater, 3000 will return.

They announced this via the gizmo Plex Kickstarter, Ms. T3 Ks 13th season we’ll force 13 dreadful movies upon returning hosts and bots. Jonah Heston played by Jonah Ray, Tom servo, Baron Vaughn and Crow Hampton Yunt.

You want to know what the movies are? I can tell you Santo and the treasure of Dracula robot wars beyond Atlantis. Is that a sequel munchie, Dr. Moore dread demon squad Gamarra versus Jager bat woman. The million eyes of Subaru.

The shape of things to come. The mask 3d, the bubble and the Christmas dragon.

This one’s not on Netflix though. Joel Hodgson moved operations to the platform known as the gizmo Plex.

So you’ll have to watch all these online.

If you like beer, boats in biology, you might be listening to submerge with tan boot blitz. What does she think? I was going to say.

Submerged podcast. Dan blue-blood sits down with comedians, artist, and everyday people that submerge him into the things they love, sharing their passion for topics such as pop culture, hobbies, science, sports, and much, much more. Every week, Dan is joined by new guests to share their obsessions, to learn something new.

Let’s see what Dan’s up to this week. Episode six, get in the ring with Alex Jaffee.

Super fan Alex Jaffee shares his love of wrestling. Alex talks about watching wrestling as a kid and driving to wrestling shows as an adult. He especially loves hardcore death matches and Alex shares a story about how he brought a vicious weapon for the wrestlers to use in a death match that ended up stopping the show.

Alex also talks about collecting wrestling memorabilia and tells us about some of his most prized pieces. There’s a lot of cool wrestling memorabilia out there. So this is a solid episode

submerge with Zan Buba Jr. Any new episode, every Wednesday available now on Amazon, apple, Spotify, all the other podcast platforms as well.

Have you been on the Facebook group? It’s called daily company news. Facebook group. Shannon went on and Shannon used it perfectly. Good job, Shannon. Thank you for listening to the show. Shannon posted on daily company news, Facebook group.

Last night, I went to a David Sedaris events. He’s not a comedian, he’s a humorist, but by God we NPR nerds. We’re excited to be out and about hearing his funny stories. The laughter was practically constant for 90 minutes with almost no collaborator. Good, good, good, good. Last is a good thing right now for the clapper.

He’s on tour in the U S through may Shannon. Thank you for sharing that. If you were on the page. I had promised, I might do an episode about Mitch Hedberg. I did record the episode about Mitch Hedberg. I will drop it on this podcast feed at some point. I’m not being coy here. I’m not playing games with you.

I just recorded it. Cause I felt like talking about Mitch Hedberg, but I don’t need the episode right now. I am like booked through to the end of the year.

And I do keep a stash of like four or five extra episodes in case I get busy or get sick or travel or something. So it’s just sitting there in the queue and someday you’ll hear it, but if you can’t wait, if you really want to hear me talk about Mitchell. You can do a couple of things.

One go to the daily comedy news, Facebook group. I made a video while I made like a half-ass slide shows what I made. There’s a program called descript. That’s what I’ve been using to edit the show lately. And I’ve also been using it. It’s got this great feature where you can simulate your own voice. You haven’t noticed

every now, and then when I’m cleaning up the show, I’m like, oh, I misspoke. What I can do is I can go to the transcript and I can replace the words by typing new words. And it synthesizes my voice. If I use it too long, you’ll notice it. You know what? I’ll drop an example of it in right here.

This sentence is being voiced by the synthesized voice!

Okay, but this is back to me lot, but again, if I use it for like one or two words, you’ll never know it’s the technology is so cool. So they also have this thing where you can make videos based on your transcript. I’m like, let me play around with this. So I took the Mitch Hedberg audio, and I just took some pictures of Mitch and added it to it, but turned it into a video.

Part of what I’m trying to do and to see if I can goose the Facebook algorithm a little bit and get some more promotion for the show, long story long. If you want to hear me talk about Mitch Hedberg right now, go to the Facebook group daily comedy news group, or go to buy me a comedy news.

It’s there too. And while you’re there, once you throw five bucks in the tip jar, so I can buy a coffee, you know, that’s how this works

lane, spurious and lane took me up on my. Request yesterday that you all share the show on social media lane. I saw what you did appreciate it. And he writes, and by the way, you’re Mitch Hedberg impression is pretty good. Well, thank you lane. As I said to lane back on Facebook, if you listen to me doing Mitch back to back with actual Mitch, it’s not close at all, but if I do it in the context of me just slipping into a joke or slipping into the horizon Hibbard, if I just slip into that really quickly, Mitch has a particular addiction.

If you change speeds and you would tag on an hour ride, you can get away with it, but it’s not really a good ration, but thank you lane from vulture, you know, that show the boys about the superheroes. It’s one of those, if superheroes were real, but it’s pretty good. Well, they’ve decided they need an animated spinoff series.

I don’t know why. Sure. Why not. Diabolical is set in the boys’ universe.

why am I telling you about this? Because of who’s going to voice the characters. Auquafina who, , by the way, can I get a Sean cheek? Director’s cut edition that somehow eliminates Aquafina from the entire movie. Would I be bad if I wanted that? A lot of. Andy Samberg from the Mac pack, Seth Rogen, they are all contributing episodes.

A suit says, you think the boys is nuts. Why do you see this? That is a try-hard quote, man, who

from variety veer dies is going to develop a country music comedy for Fox. We should just cancel this now guys. It’s titled country Eastern, a single camera. It has received a script commitment with a penalty attached. The show is about a young wealthy man from India who restarts his life in America with his family while attempting to rebuild their lives in Memphis, Tennessee, he decides to pursue his passion and become a country music singer only problem he’s bad at it.

Really bad. He’s going to have to gain some life experience in the states. If he wants to have something to sing about, that’s called a sketch. That’s not a whole sitcom. That’s not going to work. Cancel this.

Does is attached to co-write and executive produce this. Thing’s got a bunch of executive producers attached to it. One of them about to be mentioned for the third time on this podcast, Mac packer, Andy Samberg.

And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts, good pods. Wherever you get your podcasts for like what I do here. Throw five bucks in the tip slash daily comedy news. Or you can actually hit a tip jar on good pods.

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