They aren’t called George Lopez Churros!

It’s been a while, but George Lopez Tacos are back baby, and someone in San Antonio ordered some.

That time Bob Saget got booed at a college concert.

Ricky Gervais on what he’s trying to do with his comedy..

Chris Gethard on parenting.

The Letterkenney guys on their show.

Ed Helms stuff.

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Steven sent Santa writing from my San Antonio. It looks like George Lopez tacos is now delivering bad-ass tacos to the folks in San Antonio. Let’s just say they could be bad Asur.

The online only restaurant backed by the comedian and actor popped up on my door dash app. George Lopez tacos offers three taco plates, like the latching gona, which comes with three tacos and corn tortillas. With your choice of slow roasted meats, like chicken beef, or pork carnitas, or you can opt for the Lamancha kimono

taco plate with your choice of protein and more toppings like roasted peppers and a fire roasted jalapeno. That sounds pretty good. George Lopez, each plate comes with your choice of sauces, like avocado, crema, salsa, Roja, and salsa Verde.

Steven Santana says I got the Lamaze Kiruna. Oh, cool. Let’s hear how it was. I’m looking forward to the sweat. Slow roasted pork carnitas, roasted peppers and onions. Guacamole, salsa, Verde chips, and chiro bites offer around $40. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t expect the ingredients to be packaged separately.

I had a. That’s fine. I’d made myself two tuxedos with salsa, roasted pepper, cilantro onion, and a squeeze of lime that might sound harsh, but the carnitas needed the salsa in lime. Because to me, it was a little try, a little jarring when you hear slow roasted, but the carnitas were tasty as well as the salsa Verde.

But I could see people thinking the sauce is too tanky. I liked that. I also had the fire roasted jalapeno for the extra.

The tacos are passable for looking for street. Socos that present a semblance of authenticity? George Lopez tacos are fine. I’ll stick to tuxedos west avenue from her in San Antonio, Steven Santana. I’m heading over to west avenue. Steven adds one bright side. I feel this dish is hard to mess up, but the chiro bites with chocolate sauce.

Cooked all the way through no raw batter in the middle and dusted with Chingos of cinnamon sugar. They were good, but it’s not called George Lopez. Churros. George Lopez tacos also offers family style meal options that come with corn tortilla is protein and toppings that can feed up to eight people.

It’s not clear where George Lopez tacos cooks, but grim hub. What’s the restaurant at an office center on 78 24 mainland drive

from the LA Cruces sun news. They asked the question, why did promoters sandwich a standup comedian between two rock groups at a 1979 show at the Pan-American center? Good question. It’s one that keeps me up at night and LA Chris’s son. New says we may never know the answer, but the odd choice was likely the reason Bob Saget, then 22 years old without much name recognition was purportedly booed off stage in his first and seemingly only visit to New Mexico state university.

Oh no.

The few thousand fans who attended the March 21st, 1979 concert headlined by a hard rock band head east at the pan American center were welcomed by opener Richie Lucha, a guitarist with a groovy rock sound. Sagen set the stage next. And his show was so poorly received. Comedian allegedly told the crowd he was going to go on late night TV and bash Las Cruces.

Then the comedian wrote a letter to the editor of the Roundup, the N M S U student newspaper apologizing somewhat for what he had told the crowd that night, the letter published March 26th, 1979. I like to go on the record for saying that I actually do like your school, even though I wasn’t exactly welcome with open arms.

It’s a shame that 1900 students had a ruin it for the other 100.

It goes on to thank his fans and then promises. I will not slander your school or town on the tonight. Show this summer. I wish to sincerely thank those of you who try to hear my act and.

He then offers free water for anyone who visits him at the comedy store in Los Angeles,

Michael Moore graduated from the college in 1982. He commented on the show. He said I was a sophomore student during that timeframe and I did it’s in this concert. I recall there was an opening act for head east to stand up comedian. I didn’t recall his name at the time, but now I realize it was Bob Saget.

What I do recall was that the crowd was hostile to his appearance and performance. I, of the people I went with were not in the mood for. They wanted to see music. So when Bob took the stage, the reaction was virtually immediate. Every diatribes, less joke Bob would work through was rebuffed by the audience.

I’m not sure why as some of the material was actually funny, he worked hard at night to try to sway the audience. I recall feeling bad about how the crowd treated him on stage. I thought what a tough way to make a living.

Tammy zeroed in was there as well. I was a freshmen at an MSU and attended the Hetty’s concert. The night Bob Segra performed. I was pretty far up in the seating. Remember it was just half the floor. Cause not many tickets were sold after the concert we were talking and thought they should have had Bob Saget at the beginning to warm up the first band.

Yeah. Cause whoever it was, they came out and really warmed up. For head east, then Bob Saget came out and not many students had heard of him yet. And they were there for music either. It was very funny when I could hear over the drunk slash high rude folks, but his placement in the lineup was very questionable.

In my opinion.

That’s a good time. Now from El Paso, Inc. Ricky, survey’s only cares about getting laughs with his.

Ricky said, yeah, hone the jokes to make them Bulletproof. It’s not like I go out there and say, I’m going to say the first thing that comes into my head. I don’t care what people think. I do care, but shouldn’t worry about what people think of the politics of the joke. I’ll pretend to be right wing, left, wing, clever, stupid.

I just want everyone to laugh at the joke, whatever their politics, whatever their real beliefs. I want to be more honest. That’s all I care about. It gives me an adrenaline rush, I think. Can I say that? Of course, I’ve got to say that. Right. And that’s the buzz from.

all I want to do is get my point of view across. Be honest, make people think about stuff. It’s never been about viewing figures, awards, or money. It’s always, I can get this off my chest. I can say this. Can I do this? And I love creating characters and their worlds. It’s the closest thing to being.

Chris Gethard has a new ebook. It’s called a dad on pills. He’s giving his voice to parenting anxieties, rights, Yahoo, and in doing so is part of an increasingly vocal chorus calling for a fundamental attitudinal change in our society gathering. There’s right now, a pretty wholesale rejection of the idea that people need to be tough.

Men needs to be tough. Kids needs to be tough. I think a lot of that is gone by the wayside or at least we’re kind of, re-examining what toughness means and entails and what purpose it should serve. I don’t think people want to drink their problems away anymore.

And I don’t think people want to work themselves to death for the purpose of finding. It’s a really cool thing. We also sit here and you go, geez, there’s no guidebook to raising a child and I’m pretty messed up mixed up person. I think we’re raised in a culture of fear, being a parent it’s really daunting.

It’s really intimidating. He spent a lot of time worried that you’re going to pass on your issues to your kid. And I think every parent probably sits there and thinks about that and goes, I hope that my kid picks up my best habits and my best tendencies and manages not to pick up the worst for me.

That’s a really, really scary thought because the worst I have to offer is stuff that’s been so bad.

Collider caught up with ed Helms and Randall park.

They are working on the hybrid and scripted unscripted, original comedy series. True story with ed and.

Are you guys doing any retakes bark says no, never ed Helms who almost single-handedly killed the office, says no. They tell the story. Once we’re listening to the story and always digging for more clarity throughout the process, what you wind up seeing is actually a very condensed cut-down version because we go on a lot of tangents.

Collider said, Hey ed, I loved your recent series. Rutherford falls had said, thank you. I’m so proud to be part of Weatherford falls. I’ve been really overwhelmed by the response to the show. We just set out to make something that was really, really funny and honest about some tricky issues. We had a ton of fun doing it.

We’re actually shooting season two. Right now I came from set to be here. It’s bonkers. All I can say is go binge season. Because you’re going to want to be all caught up to jump into season two. It’s going to be a blast.

EDW caught up with the guys from letter canny, which is a good show. You’ll find that on here.

Jacob Tierney who developed the show and co-writes most episodes said the show’s grown at its own pace, which is really nice. We never felt like we were under a microscope. We began as a pretty little show with nobody paying a lot of attention to us. Yeah. I only heard about it. Like, I don’t know, a year ago, luckily we still kind of live that way.

We’re left alone to do our own thing.

EEW writes that thing as a show that centers on the small town of Letterkenny populated by a mixture of Hicks, farmers, skids who are GFE, drug addicts, hockey players, and other eccentric denizens characterized by rapid wordplay filled dialogue, extensive comedic rifts, and running gags.

10 seasons deep we’ll then 11th on the way, a typical episode summary from season 10 is the Hicks recruit, help for picking up stones,

Trevor Wilson’s on that show. I like him a lot.

And Molly Shannon will help celebrate our nation’s libraries as the honorary chair of national library week. You know, when that is April 3rd to the ninth, always is Molly. Shannon will highlight the numerous ways libraries serve to connect communities, to books, resources, programs, and of course each other Molly Shannon said, I am so honored to serve as honorary chair of national library week for 2022, my mom was a labor.

She encouraged kids to read. So the work of librarians and libraries has such a special place in my heart. She had more to say, libraries are places where communities connect to things like broadband computers, programs, classes, books. Yeah. Books is big part of libraries, movies, video games, and more, but most importantly, libraries connect us to each other.

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