Those doctors that protested Joe Rogan? Not all doctors. Pete Davidson laughs off Kanye West.

Pete Davidson laughed off Kanye West’s diss track.

Remember the 270 doctors who signed the Joe Rogan protest letter? Not all are medical doctors and some aren’t doctors of any kind.

Louie Anderson has cancer.

Rosebud Baker saw Joan Rivers on the street once.

How I Met Your Father didn’t upset Johnny Mac too much.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Jennie Mack with your daily company. And he was Trevor Noah. Doesn’t trust these at home COVID tests. He says, we’re just going to test our sales for antigens. Is that before or after we mess up the directions on easy. It’s great that the tests are finally going to be available to everyone, but seven to 12 days, you know, think that’s a little too long in a pandemic.

I mean, every day is precious. Every single day is precious and a pandemic. If anyone should know that it’s Joe Biden, camel, you know, Biden’s original plan was he sent it a bunch of cereal box tops, but that didn’t work. You get four tests per household, which is great news for people who live alone. And literally no one else, because.

What, if you have a family of five, do you start ranking your children?

B Davidson is amused by Kanye west. Distract. The lyric from Kanye. God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete.

Davidson’s. A friend of Pete Davidson says, Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious. Not just that. He thinks the whole tabloid drama with him and Kanye and Kim is hilarious. He loves it. It’s funny to him that the press wants to know his every move. All of a sudden, I’ll tell you what beat. It’s been a slow week for comedy news.

Believe me. I’m hoping Dave Chappelle ticked somebody off. I’m hoping George Lopez opened some more taco stands. Believe.

Hey, remember the 270 doctors that wrote the letter about Joe Rogan and Joe Rogan’s advice that story from over the weekend, the daily mail dug in on it. Only 87 of the signatories are medical doctors.

Some of the other medical professions represented include Dr. Garvey, a veterinarian, Dr. Frost dentist, Dr. Evaristo, a gynecology.

A social worker, a laboratory supervisor, psychologists, teachers, engineers, and multiple podcast hosts. I did not sign the letter. Just want to be clear.

One of the signatories Allie ward host of the ologies podcast, which describes itself as comedic science. Allie ward has no medical degree, but as a co-founder of the science communication, collective nearer to brigade.

Some of the other signatories physician’s assistants, a biochemist, nearly 100 PhDs and PhD candidates over a dozen nurses, medical students, and public health advisors.

The daily mail wants you to know that the nearly 100 PhDs and PhD candidates largely do not practice medicine and many are professors. Margaret show released a podcast, her guest, Bob Saget. . This was recorded six days before Sagan’s death

on the podcast. Bob says I changed my comedy every seven or eight years. COVID has delayed the change a little bit, but it’s also rebooted me in some ways.

He repeatedly expressed his love up for standup comedy explaining. I love doing the stamp thing. I have no reason to ever stop doing this. Why would I?

The daily beast caught up with Moses storm who has a new special on HBO max called a trash white. Moses storm grew up well below the poverty line, traveling the country in a repurposed Greyhound bus with his parents and five siblings. Proselytizing. Did I say that word right? Leave it in on street corners.

About the end of the world. They were essentially a doomsday. Although Moses storm is hesitant to use that word because cult is something that’s successful. People are duped into. We had a lot of trouble getting people to sign up. There were times when he even felt legitimately jealous of the media attention, paid to the Westboro Baptist church.

Whoa. He only later came to understand they are a, full-on a hate.

In his special, he acknowledges he doesn’t look like someone who grew up poor. He says, I look like I was conceived at an Ivy league, acapella concert

growing up. He always made a siblings laugh, but he never considered comedy as a career because he was convinced the world was going to end a 46 minutes from now. I was like, wow, God’s going to wipe out the earth. So it doesn’t matter.

Vulture. It talks to Paul Scheer about Paul Scheer’s worst gig ever.

The one he regrets. Paul Scheer says I was performing at UCB theater in New York when it first opened. One of the things that UCB was really good at doing was teaching us to push limits. We were going to be for lack of a better term, a punk rock version of a comedy theater.

There were shows that were set up there. There were almost alienating to the audience. One of the shows was called the sick and twisted sketch show. Basically, everyone came up with their own pieces and you perform the kind of material that you normally wouldn’t do. That was a little bit dirty. After six or seven months, it became a competition between performers to see who could out dirty each other.

For context, this was a show. I remember someone wearing a Darth Vader mask and had a plastic sex toy and started doing something with plastic sex toy, to someone else’s booty. I cleaned that up a little. I saw another person drinking, a jug of milk, and one person would punch him in the stomach and he would puke on the stage.

It was next level, bad choices. He couldn’t even classify it as sketch comedy.

Paul Scheer says, one of the shows was scheduled for the one year anniversary of nine 11. I was in New York during nine 11, incredibly effected by that the show came and it was almost like, what can we do that will almost give the finger to nine 11. That was the energy I wanted to. But what I ended up doing was something terrible taste.

I played a man who was trapped under the rubble and just gotten out and it came out that I wasn’t in the world trade center, but when I saw it on TV, I ran down there because I was an aspiring stand-up comic looking for TV or sign. Let me be clear here. That is the sketch character, not the actual Paul.

I was in a seat that was incredibly tattered. Then I was doing material, not even nine 11 material, just really terrible material while my suit was still kind of smoking. Every time I’d get nervous, I would pat myself down and Ash and sit would come off me because I was covered in baby powder.

With these taboo subjects. I used to revel and go in the distance. When you starting off as a comic, that’s the instinct. If I say something so shocking, then it’s like FDM for not liking it. It’s a cheap way to rest the blame on the audience you see in a ton of younger comics, then you get to watch their evolution into an adult.

It’s something everyone goes through in different parts of their life. We’re all going to say stupid crap. We’re all going to do stupid crap, and you should make those mistakes, but you need to be able to own up to them on a.

I’m very happy to have made these mistakes in a black box theater at midnight on a Saturday, instead of on Instagram or Facebook, because I don’t want it cemented. I’m glad I was able to fail in the dark

here’s one from Conan O’Brien. Since prince Andrew was stripped of his military titles, Britain has never been more vulnerable to attack. Yeah, prince Andrew stripped of his titles. If you want to keep up on the Royal family. Harry’s asking for the governments pay for security.

Everyone’s mad at Harry. Again. I love the gossip. And if you love the gossip about the Royal family, boy, you should check out palace intrigue. It is a five minute daily podcast about the Royal family. I’m the writer on it. And that one’s actually five minutes in and out.

Make fun of Harry, make fun of Megan. Make fun of. We don’t make fun of the queen. Everyone likes the queen Dallas entry, Griffin, get your shows. I watched how I met your father. Now let me share my experience. I hit. And the credits came on, the credits just annoyed me. They’re using the theme from how he met your mother, but it’s a different version of theme.

And I was like, eh, F you how I met your father. Then Kim Cottrell comes on. She is in the Bob Saget narrator role, except this time, instead of staring at the kids on the couch, we’re seeing Kim control on her couch. And I hated that part. I hit pause. I was wondering. 59 seconds of the show. And I’m like, I hate this show.

I can’t wait to podcast about it. And the Kim Cottrell stuff is not funny. She’s in the future. And she’s got features cows in her house. Those warnings just F-you with that whole part. Then they got into the show proper. Why did I keep watching? I don’t know I was playing on my phone. It was kind of curious.

Let it. It’s okay. I told the wife, I watched two episodes. I told the wife it’s watchable it’s by no means great, but I also didn’t want to murder anybody after watching it.

I can’t tell you any of the characters names. There’s the fake Ted. Who’s like the main male character. He seems pretty cool. Like out, hanging out with that guy. He’s got a friend and I think the friend owns the bar. That guy seems pretty cool. There’s a British guy on it. And the Barney role British guy.

Doesn’t seem like an actual person that would exist in real life. That character does not work. They’re going to have to write it differently. It just, this person doesn’t exist in the real world. And then they would cut to Kim Cottrell and I would be like, do I want to murder somebody? No, I don’t want to murder somebody, but I really wish this Kim Cottrell segment would end and then it would end and I would go back to being a peaceful human being.

So that’s my review of how I met your father. I’ll sum it up by. Yeah. I mean, if you had the watch, it it’s not torture, is that a good review,

They did add – In Memory of Bob Saget – to the credits – of the first show. Best


to Louie Anderson, who is battling cancer louis is getting treatment at a Las Vegas hospital. The type of cancer Louis has been diagnosed with is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. While it’s aggressive, it’s considered potentially curable. Louise rep says, Louie is resting comfortably in his hospital.

From deadline need TV adaptation of Chelsea handler’s memoir. Life will be the death of me. What a hilarious title that is has landed in developments at peacock. Chelsea handler sets a star and executive produced the single camera.

Rolling stone caught up with Rosebud baker on rosebuds way to her first open mic in New York.

She tried to calm her nerves by walking all the way downtown from her upper east side nanny job to Chelsea. And she took it as a good omen that she crossed paths with Joan Rivers and exchange hellos with Joan Rivers, as the comedy icon was getting into a cab. I could picture that, Hey Joe, don’t Joe, just going ahead and getting in her car and then probably emailing me about something Rosebud said, I had no idea how to write a joke even after about six months of doing open mics.

So I thought I got to learn how to write a joke. So I watched people’s specials. David tell Amy Schumer Davidson. And I transcribed the jokes by pressing the pause button after the setup, writing it down and then pressing play and writing down the punchline. I was literally showing myself the anatomy of a joke, and that is your comedy news for today.

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