Tim Dillon hits Moontower, Nate Bargatze and Bill Burr are at the Nashville Comedy Festival – Joe List and Cristina P announce new specials

What’s this? No slaps? No gossip corner? No Kardashians? No arguing about cancel culture? I know right? It’s a completely normal rundown of the comedy news.

Tim Dillon is at Moontower tonight. Meanwhile the Nashville Comedy Festival kicks off with Nate Bargatze and Bill Burr scheduled to do shows.

“Jerry’s Mom” from Seinfeld has died.

Joe List and Cristina P announce new specials.

Oh wait, there is slap talk. From Jay Leno.

Jennie Mack with your daily comedy news late at night is talking about Elon Musk, trying to buy Twitter, Steven Coby. I said, oh my God, he could do so much with that money address, world hunger, fix climate change, or get a decent haircut. Trevor Noah, the thing is with Elon Musk, nobody knows what he’s going to do.

He’s super smart, definitely. But he also admits that he loves dumb jokes. So we don’t know how this could turn out. This could turn Twitter into the best version of itself, or he could just rename tweets for its and retweets reforms.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors recovered 18 electronic devices from Rudy Giuliani during their investigation into his lobbying Ukraine. For dirt on Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election cold beer said 18 devices, man, that’s a lot of porn. Kim will always a good sign. When you have three phones, Kabir, Rudy generously offered to assist the folks in finding reasons to charge him when he helped investigators unlock several electronic devices by providing a list of possible passwords.

It’s a real bad sign. When you have to carry around a piece of paper with a list of possible passwords.

Kim will said he gave them a list of possible passwords to, to other devices and even led investigators. Look inside the coffin. He sleeps in during daylight hours

On Saturday night live, they remembered Gilbert Godfried, who was somehow in the cast of SNL.

Yes, Gilbert was in that last season. the Lorne Michaels season after the original crew left. I think that’s 1980 that seasoned Gilbert briefly in the cast Cheyanne chose to didn’t touch it on it themselves, but their segment concluded with a photo tribute to Gilbert before cutting to a commercial break.

Joselyn Shay also joked about Elon Musk.

Jay Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for over $40 billion so he can loosen his free speech rules. That’s how badly white guys want to use the N word. Joseph said, honestly, I don’t understand why Elan even wants to own Twitter.

It used to be something that seemed important and even fun. And now you look at it and it’s confusing and depressing. It’s the Giuliani of apps and c’mon Ilan build electric cars , he’s going to Mars. Why is he even involving myself with Twitter?

Plus, I’ve got to say Twitter’s not even profitable anymore. It just feels like a bad business decision. And I say that as someone who bought a Staten island ferry with Pete Davidson

It’s like if the prince of England gave it all up to marry an actress from suits, and it’s a little joke about Harry and Megan, which gives me an opportunity to cross plug palace intrigue. That is a daily podcast about the Royal family on the writer on that been known to make fun of Harry and Megan.

So if that joke, floated your boat, checkout palace century, wherever you get your shows.

More from Che and Joest. A new bowl shows that president Biden’s approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 33% per perspective. That’s less than half the approval of Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic two features the characters, tails, and knuckles, which are also the names of two gang members. Joe Biden claims he fought in the 1960s.

A video has also gone viral of Biden, finishing a speech in North Carolina, then apparently turning to shake hands with an invisible person. Hey, her name is Camila. Jake continued burdened by an announced new federal regulations for ghost guns.

I mean, look, I don’t like the idea of people having ghost guns either, but if there’s something strange in your neighborhood who you’re going to call

, Bowen yang appeared as the Easter bunny, the Easter bunny explained that he might not be the most popular holiday mascot, but he said, I’m the freakiest a man size bunny with no backstory.

And then unlike Santa Claus, I don’t use enslaved elves to make my Easter baskets. I get them on Etsy because I support women. Yang was followed by Kate McKinnon as Dr. Fowler. Fowchee said, trust me, I’m not here to give you any more COVID guidance. I’m not stupid enough to think you’re actually going to follow it.

All I could say is COVID cases are a lot like Jesus they’ve risen again. Chris Redd busted out his wonderful character. Mayor Eric Adams of New York city. I can’t get enough of this impression.

Mayor Adams talked about the subway shooter and said, we got them. We got the shooter. Sure. It took 30 hours and the suspect turn himself in, but we got them case closed subways, fixed ride without fear. Mikey day appeared as Elon Musk and said, I’m offering 43 billion people.

That didn’t get too much. Laughter. And then they said that was a joke. Ha ha ha. Do you get it? That’s why afterwards? I say that was a joke. Chloe Fineman played Brittany spear is Brittany said, don’t worry. I’m finally free. And I’m having a baby. I was praying my baby’s born happy, healthy, and with the power of attorney.

But when yang tried to wrap up the sketch and he was interrupted by James Austin Johnson as president Trump, Trump claimed his emission was another example of how whites are being treated horribly in this. He gave a rambling monologue about captain crunch, Seabiscuit

little Caesars, and then tagged out with I’ve told America COVID would be over by Easter. I just didn’t say which one, the Nashville comedy festival kicks off two day.

Probably the headliner. There is bill Burr. He’ll beat the Bridgestone arena.

That’s the big hockey arena. He’ll be there on Saturday. Bert Kreischer, Nikki Glaser, Taylor Thomason, some of the other people in.

Shows take place at the Bridgestone arena, the historic Ryman auditorium, the opera house, the war Memorial auditorium and zany his comedy club. Naper Gatsy talked about the Nashville scene and he said, I think comedy is in as good as place as it’s ever been. Life’s got so serious. People need to zone out.

Some comics are rustier than others, but everybody’s getting back into it. I first left Nashville 2003, I think is good to be proud of where you’re from. Of course, but I was scared that when I moved back, people would’ve thought I’d quit now, though. Nashville is blown up now. And the state of Tennessee are definitely well aware that comedy is a thing.

And I love that he also likes the growth of the AllSeen. He says it’s an especially good sign. I have a parallel circuit, a different system with so many other shows that doesn’t involve having to do the road. That’s very interesting. I see a lot more comics moving here than leaving. They feel like they don’t have to live in New York.

Now that’s a good thing. I only be keeps growing. I think it will.

Nashville scene talked about Josh black.

Josh joined the Nashville fire department in 2018 at age 28. Following the footsteps of his grandfather around that time, he started doing standup as well. The day job and side hustle did not mix well.

I did a prank phone call to a certain lady at a hat store on eighth avenue with a big Trump 2020 sign right next to a fire hall to inform her that Trump lost. They gotta be suspended for eight days and eventually fired. I was ticked resentful towards the department and the toxic good old boy Confederate culture system of fear there it’s not sexy or heroic.

It’s a bunch of guys who live in places like Tullahoma and Pulaski, literally where the KKK started and other deep red Tennessee towns. After that experience, he was fed up, felt like I had nothing to lose. He found himself leaning further into his role as a black comic saying, you don’t have to be Malcolm X, but it feels irresponsible to not at least touch on race, to not try to move the needle forward.

Florida has your comedy news today. Steven writes talk to Florida weekly. Stephen Wright is 66. Stephen said, right from the beginning, I had made rules for myself. One of them said, I wouldn’t talk about giant things in the news, like the president or current events or some popular movie. I wanted to talk about littler things. I didn’t want to be attached to time either. I wanted to be able to do a joke for years. If I wanted not like a Reagan joke, electricity’s never going out of style.

I think, I swear four times in 90 minutes, I don’t make fun of anybody. It’s just how I was raised to be polite person. I might say stuff to my friends. When you go in front of an audience, it’s like you’re at someone’s Thanksgiving dinner, all of a sudden, what are you going to do? Pass me the bleeping, cranberry sauce.

Jay Leno’s spoke to the Palm beach daily news. They asked him about the slap Jay called will Smith, a good guy, but what he found most troubling about the. Wasn’t the slap. That’s what happened after Jay said to me, the thing that’s the most disturbing wasn’t the slab. Cause he was kind of smirking after he slapped Chris rock.

It was the yelling of the absurdities. Then you go, whoa, what’s going on here? This is really. Leno also had a problem with the announcement by the academy that had planned to investigate the incident. What are you investigating? And that’d be the most recorded assault in history. I saw the back of his shoe.

I saw Chris’s ear. There were so many cameras on this incident. What are you investigating? , I know sometimes things aren’t just what they appear to be.

You know, you can leave a Raider review on apple podcasts, dollar sign Nasha. Is that how I say it? Or you show Nasha? I love you though. Cause you wrote hearts. I love the show with a five-star review. Thank you. Dollar sign Neshia Christina P has a new, special coming out. It’s called mom jeans. It will be out on mother’s day, May 8th.

In mom jeans, she shares the trials and tribulations of motherhood, marriage, and everything in between. This was filmed at the Grammercy theater in New York, which I find surprising. And I don’t know why. I don’t know where I want it. Christine did a film, a special, I just thought New York, Christina.

Okay. Mom jeans. Netflix May 8th Joe list as a new, special coming out as well. Like his previous one self distributed directly onto his YouTube channel.

I don’t have a date yet, but it’s called this year’s material. Joe Lewis talks about how he looks like his material will be more intellectual than it is thinking. He wanted a kid during the pandemic, watching a dad, there was son in the pool and not knowing there were 90 breast size.

From NBC Miami, some folks went out to the Hollywood central performing arts center Thursday to see Russia based comedian . Nirlon sobber off performance person, others once a protest, dozens of people in south Florida’s Ukrainian community.

Shut up with flags signs and bullhorns. They sang songs, played music, and in Ukrainian chanted consistently in the direction of attendees, making their way to the venue. Protestor Maria MANOVA offered an English translation of the chant. The chant was, if you bought a ticket, you killed a child.

Some demonstrators cover themselves in red paint, representing blood others chose to lie on the ground with plastic bags on their heads, protestor, Corina, more Seva said he’s going mass, Russia after his tour in the U S and it’s unacceptable that people are laughing while the little kids are dying every day.

According to his website, super off the comedian appears on a comedy show featured on popular Russian TV channel T and T. Not to be confused with the one here in the states.

Demonstrator say his American comedy tour will indirectly support Russia’s war efforts.

People coming out to see the show says super off is originally from Kazakhstan and doesn’t support the Warner.

Show it’s Hindi. Timor. says he’s also from Kazakhstan nobody’s sports. The war. The situation is, is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Liz Sheraton passed away at age 93, Liz, best known for playing Helen. The mother of Jerry Seinfeld’s character on Seinfeld. Jerry tweeted. Liz was always the sweetest, nicest TV mama’s son could wish for every time she came on, our show was the coziest feeling for me. So lucky to have known her.

Let’s take a look at the comedy festival lineups. If you’re in Nashville at the Ryman tonight, kid rocks, comedy jam. What featuring kid rock Donnell, Rawlings, Shane Gillis, big Jay Oakerson chance. Willie Eleanor Kerrigan, Chris Porter. And of course kid rock.

Naper Gatsy we’ll tape his podcast at tonight.

Meanwhile down in Austin, a relatively quiet evening, although I would love to see the person performing Tim Dylan, two shows at the paramount theater, seven to nine 30. If you aren’t on board with Tim Dylan’s podcast, check it out. And as I always say, when I mention it, once Tim Dillon steps on the landmine, cause he’s going to step on the landmine.

I’m going to deny that I ever told you, listen to Tim Dylan’s podcast, Tim Dylan. He’s horrible. I can’t believe he said that thing, but until then, he’s very.

The Austin Chronicle wrote about every more, every Moore’s funny like funniest person in Austin, finalist, Austin music, awards, and hosting. Best of Austin winning.

He remorse said, mood sour is near and dear to my heart. It’s like comedy, Christmas. I love the people that produce it. I love the staff.

They let me do all my weird stick shows like the joke of painting, which is a show where I have the comics paint part of their set. We provide art supplies for the audience and they paint along like silly stuff like that. And you get to see your friends from all over the country. Last year. I did a show with Bobcat Goldthwait and Dean Gould, Dana effin, Google.

That was like, oh, you wrote the Simpsons.

They try to bring a new, fresh faces every year, I think is a great opportunity for comics that live here. Maybe haven’t toured a bunch to be seen by some pretty important people, but also get to do a show with a hero of yours. And then they tell you, you’re funny if you did a good job. That means the world Dan Soder last year came up to me and said, I want to talk about a joke that I wrote.

And I was like, uh huh. I was one a puke the whole time at Moontower, but yeah.

Avery Moore talked about her approach or her accent. I’m looking for like the six people that are like, Hey, this is for you. I’m going to sprinkle in and make funny for everybody, but I’m going to get your. I’m just a goofy person. I’ve been old my whole life, and this is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I just been doing bits from my parents and their friends and the people around me forever.

I used to get an impression of Groucho Marx when I was like seven. I mean, he’s my favorite guy, but that’s not what a seven year old does. I would just do it to get attention. And I think that’s what I still do at four.

But I’m not making fun of it. Legitimately what I like steely. Dan is my favorite band. I do a bit about the Eagles have genuinely serious. Like F-you, if you don’t like the Eagles, they ripped, what’s wrong with you, Karen. Carpenter’s my hero. I’m not being facetious when I do that stuff.

And I think people think it’s a shtick. . I’m like, man, it’s not getting my car and listen to my phone. I’m not playing games. Dude. Pop music used to be earnest. This is a common troop. This isn’t something I wrote or came up with. But pop musicians didn’t use to be hot. They just used to be talented and goofy looking goofy looking efforts that are superstars.

Now you gotta be, do a Lipa. Everybody lifted extreme back. Then Eric Clapton wrote a song called cocaine. That’s it? There’s no innuendo, no beating around the Bush. They’re just like we party and we see.

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