Trevor Noah hosts the Grammys tonight, MGK to have Pete Davidson in his wedding

Trevor Noah will host the Grammys tonight…why is there so little buzz?

Machine Gun Kelly says he will have Pete Davidson in his wedding, and talks about the Kanye West stuff.

Jim Gaffigan enjoys his conspiracy friends.

Pete Holmes’ bowling show did well in the ratings.

Dane Baptiste talks about the slap.

Al Franken on trying stand-up.

A look back at The Capitol Steps.

Trevor Noah hosts the Grammy’s tonight. We’ll talk about that in a second. Here are the late night jokes. They’re a little PG today. So if for some reason it lets us podcasts with your kids. Want you to skip ahead about a minute Republican congressmen, Madison Cawthorne is walking back the comments he made about fellow lawmakers, inviting him to orgies and cocaine. Remember that from yesterday? Gordon said first, he said on a podcast that they did cocaine in front of him. Now he thinks he may have seen a staffer in a parking garage from a hundred yards away. How diluted are you to be in a parking garage?

Seeing someone lean over to pick up their keys and thinking, uh, oh, it looks like another cocaine or gee Seth Meyers said this was obviously a very bizarre and shocking allegation and it ticked off Cawthorne GOP. Because he seemed to be accusing his fellow Republicans of being the six crazed drug addicts.

And by the way, let me just state for the record. I don’t care. Have your orgies. You’re consenting adults. If you want to roll out a tarp in a holiday Inn conference room and go to town on each other. Be my guest he also said to Cawthorne dude, when you’re trying to tamp down orangy rumors, don’t say members just say people we know who you mean.

Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammy’s tonight. You kind of got to watch, right? What if somebody slapped somebody that’s been known to happen? I want to see what Trevor says in the model. Billboard magazine. Remember that they talked to Trevor about music. Cause you know, Grammy’s Trevor Noah said when I shower, I think the best song to listen to is peaches clean them.

Then you got to sing about it. You know what I mean? When I work out and I know this might be controversial, but I love leave the door open. You can control the moves as he do it. Don’t knock it till you try it when I’m celebrating anything Montero. Definitely. And then when I need to do an interpretive dance, not often. I probably mean maximum twice a week. I would go with right on time by Brandi Carlile, Las Vegas magazine asked Trevor now, where are you excited to host this year’s event without COVID playing such a big role in the show? Trevor said definitely.

I can’t wait to share the electricity of the night with 15,000 people live. It’s going to be energizing and so insane. We spent two years as a society kept away from each other. And as we moved back to normal, these type of moments are a great way to celebrate.

Vegas. Seems like the perfect fit for the Grammy’s. Everybody goes to Vegas to party and enjoy the best performance in the world. Now in one night and everybody shares the same stage. It’s going to feel special.

Later this month, Trevor is going to be the first comedian to host the white house correspondence dinner since 2018. Any expectations Trevor said, it’s going to be interesting because how much has changed in four years? I have no expectations because I’ve never been, but I know I’m rounding out my experiences in life.

Grammy’s in Vegas, white house correspondence.

What about the daily show, Trevor? Well, just like the Grammy’s, we’re excited to be working towards a full live audience and starting a new chapter on a familiar road. We’ll be incorporating everything we’ve learned from the hybrid formats, everything we know doing it, old school, it’s going to be fresh and it can’t wait.

Sounds like this was the safest interview ever. And Trevor gave them nothing. Basically. He said the grammars are going to be exciting. Now, what is weird to me is there has. No Trevor Noah press. Now remember leading up to the Oscars. There are a lot of Amy Schumer articles. I might’ve read some, nothing, really nothing from Trevor Noah.

It’s very strange. TMZ says some people are a little frosty in Trevor. Noah’s a direction because Trevor Noah gave a hug to one will Smith in an after-party lesson day. I don’t know if you heard this will Smith slapped Chris rock on stage at the Oscars. It was a big story.

TMZ says will and Trevor embraced for quite a while, more than one minute, clearly trying to have a conversation over the loud music at the after-party blaring in the room. When it was all said and done, they smiled at each other and pose for some photos.

From page six machine gun, Kelly says he’s totally been there for best friend, Pete Davidson mid to comedians drama, Kanye west MGK was on Howard stern.

We talked about Kanye gate and said, I got thrown into that too. Oddly enough, at the end of the day, man, we’re young men trying to find her place in the world and figured out doesn’t really help. They have a million voices ripping you apart. He said he and Davidson have so much love to give. And if it means they need to be the vessels for someone’s anger.

And so be it, that must be why we’re here. We love everybody, man.

MGK also recently talked about a double date, gone wrong. He and fiance, Megan Fox were out with Pete and Kim. We rented out a theater and I was vouching for this movie so hard. I was like, it’s going to be the best movie you’ve ever seen. But 10 minutes of the film, they all realized it was mistake.

MGK said, did he ever have that moment where you’re like, we just shouldn’t be here despite the bad date. NGK said, he’s so happy for Pete and Kim and revealed the comedian will definitely be by his side when he says I do too. Megan Fox. Whoa.

I think Pete’s absolutely going to be standing there with me. We should just mic him for commentary anyway.

I can really feel the difference in having my voice back today. I mean, there was a week of shows where I just couldn’t go up and down in my intonation. Uh, let’s just be honest here. I had, COVID kinda hinted at a couple of times feeling just fine now, but it’s so nice to be able to paint with my voice.

Again, variety reports that Pete Holmes, bowling sitcom. Did well, how we roll landed the number two slot in the 2021 hyphen 2022 broadcast seasons list of freshmen comedy premiers as ranked by viewership. Number one is how we roll as lean in ghosts. Third is the wonder years.

Jim Gaffigan spoke to variety. Jim said a lot of my friends and family members who are embracing conspiracy theories have been some of my more entertaining friends as they slipped into destructive conspiracies. It’s rather tragic, but we also have to laugh at acknowledge it. I had an expectation that people would want to hear about COVID, but as I went back out last summer, I discovered that people kinda needed to digest what had happened in a group.

It was very different with Trump because during the initial years of his presidency, I don’t think the audience wants to hear anything about him. Cause they were consuming on the news all the time. Also, I normally don’t do topical material, probably cause I’m too lazy. I don’t want to come up with material that I can’t use for a long time, but the pandemic has become evergreen.

Even if it disappeared tomorrow would still reach in our pocket and find a mask.

One of the many things I do is I host something called the weekly comedy thing on the live one app that is a free weekly show. That is the forbearer of this podcast on the weekly comedy thing. I’ll tell you some quick stories and then I play a bit by the comedians to say, I was telling you about Jim Gaffigan’s friends with the conspiracy is remember that story from five seconds ago.

Well on the weekly comedy thing, I would back that up with a bit by Jim Gaffigan. Now I don’t talk for 20 minutes. I talked for about 30 seconds, so I’d sell condensed versions of these stories. And then I played the comedians. Anyway, it is free. There’s a new episode. Every week I publish the new episode on Sunday mornings.

It’s called the weekly comedy thing free on the live one app. You should check it out.

The guardian interviewed a bunch of comedians about slap gate. Dane Baptist is the host of the podcast. Dean BEP questions.

Dane sent award shows are not a comedy audience in the Oscars is probably the least comedic place. They don’t put on those dresses and suits to have a laugh comedy. And the Oscars are always in conflict, which is probably why comedy films never win Oscars. I thought Chris rock did the best he could under very difficult circumstances.

Most comedians have had enough experience. And then when things have been pushed too far, you’re always aware of the climate. Yeah. 30 seconds of the gig rock was bringing a strong energy and campaigning for response. The crowd was very reluctant to give it’s hard enough to deliver the perfect joke with the perfect timing situations like that.

It’s very hard to plan for things going that badly until they happen. You have two choices, respond in kind, or with an element of self depreciation. If you want an evening like that to survive, you have to make the joke on you. Rock’s knee jerk response could have been to deal with willsmith the way he would have heckler.

Cause he’s played hostel rooms.

, but he took the self-effacing response to toxic masculinity and it was the brave thing, the smart thing, and the toughest thing to do to take the position of. If you move the subtext or cannolis and make that moment about the simplest thing, it was a man taking offense at a joke.

So he violently attacks the comedian. Then it’s unforgivable. If we have an environment that allows you to solve the comedian, making a joke that upsets you. If the repercussions of offense are violence than free speech comes with a stipulation who decides what that stipulation is.

From the San Diego Tribune, Al Franken is out on soar as the only us Senator now on soared shore,

Frank and answered the question. How does a guy who never toured as a single standup before it gets to doing that? Basically, I really love standup as an art form on Myra people like Carlin and Pryor and a whole bunch of great stuff. I’ve always aspired to it and thought, well, maybe I’ll do it someday. I started doing this in 2019 before the pandemic.

Well, I started giving speeches, which is distinct from touring. The difference between now and that is I had a podium spoken at notes. It wasn’t stand up, but had a lot of laughs in it.

Then as COVID was looking like, it might end at some point, I said, you know what? It’s time to do stand up. So I started going to the comedy cellar in New York.

I was working at my ax and tickle Watts. All is happy with it.

The San Diego Tribune said, bill Morris said a few years ago that he has more enthusiastic audiences in red states, cities and blue states. Cities. How about you Al Franken Al? Well, I’m thinking in red cities, there were blue people and may be blue people in red cities and more excited seeing an act that speaks to them than people who live in New York or Boston or San Francisco.

I did a show in Kansas city, which probably went democratic in the 2020 election, but it’s not that big a city. And it’s surrounded by people who didn’t get vaccinated in many laughs. So did I. So I think people in reddish areas who are progressives are probably more enthusiastic when I perform.

You know, and all you sound like somebody who would return to politics, I’m not sure. I really enjoy doing the show. And comedy is where I started. I always did. Political sets are when I was on SNL with other people. Of course. So going into politics made a lot of sense to me because I cared about the stuff.

I do know I’m enjoying what I’m doing now.

I have a political action committee that’s active in supporting. We just gave a hundred thousand dollars to a refugee organization. So I’m doing all kinds of stuff and not really anything out staying political. The Washington post wrote about the Capitol steps. You’re probably not familiar with them. I know about them from when I used to program the clean comedy channel on Sirius XM and became a big fan of their DC based musical political.

They used to do stuff like when Bush comes to shove and pop has got a brand new bag, dad. Okay. You get the level of humor. There are these silly pun loving group

was founded by us Senate staffers in the early eighties.

They did original song parodies inspired, not just by classic rock and pop, but by showtunes Christmas carols at Disney musicals that have Laura Bush borrowing from Elton John to tell George w don’t go faking your smarts. Get it. I know. I sound like I’m mocking this. I actually really enjoyed the material.

Washington post writes. It was corny. Jinsey might call it cringe, but it was also clever and creative. The troop members hit their notes, did some great presidential impressions and had enough showmanship to sell it.

By the end, they had performed in all 50 states and for five presidents, Ford Reagan, Clinton, and both bushes. yet in January 20, 21, after more than 40 albums, the steps announced that they simply weren’t built to survive going a year or more without live performances. Yep. COVID killed the Capitol steps.

They haven’t ruled out a reunion source someday, and they joked maybe under the Chelsea Clinton administration. That is your comedy news for today, back in the morning. We’ll see what Trevor Noah did. File a show on apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, overcast, wherever you get your shows, if you would like to show early and without commercials become a premium subscriber for $5 a month on apple podcasts.

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