Trevor Noah on Dave Chappelle crossing the line (or not)

Trevor Noah said Jon Stewart had to talk him into taking over The Daily Show, and Trevor weighs in on Chappelle-gate.

Lorne Michaels could possibly perhaps consider retiring after SNL’s 50th anniversary special maybe.

A look at Louis CK’s new special.

Pete Davidson rented out the theater for his date with Kim Kardashian.

Jordan Klepper is starting a podcast with John Kasich for some reason

The death of Trevor Moore (The Whitest Kids U Know) was ruled an accident.

Welcome To Maine seems funny.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. We learned last week that Donald Trump came into contact with at least 500 people after testing positive for the Corona virus. This was right before one of the Biden debates, Seth Meyers joke. He’s like the Johnny Appleseed of COVID. I feel like maybe we should have known from that debate.

He had something based on his performance. It was either COVID or rabies. Kamal said that’s right. It could have knowingly infected hundreds of people with a deadly virus. You know, when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Kimmel. Trump took no precautions after testing positive.

He didn’t cancel events. He was masculine inside the white house and on air force one, it’s almost like, you know, if you didn’t know him better, it’s almost like he doesn’t care about others.

Trevor Noah was on 60 minutes this week.

He said John Stewart had to talk him into hosting the daily show. When he was offered the host chair, Trevor said it would’ve meant taking a pay cut and giving up his life on the road. John Stewart talked about.

Stuart said, I’m not offering you the glitz and glamor of your life. I’m offering you a home for awhile that I think you’ll come to enjoy. Trevor said that intrigued me. I was like, I’ve always wanted to have home. I’ve always wanted to belong. And so I thought, well, this could be.

60 minutes asked Trevor, did Dave Chappelle crossed the line? His answer? Yes, no. It immediately puts me in a position where I have to choose a side where I think that the matter is a lot more complex than that. I think everybody is defining the line for themselves. Lesley stall said no society defines the line, Trevor.

You see what you’re saying now is you’re saying society has decided but America is clearly divided in that half of society has gone, like no Dave’s or bell. We love what you said. We’re sick of wokeness. We’re sick of people being told what to say. We’re sick of not knowing how to use the right pronoun.

You’re right. Dave Chappelle so then if half of society is saying Dave, Chappelle’s right, and half society saying that he’s wrong, then that means there is no line. It means society is seeing the line from two different sides and so that’s why I say you can’t say he crossed the line because which side of the line are you looking at that defines whether he crossed it or not? I haven’t watched the interview, but I read the transcript and I posted a link on the daily comedy news, Facebook group page.

It reads kind of confrontational. Like Leslie’s just doing her thing and Trevor’s like, I’m having no part of that. She asked him about who he dates and he just gave a feisty answer back. I might have to put eyes on it, but it didn’t read comfortable at all.

The daily beast talked about Louis CKS, newest, special, which I have not seen yet. Cause I’m a terrible. The beast writes CK is the latest project relishes in the myth of cancellation

that has become one of the most widely and incorrectly appropriated terms in the public lexicon and the trumpet.

Sorry currently available on CKS website carries an overt smugness and unapologeticness throughout it’s hour long runtime from it’s ironic use of a giant, sorry, marquee sign in the background to a 15 minute opening bid on pedophilia to a closing rant on the feminization of straight men. And when she says the F word several times with gleeful abandoned, like most of CK goat in comedy,

he attempts to humorously, rationalize and empathize with the most repulsive behavior

the beast continues. This special is a noticeably less bitter and resentful performance than the mean-spirited soundbites from his comedy shows over the past two weeks.

At his most acute CK still manages to underscore the ridiculousness of our collective flaws as a species and a casually hilarious way that unfortunately made the writer chuckle a few times, writes the writer, including when he lampoons our apathy toward isolated tragedies. That’s recently been upended by a global pandemic or society’s cruel treatment of fat people.

However, like most straight male comics who think we are, people have too many rules. He has to pit fat people against trans people, suggesting we’re kinder to the latter group. As if those two groups cannot overlap.

Additionally, he can never seem to flip the critical lens onto himself. Only mentioning his past transgressions for a moment. By comparing his short-lived exile to being in quarantine in some, sorry, is an indirect missive for those of us who care deeply about the issues and hope for a culture of accountability within the comedy space.

CK take shots at a lot of people over the course of an hour, but the joke is first and foremost on us. Again, I haven’t seen it yet, but I did share a six minute clip on the Facebook group page and I thought it was pretty funny from T M Z. Jesse Scarola Owens atrium stadium cinemas on Staten island. You know what that theater is known for? That’s right. It was the site of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashians, a recent date night. Jesse says they rented out the theater. That makes a lot more sense.

They wanted to watch house of Gucci. Scarola tells TMZ that Pete Davidson hits the spot at least once a month with friends. Although it was a slightly different experience with Kim Kardashian as her security team. It’s to make sure it was cool for the couple to enter through a side door, despite making a low key entrance rites TMZ Scarola says Kim and Pete chatted with staff and fans like Pete Davidson usually does and even took pics with folks point is we’re told Kim Kardashians made an effort to get to know people at her boyfriend’s neighborhood theater.


Meanwhile, Pete and Miley Cyrus have announced some guests for their big new year’s Eve show on NBC guests include a Brandy Carlisle, Billy Joel Armstrong. So weedy, I need a, with two teas, Jack Harlow, 24 K golden kitty cash, who spells cash with a dollar sign where the S should be and more to be announced at a later date.

You know what I’m reading there? This shows not for me. I’m old. Who are these people?

The special air is alive in new year’s Eve on NBC. 10 30 to [12:30] AM. Eastern time. We’ll be live streamed on peacock. if you’d like to celebrate new year’s on like a 22nd delay. Yeah. That’s like the realities of how digital works. There’s no live on the internet. Things. Take time to get from point a to point B sidebar on that I used to at Sirius XM, we would do a show called raw dogs F in New York.

And I would try and time it out so that midnight would air at midnight, but here’s the problem on a serious satellite radio. it’s if I recall correctly, 23 seconds for the signal to get from the studio to space, to back to your radio. So, all right. I can account for that. So I would time the show to end at 11 59, 43 or 47 or whatever the math is to account for the delay to space.

And back then we merged with XM. XM has a different satellite system with a different amount of time. Which was not the same as serious. , so there was no way to coordinate that on both systems. Midnight would be at the same time, then we added streaming, which had a totally different delay.

So I was unable to celebrate midnight at midnight on my radio stations to migrate frustration, but I get it. And there are bigger problems than that.

Back to Pete Davidson, a quick stop at gossip corner, Elle magazine Boines out Pete Davidson spotted leaving the four seasons hotel in Tribeca on Monday night where Kim Kardashian was staying. Whoa, Pete strolled past the cameras with a huge grin on his face.

Wonder what they were doing. Were they doing that? Ooh, LA LA. Oh, what are, we were like 12, I had a friend who would refer to something as the Oola law. We still make fun of him.

From deadline, Lorne Michaels could possibly perhaps consider leaving Saturday night live after the 50th anniversary. This story’s making the news a little bit, but Lauren is using the phrase consider here’s an example of consider. I’m considering not going to trivia tonight because of Alma Cron. It doesn’t mean I’m not going.

It’s just a thought that crossed my mind. I am considering it. Lauren Michaels told Gail king that the 50th anniversary might be a really good sign to leave.

I think I’m committed to doing the show and sill its 50th anniversary, which is in three years, I’d like to see that through. And I have a feeling that’d be a really good sign to leave.

Can the show go on without him. I won’t want the show to ever be bad. I care too deeply about it. It’s been my life’s work, so I’m going to do everything I can to see it carry on and carry on. Well, who will replace him? Lauren says he has a good sense of where we’re headed with that, but he wasn’t gonna talk about it.

Given that the 50th anniversary was three years away.

Will he give the person’s initials? Lauren said, Ian, now

, from complex Trevor more from the widest kids, you know, he passed away August 6th, following what was investigated as a suspected fall from the second story balcony of his LA.

He has confirmed to have died in an accidental manner.

Trevor Moore died at age 41 of blunt force head trauma. After the fallen was back yard per the LA county medical examiner coroner TMZ reports that Trevor Moore’s blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. Police told the outlet, they found empty alcohol bottles at the scene.

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Buy me a comedy news. The interrobang wants you to vote for comedian of the year. Their nominees are

Ricky Velez. No Nikki Glaser. No. Michael Che, no. Tim Dylan, maybe Hassan Minhaj, Bo Burnham. No Phoebe Robinson. No Ali Wong. No Nate bird Gatsy maybe. Nick curl. No, I’m going to vote for Tim Dillon out of that bunch. And as I always mentioned, when I say Timberland’s name, when he finally steps on the third rail, I’m going to deny I ever voted for him.

I’m going to be like, what are you talking about? I voted for Nikki glaze.

The interrobang rights in case you’re wondering why Dave Chappelle’s name is not on here. They explain they did not include the hall of Famers, the comedians who have received lifetime achievement awards or a mark Twain award, they’ve made it already. Consider them winners already. Davis rebels, already a comedy.

God, we don’t need to vote for him. We all know. Yeah. When I saw the list, I was like, um, Dave’s felony one. So I’m glad to explain that. Previous winners, 2014 bill Burr, 15 neighbor Getsy. Could he win again? 2016, Jim Jeffrey is 2017. Judah Freelander 18 Bert Kreischer, 19 Shane Gillis. Last year. Colin Quinn was the entire bank’s community.

One thing I should point out. There’s different shades of comedy. There’s like the LA alt crowd. And then there’s the New York city brick wall smoking a cigarette in front of the seller with David tell crowd,

the interrobang is more about the brick wall crowd. They’re more likely to go to skank Fest than they are to go to Fs, sketch Fest. Okay. So keep that in mind with their reader base, like, you know, they’re not going to vote for Nick curl. He’s not winning this. So if I profile the website and their audience, Dylan’s got a good chance here.

Bo Burnham could win maybe.

We’ll say

from, former Ohio, governor John Casick. What? And former daily show correspondent, Jordan Klepper are teaming up on a new weekly podcast. Why Casey and Klepper?

We’ll share interests and seek common ground across a host of topics, all in entertaining rapport and a flurry of jokes at each other’s expense. John Casey said, if you’re looking for more political talk, this podcast may not be for you. Instead. This series will unleash discussions on life and pop culture with some of the most interesting voices across our nation.

I’ll jump in here. I know when I watched the debates and I saw John Casick up there, I was like, man, he’s hilarious. Our goal is to provide a unique perspective on important issues facing us all. And because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’ll give listeners something to think about and perhaps laugh about caliper.

And these fractured times takes a Herculean effort or a podcast to get contrast and views to engage. Although the governor may have different political beliefs that is 300 years older than I am. I look forward to funding that elusive common ground that has been deemed extinct by modern historians. In addition, I can’t wait to talk with some inspiring guests who will hopefully challenge our assumptions and ultimately confirm that of the two hosts.

I’m the superior. That’s some good quotes there. I enjoyed that. Casey and clever coming out. Thursday’s in 2022. And from the Bangor daily news, your home for a comedy news,

they put on our radar, a video series called welcome to Maine. That’s how comedy partners, Ian Stewart and James begin each of their welcome to main videos. The pair, then go on to explain a main cultural oddity or iconic location studying copious facts with jokes about beer, weed, and Allen’s coffee flavored Brandy, I guess that’s a main humor there.

What started out as a pandemic time killer has now grown into a recognizable and profitable main comedy brand with almost 20,000 social media followers, nearly 40 videos and a new podcast. They even performed a sold-out live show in Bangor. Hey comedian, Bob Marley. He’s a Maine based comedian.

You need to know that for my joke. Hey comedian, Bob Marley. They’re coming for your corner.

Stuart said, we put up that first video with the characters, just on our own Facebook pages that had popped off. We thought we should make some more. Stuart is the taller of the pair. And does most of the writing, he also directs and edits the pieces. Ironically, his character mark does not speak,

looking a bit like a stone Muppet. Mark only says one word. Yep. Except he never quite manages to pronounce the final continent coming closer to saying yeah, but with a single sellable, he’s able to react, make statements and even ask. Stuart said I wanted to free myself up to direct things, pay attention to what we were filming.

I don’t want to have to worry about lines. I shared one of their videos on the Facebook group. Page third mention today, daily comedy news podcast group.

Stuart says we’re definitely not making fun of Maine. It’s about our love of Maine. We’re roasting Maine, because we love it. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcast, Spotify. Good pods, Pandora, where we get your shows. See tomorrow.

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