Trevor Noah reportedly sues over “great physical pain”

Jeff Garlin is leaving The Goldbergs admits a kerfluffle

Trevor Noah sues a doctor and says he has “sustained severe and painful personal injuries; sustained severe nervous shock, mental anguish, severe emotional distress, and great physical pain.”

Ted Lasso released a Claymation short

Ed Helms and Randall Park have a new show on Peacock called True Stories

John Cleese on convincing your wife to stop doing laundry when you are recording your podcast

Jo Koy sang with one of the Boys II Men

Uncorrected transcript below:

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, a lot of new listeners lately, the format of the show. I start with late night jokes. Then I do the greatest hits of comedy news. You’re Dave Chappelle’s you’re. John Malaney is that type. As the show gets longer, I get a little wider on the topics, tend to do longer articles towards the end.

Occasionally I’ll break format on the weekend and do something different like yesterday was about, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, but for the most part late night hits broader. Let’s start with late night. Did you see that? According to newly released records that Donald Trump Jr.

Texted then white house chief of staff from Mark Meadows, urging president Trump to condemn the violence. Seth Meyers choked. Then Trump Jr. Texted again, said fine. I’ll tell him myself, just give me his number, Alan. Yeah, Trump ignore the advice of those closest to him. And also Don Jr. Kimmel and then this text, he said, daddy, you have to stop this right now.

And dad wrote back, who’s this cold beer. You can’t give done that number. It’s too risky. He might give it to Eric cordon. Don Jr. Texted Meadows, asking them do something. Meanwhile, Eric Trump texted, does anybody know where my Paul patrol slippers are? Kimmel? Of course, Don Jr. Has spent the last 11 months praising his father’s lack of.

Eric Trump didn’t send texts at all. He didn’t sex Mark Meadows because, well, in fairness, he was stuck in a cloud machine at Dave and busters

but Trevor Noah for the wind now, clearly Don Jr. Sex didn’t work, which I’m honestly kind of glad of because the only thing worse than an insert. Would have been to thank Don Jr. For stopping the insurrection.

The Hollywood reporter asked a few comedians about their most memorable fan interaction. Austin Minosh said a college student ran up to me after my show in Boston and said, I plagiarized an entire Patriot act episode on drug pricing and I got a 98 and my paper hassan said I’ve never been more flattered. That’s how I pay it forward.

Dave bird, AKA, a little Dickie. You get rid of the kids. When a fan pulled out his penis across the table and asked me to sign it on the one hand I was flabbergasted, disgusted, shocked. On the other hand, I respected it and it was deep down honored. I signed his penis that day.

Jeff Gorlin will not be returning to ABCs the Goldberg’s. Now I’m laughing at my own notes. I wrote Jeff Goldbloom now wouldn’t it be funny if Jeff Goldbloom took over as the lead on the Goldbergs. Anyway, I digress. Why is Jeff Garlin leaving the Goldbergs.

This follows an HR investigation that stemmed from multiple complaints about his behavior on the set of the 1980 set series. This from the Hollywood reporter. The cast and crew of the Goldbergs were informed of ghrelin departure during production on Wednesday, when a veteran producer informed staff, the decision was a mutual one between Garlin and Sony.

It is unclear how his absence will be explained onscreen for season nine sources. Note Garlin was not expected to return for a potential 10th season of the Goldbergs should ABC Optor near the series. Maybe it’s time to wrap things up from Yahoo, Trevor Noah’s sued his doctor and the hospital that the doctor works for for negligence.

Trevor says his life has been drastically impacted by a surgery. He reveals how bad the after-effects of his surgery are by including that he quotes a sustained severe and painful personal injuries. Sustained severe nervous, shock, mental anguish, severe emotional distress, and great physical pain. Yahoo writes the Trevor states over the last year.

He was confined to bed and home for a long period of time and had to receive additional medical aid and treatment from a different house. The trauma of it has cost him his quotes, enjoyment of life, unquote, over the past year, he also claims it affected his work. Yahoo reminds us, Trevor took a long summer hiatus.

Remember he was off from June 18th of September 13th. We were told at the time it was to help revamp the look and feel of the show. Could there have been more to it, Trevor? I hope you’re feeling okay.

Ted lasso released an animated short,

the four minute short features, the cast, all the principals doing their voices, reprising their roles in Claymation.

The shortest titled Ted lasso, the missing Christmas mustache had features Ted lasso searching for a lost item that ultimately leads him to realize the meaning of the holiday season.

You may recall the August 13th episode of Ted lasso called Carol of the bells had a Claymation opening credits at that time series creator. Bill Lawrence said, it’d be cool if we had a Claymation Christmas special, he did not add nudge, nudge, wink.

They are currently writing season three of the comedy. The original plan was for the show to end after three seasons. Jason Sudeikis much like Ted lasso wants to return home and be closer to his kids.

It remains to be seen. If the show will go beyond season three, could we do Ted lasso without Ted lasso, perhaps Jeff Goldbloom. Yes, I met Goldbloom when I said goat bloom that time maybe he could be a soccer coach. Why not? Or maybe we make the whole thing Claymation and just keep going. I told you, I am excited for toast of Tinseltown.

It’s too bad. I don’t get the BBC’s I player because the original series toast of London is now streaming on the I player. They want you to get ready for a toast of Tinseltown, which will debut on the BBC January 4th at [10:00] PM. And as I said, on a previous episode, I’ll be looking under a rock. And if you come over to my house on January 5th, I wouldn’t be surprised if those statistics Chan was on.

Maybe I’ll fly into London and watch it. What do you think.

From the laugh button, ed Helms, who almost single-handedly killed the office and Randall park are ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The pair are hosting a new series on peacock. It is called choose stories with ed and Randall. What do you think happens on true stories with ed and Randall?

Basically average Joe’s come on the show and tell their unbelievable stories about what happened to them. While a roster of celebrities ranging from fortune Feimster, Matt Walsh, Terry crews, Paul Scheer, Adam Pally, and beyond act them out. I like how they wrote N beyond. Usually that sentence would have end more, but they wrote and beyond.

Fascinating left button says thank drunk history without the alcohol or the history. Okay. True stories with ed Helms and Randall park premieres. January 20th on peacock.

John CLIs was speaking at the festival of marketing.

He said, he discovered how he could be creative after joining trauma club. And he started paying attention to how creativity actually worked. John Kelly is a set. I got into Cambridge on maths and physics and switched to law. So my education was logical thinking, putting things into categories. No one in the entire time I was at school ever suggested that I had any creative ability at all.

The act of putting on sketches in the monthly Footlights review showed John CLIs. He could create a script on a blank piece of paper in a way that made people laugh.

Kelly’s said it often takes me a very, very long time to come up with stuff. I believe that anybody can become more creative. It doesn’t mean anybody can become Mozart, but you can become more creative than you are now. And that process can continue. You have to get a frame of mind to be creative. And in order to do that, you’ve got to avoid interruptions, like say your junk Lee’s you’re writing a hilarious sketch you’re in the zone and your wife comes home and starts doing the laundry.

Even though you’re clearly talking to yourself in the basement, recording your podcast, maybe you’re not John CLIs. You’re just some bitterness. Yeah, I get you, John, please.

John reminds everybody’s wife. You have to be in a frame of mind to be creative. And in order to do that, you’ve got to avoid interruptions in our modern society is incredibly difficult to avoid interruptions. Say you’re recording at home and basically Isaih Gress.

He said, you must get rid of that sense of hurry. Get very relaxed, a bit like meditation. The incidence of creativity is being able to play more seriously. I was inspired by mad men. There’s an episode where the British boss comes by and he wonders why all the writers are just goofing around and.

Don Draper explained you have to let the creatives be uncreative until they’re ready. And I totally believe that sometimes I would just have the staff sit together in the bullpen and see if we could get silly and come up with ideas. It’s really hard to say like, Hey everybody, I need a great idea by three o’clock today.

Like that doesn’t work. But if you just to let everybody’s mind, get freed and come up with some cool rates.

Please tell the story about Hollywood legend, Sam Goldwyn. One of the co-founders of MGM people in charge. Joan, understand the play. Goldwind whatever writers’ room with the studio to make sure the creative is we’re working hard. The writer simply paid somebody to let them know if Goldman was walking into directions at that point, that stop thinking and start loudly typing any old rubbish until Goldwyn left.

Cleese said, if the people in charge don’t understand the necessity of this slower, more meditative type of thinking, it’s very hard to do it because you’ll be told off.

Some all excited. I’d tell you how I got a trivia night every week. We one trivia night on Wednesday now. Dan Ooblitz Jr. Had gone to buy me a comedy news to support the show. He had bought three coffees, but it’s homey to buy beers for my friend Glen. Now, Glenn was under the weather on Wednesday.

So nobody from my trivia team. When I grabbed my eldest daughter, we went team of two. We put in the team name, cheating on our phones. We thought it was funny. And guess what we won? Trivion.

People who are with me have described me as buzzed.

And I do recall getting very cocky. At one point they put up a picture of Carol Burnett and a smaller bald man, and they were like name the person with Carol Burnett. And I was like, millennials don’t know who that is. And I was laughing.

Come on, millennials. Who is that you don’t know. And then I quietly wrote Tim Conway on the paper. Anyway, I won trivia naked. Dan Boomlets Jr. For buying a lot of beer, apparently did pretty well with 15 bucks at the brewery. If you want a sport, the show, buy me a comedy news. We’ll see, Wednesday night, if I could defend my title as trivia champion, as you could tell them.

Vulture did this series comedians, you should and will know. They mentioned Josh Johnson. Hey, Josh Johnson. When did you feel you were funny enough to make a legitimate go at comedy? Josh Johnson said when I made the move from Chicago to New York, I definitely could not have imagined where it’d be. But I had so much love, support, and stage time log to Chicago.

That felt was time to take the next step.

I remember I got to open for Demitri Martin. I haven’t mentioned Dimitri forever. I haven’t played him on the live by live show forever either. When I’m going to Dimitri Martin, Josh said I got to open for Dimitri Martin. He was so kind and complimentary after my set. That’d be lying. If I said it wasn’t a huge ego boost, having one of the comics you’ve looked up to you since you were little go out of their way to tell your funny, invite you to open for them. Again is for sure that type of co-sign that makes you feel ready to see how far you can go.

Then vulture asked if there were a nineties style sit-com built around you and your material in which you had to have a different job than comedian. What would be the title and logline? Great question. Josh said this is already happened. It’s called family matters. I can only change the log line that I’m Urkel instead of a standup.

My job is to terrorize the police.

Josh Johnson, who were some of your favorite comedians right now? He said Eagle wit Jordan Jensen, Derek gains, Daniel Simon, sin, Rosebud baker, and Gina is sheer meaning out of six comedians. There are four off my radar . And Josh Johnson has his ear to the ground or spends more time in comedy clubs and less time in my basement.

Vulture what’s the best comedy advice and the worst company advice you’ve ever received, blah, blah, blah. Josh said the best all a comedy audience really is, or people who came to hang out with you never lose sight of that. Just like if he sat next to someone on the bus, how would he start that conversation?

How would you open yourself up to them? How quickly would you do it? Worst advice. Quit

from TMZ. Joe Koy may have kicked off a new seen career during his comedy show. He surprised the audience

when he brought out boys to men’s wannja Maurice, Joe Koy even busted out his own vocals. They both sang the 1994 hit song. I’ll make love to you.

Bad news out of the UK from chortle the headline, the government has taken a sledgehammer to nighttime industries. Apparently a lot of comedy shows that were scheduled for this weekend shut down because of I’m a Cron. Jessica Toomey runs the frog and bucket comedy club in Manchester. Great name. She told ShoreTel this weekend shows had been sold out for months, but half the bookings have been canceled.

Nick mills runs two comedy clubs. They’re called 21 Soho and two north down he’d sold BBC. His sales have fallen off a cliff with about 40% of people who already have tickets, not even bothering to show up.

He revealed half the shows have been canceled. It’s squeaky, bum time. It’s a panic. We thought would come out of it. And we thought everything was on track. And we don’t know how many times it can restart the amount of cost and effort that goes in and the mental exhaustion from it, all salaries are due and.

And that won’t change. And from a the mayhem or coming to the Disney channel, this is an original live action comedy series about the mayhem, a family of supervillains attempting to live a normal life. The supervillains are surge, craniotomy, flash form, and chaos

and Hartley. Partly, it doesn’t sound as scary as the others. And that is your comedy news for today. I’ll be here all week. I got plenty of stuff to tell you about hasn’t slowed down yet. Got a full editorial calendar. So normal episodes all week. Meet you back here tomorrow. Follow the show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify. Goodpods. Wherever you get your shows.

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