Trevor Noah’s hilarious Insurrection Day prank on Trump

Some Hall Of Fame Style plaques were placed in NYC to commemorate the January 6th Insurrection…the plaques honored Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz and others.

Stephen Colbert vows to keep doing the show, from the Ed Sullivan Theater, Covid be damned

The Interrobangs COmedian of the Year is Nate Bargatze. A look at their awards.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were spotted in the Bahamas

An old Adam Sandler related episode of Daily Comedy News is very popular in India

Jimmy Carr writes a £18,000 check after messing up as host of a game show

Jim Gaffigan on Disney, and on jokes about billionaires.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy. And he was Donald Trump, originally planning of a speech yesterday. He canceled at James’ court and said Trump canceling and appearance and listening to advice from other people I’m worried about him. Covera said according to the New York times, Maggie Haberman, the real, real reason that it was canceled was because it was becoming clear Trump wasn’t going to get live TV coverage. He was hoping for, well, that makes sense.. Upstaging solemn events rarely gets good ratings. That’s why they had canceled. Zik Clark’s Pearl Harbor is rocking Eve too soon. Switching topics. Bear said, there’s an update in the world of COVID. Every one in the world has COVID felon. The CDC announced that after you isolate for five days with COVID, you should take a rapid test. If you have access to one, you can read more about that. And this month’s issue of unhelpful advice magazine. At this point, the CDC is like that annoying coworker who emails you every five minutes, like fawn up on this, just bumping this up guys. Another update from the CDC. Even Dr. Fowchee is like, oh, I muted those months ago.

Fallon has the best writers man.

Stephen Colbert will not return to his attic. He said, my dear friend, Jimmy Kimmel is not on. They pushed back a week. They’re not doing this week. Trevor Noah is not on for the next couple of weeks. Seth Myers is not on because my dear friend, Seth has got the Rona.

We wish him only the best Conan evidently must have a terrible case of it because I don’t know where he is. So here’s the thing I want you to know. I love doing this. It’s a privilege to do the show. And if I do get it, I promise you I will not be doing my show. I will not because I’m never going back into that storage closet where we did the show for 10 months.

I can’t do it. I got the PTSD from that little room of their.

So the plan is to stay in the ed Sullivan theater and continue on without crew members and audience. If it comes to it, Steven said, I hope you guys are all healthy, but if you guys can’t show up, I’m still going to be here. I’m not leaving the ed Sullivan.

I will do the show with no makeup and a sweatsuit on a GoPro, but I’m never effing going back into that room on the eighth floor again.

The daily show may be off, but boy, are they having fun around New York city yesterday, they erected monuments to former president Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and other quote, heroes of the freedom serration eight stone markers featuring plaques with the faces of Trump and other prominent GOP figures, including Marjorie Taylor green, Lauren Boberg Josh.

Rudy Giuliani Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon were placed around the city.

These look like the hall of fame plaques. You’d see at Cooperstown and the baseball hall of fame. This one, Donald J. Trump. They’re not taking the white house. We’re going to fight like, hell, I’ll tell you right now under that it says no hero played a bigger part in the freedom direction than president Trump himself though, too humble to willingly released documents, detailing the full scope of his efforts to stop the tyrannical will of the people. We do know. He fought tirelessly to install turnover, friendly allies in the justice department and directed officials to quote, just say the election was corrupt unquote and quotes.

Leave the rest to me unquote, while his efforts were not enough to keep him in the white. Is bravery on January 6th will never be forgotten unless Republicans retake Congress and disband the committee investigating it.

The Steve Bannon. One has the quote. All I can say is strap in it’s game day. Under that it says when Patriots storm, the Capitol steps Bannon was right there leading the charge from the safety of his podcast studio for days Ben and instructed his listeners to come to DC, where president Trump’s. Second term is going to start with a bang bragging about his meetings with Trump’s war room

Band and rally the troops to fulfill their destinies as future FBI wanted posters. And when a congressional investigators. Later asked what happened in those meetings, Ben and told them to stuff. It, knowing that subpoenas like election results can always be ignored.


Trevor noted, Sweden, best wishes to all, even the haters and losers on this special date. January 6th, speaking of Trevor Noah, he’s going to have to wait a little longer to host the Grammy. They have been postponed a statement said after careful consideration and analysis with city and state officials, health and safety experts.

Blah-blah-blah. The recording academy and CBS have postponed the 64th annual Grammy awards show, et cetera, et cetera. No date yet

from chortle. Apparently Jimmy chorus screwed up. It felt bad. And he wrote a check.

Jimmy Carr is the host of, I literally just told him. Contestants on that show or ask questions about what previously happened during the recording. But one player Eddie McKinsey from Glasgow was asked to give Ariana Grande’s age, but you can only guess at the answer as Carr had forgotten to give the information.

Three weeks later, Jimmy Carter handed over the money himself during one of his standup gigs, he invited Eddie McKinsey onstage to admit his blender and said, we talked about her age, but we never gave you the specific information. So. And when you mess up in life, you’ve got to own your mistakes. Here’s a check for 18,000 pounds.

Nice job.

The daily beast, asked Jim Gaffigan. I saw you were with your family at Disney world. How you get roped into that? Jim said, yes, Disney. Well, that’s part of the price of being a parent. You have to do these things, you know, there is something to, through suffering comes arts, touring, Disney, and then doing shows.

Some material does come out, which is great and also makes my kids so happy and that’s worth it. You know?

They were wearing masks, but Jim said having traveled around the country, everybody else’s like, should I do this or that? And Florida’s like the barn’s on fire, hitting their kids. So funny in our lifetime, Florida has transformed from a Florida man into this rebel destination. But everything we say about COVID changes by the week, this article could come out and there could be a new variant that kills everyone.

And what I’m saying is incredibly insensitive

switching topics. Jim talked about billionaires and say, The friends that believe everybody that’s wealthy is somehow a criminal. And I don’t believe that, but if Trump didn’t pay taxes and I’m not saying Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos don’t pay taxes, but I don’t think they need $200 billion.

I don’t even think they should give their money to the government. I think they should give back and invest in charitable endeavors. It’s like that Spiderman movie, they redo every six months with great power comes great responsibility. It’s also weird to see people push back on that and defend billionaires.

Like there were people that were angry about that billionaires joke. And I’m like, what are you angry about? Are you a billionaire?

I was looking at the stats. And I see one episode I did in December of 2020 has had a new life. That episode from December 28th, 2020 was titled Adam Sandler debuts a new song. And of course it’s cringe. I did some further dive. It is really popular on a podcast platform called geo seven, which is mainly listened to in India.

So shout out to the Indian listeners who also don’t like Adam Sandler, or maybe you guys love Adam Sandler and you’re mad at me for saying the song is cringe, but boy that thing’s getting like a 50 to 100 downloads every single day. Hi everybody. Welcome to the show. I have a recommendation for everyone in the world, including those listeners in India.

Andrew Slater is set on James Corden’s show. I shared that on the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news podcast group. Very nice set there. We should keep an eye on Andrew Slater. I thought that set was a strong and clean amount of money to be made in that combination of event.

The interrobang had their end of the year awards voted by their listeners. I will share the results in a second. I will remind you my sense of the interrobang readership. And I’ve mentioned this before. They tend to be more of the

comedy cellar meets Austin, Texas kind of vibe. They’re more into that edgy and your face brick wall smoking. Style of comedy.

They’re not coming with me to see Patton Oswalt and Brian parseInt at the all show at midnight. You know what I mean?

There are picked for best viral video of 2021. I went to Tim Dillon interviews, Capitol.

Scandal of the year, Dave, Chappelle’s a controversial news, special

comedian of the year. Naper gathered. Special of the year. And I think this is a good example of what I was saying of what I think that readership likes Shane Gillis live in Austin, not saying the specialist bad. I just didn’t see the top of other lists. So it’s an interesting pick their album of the year.

James Motrins the check spots,

you know, where we haven’t been. Gossip corner Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were spotted in The Bahamas. Yeah. On a post new years vacation, they were photographed enjoying a boat trip,

Pete wearing a beige sweatshirt and matching bays shorts with a Navy jacket. He completed his liquid socks, sandals and a Louis Vuitton backpack. Kim Kardashians opted for ripped black jeans. As one wears on The Bahamas and a matching blacktop that featured a plunging neckline. I saw the pictures.

Plunging is an understatement. She also wore a black sunglasses and a fuzzy black clutch. Joe coy has postponed his show tonight. He was going to play the Don Haskins center. The replacement date is March 4th, this week and on this podcast tomorrow part two of my look back and a late night with David Letterman that show celebrates his 40th anniversary on February 1st and Sunday will be another episode of a comedy pub quiz.

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