Uncle Pete Davidson visits the John Mulaney Baby

John Mulaney had Pete Davidson over to see the baby.

Dane Cook is the final guest on Bob Saget’s podcast – which leads to Johnny Mac talking about the news cycle on teh day Robin Williams died.

Sean Patton, who never coached the Saints, talks about some bad ideas presented to him for his comedy special taping in New Orleans.

Eddie Izzard on why she picked the location for her special.

Hanging with Dr. Z gets a second season!

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Tom Brady retired. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news that made our friends at all pro lines tweet, Brady and get to work on his hall of fame speech. I’d like to thank my family coaches, fellow players, but most of all, I want to thank the jets, dolphins and bills.

Frank Kelly, endo chimed in man. This Tom Brady retirement really came out of nowhere. Nobody could have seen this coming, sticking with football. Jimmy Fallon pointed out before the season. The bangles odds were 150 to one to give you an idea. There are better odds of finding a rapid test at CVS, but this is the first Bengals Superbowl appearances.

The eighties a lot has changed since then. Back then inflation was high. There was tension with Russia and our president was in his late seventies. And this is crazy. The super bowl is being played in LA and the Ram’s home stadium is in LA that’s. Right? Even NFL players are working from home.

We’ll start with gossip corner from page six on Friday, John Malaney shared a video of Pete Davidson sporting, a chip front tooth. Pete Davidson was meeting baby Malcolm Malaney. It’s like they wanted to tie all my daily Google searches into one big article. Couldn’t you guys invite Dave Chappelle.

Malaney wrote on the Instagram story. Uncle Pete’s Pete Davidson sat on the couch with the two month old in his lap.

Pete said, yeah, babies are all head. You hear the parents laughing in the background. So what about the chip tooth sources till TMZ? That it’s not permanent. It’s for a movie he’s shooting. He had it for a project it’s fake. So is it makeup or what happened? Did he have a tooth removed and they put it a chip tooth?

Or do you get your tooth chipped by a professional dentist for a movie? How does that work?

the final probably episode of Bob Saget podcast here for you. Was published this week.

Dean cook was Bob Saget final interview. The podcast launched in 2020. Dean cooked all the Hollywood reporter upon receiving the final cut of this episode. It’s been a mixture of melancholy and gratitude. Also some excitement to share with his fans and. This is except for the text to each other in the days leading up to his passing away our last conversation, I have it forever and can share it.

It’s special to me on so many levels.

Dane said sag. It was one of his earliest support. I had a short film. I produced and acted in around 1998. I tell some people, the comedy clubs in LA, they got it into a local festival. Bob showed up at the festival and supported me. I couldn’t believe he attended. I made it a point to tell him after the ceremony

I would be there for him whenever he needed me. He contacted me to do something with his scleroderma research foundation. And I was humbled and proud to help him that way. Performing a charity event.

, I respected Bob immensely, his career work ethic, early stand-up and comedy specials on HBO informed me later witnessing how he treated people, how he supported people.

He was a rare. And that he had all his success, fame, and wealth, and yet he was accessible and kind

if I had to choose one defining moment, it was the night Robin Williams passed away. We had dinner that night. Bob shared laughs and tears story. After story, I was honored to be the friend in sharing the moment of grief and allowing each other to hurt and heal that night. We sat for hours reminiscing about all the things they didn’t stand up.

And of course, how they broke through. I was a kid again, and I realized I was also someone Bob cared for and I cared for him.

Now I remember the day Robin Williams died. I had been let go by serious and I wasn’t on board anywhere else doing comedy. So it was one of those weird for me nights where big comedian died. And it’s my instinct to like, oh, you gotta go do a tribute show. Like these days you’ve seen me in the last month, right?

Oh, here’s a Bob Saget episode. Here’s a Louie Anderson episode. And on that night I had didn’t have anything to do. So I just went on with my life. A few hours before the new star to circulate about Robin’s passing. There was a story involving a NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart. I’ll read it here from a us.motorsport.com. 20 year old sprint car driver, Kevin Ward Jr. Killed when he was struck by the right rear tire of his sprint car, driven by NASCAR star, Tony Stewart. It’s a tragedy almost beyond comprehension. His team released a brief statement. A tragic accident took place last night during a sprint car race in which Tony Stewart was participating.

Tony was unhurt, but a fellow competitor lost his life. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and.

At the time of that story developing, there were accusations that Stewart had swerved into ward intentionally.

From an ESPN article in 2018.

The Ward’s alleged that Stewart recklessly handled his race car and maneuvered toward their 20 year old son who had gotten out of his car and approached to its car under caution during the August 9th, 2014 empire super sprints.

A wrongful death lawsuit brought by Ward’s parents for an undisclosed amount was settled. I’m just sharing that part of the story because in one of my many lives, I teach producers on the art of the new cycle and I teach my common classes on the new site. And I always remember that day being like, Hey, Tony Syrah killed, oh, Robin Williams passed away and everyone completely forgot the Tony Stewart story ever happened.

The Tony Stewart story was on its way to being massive news before the passing of Robin Williams, which totally eclipsed it. And you see this sort of thing in the news cycle all the time. I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast, Howard Hesseman from w KRP in Cincinnati,

passed away on Saturday news broke right before the football games on Sunday. Everybody got distracted. Everyone’s looking the other way. Did Howard Hesseman deserve better in his obit? Yeah.

I was even guilty of it here. Betty White passed away on new year’s Eve. It was new year’s Eve. I had the weekend recorded. I had Monday recorded kind of undersold it that happens Tuesday afternoon while I’m sitting in the studio. Ready. Maybe I do do a bonus episode when Bob Saget passed away, I happened to be home, ran downstairs, did a bonus episode.

That’s how these things work.

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Let me plug their new Reddit while I’m at it. Reddit’s subreddit actually. It’s daily comedy news. Chime in on there. Hey, offbeat.com had a great deep dive with Sean Patton. Sean Patton is getting a lot of news coverage this week in new Orleans comedian. Back in new Orleans, Sean Patton’s hold off beat.

I’ve always been pretty open about wanting to do my first special in new Orleans. And I’ve had so many producers over the years pitching in.

One producer told me, we’ll build you a stage in one of those side streets off bourbon and have bourbon street be the background of your special. I mean, I almost think that’s so terrible. It’s brilliant. But no. That’s like if I’m trying to have a dog crap special, another producer was like, what if you did a show on a float during Mardi Gras?

Like the audience is on the float with you and you’re just playing to them. But then Mardi Gras is happening in the background and I’m like, that’s a fantastic adult swim special. If you want a comedian, who’s all about being in the chaos in the moment. That’s awesome for them, but I’m a storyteller.

I think it needs to be indoors. Let’s start there. Producer after producer went by and then 800 pound gorilla who’s producing this special came in and they’re already awesome. They were like, do whatever you want, man. We trust you this year special. We just want to be part of it. And that was flattering beyond any amount of blushing I could muster.

I chose tips because it’s the new Orleans venue

from cinema blend. Brad Williams is getting in on this whole. Controversy that Peter Dinklage started. If you missed it, Peter Dinklage, you know him from game of Thrones.

He said, despite Disney being progressive with its casting of snow white, the studio is still choosing to adapt a classic fairytale that Dinklage sees as effing backwards with its depictions of dwarves.

red Williams. If you’re not familiar with his comedy, he is a little person. His first album is called, coming up short. I’m on the Wikipedia right here. I didn’t know this. William’s got to start by attending a Carlos Mitzi, a live comedy show while he was in the crowd. Men SIA made jokes about dwarves. The people sitting close to Brad Williams were scared to laugh and see, and notice this.

The noticed Williams had asked him, join him on stage Williams, cracked a few jokes and impressment cm SIA then asked Williams to try stand up and be his opening act on the road. Williams has been Mincey his opening act ever since pretty.

So Brad Williams spoke to CMC and said, they’re telling the progressiveness, they’re touting that they have a Latinex snow white, which is great, but we’re still doing the dwarf thing, you know, so he’s right. But at the same time I’m torn because it’s like, yeah, it’s mildly offensive.

But at the same time, I kinda need the work. So I’m kind of hoping for acting gigs. You know, that’s why I’m a standup comic as I get more work for myself and not have to worry about other people telling the story.

I think this way to fix it. I think there’s ways that you could still deal with progressive snow white and not offend the dwarves, like make snow white end up with one of the dwarves. How about that? I mean, she goes for a prince who made out with her while she was legally dead.

That’s kind of creepy. Right? Brad added that all seven dwarves are self-made diamond miners have a nice house and won’t hesitate to protect snow white. Whereas the prince radiates, Deanna, my father, his energy.

and he is Zuora has a new, special coming out filmed at eight top secret comedy club near convent Gordon, where I was a street performer for four years. And it all comes back around.

The trailer for the special finds this our backstage before the show saying my whole theory of the universe is about circles and anything that’s circles round tends to be good. The circle of life circle, the universe circle of globe, circle of orbits goes around, comes around. If you do good things, you can get benefits back.

The new special will be on comedy dynamics. You can get that OTT on Amazon, apple, YouTube, and the rest February 15th. Have you seen that? Dana Gould hanging with Dr. Z. So this is a talk show hosted by Dr. Zaius from planet of the apes. It’s a really good premise. It works really well. Dana Gould is really good as Dr.

Z. It’s funny. It’s quirky. It’s adult swim ish. It’s on YouTube for season two. He’s got a lot of guests weird. Al Maria Bamford, Dave Foley, Hank Azaria, David Kesner, Ron Funches Jeff Gordon, Penn Jillette Bobcat. Goldthwait his buddy Hannah iron bender and Gary Anthony Williams. Hanging with Dr. Z back on February 14th.

My back hurts. So I’m leaving. That’s your company news for today. Follow the show on apple podcasts, Google, Spotify, et cetera. Time for some Advil by.

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