USA Today’s 10 Comics To Watch

USA Today’s 10 Comics To Watch

A bizarre interview with Nikki Glaser

George Wallace is done with Will Smith and a lot of other Smiths

Tig Notaro on how she broke through 10 years ago.

It’s so hot Johnny Mac it’s the fourth show in a row. You said that I know I recorded on Thursday. It was 96 degrees and I wanted to go to the beach all weekend. I recorded in advance. It’s hot. Trevor Noah looked into why Instagram sucks lately causing many followers to publicly complain about the UN usability of the app.

Trevor said, everything’s an ad. And your feed is full of people. You don’t follow, which is so confusing. I’m scrolling. And I start reading someone’s post and I’m like, do I know this person was I supposed to be at this wedding? And then you look and it’s like, oh, because you follow your friend. We thought you might like a post from a stranger.

No, I don’t. That’s right. People you thought Instagram was for seeing pictures of your friends? Well, that’s over. You were always bitching about brunch picks. Now you’re gonna be begging to see them seems like Instagram wants to get into the algorithm game. And that’s what I’m worried about. Cuz it’s gonna change everyth.

Algorithms are only about engagement. They only feed you things that make you angry that make you sad, make you horny. Now the problem with that is it all happens within a few posts. It’s an emotional roller coaster. It’s just like, oh, I’m so mad about this random racist event. And I’m sad about all the poverty and God damn that ass is fine.

All right. Let’s click on another article without pre-reading it. Cuz that always makes for a great podcast. Johnny Mack USA today is 10 comedians to watch in 2022 from Vinny Thomas to sh Wang. These 10 comedians are prime to break big let’s click

boy. When you click through the headline kind of dumbs down to just 10 up and coming comedians, you need to.

Boy, that was, uh, that was much more elaborate. Before I click through

at the height of the pandemic sketch and stand up, comedians were forced to adapt their work for at home audiences, many gaining massive followings, such as viral comedy trio, please don’t destroy.

Hack star Meg Statler translated her chaotic character videos into a burgeoning film and TV career. Here are 10 more rising comedy stars who are poised to break out. All right, Katherine Cohen.

Cohen’s distinctive blend of old school glamor irreverence songs and freewheeling banter has made her a staple of new York’s comedy scene, where she performs her weekly Cabernet cabaret show. When she’s not on tour. I have not yet watched her Netflix special to twist. Have you?

Haven’t heard too many people talking about it. Vinnie Thomas, the Twitter comedian has gone viral with several of his Joel front facing videos, playing awkward spokespeople for less sexy M and MSMS and only fans and most memorably, a bread star pigeon at a pride event.

Karen Chi the 27 year old, late night writer broke out three years ago when the show’s most charming recurring segment, which host Seth Meyers quizzed her on her eighties and nineties pop culture. You know, I often see clips of Seth Meyers show. I read you jokes from Seth Myers. I’m pretty sure it exists.

It’s not like a Bob burger’s level of hoax, but is anyone watching late night with Seth Myers? Do people stay up to 1235 and be like, oh cool. Late night with Seth Myers on. I have nothing against it, but like, it just seems like a show that just sort of exists because David Letterman did a show 40 years ago and we’ve got a brand.

So we keep it going. Like, is there any buzz on late night with Seth Myers? Not me a hater. Well, we sound like a hater, Johnny man. I’m not a hater. I’m agnostic with a capital a, but like, I don’t know.

Grace cooling Schmidt. The LA native took off during the early days of quarantine with wonderfully weird and specific character videos, including a woman who gets turned down by her roommate, mid cooking demo, and someone who’s been excluded from their family’s erotic film home.

Next up Jeff Wrights, the Florida raise comedian blew up on TikTok during quarantine with his inspired. Sketches about game nights in heaven and Gmail security measures in which he played multiple characters. He was quickly scooped up by late night with Seth Myers. Danielle Perez

has brought her no holds barred humor to comedy central. Andy Netflix is a joke festival. She appeared in the new seasons of Netflix’s Russian doll that came and went. Did anybody see that? I really liked season one. I was scrolling through Netflix the other night. Just, you know, you, when you scroll for like half an hour and then you don’t actually watch anything.

I was doing that and I was like, oh yeah, Russian do season two happened.

Daniel Perez was also on HBO’s curb year enthusiasm. Zach Zimmerman known for his Geno crowd work and playful musings on sex and dating his first book. Is it hot in here? We’ll be released this fall veer Daaz did not expect a CVE on the list, although he’s among India’s most popular comedians does is finally breaking through in the.

Thanks to roles in Judds, the bubble and a viral monologue about sexual violence in his native country. I was recently enjoying him. I think he was on

Brett Goldstein’s podcast. I was enjoying him. Is that where I heard him? I can’t remember. He’s currently developing a Fox comedy series executive produced by Mac packer. Andy Sandberg. It’ll be on a north American tour. This.

Sydney Washington, co-host the podcast, the unofficial expert with fellow stand up, Marie FSIN in which comedians riff on their fields of expertise, ranging from cookouts to thirst traps to Mariah Carey.

Last up Shang Wang, Wang has performed on NBC’s last comic standing and HBO’s two dope Queens. He taped his first hour long Netflix special in June. All right, these are USA. Today’s 10 up and coming comedians. You need to.

Over the weekend. I was skimming interview magazines, bizarre interview format with Nikki Glazer. Let’s jump back in Nikki Glazer. What’s your favorite workout? Nick said a long run where I listened to music and pretend I’m in a movie montage where the lead character’s struggling with a decision or preparing for some metaphorical or literal.

Well, how long can you run? I once ran a half marathon. It wasn’t official or anything. My brother-in-law and I just ran 13.1 miles one day. I’ll never do a full one, cuz I wanna be able to walk when I’m 70. what gets you up? Nicky Glazer in the morning, my dog having gonna pee and also food. I skipped breakfast for 20 years of my life, cuz I thought that’s what women were supposed to do to stay thin and lovable.

I started eating breakfast again a couple years ago and forgot what a motivator was to get out of the bed in the morning.

What keeps you going. If you’re there, I don’t keep going. Someone else will get better than me and take my place and I’ll be forgotten. Then when I’m forgotten, I won’t be able to make money and my family will end up homeless. What makes you tired? Not getting enough sleep, melatonin, reading, ASMR videos, airplane rides.

What keeps you awake? The dread of having to wake up tomorrow morning and start all over again. What makes you sweat cardio telling a joke that offends someone roast don’t count. Cuz those people are literally asking for it.

From radar online, George Wallace said he went from viewing will Smith as his favorite actor to disliking will Smith and his entire family. Wait, what Wallace said? He drew a line in the sand. The moment will Smith laid hand on Chris rock, you know what happened? And he said, I started cussing when will slapped Chris rock?

He slapped me. I teared. This mother sucker ruined for me. I love will Smith, but I don’t like him today. While I said at this point, he doesn’t think positively about any of the Smiths. Listen to this quote, F will Smith F his wife GI change a to Smith F her F them two little weird ass kids. F him F them F M all F is grandma granny Smith, Steven, a Smith on ESPN F him FN E Smith of the Dallas Cowboys F all the Smiths.

Okay. I’m the first one to say that night, Chris rock should have sued will Smith for 200 million. Cuz Chris is always gonna feel the pain.

The Sorano film festival kicks off September 8th. Weird the Al Yankovic story, starring Daniel Radcliffe as weird Al will be part of the festival at midnight madness. Midnight madness is for the weird and wicked films of the festival. Looking forward to seeing that one, the Aspen daily news caught up with TNI Toro Tigger calls her first open mic experience at a club in LA is both exhilarating and terrify.

Stating that she got lasts from people, but those lasts were somewhat startling. At first, from there Narro said she worked her way up by booking numerous open mic gigs at comedy clubs across LA for the next year or two in the comedian’s relationship with her audiences transformed from that initial startling reaction to feeling as though she’s laughing with friends at a party, I feel like I look at all audiences just as friends at a party.

And I’m not thinking too much beyond that in the exact moment. There isn’t time for me to be thinking about too much. My general sense on stage is these people are all friends of mine and we’re at a party having a great time.

She said one of the most obvious turning points in her career and life was on August 3rd, 2012. When she addressed her cancer diagnosis during a live standup routine on the stage of her LA home based club Largo that set one viral in the years following she discussed her journey with breast cancer on stages nationwide, including a 2014 show at town hall in New York city, where she did part of the act topless tick says I don’t tend to stir things up, allow with my material, unless people are uncomfortable with hearing about being gay or having had cancer.

She says all her materials informed by personal experience.

Whether it’s the silliest most nonsensical thing I’m discussing on stage, whether I’m speaking out against, or in support of some or not, or something it’s all from a personal place, it’s always something real or some comedians that go up there and are detached from what they’re talking about. But whatever I’m talking about on stage, I’m very connected to.

All right. My voice is giving out. Let’s do one more thing. Should I do this story about Frankie Boyle? You don’t know who that is, cuz he’s British. Wanna hear about the fringe or yesterday? I was reading the USA today. Most influential comedy people, something, something let’s save that one.

The fringe story is pretty good.

Jordan Gray writing in the independence says, go and see a trans comedian at the Edinburgh fringe while you still can. The fastest way to disprove Liz trusses, paranoid fantasies about transgender people is to come watch one of us do standup comedy. Now, if you’re like who’s Liz trust, Liz trust is the foreign secretary and equality minister of the UK.

John Oliver recently made fun of her. Now, you know who I’m talking about? She’s one of the favorites of become Britain’s next prime minister. Jordan Gray writes. Thankfully, it’s still legal for us to express ourselves beneath all the corporate crap and reptilian property owners.

The heart of the Edinburgh fringe still beats with the sentiment that this is where you come to express yourself.

My advice go see a transgender comedian before they kill us all off. Why should you go see a transgender comedian? A hack would give you a joke answer as a professional. I’ll give you two jokes and one serious one for balance. As a pre-op trans woman with a boob job, I possess a disproportionate number of hilarious appendages.

Most of us have experienced both bathrooms within our lifetimes. That’s twice the toilet humor for your money. And as much as the UK government would have you believe otherwise. Transgender people are incredibly relatable, who hasn’t looked in the mirror and seen a stranger staring back. That can’t be me.

I’m not that old or that can’t be me. I’m not a person who wears a tie or that can’t be me. I look so sad.

Like our comic book namesakes, the X-Men we walk among you. We’re everywhere. Each of us is more unique than the last. There’s the hilarious gin Ives.

There’s OG British trans comic, Andrew O’Neil.

And I suppose there’s me this transgender bird off the voice with scandalous posters, all over town and an hour of musical stand about babies, boobies, bigots and Batman. Jordan Gray is at a bird 10 25 at the box in the assembly in George. that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify.

I remember that ice coffee that I ordered four days ago. Yeah, that was only like half an hour ago in like podcast recording time. And my daughter tells me it’s here, so I’m gonna go up and drink it. Cuz my voice is shot. See you tomorrow.

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