Was Gilbert Gottfried always “on” – Amy Schumer says she got death threats – AND is Kim Kardashian photoshopping Pete Davidson?

Bill Maher (and Jimmy Kimmel) suggested Gilbert Gottfried was always “on” – well I met Gilbert several times and that was not at all my experience. I would describe him as meek.

Amy Schumer says she got death threats over an Oscars joke. Secret Service and everything. Wait, Secret Service?

The Kids In The Hall are filming an 8 episode season for Amazon

The trailer for David Spade’s new special is out

Congrats to Marc Maron for making the Library of Congress!

Is Kim Kardashian photoshopping Pete Davidson?

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Stephen Colbert says good news. The Brooklyn subway shooting suspect has been arrested. That’s nice. That’s fast. The suspect’s name is Frank RN. GM’s authorities know this because a credit card with Mr. James name on it had been found at the scene of the shooting as had a key to the van.

Mr. James had rented. He also left a chick swab. I filled out a tax return and his soul cycle emergency contact. Very generous of him.

One of the unusual facts about the shooters that he’s 62 years old, which means technically he wasn’t on the run. He was on the mall walk. It’s unfortunate that James left behind plenty of evidence cause none of the station security cameras were in full operation at the time of the. Well, and that’s what the MTA gets for hiring the same guy who did the cameras in Jeffrey Epstein cell.

That’s great. Trevor Noah tagged in and said really out of 10,000 cameras in the subway system, the only three that weren’t working are the ones that could have helped really. That’s a crazy stroke of bad luck. If it were true,

go bare. It does explain the new subway safety posters. You see something that’s cool. We didn’t Trevor. Let’s not get hung up on the details. The important thing is those cameras cost New York taxpayers, $800,000 each don’t forget that that’s all that matters.

So it was interesting to me and surprising to me there’s been like a lot less discussion of Gilbert than I thought there would be,

especially compared to both the passing of norm McDonald and Bob Saget. So thinking about this, I guess, Saget being on the sitcom, or really elevated him to another level of national prominence, Me looking at this through a comedy lens. I think Gilbert is the bigger comedian. And I think part of that is because I heard so much of Gilbert on Howard stern. Now on some Morrow’s episode of the podcast, I’m just going to do Gilbert Godfried stories. Sunday will be a normal episode, but there’s so many great stories, so many good articles about Gilbert.

I’m going to do that all episodes tomorrow. And. The laugh button recapped Gilbert’s best appearances on the Howard stern show. So I’m looking forward to diving in on that. It’s up on the left button. If you want to read it today, I also enjoyed this note. I got from listener Tommy mean, yesterday I put in a review from 19 90, 1 of a Gilbert Gottfried show that the reviewer did not like Tommy said, I think it may have been at that show in 91.

It’s the same one. I was laughing so hard at that opening bit. I literally couldn’t catch my breath and I thought it might pass out. He then checked with his friend who also goes by Johnny Mac. So obviously a cool dude. The other Johnny Mac said, yep. They were at that show. That is amazing. I mean, Think about it.

You listen to some like dopey comedy podcasts, some idiot in his basement. It’s not the biggest podcast in the world. And I mentioned a show from 31 years ago and you happen to be at it. That’s pretty cool, Tommy. Thank you for listening and thank you for sending me the email.

Amy Schumer says the secret service reached out to me. Amy said she got death threats over a sketchy performed at the Oscars. This the one where she made fun of Kristen Dunst, dismissing her as just a seat filler. As she talked to her husband, Jesse Plemons.

Although it was planned in advanced some thought she was being so rude. She deserved to be threatened cheese.

Amy went on with Howard stern and said, I didn’t met with Kirsten. Dunson Jesse Plemons. That was completely orchestrated beforehand. The joke was that I was pretending that I thought she was a seat filler

and we all work that out together. I got death threats. The secret service reached out to me, Howard interrupted, wait, I’m not understanding. Why did you get death threats,

amy? They were like, who do you think you are to disrespect? Kirsten does like that.

Amy added both the secret service and the LAPD told her the threats were serious. She added, I actually did reach out to people I was going to joke about before to make sure it was okay with them. So I’ve been burned too many times.

They didn’t want the camera to cut to somebody looking sad or, you know, walking up to the stage and slapping you in the face.

Speaking of which Jamie said, the reason Chris rocket stand there and get hit in the face and then stay up there with composure and give his friend quest love. And Oscar is because he’s a comedian. Everything that you’re afraid of happens to you while you’re on stage. And then you’re just desensitized.

So you’re not shocked by anything.

Howard wondered. Why will Smith was allowed to collect his Oscar after having just assaulted Chris rock? Amy said, I just thought, and maybe this is bad. I was in an abusive relationship years ago. Will Smith must be in so much pain? I felt bad for him too. That’s probably not the right instinct, but she added

As all the buzz around the show has been about will Smith and not the winners of the fact that three women hosted for the first time. It was just upsetting as a person. She also talked about her own hair, pulling.

Trichotillomania. I hope I pronounced that. Right. She said, and an added layer. And another reason I was triggered was because it was all about GTAs hair, hair loss, growing up, not anymore. If somebody talked about my hair, it was the biggest fear of my life.

I’m sure that was a big deal for their family.

Schumer said Chris rock gave her advice before hosting the Oscars. He’s the best. I love him so much. He was like, you’re Amy effing Schumer. He kept encouraging me and firing me up noting how, especially challenging it is to be a woman in the industry because women aren’t respected for past success and people act like you’ve done nothing.

We’ve kind of known about this, but it is now official. The kids in the hall are coming back.

Dave fully tweeted the show, your grandparents wouldn’t let your parents watch his back. That’s funny. Dave ad’s filming has been on a kids in the hall eight’s episode, Amazon original series in Toronto, he added photographic proof that we can still occupy the same physical space.

I’m looking forward to that.

Netflix released the trailer for David Spade’s upcoming special in the trailer, we learned that spade will fire up the audience with a self-depreciating humor, starting out with admitting that he’s a jerky face for not wanting to hug people, but honestly, after surviving a global pandemic Gagnon blamed them fist bump, fist, bump spade, we’ll also tackle a topic. We can all relate to getting old and trying to keep up with gen Z trends.

Even though we don’t really want to an example of a trend vaping. From deadline, the greats Canadian maple syrup, heist, which saw more than $14 million of CapEx, national maple syrup reserves stolen a decade ago. That’s the thing that apparently happened, Canadians like, yeah, everybody knows that apparently big deal.

And it’s the basis for a new comedy series with a great name. It’s called the sticky.

The sticky revolves around Ruth Clark eight. Tufts are primly competent. Middle-aged Canadian maple syrup farmer, who has had it with being hemmed in by the polite, bureaucratic conventions, native to her country’s identity, especially now that the very bureaucracy is threatening to take away everything.

She loves her farm, her comatose husband, and her rights and manifest destiny with the help of Remy Bouchard, a pint size local blockhead, and an aging Mike Byrne, a low-level mobster.

Ruth changes her fate and transforms the future of a community with the theft of millions of dollars worth of maple syrup. I’ll watch congratulations to mark Marin. One of his podcasts is going to make the library of Congress’s national recording registry, something that is never, ever going to happen to this podcast.

I can tell you that, which episode,

it’s an interview with Robin Williams. The library of Congress said the episode featured a startling intimate conversation with Robin Williams. Also credits the WTF podcast with helping to legitimize the podcast as a media format. And created an idiosyncratic document of this moment of American culture. Wow. Mark Marin high five. That is just like unbelievable high praise speaking. Myron’s podcast. This reminds me he rereleased his interview with Gilbert Godfrey. And I’m going to talk about the second half. Fantastic. Go listen to that.

Stop. Listen to me, turn it off right now. Go listen to Marin. Okay. That’s so good. That is.

Gossip corner gets more and more ridiculous from page six, Kim Kardashians appears to Photoshop Pete Davidson’s nose and jawline. Sure. I’ll read it. Why not? Just one day after Chloe Kardashian admitted to Photoshopping her daughter, it’s a picture snapped at Disneyland. Kim Kardashian is facing accusations of editing.

Pete Davidson’s appearance. Okay. An account called problematic fame focuses on exposing how Instagram can impact beauty standards shared a photo of Pete Davidson, looking to the side on SNL, alongside a closeup of the comedian in Kim’s post.

It has been suggested that Pete’s nose and neck have been altered.

However page six has a source, an insider as it were. I don’t know what this insight is. Who is this? Insider? Is this insider sitting next to Kim all day going? No, Kim didn’t do that. The insider says pizza knows a NIC appearance. We’re not altered in any way. The image shown in the side by side shows his face at a different angle.

He’s smiling larger. So it can’t be an apple to apples comparison. Page six has also seen the original version of the photo in question, which is actually alive snap. They point out and nothing has been altered.

So stop accusing Kim Kardashians of Photoshopping, Pete Davidson pictures reps for Pete and Kim did not return page six, his request for covet.

So when I was at west LA recently, I recorded a whole bunch of episodes of my travel podcast, which is called travel is back episode 34 has now been released it’s me at the Hoover dam. If you want to hear me walking around the Hoover dam and finding out what I found out travel is back wherever you get your shows.

Vulture interviewed Gilbert Godfrey back in 29 scene,

they found it interesting that Jerry Seinfeld had not had Gilbert Godfried on comedians in cars, getting coffee

vulture, suppose a gala that Jerry never liked the impression you did of him.

Gilbert said I used to go up on stage just F around. I would do stuff where the audience would scratch their heads. I’ve heard, they used to put me on the clearly audience out at the end of the night, but I’d imitate other comics, which would make the other comics in the waitstaff. I used to imitate Jerry a lot.

Remember back then, Seinfeld was just another comic hanging around the clubs, just waiting to go on at three in the morning. He’d never been on TV and sometimes I’d go on and like start doing jokes and Seinfeld’s voice the other comics and the people work there would be cracking up. The audience would be scratching their heads and Seinfeld would be outpacing angerly back and forth.

And then Godfrey did a Seinfeld. I’ll do a very half-ass one. I don’t sound anything like that. Did it tick him off? I’d like to think it did.

Vulture was fascinated. So I guess we know why haven’t been on comedians in cars, getting coffee, Gilbert. I mean, I can’t imagine he has the time to hate people like I do. I think what Jerry Seinfeld is angry at someone. He gets over it by wiping his butt with a fist full of hundred dollar bills.

Bill Maher was on with Jimmy Kimmel and said Gilbert was expected to appear at his new year’s show in Hawaii. He was looking forward to getting to know Gilbert on a more personal. I’ve known him for 40 years. Never knew him. Well, he was a hard guy to get to know. Well, I mean, he was so funny and always on, see, I disagree.

I met Gilbert a few times. He was not always on bill Maher. Have you ever met Gilbert Gottfried? Should I get nowhere like a whistling match with bill Maher? He was not always on. I defy you to bring me five comedians who will tell us that Gilbert was always on. He was not always on dude.

Come on.

Gilbert in the hallway. I mentioned this all week soft-spoken meek might even be a word I’d use. He was not walking around sounding like the Aflac duck. He was very quiet. If you pay enough attention and listen to enough episodes of Gilbert’s podcast,

you’ll hear the real Gilbert every now and then.

Anyway, Maurice said there are people I know for an hour that I feel like I know better than I know Gilbert, but I thought here’s the time. That’s what the Hawaii trip was for. Or you just self-promoting. Hmm.

Jimmy Kimmel shared the same sentiments of Gilbert, always being on and noted. And it wasn’t making me feel kind of odd when I’m going to ask him a question, he would never give a real answer in a way. I felt like the message was, why would I answer this seriously when it could be funny right now? Yes, Gilbert was always on when he was on a show, he was an entertainer, but he wasn’t always on.

I get into a whistling match with bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel. That’d be good for the podcast. It was his Jurgen amazement saying

Mara went on to described Gilbert Gottfried as the king of too soon.

Maurice had he felt good knowing that he managed to give Gilbert a shout out during a reason airing of realtime? I don’t think he was probably able to hear it, but you know, if I were a religious person, I would say, you know, he kinda knows, but I’m not. So screw that. I think Fillmore is.

anyway that recap from the Hollywood reporter. I think I forgot to mention that and I want to keep good form.

Kelly Rizzo is bomb sag. It’s widow. She paid tribute to Bob Saget, his friendship with Gilbert

on social media. She wrote bob loved Gilbert so dearly. They had a special friendship. She shared a group photo of Bob Gilbert nor McDonald and Jeffrey Ross, sending my love to wonderful friend, Jeff, as Gilbert’s loss is beyond painful for him.

Thinking of Dara is amazing and strong wife right now, much love and support to his family.

All right. Let’s see you as that moon shower tonight. I won’t read all the locations, but Joel Kim booster is there Natasha Xero and Moshe. Kasher again, they’re at seven.

It’s a sheers Amman at nine 30, Andrew Santino and Brian Simpson are doing the bad friends podcast at nine 30.

Donnell Rawlings wraps up the night at 1130. There’s a lot of shows too. I, by no means, read them all, a lot of local comics as part of moon tower, which is pretty cool since tomorrow is all Gilbert. Let me tell you about Saturday night show Natasha and Moshe again at five. That’s pretty good. Donnell Rawlings at seven Jimmy O yang.

Oh, if you’re not on board with Jimmy O yang, his comedy go watch him on, I think a specials on Amazon. I like what he’s doing a lot. He’s at seven.

And a whole bunch of other shows. Uh, it’s all on Austin theater.org. If you want to skim it yourself. No shows on Sunday, which is interesting.

Meanwhile, down at the Melbourne international comedy festival, William Wong, and I loved his special, I did that. One was on Netflix. Definitely. Check that out. Melbourne beat.com says William flew all the way from China’s Australia five years ago with the dream of doing standup comedy,

his goal is to provide a fresh angle and perspective on culture differences. Taking a cheeky look at Eastern versus Western ways of life. He’s based in Brisbane and frequently performs in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Jenny TN is also at Melbourne tonight. Jenny says, she’s the nicest person in comedy. She gives lifts homes. Never short of compliments was always up for a bit of banner, but that doesn’t mean she’s nice on stage. Don’t be surprised for her sweet demeanor. She’ll cut you down if you deserve it straight up to the very no F’s given attitude, Jenny, we’ll get you laughing at things you’ve never laughed at before.

Like ultimate Frisbee.

And that is your comedy news for today. Follows show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows. If you’d like the show without commercials become a premium subscriber on apple podcast, $5 a month gets you that. And I released the episodes a little early, as soon as I finished the edit, I just published them for the premium subscribers.

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