What Chris Rock said about The Slap at his show last night

Chris Rock took to the stage in Boston and briefly addressed The Slap.

The Academy says they DID ask Will Smith to leave and he refused.

Wanda Sykes says Chris apologized to her because it should have been her (and Amy and Regina’s ) night.

Chris’ brother Tony said that the version of the story where Diddy said Will and Chris are cool is not accurate.

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Chris rock was on stage last night and yeah, he kind of talked about it. Hi, I’m Johnny Mac with a bonus episode for Thursday, March 31st, there was a regular episode in the feed earlier this morning. Don’t miss out on that. The Hollywood reporter had somebody at Chris Rock’s show in Boston. That person said, Chris rock looked like an eight.

When Chris rock walked out on the bare bones, black box stage at Boston’s Wilbur theater kicking off his first tour. In five years, he appeared as a beacon of light dressed, head to toe and white, white sneakers, white pants, white button down shirt. The fabrics look like linen breathable, calming, be a typic.

What do we do in here? As soon as Chris rock stepped out of a thousand people scrambled to their feet, whooping, clapping, hollering the standing ovation last a little more than two minutes. Chris rock had barely get a word in edge.

He said you got me all Misty in stuff.

All right. So you’re waiting for it. Chris rocked within S eating grin said, how was your weekend? I don’t have a bunch of stuff to talk about what happens if he came to hear that? I have a whole show I wrote before this weekend and I’m still kind of processing what happened. So at some point I’ll talk about that stuff and it’ll be serious.

And it’ll be funny. It took a couple minutes for the crowd to settle back in

an audience member, yelled out F will Smith rock, ignore the comment, began his hour long set and said, I’m going to tell. It’s nice to just be out

before the [7:30] PM show. There was a media frenzy outside cameras there, some protestors of sorts. We’ll talk about that. One. Onlooker said this is insane.

The hollered border rights. There’s nothing particularly innovative about Chris Rock’s new show, , but you don’t necessarily need to break new ground to be funny. Chris rock strengths are not in his ideas, which we’ve generally heard before in the ether, but his taught punchlines and legendary screeching preacher.

He touches on the usual politics, pop culture privilege bouncing from topic to topic before he really gets going with any one theme.

There’s no spectacular crescendo that elegantly knits together, all his loose threads, the more ideas rock introduces, the more his amusing, peeves and judgments and tangled and afraid.

Every time rock made a grand cutting statement about the dark truths of American society. He would undercut himself by zipping along to the next subject, instead of really digging deeply into his own opinion. He blasts her comments on COVID phony corporate anti-racism efforts. Nature versus nurture is discussed with the January 6th riots impregnating Billie Eilish.

The problem with Republicans, Democrats not being able to relate to his rich offspring. Megan Markel’s alleged Shabaka. The meteoric rise of Lil NAS X, Elon Musk, semen volume, and the overly welcoming nature of the Kardashians family. The joke there, they love black people more than black people, their daddy freed OJ.

That’s a great joke.

More jokes per the Hollywood reporter. The problem with COVID is that it didn’t kill enough. A-listers and the Ukraine is better off than us.

At one point, he had some momentarily paused the show because of an audience misbehavior. Talk about that in a second. And he lost some of his flow. The hollered Porter says, I imagined the zigzagging is a natural consequence of this being his very first show on tour. No doubt his rhythms will tighten in time, but he quickly regained his composure.

Wrapping up an extended runabout is absurd wealth and his daughter’s world of privilege by then rock was surely glad to have the first show since the weekends confrontation out of the.

As for that audience thing, Boston police received multiple calls from people at the theater beginning at 8 36 officers arrested one person , no further details available on that

prior to the show, local religious leaders gathered in front of the Wilbur theater to make a statement about quote the incident regarding our brothers and quote, send a message that violence is not the way to resolve conflict. Kevin C.

Pearson is the founder of the new democracy coalition. He said, this is a teachable moment. So we end the cycle of violence that is underreported in the black.

Wilbur theater employees didn’t seem so happy with all the kerfluffle one Wilbur employee said we have to get ready for a show trying to work now.

Jesse said sorrow said he paid $225 for his ticket. He wasn’t bothered by all the circus around the theater. He said, why wouldn’t they be here? It’s a story. Others in the crowd admitted to shelling out 800 to $1,200 for admission. What are you doing? Comedian Rick Ingram, who was Rock’s opening act, tease people in the balcony and said, never thought you’d pay a thousand dollars for the worst seats in the house.

Chris rock is great and everything, and believe me, I’ve seen him live. He’s great, but $1,200.

Now from the New York times, the academy of motion, picture arts and science has said Wednesday that they asked will Smith to leave and he refused to go. The academy said things unfolded in a way we could not have anticipated.

While we would like to clarify that Mr. Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused. We also recognize we could have handled the situation differently. So I was thinking about that now, ideally will. Smith is like, oh, I lost my cool. I should excuse myself. And I don’t know.

I don’t know what you do there. If you ask him to leave and he doesn’t want to leave, what do you do? You can’t have security goons, drag will Smith out because I’ll remind you this is on live TV. So even if you have some sort of emergency pre-packaged thing that you can throw to in case of something, and as a producer, I would have such a thing, but my thing would probably be.

Four or five minutes long. It wouldn’t be 15 minutes long. So how do you cover that? You’re dragging will Smith out, plus it’s the 21st century. We have cell phones and stuff now. So somebody would have whipped out a phone and you’d have all this video of security guards dragging will Smith out of the Oscars.

I’m not sure. That’s great. Either.

. Hey, remember the other day I read you the story about Diddy saying everything was cool between Chris and Wil. And I observed that the only person that was saying that was.

Somebody tweeted at Tony rock. Tony rock is Chris’s brother at Tony rock. So daddy was lying when he said Chris and will made up that night. And our good now Tony rock tweeted back. Yep.

Tony told his Twitter followers that he’s waiting for Smiths to speak directly to his brother and family after a fan pointed out Smith’s relationship with the comedian over the.

People has the story that Chris rock recently expressed that he’s let people walk all over him since his. He was on the fly on the wall podcast with Xena Carvey and David spade. On the podcast. Chris Rockwood counted about being bullied ridiculously throughout his childhood.

Half of the bullying was because I was just a little guy. Then I got bused to school and the bullying was because I was a little guy and I was black. I was getting double bullied. I went home, I bought a brick and a book bag. This is like a legendary story in my neighborhood. I swung that crap and I smacked the guy in the face with this brick and stumped on him, Joe Peshy style to the point where we thought he might die.

Long story short from that day on, as my shrink puts it to me, I’ve been scared to be angry ever since. The guy you saw bending over backwards to be nice. It was cause I’m so scared of my anger. Not scared of letting people know how I feel about certain things. Now I can say Hannah, like what you said to me without losing my head without hitting somebody on the head with it.

In Los Angeles, the laugh factory has changed. It’s more key to support. Chris rocket says laugh, factory sports, first amendment rights for all comedians, the comedy community loves and supports you. Chris. Wanda Sykes was on with.

Wanda said by the time she got backstage to watch rock hand out the Oscar, she saw Smith leaving the stage. Then she heard a willsmith yell profanities from seats. She thought, is this really happening? I just felt so awful for my friend, Chris. It was sickening. It was absolutely. I felt physically ill. I’m still a little traumatized by.

For them to let him stay in the room and enjoy the rest of the show and accept his award. I was like, how gross is this? This is just the wrong message. She said, she saw Chris rock at the after party. And I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, but as soon as I walked up to him, the first thing Chris rock said was I’m so sorry.

It was supposed to be your night. You and Amy and Regina y’all were doing such a great job. I’m so sorry that this is going to be about this.

She also shared the joke she would have made, had willsmith been escorted out of the Oscars. That joke would have been,

uh, unfortunately we’ll, couldn’t be here today. And the voice of reason OJ Simpson has weighed in on all this OJ and a video said it was unfortunate. I think Wilson myth was wrong. Look, I understand the feeling in my life. I’ve been through a lot of crap. I was raising two young kids and every comedian in the country had an OJ routine.

I don’t think I wouldn’t want to be slap a couple of those guys. You got accepted it’s humor and even think it was that egregious. I thought it was a semi unfunny joke, but I don’t know. I don’t get it. Thank you, OJ. All right. That’s a bonus episode, normal episode in the morning.

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