What comedy to watch on Netflix this week? The IT Crowd

Rickey Gervais says that After Life will end, but Netflix has already agreed to pay for his next series. Ricky is choosing between three ideas he has.

J-L Cauvin had a great 2020 with his popular Trump videos but looks forward to leaving the character behind.

Johnny Mac reviews Andrew Schulz’ new special – well at least the first 70 seconds (that’s a hint), Netflix’ Death to 2020 (skip) and recommends that instead you check out the Britcom The IT Crowd.

The Interrobang lists their top 11 comedy albums of 2020: Adrienne Iapalucci, Andy Kindler, Vic Henley, Mike Cannon, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Dan Perlman, Dwayne Kennedy, Sarah Tollamache, Myq Kaplan, Carmen Lynch and Nore Davis.

Sir Billy Connolly wraps up his career with a goodbye special.

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