What time is Super Bowl Kickoff for Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan should put on NBC at 6:30pm Eastern on Sunday ([5:30] Austin) if he’d like to watch the Super Bowl.

We now know the cause of Bob Saget’s death.

On today’s Super Bowl Preview – commercials star comedians Pete Davidson, Kevin Hart, Mike Myers reunited the Dr. Evil crew, Colin Jost and his wife Scarlett Johansson, and Andy Richter.

Pete Davidson and Will Ferrell are rooting for the Bengals. Mack Packer Keegan Michael-Key is for the Rams.

Johnny Mac talks about his Super Bowl adventures with Jamie Foxx.

In other news, why is Chris Kattan off Celebrity Big Brother?

Charlie Day seems to want to be Tom Hanks

The Humane Society of Cambria County will present its Comedy Night 2022 at 7 p.m. Feb. 12 at Ace’s Lounge, 316 Chestnut St. in the Cambria City section of Johnstown.

Cold open today, but the rest of the episode is about the Superbowl and it’s upbeat and fun. And I don’t see a way to work this into the episode proper. So let me do it here. It’s very important. We’ve learned the cause of death of Bob Saget who passed away on January 9th. The family put out a statement saying now that we have the final conclusions from the authorities investigation, we felt it only proper that the fans hear those conclusions directly from us.

They have concluded that Bob accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep, no drugs or alcohol were involved. There were no signs of foul play.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy. And he goes, all right, I went all SEO. And the episode title. If you’re listening to this to find out what time Joe Rogan can watch super bowl kickoff, the answer is [6:30] PM. Eastern. You’re welcome, Mr. Ray.

From all pro lines before this year, the Bengals had the longest drought in American sports. Their last playoff victory was against the Oilers, the Oilers, who they beat before that the Baltimore Colts, the Steagall wills, the Louisiana territory, Wildcats, the Pangea Cardinals, all pro lines also said, Dr. Dre will perform at the super bowl. He’s the only Dr. Aaron Rogers were listened to be Davidson will be watching the super bowl. He tells people, Hey, we’re just going to do close friends, hang out, watch the super bowl situation. We really didn’t do that. Last year was kind of a weird time.

So I’m really looking forward to being able to hang and just watch. I went to the super bowl once I think it was the Patriots Eagles, and it was a lot, there’s a lot of stuff going on. It’s hard to enjoy the game. I hate to be the old guy. That’s I just want to watch a game, but it’s like a spectacle and there’s so much going on.

So for that type of game, I’d like to be at home and just chill. I really want the Bengals to win because I love underdogs. So I’m pumped. I’m a big Joe burrow fan that guy’s hysterical. He’s just so cool. He’s effortlessly cool. It’s really frustrating. As a guy, you’re like, damn, that guy is so cool and funny and endearing.

I think everybody’s really pulling for him. I hope they win.

Yeah. So Pete Davidson is frustrated because everybody else is going. That guy is so cool and funny and. All right. if the Rams do, when Pete Davidson will still be happy, he said, Matt, Stafford’s a stead and he’s been forever. And it would be nice for him to win as well. So either way, it’s a nice Superbowl, nice way to cut the middle.

Mr. Celebrity, pick a side of, one of the commercials B Davidson is helping Hellmann’s tackle food waste. So even though I just ripped Pete Davidson a little bit, food waste is a cause that I care about so much food is wasted. I’m being serious here. So I’m glad they’re doing.

The commercial for Hellman’s, I’ll say their name because they’re doing a good job. Is aimed at driving awareness around the issue of wasted food at home, by reminding viewers to tackle those leftovers and make a taste, not waste. Pete Davidson said it was the coolest, I can’t believe I get to be in it.

Hellman’s whole thing is we’re encouraging people to not waste food at home and use it. In other aspects. We got to talk about restaurant food waste to. We don’t waste food at the Davidson household. You’ll see

in the commercial Hellman’s calls on legendary Patriots, linebacker, and Superbowl champions or professional football coach, Jared Mayo, get it to literally tackle those, throwing out usable food in their kitchen. As part of the Mayo times, Mayo food waste tackling team one by one Mayo jumps on unsuspecting folks, just as they’re about to put their food in the garbage. He tells one, you could make grilled cheese with that bread

does another don’t throw away that spinach, you could make a frittata by the time it gets to Pete Davidson, Mayo is on a roll. Good job copywriter. I wish he could see the grid on my face before he has a chance to jump on the king of Staten island. Pete Davidson stops him going, whoa. whoa, mom’s already tackling food waste Mayo.

And he points to his mom. Amy who appears with Pete Davidson in the commercial male backs off. And then tackle speed Davidson anyway, saying, sorry, man. B Davidson tells Mayo. I get it. I’m very hittable from CNBC you’re home for comedy news. General motors has a commercial. They are resurrecting villains from the Austin Powers movie franchise.

Count me in Mike Myers, who I’ll talk about on Sunday going to do a whole thing about the 30th anniversary of Wayne’s world, but back to this commercial.

Mike Meyer has plays Dr. Evil. He is joined by Rob Lowe, Seth green and Mindy Sterling in their traditional Austin Powers roles. That’s awesome. The ad starts with the villains taking over GM’s headquarters in Detroit, Dr. Evil, then plans to overtake the world, but the henchmen convinced him instead to fight climate change.

Seth green calls it arguably the number one threats of the world. Now.

Now last year, GM did an ad with will Ferrell that featured electric vehicles. I wonder if or why not will Ferrell is in this one. Hm.

Speaking of will Ferrell he’s all in on the bangles. He spoke to w L WT. He said he was a Rams fan when he was a kid, but he stopped after they left. Totally get it will Farrell. I was a jets fan. They left Queens. When I lived in Queens, I started rooting for the 49ers still. Do I feel you? And I’m glad that jets left.

Imagine I was rooting for the jets. Well, Pharaoh said I can’t fall back in love. I’m really liking that Joe burrow kid will Farrow plans to attend the game.

Jim Carrey is in a Superbowl commercial. He will reprise his role from the cable guy. He’s doing an ad for Verizon, you know, cable company. That’s right.

The teaser for their commercial features, a mysterious knock at the door. And a woman goes to look through the peep hole to C’s coming to her apartment. And she sees Jim Carey. Yes. A few wires over shoulder and a collared shirt that you’d expect to see somebody setting up your home with cable and internet.

He announces who he is. He says cable guy. Then he answered the door. Something big is almost here. Your internet will never be the same. Hmm.

Scarlett Johannson and Collin Joest or in a commercial together. This one for Amazon’s Alexa, a suit at the Amazon Alexa company says there’s something nice about the fact that there’s never been anything with Colin Joest and Scarlet Johansen together.

It’s a mystery element. What are they like together? I’m sure they’re exactly like they are in your scripted commercial, right? Yes.

The suit says the results are funny and cringe-worthy in equal measure. And the actors were very involved in the joke. Writing

Kevin Hartson, a commercial, this one for Sam’s club. Kevin Hart is feeling all the VIP vibes during his trip to Sam’s club. As he’s able to simply scan and go skipping the lines at the mega store.

Thanks to an app feature on his smartphone.

This ad is based on a bit from Kevin Hart about Disney’s FastPass plus service in the bit, Kevin Hart describes the feeling of being superior to everyone else in line, because fast pass, plus say that three times fast without having to do an edit on your podcast, gave guests the freedom to jump the line.

That feeling of superiority gives way to a sense that Disney’s option is just for me. Hartsfield USA today, when you get a fast pass or having an amusement park, allowing you to bypass the line, a little bit of cocky comes with that. That’s the anchor of the joke and that idea in the new ad from Sam’s club.

Kevin says Sam’s club created scan and go just for me, people know what was created for you. The line ha. Now I feel bad for avocados. They’re about to be canceled, not in the cancel culture way, any low ratings kind of way. Here’s why of all the comedians they could team up with. They went with Andy Richter.

Andy Richter has a way of getting things canceled, including Conan O’Brien related to.

And the avocados commercial. Andy Richter is dressed in an ensemble inspired by ancient Roman times, psyching himself up to play the role of a lifetime Caesar. Wait till Andy Richter finds out about those casino ads that have been annoying us all for six months with the Caesar character in it, avocado people do your homework.

Sorry, avocados. You’re going to be canceled. Conan O’Brien cannot save you this time.

So you know what sex about having the bangles on the Superbowl? They don’t really have fan. I was doing some prep and I’m like, oh, let me see you. Who are comedian fans of this team? Say the Patriots were in the Superbowl. I would have a half hour of content here. Other than that, we’ll Pharaoh mentioned the only community I could find is Gary Owen.

You’re like, who’s that? Exactly?

Gary Owen said, let me tell you something. Everybody knows I’m a Bengals fan in Hollywood. I had 168 text messages. As soon as Evan MacPherson kicked that field goal. My phone was just thinking, dang. And it was everybody I’ve worked with in the film industry and comedians WLWT answers your questions saying the actor and comedian is best known for movies like daddy daycare, B ETS, the Gary Owens show and winning a number of stand-up comedy shows.

Not sure what that means. How do you win a standup comedy show? Does that mean like a last comic standing kind of thing?

Gary Owen, even as video of him and Joe mix-ins mom doing her son’s touchdown dance. So when the AFC championship game against the chiefs was at the same time, as one of his comedy shows, he had a call an audible. I see what you did. They’re a copywriter. So I’d sell. I don’t know if you want to start the show late.

I don’t know if you want my opener to be long, but all I’m saying is I’m not going on stage until the game is over. What time was this show? The chiefs and the bangles played at [3:30] PM. Eastern. We won the east coast was her show at six 30.

Where you on the west coast was your show at three in the afternoon. I’m confused.

Gary said I’ve been invited to other Superbowls and I’ve always said, I’m not going. The only trip I’m going to is the Bengals. And I stuck to the.

Good luck, sir. I am rooting for the bangles because the Rams beat my 49ers. I’m sure the Rams now have tons of fake fans now that they’re back in Los Angeles for the second time. Remember they moved? Yeah, they left LA well they’re back, baby.

The Google machine told me some known fans of the Rams, Cedric, the entertainer. He has showed up for the Rams posting a video of himself, high fiving, Rams fans, while driving a golf cart through a tunnel in Sophie stadium, hashtag Superbowl mound. Larry Wilmore has boxed seats for the Rams.

He shared a photo of him and his sister in front of Sophie stadium, hashtag Aramco’s house, you know, this hashtag Rams house thing that they keep doing. Hey guys, do you know that the charters play in your stadium? Do you know this? Yeah. Taran Killam remember him from SNL. He posted a flurry of tweets on the day of the playoffs, including a photo with the team’s official mascot rampage.

Mack packer Keegan. Michael Key was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week. He’s excited to root for the LA Rams since former lion’s quarterback. Matthew Stafford is now the Ram signal caller

Lions fan key said it’s sweet that the lions finally allowed Stafford a fleet Detroit for the greener pastures of a team that’s won more than one playoff game. The last 63 years Kimmel even took issue with key’s offhand. Reference to the lions as a professional football team, Kimmo called the lions professional adjacent

Now for me and people who worked with me at Sirius the Friday before the super. Was always the worst day of the year when I first got to Sirius and I saw other people were going down the Superbowl for super bowl week, I was like, oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. And the people that go on the trips would tell me now you don’t want to go.

Eventually I got enough seniority and I got invited on the trips to do super bowl radio row. And, oh, it is awful. You’re just chasing celebrities around in a race to see. Can you get the paparazzi to take pictures of some celebrity in front of your banner? It’s a nightmare. Someday. I will tell you my Jamie Fox Miami story.

I don’t have time today. I’ll take the 10 minutes to tell it, but the sequel to that story. So the first year I’m in Miami with Jamie, I have the worst experience ever. Just accept that as fact, one of the details from the Miami story was

we had the wrong color limo, a white limo showed up and Jamie Foxx, his people let me know, oh, white limos are for prom. You try finding a black limo on the fly in the middle of Superbowl week. That was stressful. So the next year we’re down in Dallas and Dallas gets four inches of snow.

Four inches of snow in Dallas is like 97 inches of snow in New York city. I went out to dinner on the Thursday before super bowl. And usually that is like a big. My team and I had the restaurant to ourselves, it’s talking to locals and they were like, we don’t own shovels. They were trying to get rid of the snow with brooms.

We don’t own shovels. We don’t have rock salt. We don’t have snowplows, which all made sense to me once they explained it. So four inches of snow completely shut down, down. Jamie Fox asked for a police escort from the hotel to radio row, where he’s going to do a broadcast for us at Sirius. Now, do you know how to get a police escort?

I didn’t either. Here’s the answer. You quote the police and you go, hi, can I have a police escort? And at this time, this is maybe it’s probably close to 10 years ago. Now whenever the Superbowl was in Dallas, you can look that up. The Dallas PD. Let us, I don’t know what the term is. Higher, higher, I guess two police officers for $500.

Okay. I’ll go to the ATM and take out $500 and hope somebody reimbursed me for this fine. So the Dallas PD escorts us from the hotel to Superbowl radio row. Now, when you have a celebrity with you, normally you come in the back door, it’s called the loading dock so that the celebrity doesn’t get slammed with fans.

So we’re following the Dallas PD until they take us to the loading dock. No, they take us to the front entrance and we start walking in with Jamie Foxx and Jamie Fox, his entourage who were all dressed to the nine.

And we start to get a big time crowd around us. We make our way to press security. Now, NFL security is tough. Like one year I was there with Larry, the cable guy, they wouldn’t credential Larry, the cable guy. They would only credential Daniel Whitney. They’re very particular, even if you’re a celebrity.

So I get to the gate and it’s me, Jamie Fox, his manager, his entourage, and the rent, a cop working security. Won’t let us in because somebody doesn’t have the right badge.

Meanwhile civilians are coming on us like zombies, cause there’s Jamie Fox and he’s super famous and everybody wants to meet him. And he’s from Texas. So it’s his hometown, right? So this is, ah, and I’m like argue with the cop. Like we let me in and he doesn’t believe this is Jamie Fox and I have two Dallas PD with me and.

I have to just totally scramble, eventually talk our way through the gate. But I wanted to say to the nice security guard, dude, when I sneak into the Superbowl, do you think I hire the world’s greatest Jamie Fox impersonator plus eight extra guys who I dress in like $2,000 suits.

Plus I get the Dallas PD in. Come on man. Anyway, so we finally got in nightmare. That was the Superbowl where the big boss decided we had of Adam Sandler on. Yes, my old friend, Adam Sandler, Sandler didn’t want to do the show. My poor assistant chased Sandler around for like 30 minutes. Finally got him to sit down.

And when, when he, when Sandler sat down, I forget who we had some guests, I think it was a boxer or somebody who had been on for like 20 seconds. I had just been introduced like, Hey, here’s your credentials? And then Sandler sits down and was like, all right, your spots over it, you got introduced. I felt so bad for whoever that guest was forgotten to time.

And then Sandler was on. And basically I hate Superbowl radio.

So this morning, I made my usual run to the national donuts chain while I was there. You know, they have national donuts chain radio. Yeah. It’s like a guy and a woman being all upbeat. They play contemporary songs, but where the DJs talk, they’ll be like, Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if you got like a pink donut for your coworker?

It’s so ridiculous. And while I was there, my mind was wandering. I’m like, I wonder if they would add my podcast to it. Cause I’m a big fan of the national donuts chain and mention you go in and get donuts. And there’s like some idiot talking to you about an Adam Sandler movie in your ears. She’d be like, what is going on here?

If you. Or a fan of the national donuts chain. You got to get one of these national donuts chain. T-shirts this is how you’re supporting the show this week. I saw Tom ordered one. Thank you, Tom.

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If you don’t want to remember a link right now, it’s in the episode description for this. But yeah, again, a national donuts chained shirt and five bucks of your purchase goes to meet a sport. The show much appreciated whilst driving home. And I’ve told you this. I listened to myself on the donut chain run.

In case I blow an edit. If you were up early, you heard me blow an edit on Thursday show. I caught it and cleaned it up this weekend on this very podcast tomorrow, going to celebrate Ralphie, may.

Ralphie would have been 50 on February 17th. I want to celebrate his life with some really funny stories. And on Sunday’s episode, going to celebrate Wayne’s world, which turns 30 years old on Monday. So that’s this weekends weekend filler, but you know,

As thriller goes, this isn’t like filler filler where like I’m traveling. I want to go to the beach. I’m around. You see how long this episode is. I have plenty to talk about, but I wanted to talk about Ralphie may and I want to talk about Wayne’s world today’s daily. Comedy news is brought to you by new podcast, the best song ever this week, the best song ever this week.

It’s a short piece of music writing, focusing on one song, its artists and its history. It’s a deep dive, but not one that takes long. Yeah. They’re like five, six minutes. These episodes, if you want to take a quick time and it a song and what makes it special, download the best song ever this week, wherever you get your podcasts.

This week’s the best song ever this week is Johnny Cash is Sunday morning, come down. Host Scott Frampton sent me a little teaser saying kris Kristofferson landed a helicopter on Johnny Cassius lawn to hand him a.

The rest is music history. That’s a good story. It’s a download the best song ever this week, wherever you get your podcasts. Also, I’m going to be honest with you. I had to do an edit in there three times, instead of saying helicopter. I said, helicopter, what’s a helicopter, some other news to keep an eon.

I’m leaving that in what is wrong with my mouse today? I could have easily edited. You see what happened there? Other news to keep an eye on comedian, Chris gets hen is seemingly no longer a house guest on season three of celebrity, big brother. Oh, no one happened. Well, Eagle eye viewers were watching the live feeds Wednesday and they noticed Chris Catan is not there sparking speculation that either quit or left the game.

For other reasons, his fellow celebrity house guests started talking about Chris Catan as if he were no longer playing. Singer dancer, Todrick hall, famous celebrity said to real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey famous as a celebrity. I wasn’t stressed when Chris gets hand was still here. So it felt like we had a chance for him to go home. That’s thrown a huge curve ball in the. Superstar real Housewives of Atlanta star. Cynthia Bailey said. Yeah, because now it’s like he’s out of the equation. Hmm. CBS tells us weekly. The situation will be addressed in tonight’s episode.

Chris Catan had been voicing concerns about back pain after apparently breaking his neck years ago. But it’s unclear if that’s related to his rumored exit

The new Charlie day movies out on Amazon prime today. Apparently Charlie has always had a love of romantic comedies. It’s hard for me to separate Charlie day with Charlie Kelly from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, by the way, Charlie day was one of the trivia answers the other night, Colin and got that one. Right. Thank you. Glenn. Forgot to give you the trivia update. Cause I know that’s why he listened to this podcast 20 minutes in you’re like, how did they do a trivia? Can I tell you? I still don’t know what happened first around.

We got a perfect date. Then I think we were seven of eight then I think we put up another perfect round going into the final round. Now in the final rule. It’s three points for a yes, negative two. If you get it wrong or you can just leave it blank. And we were five points back, but we had a pass like nine teams.

All the teams are good this week. So we had a gamble a little bit. We didn’t have a good final round. We finished in 11th place. Very disappointing. Charlie day has an affinity for classics like sleepless in Seattle. And when Harry met Sally, he told the daily news, I really love Tom Hanks and Billy crystal to get, to see NIMBY leading men and movies, but also leading men in an attainable unfamiliar way.

I was hopeful that one day I’d get an opportunity to do my version of that. I want you back on Amazon today is his chance.

Charlie said it was exciting to play some of the more emotional and grounded aspects of the story and to see the funny sort of set pieces that I’ve been given the opportunity to do in the past, I was happy those were there, but I was really looking forward to the more human, conversational aspects of the.

Charlie day says he didn’t have a specific genre in mind when he set out to be an actor. I just thought, well, after work, and if I can work and make a living at this, then I can call myself an actor and it’ll be fulfilling. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to do that. Whatever presented itself to me, I would have done if drama popped up first and it was only dramatic roles and that’s the way people wanted to see me.

I would have done that, but fortunately comedy came up .

And I really also enjoy comedy. Can you hear my voice falling apart now? The raw recording here, it’ll be shorter for you. I’m 27 minutes in the raw recording here. Now. I wish I had already recorded the Wayne’s world episode, but I haven’t and I need to do that next. And my voice is already shot. Oh. Life and the basement is so hard.

And this next story is probably not local to too many of you, but even if one person hears this and this makes a difference in the world, I do try to do some good in the world with everything creatively that I do. So let me share with you from the Tribune Democrat in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the humane society of Cambria county will present comedy night, tomorrow, [7:00] PM at ACEs.

I’ll put it in the show notes. Jessica Vamos is executive director of the humane society and says comedy night is a fun event that allows us to get together with the community to have a good time with them. And it allows us to promote the humane society and all the good things you’re doing throughout the year.

It has grown to become one of our biggest annual fundraisers. and we’re excited to be able to offer it again after not having it last year in 2020, the event raised $12,000.

Comedians include headliner, mark . He’s been seen on access. TV’s live at Gotham and as a writer on weekend update. All right, that’s pretty good. David K is Pittsburgh’s premier stand-up comedian from Drybar comedy. All right. And Suzanne Lawrence of arcade comedy theater.

So if you like comedy and animals, the humane society of Cambria county tomorrow night, seven o’clock ACEs lounge. I hope they have a really big fundraiser. And that is your comedy news for today. Ralphie may tomorrow wings world on Sunday, normal episode on Monday.

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