What Trump, DeSantis, T-Pain and Joe Rogan said about Joe Rogan

Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, T-Pain and even Joe Rogan weighed in on Joe Rogan.

Dave Chappelle is not happy with some local development.

The 25th Anniversary of Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie!

The description is short, but the episode is log! Even Johnny MacBot makes an appearance!

Johnny Mack with you daily company news, another pack once a day, but I feel like the show’s been in a good groove. Thank you, Joe Rogan. We’ll talk about him in a second. But first Jimmy Kimmel was befuddled by the Oscars. He was wondering why Spider-Man no way home didn’t get any nominations. How did that not get one of the 10 nominations for best picture?

There were only 11 movies made this year. Forget the fact that the movie made $750 million. Still going. This is a great movie. It wasn’t in the top 10 best movies of the year. There were three Spider-Man in it. Here’s what happened. The academy voters, they looked at the list, they sold the names, Leo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep.

They checked that box and then they put their kids in the car and they went to see the movie Spiderman and they loved it. You’re telling me, don’t look up was better than Spider-Man it. Most certainly. Wasn’t. When did we decide that the best picture has to be serious? As far as I know, that was not the point of feature film when they started making them Ben, her cherry chariots in leprosy Frankenstein, a monster powered by lightening Fantasia, Mickey mouse on an acid trip, the wizard of Oz flying monkeys and a witch.

He’s a great Oscar worthy movie. Speaking of flying monkeys in a witch former president, Donald Trump offered his support to Joe Rogan on Monday night. from the Washington post? Trump said Rogan should stop apologizing for controversy surrounding coronavirus, misinformation, and his past use of racial slurs.

Trump said, Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the fake news and radical left maniacs and lunatics. How many ways can you say, you’re sorry, Joe. Just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened. That’s not you and we’ll never be.

Florida governor Rhonda Sante said the mob will come after people and they’re targeting Joe Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart. And some of the things they’re holding dear.

I think a lot of the legacy outlets, and I think the left fear, the fact that he can reach so many people and they’re out to destroy him.

But what I say, don’t give an inch, do not apologize, do not kowtow to the mob, stand up and tell them to pound.

Former presidential contender. Andrew Yang deleted his tweets. His tweet had said, I don’t think Joe Rogan has a racist. The man interacts with and works with black people, literally all that stuff.

Yank is now calling that tweet wrongheaded and said it hurt many people, which has never my intent. I’m sorry.

Joe Rogan weighed in on the Joe Rogan controversy. He used the Joe Rogan experience podcast to discuss.

He said that video had always been out there. It’s like, this is a political hit job. And so they’re taking all this stuff I’ve ever said that’s wrong and smushing it altogether. And a lot of ways, this is a relief.

It’s good because it makes me address some stuff that I really wish it wasn’t.

You just have to stay offline. Life goes on as normal

his guest comedian, a cautious Singh said real life is people who know you. And you’re a great guy. We’ve all said some wild crap. And you apologize and own that it’s wrong. Good for you. Rogan said, I do think you have to be very careful to not apologize for nonsense. He cited Aquafina’s recent statement, addressing critics, accusing her of appropriating black culture.

Rogan said they were saying it was a black sense, which is come on man. Over time. People will understand you. They know if you miss step. They know what you’re trying to do. You’re not a vicious person. You’re just trying to be funny.

Rogan then took to the stage in Austin, Texas Tuesday night, the Hollywood reporter described it as an intimate show before a rapture, as a crowd of fans at that show Rogan said, I used to say it’s meaning the N word. If I was talking about a Richard Pryor bit or something, I would say it in context, somebody made a compilation of every time.

I said that word over 14 years and they put it on YouTube and it turned out that was racist as F even in me, I’m me. And I’m watching it saying, stop saying it. I put a cursor over the video and I’m like four more minutes. Rogan added. I haven’t used that word in years,

but it’s kind of weird. People will get really mad if you use that word and tweet about it on a phone that’s made by slaves, he then segwayed into a bit about labor conditions at overseas cell phone factory.

Lay there in the show. He mocked the other controversy, the anti-vax information discussed on his podcast. Rogan said I saw crap for a living that’s what’s so baffling to me. If you’re taking vaccine advice from me, is that really my fault? What dumb crap were you about to do? When my stupid idea sounded better?

You know, the dude who made people eat animal penises on TV, how does he feel about medicine? If you want my advice, don’t take my advice and audience member asked Joe Rogan. What makes him the most nervous, his answer, being a bad person for real, I try to do my best.

another audience member asked Rogan, if he’d be moving to rumble at some sort of social media platform that had done a publicity stunt earlier in the week, offering Rogan a hundred million dollar deal. Rogan said, no. Spotify is hung in with me. Inexplicably. Let’s see what happens.

Rapper. T-Pain caught up with TMZ. He talked about and show Rogan. He said, cancel culture only works. If there’s action taken.

He dressed Spotify and said they need to get their money back. They spent a hundred million dollars on that. Man, sucks to say, man, but that’s just what it is, dude. They don’t give an F, he said, if Spotify sensors Rogan, then they’ll need to take action against more material on the platform. He continued saying they just want, what’s making them uncomfortable now

and accused some musicians of releasing. When he called murder albums. They got to keep that same energy with everything.

Now I think Trevor, Noah nailed it. I shared this with you yesterday. channeling, , my inner Trevor Noah, basically. And this is every company there’s like.

In the scheme of things who you are, who said it, how much money can we make? What’s the loss. Can we keep taking bullets here?

Here’s an example. We’ll be Goldberg two weeks suspension. Somebody else on that show without Whoopi Goldberg stature probably fired. It happened. Joe Rogan number one, podcast or Spotify is going to take some bullets. But if at some point all the advertisers start pulling out. He’ll be gone. Bill O’Reilly was on TV for a long time until the advertisers pulled out.

So we’ll see what happens here. I saw a quick note, a group of protestors. I’m not sure how big a group is, but a group of protesters were outside a Jimmy car show in Dunstable Tuesday evening. They called for Jimmy Carter. Apologize for his controversial joke about the Holocaust.

And did a long segment about that in yesterday’s podcast from the Dayton daily news,

Ober or homes can move forward with a new development in yellow Springs, but without an affordable housing component initially promised to the village after the council voted against the village zone plan on Monday. Johnny Mac, why the real estate segment? Well, multiple yellow Springs villagers, including Dave Chappelle got involved against the project.

Chevelle even threatened to pull his business interests from the village, which include a plan for a restaurant called firehouse eatery and a comedy club called live from Y. Chappelle repeated his thread again on Monday nights as the Dayton daily news Chappelle quoted as saying, I am not bluffing. I’ll take it all off the table.

A tweet from at Alex, Blagg a good jokes as a comedian’s job is to subtly neg, mark Marin in such a way that he holds onto a growing resentment for upwards of 10 years, until he confronted you about it on his podcast, after which the two of you are ultimately good. I think that’s a Dane cook reference there, but I enjoyed that a lot.

Hey, you know, who else dug up for Joe Rogan? Prince Harry? Well, that didn’t go over so well in the UK, . Only 41% of the people polled view the duke of Sussex positively compared to 54% who viewed him negatively fall, this gossip about the Royal family fascinates. You, you should listen to the podcast, palace intrigue. I’m the writer on that five minutes a day and an actual five minutes, not like this five minute show that had was 23 minutes yesterday. We gave that one site.

There’s always Harry and Megan stuff. Kate Middleton, always being fabulous. The queen was awesome over the weekend. Palace intrigue, wherever you get your podcasts.

I was not aware of a huge anniversary yesterday, but I’m glad the Hollywood reporter caught this on February 9th, 1997. Check your calendars. 25 years ago, yesterday, an episode of the Simpsons premiered that would mock industry executives meddling in the creative process. It was the itchy and scratchy and Poochie show.

Remember that? Probably my favorite episode of the Simpsons ever, if you are ever near me and you say the word lemonade, I immediately go lemonade. Please. And my family hates when I do it, but I do it 100% of the time. Do not say lemonade near me, lemonade, please.

Hi this is simulated voice Johnny Mack, I realized later when editing that the Lemonade episode is not the same, as the Poochy episode, We now return you, to human form Johnny Mack, already in progress,

The itchy and scratchy and Pucci show episode 14 of season eight would go on to be considered by the Simpsons crew, fans and media among the best chapters of the Fox cartoon staple.

I agree. Hollywood reporter I’d have to take some time and make my own list and like a lot. I really am not that familiar with the last a gazillion years. I stayed with the Simpsons a lot longer than a lot of people, but when the NFL games at four 30 on Fox started going longer and longer, my DVR wouldn’t actually catch the Simpsons.

It would catch like 18 minutes of the post game show and then 12 minutes of the Simpsons. And I got out of the habit. I understand they’re all on Disney plus, I understand that my YouTube TV DVR has been capturing them all. I could sit home for a year and just watch the Simpsons haven’t gotten around to it, but the itchy and scratchy and Poochie show that is great.

If you are not familiar with it, the meta episode writes the hollered reporter revolves around waning interest in the long running itchy and scratchy show and a knee-jerk reaction to recover from the ratings dip Krusty, the clown demands the classic segment. Be retooled bumbling studio executives order the addition of an edgy dog to reinvigorate the cat and mouse duo enter poochy.

But like what happens in real life, Pucci is low by fans and then is unceremoniously killed off. If you’re over a certain age, this spoke to us, it was things like, remember when they added cousin Oliver to the Brady bunch, what do you do? It don’t do that.

Or like ABC would do this with the Saturday morning cartoons. It would start out as Tom and Jerry, then it would be Tom and Jerry grape ape. Then it was Tom and Jerry Gray bait, Motley stop adding things.

To drive the point home about nonsensical series alterations and further poke fun at Fox executives. The Simpson family has a hip teenage house guest named Roy drop in for the.

Josh Weinstein is a former Kosho runner of the Simpsons and said, one of the origins was that Fox was not allowed to interfere with the show, but as a courtesy bill Oakley, and I would meet with them at one point, someone suggested we add another family member to the show, a teenager, Hank Azaria said I began working on the Simpsons when I was 23.

Is that math right? I guess how old is sank? His area?

Typing in Hank Azaria and true. Hank Azaria is 57. Sims has been, yeah. That checks out. Wow. I was 23 when I started working on the Simpsons and by season eight, I had certainly experienced in the industry. You get a character forced on you, a storyline forced on you or a joke, forced or cut. And I found that kind of meddling a drag and annoying.

Why are you laughing Johnny Mac? Oh, I might’ve worked at a large company that you’ve heard of that. I sometimes mention, I don’t want to say which one that had a middling. Kind of found that meddling a dragon annoying. So it was a real catharsis released to do this episode. Amen. Hank Azaria lemonade, please.

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We got to start moving some t-shirts. I got to sell 30 of these things. You’re not going to print any of them in a, none of us will have t-shirts. That will be your fault. The Hollywood reporter saw this new Jenny sleek Charlie day movie, it’s called. I want you back. And they said the film is. Amy going to be a heartwarming romantic comedy, the kind best enjoyed I’m a chilly evening wrapped in the warmth of blankets and the laughter of friends getting ready for the super bowl.

Talk all about the super bowl tomorrow. Well, tonight on your television Mac packer, Keegan, Michael Key hosts, the NFL honors that’s on ABC at nine Eastern simulcast on ESPN and the NFL networks. He knows it’s a big deal.

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Hey pod squad it’s Lanesborough. As again, you know, more than once Johnny Mack has talked about all the interruptions and challenges he faces while he’s toiling away recording podcasts in the basement. If it’s not as wife doing the laundry, then his dog is urinating on the floor. And frankly, it sounds like a real madhouse over there, but I regard myself as a problem solver.

So I was doing some brainstorming over this, just trying to ponder some solutions. Just thinking out loud here. I thought maybe if there were some way to reconfigure the household chore assignments, just somehow switch those up a bit. Maybe that could settle things. I know it sounds kind of radical again, I’m just spit balling.

We’re in blue sky territory here. There’s no wrong answers, but maybe if Johnny Mac did more laundry and dog walking just as an experiment, then Mrs. She could try her hand at guest hosting. And who knows maybe the whole thing runs smoother. Thank you lane for going to pot inbox.com/daily comedy news.

Well, as for the laundry, my wife and I agreed it’s best if she does it apparently. I get blamed for shrinking things, mixing colors and stuff, coming out pink, but especially shrinking things. I either get accused of not running the dryer long enough. And everything’s wet. I don’t say anything about my socks being wet half the time.

I don’t say anything. I just wear their socks or I get solid. I dried things too long and everything has shrunk and that’s my fault. So it’s just best if I don’t do the laundry the best time to do the laundry of course, is on Tuesday. When someone is recording a podcast, the basement that’s when you should do the.

As for the dogs, they’re just annoying. They clearly, there’s two of them and they clearly know how to communicate. Hey, I’d like to go out. What do they do? They walk up to you with fast tail and a certain look, we communicate just fine. I know what they want. I don’t want to go out and they start walking to the door, I follow them door.

I can let them out in the backyard. We can go for walks, but then there are times when they just choose not to do that. And I come downstairs and there’s a complete disaster down here. And I just want to record a podcast, especially when no one’s doing laundry. So I dunno lane, unlike your suggestions, but I don’t think they’re actually going to work.

And that’s your comedy news for today? He looks at the clock and sees another 20 minute episode. I thought that he was going to be a shit. Yikes. Hope you’re enjoying these actually, or the numbers are way up on the downloads. Thank you all for listening, you can follow the podcast. If you’re new on apple podcasts, Google Spotify.

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