What would an Office reboot look like? Is Mythic Quest just a grift?

What is the deal with Season 2 of Mythic Quest (yes I am late on this.) – why Is Rob not even in some episodes? Why are some episodes not even trying to be funny? Does anyone care about the game testers?

What might an Office reboot look like? Greg Daniels has some ideas – but it might be more Parks and Rec than Dunder Mifflin.

The Friends Experience is in DC until June 5

What to see at JFL Vancouver tonight (Jimmy O. Yang!)

The Guardian has thoughts about Netflix’s The Hall (of Fame for comedians)

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, Greg Daniels, creator of the American version of the office, spoke with Collider about what he thinks a reboot of the office could be. His idea involves new characters set in the same universe of the original show. He explains, I can’t tell whether fans would want more of it.

And when I say. I don’t think it would be the same characters. I think it’d be sort of like an extension of the universe. You know what I mean? Like the way the Mandalorian is an extension of star wars, but I don’t know if that would be something people would want or not. It’s hard to tell.

Originally that’s what parks and rec was going to be. That was going to be a SQL to the office. A bad copy machine from Dunder Mifflin would have been sent to the local government office in Pawnee, Indiana. However, that idea changed in favor of making the Amy Poehler led series a spiritual SQL instead.

So I’m just trying to picture what this would be. We’re at a Scranton post office and it’s different, funny people at a workplace then did we get weird things like this? Kevin come in and get his mail. I just think the whole thing would be weird.

I think they just have to let that series B, especially as more time goes on a couple of years ago when peacock and all that was starting, I could have envisioned a version where it was the office with Dwight as the boss and kind of how we saw many of the characters at the end of season nine and maybe some new faces.

There’s really no good way to have Pam on the show because Krasinski is just not going to do it. So to have Pam without Jim gets a little weird and, you know, she just touched talking about what Jim’s doing at home that could have got a little funky. So that’s probably just best to just leave the office alone.

If you’re in Washington, DC, you can go see the friends experience at till June. Uh,

a downtown Washington retail space has been converted into a full version of central perk. The coffee shop from friends.

Standard tickets are more than $40. Chani Smith thought it was worth. It says the Washington post Smith lives in Israel and was in town for her niece’s graduation on the plane. She watched the friends reunion from 2021 and then was lured to the experience by an ad she saw in union station.

The experience is not a museum though signed scripts and other ephemeris show up in the forensic experience. Fans want the opportunity to walk inside those worlds.

Kelsey Miller who lives in New York city and wrote the book. I’ll be there for you. The one about friends suggest that friends is not aged all that well, things like homophobia, body shaming, and lack of diversity.

The Washington post writes such immersion was not always an option. Many shows of yesteryear do not envelop viewers in an alternate universe. There’s no mash experience. There’s no car 54. Where are you experienced? I double dare someone to create the car. 54. Where are you experienced? How old do you have to be to have actually seen that show?

Now the mash experience for a while the set was up in California. So you could kind of, sort of, is it mash sort of.

Moving on vulture spoke to the kids in the hall. They were on the good one podcast. I’ve added that to my listening queue and probably listening to it right now while you’re listening to me, that’s weird. You’re listening to me and I’m not listening to. Anyway,

the vulture good. One podcast said, Hey, kids in the hall, what’s amazing is 30 years of comedy later. It’s still noticeable. How differently you all play women in sketches with much more integrity. You play female characters compared to comedy and last decade or so Scott Thompson said, I guess Mark McKinney said, we’re still playing women with a certain sort of three-dimensional.

How do you all do it? Kevin McDonald said, I just put a wig on and I become my mother though. It’s not like my mother at all. She didn’t have like a fake British accent like I do, but spiritually, it feels like her

Walter asked how this reunion happened. Bruce McCullough said we never talked about it. We just did it. And then we went down a little bit with pandemic and that gave us some time to kind of refresh the material and write some new stuff. And I think it turned out for the best.

Then the vulture article.

DM now, I don’t think there’s a DM in the kids in the hall. There’s a DF day fully. So I’m not sure who to attribute this quote to. Well, let’s just pretend day fully may have said this. And I think we just all came to the conclusion individually that yeah, we want the show to feel like the old show we want, the same kind of bumpers and the same shadowy men music.

And that sensibility. That is one thing I really liked about that.

So here’s today’s question. My son and I caught up on season two of mythic quest, mythic quest created by Rob McEleney Charlie day. And Megan Ganz. You know them from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Rob McEleney plays. I in grim, the owner and creative director of a successful video game studio.

Now here’s the thing is this show a grift. Cause based on what I just told you, aren’t you like, oh wow. Mack and Charlie and the creative force from it’s always sunny, have a new show. Isn’t that exciting? Yes, it is. But Charlie’s not in it. And you’re still like, okay, but Rob’s in it, right? Yes. Rob is in it except in season two, which was nine episodes.

I’m positive. Rob’s not even in two of the episodes. And I think he’s not in three of the episodes. And even the episodes he’s in, he’s not really in, so it was this just a bait and switch. Like we’re watching it. There were two full episodes that weren’t even funny. And like, I’m okay with drama he’s but we were like sitting on the couch, like, what is this mythic quest?

I don’t get it. We struggled through the whole season. Season one was okay with season two, like guys, like seriously, is this some sort of con job? Like, I don’t know what’s going on.

This is a show that has Denny booty in it, criminally under you.

David Hornsby. You know him as cricket from always sunny. He crushes in this thing, but get the ball back to David Hornsby used Annie Poodie where’s Rob, what is going on with this show? There was a couple episodes about this relationship on the show and we’re sitting there like we don’t care then in one of the episodes.

A member of that couple from the relationship I don’t care is in a car with Rob’s character. And Rob goes, do you think we care at all about your relationship? And I’m like, oh, maybe they like really did a long con here. And they were setting up to get me really frustrated so I could get this laugh here.

And maybe now they’re going to drop that relation. No, they didn’t drop the relationship. They kept going with. It sees the two of mythic quest, awful.

time? Once again to play my favorite game? What if we were at the Vancouver comedy festival? What would we go see? It’s the last day of the festival. Here are your choices. Do you have a pen? Take some notes. All right. Seven o’clock Jimmy O yang.

We already know I’m going to pick that Gavin mats also at seven Sunday night. Stand up.

Mario Lopez, Celeste, Nampa Bobby Warner and Malique LaSalle, Michelle Nandy, Gina Harris, Dylan Williams, headliner Ryan Williams. I feel like we saw a bunch of those people early in the week. Didn’t we? Seven o’clock comedy pants,

join Alistair Ogden, his favorite comedians, and a pair of real pink pants for an intimate and hilarious evening of standup and sketch.

over the 80 minute runtime of each show. Comedy pants seeks to build inclusivity and community through big laughs and a shared love of hilarious leg. Where that sounds like a good time. Nine o’clock Jimmy O yang nine 30 Gavin mats again, nine 30 Sunday night. Stand up comedy again. All right, this is.

Let’s do comedy pants at seven, and then we’ll hit Jimmy O yang at nine 30. Awesome.

The guardian chimed in on Netflix is the hall. That’s the new comedy hall of fame that Netflix is part of. They asked the question, how should we celebrate Greek comedians?

the question remains. Can you have a reverent show about irreverence? There’s something sanctimonious about the atmosphere in the hall, the Netflix special that doesn’t quite square with all these peons taking the piss.

, there’s the odd unintentionally funny moments too. When the captions Blair, congratulations, Robin Williams. Congratulations. George Carlin for this would be prestigious Postuma’s accolade. Is that a thing? Can you congratulate dead people?

Peak rivers are prior. Wouldn’t get through a minute of this without puncturing the piety and his blunt manner as Paul.

Based on its first edition. The hall is a better platform for the inductees than those doing the inducting. Its live element is still reaching for the right tone of. Whereas the acts being celebrated were, and in posterity always will be fully. And sometimes thrillingly in command of there’s the, I mentioned during the week, I actually skipped through John Stewart’s part because I was bored and I liked George Carlin.

You might’ve noticed that lately. And I liked John’s. Even Chappelle was kind of like, eh, all right, that’s your county news for today, you can follow this show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, you’re going to become a premium subscriber on apple podcast for $5 a month. That helps support the show or go to buy me a coffee.com/daily.

Common news can even hear that that’s an empty cup of coffee. See you tomorrow.

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