Why are Joe Rogan fans mad at The Simpsons?

Joe Rogan fans are upset that Homer went on Right Wing Podcast Host Character’s podcast.

Johnny Mac told you to get on a plane to Australia and man you probably shouldn’t have done that. A preview of the Canberra Comedy Festival.

It would have been easier to hit Gilda’s Laughfest in Michigan.

Amy Schumer doesn’t want to host the Daily Show which is good because it’s NOT COOL TO WANT SOMEONE ELSE’S JOB ANDY COHEN

Trevor Noah, who wants Trevor Noah’s job hosting The Daily Show, will resume having a live audience.

Starbucks wants to get rid of…..cups?

Gabriel Iglesias sold out Dodger Stadium although it’s unclear what that means.

Quite shockingly, no. Pete Davidson news today at all. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Did you see Tom Brady on retired yet? But you didn’t. Even, the wife mentioned it at breakfast this morning. Steve would go. Bayer said Tom Brady got one taste of what it’s like to help kids with math homework and decided to return to being tackled by the largest men in the world.

Trevor Noah joked, that Brady had been going to Superbowl for so long. His first halftime show was a bunch of Gregorian monks chanting, Trevor. I love it so much because he’s the most loved and the most hated athlete in the game. I love this guy. He’s the main character. What’s the NFL without Tom Brady.

Huh? Him leaving the NFL is like when Charlie sheen left two and a half men. Yeah, there was still two and a half men, but which men? Not men we cared about. Kim. Well, Tom Brady’s like your friend who announced that she’s quitting Instagram and then post something three hours later fell and that’s right.

Tom Brady is back. And once again, he made history as the first person to ever moved to Florida and unread sire Brady’s retirement lasted 40 days. In other words, he pretty much gave up football for lent. Yeah. He was only retired for six weeks. His kids were like, is it something we said, Stephen Colbert.

Of course, my dear friend, Tom, Brady’s not just returning for the love of the game. He’s also said to make $25 million next season, which is coincidentally, what you’d have to pay me to go to Tampa.

And remember the whole big thing. It’s the all new daily show. Trevor’s doing it from the house and he like dresses down and he let his hair grow out and all that. Well, going back to the old set, Trevor Noah’s show the daily show it’s called. You’ve heard of it. It’s moving back to its old home at 7 33 11th avenue.

It will be in front of a live studio audience for the first time in two years.

The daily show will be on a brief hiatus. March 18th, Trevor Noah is hosting the Grammy awards on CBS on April 3rd,

which I’m going to get into this on the weekend. Trevor knows a good host for an award show. You know, it’s a weird choice for an award show. Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer’s hosting the Oscars. For some reason, I’ll do a quick version of what I’m going to do Sunday.

Then I woke up thinking about this. When I think about Amy, I think downbeat, cynical raunchy is that who you want host in the Oscars. It’s such a weird move from people.

Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason was asked if any day she would want to host her own talk show.

Andy Cohen asked Amy if she’d want to take over the daily show or anything, you know, Trevor, Noah kinda has that gig. Not saying anything. Amy, would you like to take over Andy Cohen’s show? Sure. Just say yes. So we can get him fired. What is that? Andy Cohen? The daily show has a host. Amy said probably not the daily show, just too depressing.

You know, it’s not getting better if you’re noticing, but I would. Yeah. Now what’s not getting better the world where the daily show. I think she meant the world, but that quote didn’t read. Well, I’ll do it again. Probably not the daily show, just too depressing. You know, it’s not getting better if you noticing, but I would.


She made sure to explain whatever job she takes next. She wants to be able to spend time with her son, Jean, who is two and a half. The more you get to know your child, I want to be around the years. He can remember. . So I hope that I have something where I can pick them up from school and drop them off.

You know, I’m looking for that.

Cohen said, I’m not sure it’s sock show is going to be the thing that works within that scale. Amy said, I don’t know. What are those hours? Like, what can I do? [9:00] AM to [1:00] PM. What’s my job. Lunch lady.

Amy said, the second I knew I might host the Oscars. For some reason, I started working on my monologue. My favorite thing is to work on a set, you know, like I used to do those roasts and whatever. So writing jokes and asking my friends who were comics to help with jokes, it’s been so fun working on it, working on it as the best part.

But yeah, I mean, I’m going to be me. All right.

Amy Schumer fan. Chris rock is touring the UK. Listen to me. If you’re in the UK, don’t miss this.

Chris rock in person is awesome. It’s the ego death world tour 2022. He’s going to Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and the Royal Albert Hall. Well, we’ll find out how many holes it takes to fill it.

Chris rock hasn’t played the UK since 2018, May 12th, Royal Albert Hall, May 13th, Birmingham May 14th, Leeds May 15th Manchester it looks like Chris wants to do a four day weekend and get the hell home.

The Joe Rogan people are all upset. Again, the Simpsons took a shot at Joe Rogan. Oh my. Seasoned 33 episode 14 sidled you won’t believe what this episode is about. Act three will shock you great title in the episode, you won’t believe what this episode is about. Act through Homer Simpson is canceled for an unwitting mistake and becomes a social pariah.

The synopsis says a series of unfortunate events make it look like Homer intentionally shut SANAS little helper. That’s the dog in the car on a hot day, then got worse when he accidentally knocks. Reverend love, joy out the church window videos of the incident go viral online

and the world turns on Homer. Only for a mysterious man named Theo to approach him with a radical offered or pair Homer’s reputation. You’re waiting for the Joe Rogan part. Right? Well, Homer goes on a show hosted by right wing podcast, host character.

So let me describe right-wing host podcast, character. You, the man is a little on the short side, um, looks to be physically fit, looks like he has the body type that if he let himself go and ate a lot of donuts, the way Homer Simpson, and I do that, he would be a stocky man, but this man is clearly in shape.

He has a shaved head and a slight stubble and, you know, seems quite friendly. It seems like the kind of person who would be. Um,

so Homer goes on the show, hosted by right-wing podcast, host character when nobody else will give him the time of day or risk being associated with someone who has been canceled. People at screen rant, non happy. Screen ran said it’s a spoof that ended up backfiring. And the writers ended up portraying right-wing podcast, host characters, usual guests as presumably equally well-meaning harmless figures like Homer.

On the other hand, den of geek has phrased the episode as a marvelous sets higher on the wire generation and mass knee jerk reactions.

This is so funny. I’m looking at the still image. It is Homer at the door of a building labeled right-wing podcast house PRI as welcome and right-wing podcast host character of the man who is in shape, who if he let himself go, would look stocky like me is greeting him at the door.

It’s just a very funny, still.

Screen rant. Wondered why didn’t the Simpsons mentioned Joe Rogan by name. Hmm. Maybe the characters, not Joe Rogan. Right. Screen rent rights. The issue with the Simpsons not naming Rogan is an obvious one. If the show wanted to criticize a famous figure with as large an audience as Rogan, the satirical point would be sharper if they named the compensator himself rather than obliquely, referencing himself as generic right-wing podcast, or hold on as somebody who uses the phrase national donuts chain every day.

I’m telling you from a comedy standpoint, it’s much funnier to say national doughnuts chain or right-wing podcast, host character. Everyone knows what you mean. It’s funnier

given his huge platform and fame naming the host would have been more effective, particularly when it’s easy for Rogan to simply reject the label. Right-wing as he’s done before blonde blonde, blah.

Since Homer never did anything wrong in the first place. It seems obvious that he has nothing to apologize for. However, the Simpson season 33 episode saw himself prostrate himself to Springfield’s unfriendly unreasonable citizens. And this is portrayed as a good decision or a necessary step to his redemption.

When again, he did nothing wrong in the first place. Guys it’s the Simpsons. They wanted to write in a character. Who’s totally not Joe Rogan. And it’s just right-wing podcast hosts, character X.

And who’s getting good reviews as T hi, from page six, Tai, you know, the rubber took the stage at the laugh factory. Saturday night. His surprise set was quote, pretty good. According to one quote shot show biz insider. But the material won’t be seen outside the club since the security team made sure fans were not recording his routine.

Oh, that’s a challenge. Someone is going to record it now. Shocked showbiz, insider it’s old page six. See, I just did that. I could have just read the article, which said the. But that’s why you do that. It’s funnier, shocked. Showbiz insider told page six, Tim did a surprise set.

He was actually pretty good. They sent out a security force to vent people from recording.

Shocked showbiz insider said tie’s material included jokes about his kids and his wife. People were shocked, says shots insider. When I hit the stage, they were like, WTF question mark. The audience had a look around twice to see if it was really him.

That’s fun. A student I think was at Penn state’s Mikey day. Show this from onward state. At the show at Penn state Mikey day, apparently poked fun at a handful of topics. Could you be more specific? Sure. Including texts with is technologically inept father. It’s a little hacky, right? He doesn’t ever want to do that.

And he also voiced it multiple different characters ranging from a Nickelodeon show people in east halls. That’s apparently a, a dorm where you might live biology and engineering majors and 50 year olds at bars. Hey.

Mikey day later, brought a student on stage and asked her about Penn state’s party scene. She said, she’s in the Penn state. Thespian society day said, nerd alert. Now I’m kidding. I was too including adding. He was a classic theater kid. Sounds to me from the recap and I wasn’t there that he winged a lot of the show, but it may have been funny.

Anyway, gave a Glazier Russ.

He has sold out Dodger stadium.

You’ll be doing a concert. There May 7th

as part of the Netflix comedy festival. It is believed it will be filmed for a special.

Dodger stadium can hold 70,000 baseball fans, but the number of seats available for the show will likely be significantly less than that. That line says it’s still quite a feat. Kevin Hart is playing the place where the Lakers play arena as part of the Fest that holds 20,000 Dave.

Chappelle’s doing four nights at the Hollywood bowl, which has seats 17,500.

Ticket master who, by the way, , John Oliver did a wonderful take-down of if he missed a Sundays last week tonight, check that out., ticket, says there are plenty of tickets left for each of Chappelle shows. That’s interesting.

Meghan Markle and prince Harry were lampooned by BAFTA host, a rebel Wilson at the BAFTAs on Sunday night. Rebel Wilson, joked from drama at heart, a fantasy Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah had at all. Unfortunately, that’s not nominated in this category, but some credible films are love that joke.

And I love making fun of, especially Harry,

the rodeo people were coming at me the other day. I wasn’t making fun of rodeos. I was making fun of prince Harry being at a rodeo. Why would prince Harry be at a rodeo in Texas? He lives in California. Nobody’s worried about a security. That was my point. I love you rodeo people just messing. Anyway, if you like goofing on Harry, or you just want to know what the queen is up to her Kate Middleton, she’s just so wonderful.

I’m the writer on a podcast called palace intrigue five minutes a day, an actual five minutes, not like this five minute show that turned into a 20 minute show that one’s actually five minutes. We talk Royal family. It’s called palace intrigue. Wherever you get your shows. If you like what I do here, you can buy me a car.

And buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news, or a couple bucks at the tip jar. Talk about that in a second. This next thing has nothing to do with comedy. So if you want to skip ahead about a minute, go ahead. But it is about coffee. Starbucks is saying by 20, 25, want every customer to either use their own mug or borrow a ceramic or reasonable to go mug from their local store.

They’re considering a borrow a cup program in which customers pay a deposit for a durable cup that they take with them and drop back after use. But say me, say, I want to go there every morning as part of my morning routine, when I need tea cups. Am I going to platoon? Is there like a whole thing of like a wall of cups and then like, Hey, make sure you get John M’s cup.

I don’t know about this plan at all.

They did it. Test customers paid a $1 deposit and had to return their cup to a smart band located on the store to get their dollar back customers also earn rewards for using the cup, an employee of Starbucks said, right? The excitement and engagement was really high among my customers and my employees for baristas.

The process was straightforward enough. They just use the reusable cup instead of a regular one to prepare drinks. I get the whole, I walk in and I go, Hey, use this cup. But what about those of us who like to order in advance and then walk in, grab it and leave. That’s me. I got a comedy podcast recorded.

All right enough about that. You can go to buy me a coffee.com/daily coming. It is now. It is Wednesday on Wednesday. I go to trivia nights with my friend Glenn. If you’d like to buy Glenn a beer, you can buy him either five sevenths of a beer by donating $5 at buy me coffee.com/daily, coming to news. Or there’s a new option to buy Glenn, a full beer and click on that one and donate $7.

Buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. Speaking of trivia and trivia guys, I know you listened to the podcast and I appreciate you

listen to this variant. The capital city showcase is bringing back the comedy karaoke trivia Funtime show. It’ll be back Saturday, March 26th. Here’s how. First round three rounds of trivia. All right. Second round world-class standup comedy performance. All right, so we’d play trivia. Then a comedian gets up third, the top three teams in the trivia.

Standings send up one player each for a karaoke battle and the audience determines the winner. So there’s trivia, a comic gets up then there’s karaoke. Hey, Glenn, I got news for you. Who’s singing that one and it ain’t me. I might have to reach out to the trivia guys. Maybe we’ll team up with the brewery and we’ll do this.

Huh? Let’s see. Who’s at south by Southwest tonight.

Starting to wind down just the one shell four o’clock improv for humans.

It’s a solid podcast. Matt. Basser Daniel Schneider. That’s it.

Maybe you should hop on a plane Australia. It’s open for business. The Canberra comedy festival starts tonight. Although. I don’t publish this till Wednesday morning and they’re 18 hours ahead. You already missed night one. Sorry. We can’t time travel Canberra takes place today through the 26th of March 10 days, her canberra.com suggested eight acts that can’t be missed.

Let’s take a look, nurse. Georgie. Carol will talk about her perspective. As a nursing went back to work on the frontline during the pandemic. She may have stepped away for comedy for a while, but her hour of unfiltered hospital banter will crack you up. All right. That one is tonight, I think, except for the whole time zone thing, you missed it.

I don’t know what to tell you. Get on a plane right now. Cause Thursday, you can catch this one. If you get moving, like right now, head straight to the airport, don’t listen to the rest of the podcast, download it and listen on the plane and then you’ll find out what you’re on your way to you’d be like, I, you know, I trust Johnny Mac.

I booked a flight to Canberra Australia, and apparently I’m going to go see Christy WebEx, silver linings tonight. See, aren’t you glad you’re listening to this on the plane now, you know what to expect?

What does Kirsty do? She spins silver linings into comedy gold. Aren’t you glad you spent $2,000 on that flight? Thanks Johnny Mac. All right, blow that show off. Go see Aaron chin. He’s making his mark in Australian comedy with his debut show entitled the infinite faces of chin. He was winner of best newcomer at the 2017 Melbourne international comedy festival and the Sydney comedy festival.

He hosts Aaron Chan tonight. All right. That sounds pretty good. Don’t know anything about them other than want to just tell you, but since you’re on the plane anyway, once you go see this one,

Thursday, Friday at the Playhouse, Lizzie who Lizzie spells her name, H O O Lizzie, whose show was called, who cares? Her first show in 2019 was called. Who am I get it? Yeah. Lizzie is known for discussing her Chinese Malaysian slash Irish, Australian mixed race, heritage, and her one of a kind father and Brisbane, ukulele personality Chan.

I’m in, I love that.

Also today. Aren’t you glad you’re on the plane? Nick Cody classic comedy classic spelled Classique with a QOE at the end, this red bearded D head his words, not ours D is for, you know, thing that D had is bringing premium classics from the last sold-out critically acclaimed chores. He’s been seen on Conan, maybe a knowum Saturday at the big band room.

It’s Chris Ryans. Can’t complain a journalist, a mom, and a woman with the uncanny ability to crack up audiences.

Chris Ryan is back to tell us how her special skills making life harder than it needs to be. These descriptions are really bad. Thursday and Friday, Stephen K AEMO’s. He is fantastic. I actually know who that is,

but again, terrible copy. When the world gives him lemons, he adds gin, Sonic ice, and a healthy dose of humor, Canberra comedy festival. You need a writer.

Back to the states. You know what, I’m sorry that you’re on a plane Australia. I did the stories out of sequence. I should have told you this one first, I could have saved you so much money in time, but Hey, you’re going to see Australia for those of you who didn’t catch the flight. Gilda’s laugh festival that kicks off tonight.

That was in Michigan. So you can make that one.

Some of the performers, the clean comedy showcase

that when features Leclerc Andre was featured last year, just for laughs comedy festivals, one of the new faces. That’s good. Jesse Campbell, Leanne Lord Heimer, Burley. And from when I used to run the clean comedy channel on Sirius XM. Wow. I haven’t heard that name in a while.

Dwayne Perkins has a Netflix special called Swain Perkins and take note, Gilda’s laugh fast, clean comedy showcased tonight through the 18th. Tick is $30.

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