Why Bert Kreischer wasn’t mad he was turned down for a gun

Dave Attell knows what his audience expects, and they know what to expect.  Nobody canceling no-one at an Attell show.

Bert Kreischer was turned down for a gun and was happy about it.

How David Koechner knew he’d made it.

A gay comedian performing for Orthodox audiences.

It’s Always PUNNY in Philadelphia.

The Shark Deck, Jenny Mack, we with your daily comedy news, Philadelphia Weekly. They’ve been crushing it with comedy articles lately. They caught up with David Tale. Dave said Anyone who is part of his show gets it. It’s cool to just let it all out and roll. There’s a lot of sex jokes and racial jokes that if you didn’t see the crowds laughing, you’d think they didn’t get our audiences.

Get us though. They want us to go there, and if they don’t, they’ll tell us immediately.

At a recent show, Atel joked about the glees and horrors of eating a Philadelphia cheesecake and his potential for having sex with local soft pretzels, to say nothing of his fondness for Philadelphia brand cream cheese.

. David tell then spoilers, riffed on the dementia driven memory loss of his mother, sex with people his own age. A pandemic filled with nothing but Game of Thrones and House of Dragon bloodshed hardcore porn, the wilding out of Boy Scouts and their scout masters, and cutting down his own appearance with racial and terroristic self references.

Philly Weekly says No race, gender, or sexual orientation was spared during a tell. Standup and no PC rules were observed. If AEL was concerned about any level of cancel culture, he didn’t seem to care. He knows that faithful audiences attend his standup comedy shows cause they know exactly what to expect.

Ill savagery Plus as a master crowd worker Master is an understatement. If you ever have the opportunity, see Dave ael in person, go see him. I remember seeing him at the Vegas Comedy Festival and I think he did nothing but crowdwork and crushed. As a master crowd worker, a tell, never let a heckle go by uncut or a nearby front row. Couple go without a scolding or scathing remark. A Tell. Tell Alibi Magazine. What I do is what I do, and I’ve been doing it for years. I’m an old school comic and I know that in today’s time there’s a lot of trigger words, but I just go for the joke

People put an importance on comedy and you see people tweeting about their outrage and for me, it’s not my scene. My audience can take a joke. What I would say about my honest is that they drink, they could take a joke and they tip big. They just wanna hear. They don’t wanna be preached to you.

They don’t want a life lesson. They just wanna have a good time. At the end of the day, I think most of them leave pretty happy, and that’s who I play to. I listen to the audience and if they’ve grown and moan, that means I need to fix the joke. And if they get up and walk out, then I usually know that joke needs a definite tune-up.

But there are definitely some people who are not used to live performance comedy. They watch it on YouTube. We’re big fans on Twitter. That’s a totally different experience. You’re kind of in a zone part of a group and present. For some people. It’s getting a lot harder now because of the technical world that we live in.

Great stuff from Atel and Philadelphia Weekly. The guardians spoke with Burt k Crasser. He’s sold the, the story about he originally got turned down for a gun because his paperwork didn’t check. Bert said, I started laughing hysterically because I thought, how great is it that our system actually works? I feel safer knowing that I can’t get a gun than the gun dealer looked at him seriously and said, oh, you’re getting your effing gun.

I didn’t feel so good about that anymore.

The Guardian writes, there’s a macho vulnerability to Burt Kreer that may explain why he’s connected so successfully with male audiences. Another possible reason is his friendship with Joe Rogan

Kreer won’t be drawn in on the Joe Rogan backlash. You get the sense that he’s all too aware of how popular Rogan is. Bert says I have to credit Joe with sharing me with his fans.

He adds that his appearances on Rogan’s podcast gave his own act a big pop

and Although Rogan’s audience is overwhelmingly male, Kreischer is keen to stress that his own audience is different. He says, my demographic is overweight. Dudes with beards who like smoking weed with wives that are a tad bit hotter than they deserve.

four 17 Mag asked David Kaner, Hey David Kaner, do you get something different from doing standup comedy than you do doing improv? Kaner said, I guess it’s just you, right? You get that experience of you and the audience of communion as opposed to your group of friends creating this thing together out of thin air.

It’s the same in that it’s live performance, which I do love and I do crave. I guess I don’t really intellectualize that in my head or dissect it. To me, it’s just a joy. I love doing it.

I’m privileged that anyone would come and see it, you know?

His advice for aspiring performers. This is an interesting answer. He said, read these books outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Then you buy the audio book by Stephen King called on Writing, whether you’re a writer or not. It’s talking about the artist process. Then the third one is The War of Art by Stephen Presfield.

Those are brilliant minds, and if you can’t get what you need from those books, there’s no advice I could give other than this. Get on stage. Be on stage. That’s it. If you’re not on. Then you’re not in it.

David Ner. Is there any one experience in your career that you remember thinking I. Kaner said, I’ll tell you the first thing I did. I went to visit Second City because I’d read a lot of books about Second City, and Bios were certain actors, and I realized a lot of people from SNL started at Second City.

So me and my buddy drove up to Chicago. I don’t even know if we had a place to stay. I’m talking about no planning. We’d go to Chicago and go to a show at Second City and I just loved it. Then I noticed when we were leaving, there was this big poster that advertised classes and I was like, oh, that’s how you get here.

I had no idea. People have to remember, this is pre-internet. I saved money to go back that summer to to do the concentrated course. So when you say, when did I know those two weeks? When I took that class, I remember thinking, yeah, this is for me.

from jta.org, Jewish comedian Modi Rosenfeld. A mainstay for orthodox audiences is gay. So what? Good headline there. Mordecai Rosen.

Insist that the recent variety article in which he reveals he’s married to a man is not a coming out piece. Rosenfeld goes by the nickname Modi, and said, this article is showing that I’m a veteran comedian and I’m married to a man. That’s, it doesn’t feel like a coming out piece to me because I’ve been out,

although until recently, his routine contained little whiff of his personal life. In fact, some of his jokes suggested to his fans, he had a wife named Stacy. Stacy from the bits is in fact his manager and husband Leo. Rosenfeld told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, even though some religious organizations bring me in and people are coming to see me, I understand I’m under the umbrella of a certain demographic that I need to respect and know the audience.

If you put me in front of an audience, I give them what they need and they don’t need gay material, they need the material for that audience. But when I’m on the road doing my material, I can do whatever I want. They came to see me.

The variety article focuses on Rosenfeld’s belief that it’s possible to merge his Orthodox and gay identities more publicly.

He is a sometimes cancer at the modern Orthodox synagogue he attends in the East Village, Modi. The prayers are done in an Orthodox way, and somehow gays have been attracted to come to this synagogue. We have a whole group of gay people and we have a whole group of trans people. Welcome.

The Rabbi’s thing is no one should ever feel bullied. No one should ever feel excluded, be you. Be a proud you and be you. I like that article A.

Gerard Mony pronouns. He him has a show called White Girl Wasted, screen. stir says hailing from Perth. Gerard possesses a manic style of observational comedy that has kept him in the comedy game for decade.

Gerard says, I called my show white girl wasted cuz I live the white girl wasted life drinking seltzers. The morning you wake up after having too many seltzers. One does not get a hangover. There’s nothing in them because I drink seltzers. My nickname at work is White Girl Wasted. And I thought, great.

Show title. I’m gonna use it.

My show is about an A D H D comedian doing a fringe show, so it’s not written around one theme, but a series of jokes put together to make the show. And from six abc.com, it’s always punny in Philadelphia.

That’s a new ongoing standup comedy competition, pitting the area’s best and worst puns and one-liners against each other.

Aaron Schwartz Baum is the producer, mc and host of, it’s Always Punny. He says The kind of crowd that’s into puns is narrower than other. But the people who are here are really into it. They know what they’re getting into. I hope it’s a bunch of really dedicated people,

and I’m really glad Helium made it all possible.

I wish I had prepared a pun for the lockout, but I did not. So I’ll just tell you follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you get your shows. See you tomorrow.

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