Why Bill Burr liked the Beastie Boys, why Taylor Swift and Chris Rock are in Amsterdam (ok that one is a movie)

Bill Burr thinks comedians need normal lives.

A movie called Amsterdam stars Chris Rock, Taylor Swift and Christian Bale.

H&M announced a Pete Davidson line of clothing, because who looks sharper than Pete Davidson, right?

And a look at tonight’s Netflix Comedy Festival lineup.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Did you see that former president Trump said that he was worried that protesters might throw fruits and vegetables. Adam, Seth Meyers said that’s just more proof that Trump only thinks in cartoons, it’s like the Homeland security threat level, reds, tomato yellows for banana Greta’s for avocado.

And you know what they say, if you get hit with an avocado. You’re toast. Well-played Trevor. No, I’ll say this is not wrong about being hit with a pineapple being dangerous. You know, I mean, it’s got spikes built in and the banana too might not seem dangerous, but remember if someone throws a banana, it comes right back at the, you know what I think is the worst route to get hit with a honeydew? Yeah, no, not because it’s hard. It’s because he can get some of it in your mouth and it’s disgusting. I hope it hits me in the head and kills me, so I don’t have to taste it.

More from the bill Burr piece in variety. Talked about this yesterday. If you missed yesterday’s episode and I’ve shared the entire article on the subreddit daily company news and the Facebook group daily comedy news podcast, bill Burr was talking about podcasting.

He said, podcasting blew up. All these business guys were coming and going. I created a network. You come in I’ll own your podcast. It’s what they do to artists. They can’t just take half. They have to take the whole effing thing. If you let them, I am Al magical. We’re like, they’re just building a website.

Why don’t we build a website?

That is the all things comedy site and Keisha.

Bill talked about being out in public, being out and being known as loud. I don’t do well with it. There are people who are electrifying and they should be out there. And I love watching them, but I loved how the piste boys and put out an album and do a tour and then disappear for a couple of years. And just as you’re thinking, Hey, what?

I know those guys, bam. They drop another album and blow your mind again. I also think for comedian, the more you can have a regular life, the more crowd can relate. My wife would laugh if I said this, but I’m kind of a quiet person.

Burmese fun of marriage in his comedy. And example of his joke, three out of four marriages go right down the drain. If you’re going skydiving, they told you three out of four parachutes, weren’t going to open, forget it.

But he lights up when he talks about his wife, we’re forgiving couple, we’ve both done dumb crap to each other, but at the end of the day, we know we’re not going anywhere.

From page six, Pete Davidson is the face of H and M’s new men’s wear campaign. Sure. Why not? Page six wrote the wonderful piece of copy. Say goodbye to big D word energy, because it’s all about the big, fresh energy these days. That’s right. Pete Davidson captures the fresh energy and men’s fashion such as freedom of expression and self-confidence and personal style.

Pete Davidson gave some quotes for the press release. Pete said, collaborating on this campaign was a great experience. We had a lot of fun creating the photos and content closer, comfortable, and feel great to wear, which is what I love about H and M. That sounds like Pete Davidson wrote that.

Doesn’t it sure does. The campaign are just meant to buy vintage, enjoy what’s already in their own closets. And of course, add in pieces that men are from H and M’s men’s wear range. A suit. No pun said pete encapsulates everything H and M loves about the new men’s wear mood with a self-confidence in play with personal style.

He’s so relatable, inspiring guys around the world to create the moment with their look themselves. So if you want to look like Pete Davidson and on over to H and M and get the Pete Davidson menswear line, I know you’re on your way.

Chris rock plus Taylor swift and the same project. That’s going to be good for podcast, episode title SEO. Isn’t it? Yes, it is.

They appear together in the trailer for something called Amsterdam in theaters, November 4th. Taylor swift appears at the end of the. She’s weeping over casket. She’s talking to Chris rock and Christian bale. Chris rock tells Christian bale. You have a dead white man on the box. Who do you think is going to get in trouble for that?

The black guy

Amsterdam is described as an original romantic crime, epic following three veterans who met in Belgium and have made a pack to protect each other, no matter what it takes place in the 1930s. Sure.

From the CW, the great American joke off his headings to the CW network. That’s right.

The joke off celebrates the world of gags wisecracks, and one liners. Each show blends the finest comedians from the UK and USA. And sets about testing their skills as they compete against a succession of quickfire rounds, designed to generate as many laughs as possible.

Not as many laughs as my inner 12 old laughing at joke off.

The great American joke off is being filmed in west London. No word yet on a lineup, a host where the precise format of the show. Is it possible CW that you announced this a little prematurely? Almost a premature joke off. If you know what I mean? You don’t know what the format is. Who’s on it or who’s hosting.

I don’t think this is ready yet.

Right. Let’s see you. Is that the Netflix comedy festival tonight? Now I taken down some notes. One of the shows, Larry David in conversation. That should be a good sign. The breast friends podcast with Nicole Byer. And so she has a motto is fun or Sineal alive.

That’s right. Arsenio is back to night, baby. Let me click on my little bookmark here today is Monday, May 2nd, seven 30, Larry David seven. O’clock Seth. Seven o’clock deck shepherd seven o’clock Michael Blackson seven o’clock Nicole Byer. So is a Mata eight o’clock comedy store podcast, nine 30 comics of Cobra, Kai eight o’clock Wayne Brady eight o’clock mark Marin seven.

O’clock Sam. Nine 30 just added Natalie Palla is remember the other day. I was like, oh, we really should go see Natalie. See, we didn’t know about the second show. Cause it was just added. All right. I like playing now. If we were there, what would we do? I think a would go at three o’clock in the afternoon.

We’d go see our scenario. Right? What else are we doing at three? We can grab some dinner, maybe a drink, seven o’clock. We’re going to make a tough choice.

So I would go see made in UK. I’ve been to more than my share of comedy festivals. And my whole thing is like, yeah, Larry, David, it’s cool. But you kind of know what it’s going to be. Right. Uh, Sam Murrell, hilarious, but you can see him. He’ll be. Maiden UK tonight features Kevin Orkin, Ian Edwards, London Hughes, magilligan Kojo, a neem and Jamali Maddix.

When are you going to see them? That’s at the laugh factory at seven 30. That’d be my vote for the early show. I’ve talked about this many times and when we all meet up in Montreal in July, are you coming? I’m going seriously. We got to meet up. We’ll have a couple of drinks. I’d rather see shows like that than some of the headliners.

So I would go see maiden UK at seven 30 and then we got to pick a late show, uh, Wayne Brady’s and eights not going to make it to Marin. Cause that’s an eight’s theoretically. We saw Natalie Palamida as the other night. Otherwise that’s the choice.

So I don’t know, want to go see comics of Cobra, Kai, hosted by terror. Feature is Brett Earnston Danna dude’s laugh. Factory nine 30. Share why not? Little bit of quiet night here at the Netflix festival.

The only times caught up with

at Sukkot Yokosuka,

She says it took me a while to realize what my comedic voice is. But once I did, I was able to create a unique perspective when I do stand up. Cause I’m coming from a very childlike view of the world.

Partly thanks to my grandma because she didn’t want me to grow up too fast. My grandma is not naturally funny. She was a caretaker wasn’t until I started to comedy and found my calling that she started to relax. Then I was like, do you want to join me in my dance videos? Suddenly she was able to tap into her childlike self and started having fun for the first time in her life.

They of course asked her about cancel culture. She said comedy is a two-way street without the audience, the standup comedian doesn’t have a job without the standup comedian. The audience doesn’t have a comedy show to watch. Hmm. Perfect. If the audience wasn’t quiet, then maybe rethink what you said. It’s not the, you can’t say certain things anymore.

It’s more like, are you doing standup comedy or not? The world constantly changes. If you’re doing a standup set from 15 years ago, people are going to be able to sell,

At Sukkot seven o’clock at the lesion theater. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify over Casper. If you get your shows, you can buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. To support the show or go to apple podcast, become a premium subscriber.

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