Why Bill Burr shaved his head and stopped working clean

James Corden announced he will leave the Late Late Show in one year.

In a cover story for Variety, Bill Burr talks about why he stopped working clean, and how shaved his head made him a better comedian.

Chappelle was out with Diddy

Pete Davidson was in court with Kim Kardashian

Chris Rock and dinner with Jimmy Fallon and David Spade

It was Nikki Glaser day in St. Louis

Donnell Rawlings answers the same questions every comedian gets asked now (Slap, Cancel Culture)

A strange Kathy Griffin lawsuit.

And a look at the Netflix Comedy Festival lineup for tonight.

Johnny Mac with your daily company news. Well, James cordon, he must have a spy cam in my home office. He waited until the recorded Friday show and Saturday show. Then I went upstairs and the wife is like, did you see James cordon is leaving his show? Yeah. He dropped this bombshell Thursday as part of his monologue.

James Gordon said he had signed a one-year contract renewal and that’ll be it. He’s hosted the late, late show for seven and a half years. He says it has changed his life and it was never intended to be his final destination Gordon said in his monologue, this will be my last year hosting the show when I started this.

It was always going to be just that it was just going to be a journey and adventure. I never saw it as my final destination, you know, and I never want the show to overstay its welcome in any way. I was want to love making it. And I think at a year from now, that’d be a good time to move on and see what else might be out there.

We still have a year to go and we’re determined to make this the best year we’ve ever had making the show. We’re going to go out with a bang. They’re going to be carpools and crosswalks and sketches and other surprise.

I’ve never taken this job for granted ever not once. And the fact he watched us at home, or you watch us online wherever you are all over the world. The fact that we get to try and entertain you and spend time with you is an absolute privilege for me and every single person who makes this show here’s to the next 12 months.

And it’s going to be a blast. I promise you that now, as I prepped today’s episode on Friday, the day after the new. I was kind of surprised that the reaction was muted. This is a ready move to be like sidebar stories. This is not seismic as if, I dunno, say Jimmy Fallon, we’re leaving a Cole barrel even, or Kimmel we’re leaving.

Even if Seth Myers was leaving the other 1230 show, it just seems a little

understated. I guess people like that show used to do. Okay. In the ratings, carpool karaoke is that thing.

So now we’ll get a year of speculating who is going to take over the late, late show.

. I don’t have any personal theories yet. There’s no obvious error parents. So we’ll see what CBS winds up doing should be interesting.

Variety had a really, really big cover story with bill Burr. I have shared this on the subreddit daily company news and on the Facebook group page daily company news group.

Variety wrote that even a compliment can potentially rebuild Burr the wrong way. When I was younger, I would really feel uncomfortable around healthy people. If someone was really nice, I would be like, get away from me. If someone was an a-hole it’s like, oh, that seems familiar. For whatever reason. I don’t like being complimented.

I mean, I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t want to get complimented. I have a crushing needs to be liked what my peers think is huge to me.

Friday wrote the media had been making assumptions about bill Burr based on a standup for decades. Bill said you can’t take one incident or one quote and say, that’s who you are. It took me 50 years to figure out who I am and I’ve been with me for 50 F and years. How are you going to figure out who I am in a joke?

I thought I became a comedian because I love comedy and I like making people laugh, but I became a comedian because at the time I was 23, I was so walled off and left up that doing standup was the easiest way to go into a room full of strangers and make them like me. And no one would have hurt me. I was on stage with the mindset of a six-year-old from 23 to about 37

bill had a few jobs along the way, assisting at a dentist office. Can you imagine that construction that I can imagine warehouse work? Yeah. I could see that, but stand up felt right.

The Boston comedy scenes, aggressive fastball delivery style influenced his own. And two years after first hitting the stage, bill Burr moved to New York city back then bill Burr was working clean cause he was afraid of offending the crowd and worried about getting heckled. His biggest inspiration was Chris rock.

Chris rock is only four years older than Burr.

We’re focused on steering into my weaknesses. He says, if he was bombing in a particular standup skill, like reenacting a conversation, for instance, then he would force himself to do it failing over and over again until he could crush it. He recalls thinking, I don’t have to be Richard Pryor. I’m never going to be him, but each time I could be better than last.

And what you find is you actually have more in the tank than you think you do. If you push yourself, that’s why you should never judge somebody because you have no idea what they have. Not only that they don’t have any idea what they have. And so they really pushed themselves. I was going to the same cities and the same amount of people showing up.

And I was getting older. You start that. Wait, am I, the guy that doesn’t make it, which is stupid. Cause I already had made it. I just wasn’t selling a zillion tickets. I was headlining. I was paying my rent in New York by telling jokes. That’s about as good as it gets, but I was a younger man then I didn’t know that.

Also there were other things I wanted, like being married and having kids and it wasn’t in a place to make that happen. Variety rights. Depression became anger. Anger came out on stage Burr’s act was volatile and as suited him, that was probably the angriest I’ve been. And career struggle was the source of my anger and my comedy back. He realized he needed to make a change. First, he stopped working clean and decided I’m just going to talk about what I think is funny. The second transformation happened after a talent agent came to one of his shoes.

Burst said the agents go and he’s funny. It has got a weird look. I knew what that meant. He’s this red headed guy. What are we going to do with this guy? It’s an unwritten rule. The redheaded guy did not get the girl. My AqueSys odd combination of watching Ron Howard melting down.

So he decided to shave his head. There’s a pressure Hollywood likes hair. So you got to look this way or that way, that’s when I said, you know what F all this, if I’m going, going down swinging, and I might as well swing the way I want to. I buzzed my head and I looked like the a-hole that I was that’s when I became okay with me.

All of a sudden I started getting cooler opportunities. Great. Article more from that tomorrow. And again, it’s on the Facebook group page and the subreddit.

Good stuff on gossip corner today with some big names. Dave Chappelle spotted in west Hollywood out to dinner with Sean Diddy Combs. The daily mail says, did he looked fashion forward in an all black outfit wearing a black jumper and matching trousers with trainers. Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle sported, an eye-catching mustard, yellow jumper, which he paired with dark jeans and a sea Nicholas.

B Davidson spends a lot of time on gossip corner. He was in court. He was supporting Kim Kardashians. There’s some sort of trial against somebody named black China Kardashians stuff. I don’t know. Anyway, Pete was there

and from page six, Chris rock was spotted having a laugh, filled three-hour dinner with Jimmy Fallon and David spade. They were at the snazzy polo bar on Monday. Spies till page six, exclusively again, it wasn’t that somebody at the polo bar leaked this to page six, page six, as you know, has spies everywhere.

They have them at the comedy cellar. They have them at the polo bar. You never know when a comedian is going to walk in. So that’s why the New York post has spies everywhere. In case of this thing, it’s a good thing. Spies happened to be a polo bar Monday night when Chris rock walked in with Jimmy Fallon, David spade.

A witness says the stars were laughing it up. They were so nice taking picks with onlookers and they shout down. They were there for three hours. An insider says the pears shared a lot of laughs, but declined to get into what these specific conversations were about. A, another source says Jimmy Fennell’s laugh was contagious.

Other patrons were laughing just from his last. And then back to the spies page six says where it’s sold spayed performed at the comedy cellar. After the comedian’s dinner, a source says he walked onto thunderous applause and crushed it. Whew. That’s a good thing. No, Speiser everywhere. Hey, did you know, Thursday was Nikki Glaser day in St.

Louis mean either. But it was thanks to an official proclamation from the mayor’s office. Nikki Glaser said, it feels like my wedding day, but I’m not getting married. And there’s a lot of attention on me, which I normally love. And I’m trying to embrace it and own it. It feels like my birthday and I don’t know what I did to deserve this.

I’m very excited. Her new show it’s set in St. Louis, what a coincidence it premieres tonight on E nine. O’clock it’s called welcome home. Nicky Glenn.

Nikki said, I moved back to St. Louis in March of 2020. I grew up here, but I hadn’t lived here since I graduated high school. I was planning on going back to new Yorker LA when the pandemic kind of lifted, but I didn’t want to, I wanted to stay. I like it here.

And I plan on staying here as long as I possibly can. It’s just an honor that it gets to bring a show to St. Louis.

I thought you had to go elsewhere to make shows, but it turns out that’s not the case.

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Uh, I’m recording this on Friday, so I don’t have the final numbers yet, but April 20, 22. Will once again, be the biggest month for downloads for this show. So thank you all. Really appreciate it. The Netflix is a joke. Comedy festival continues. Let’s see, who’s playing tonight.

Got my little bookmark here.

So it’s just added at three o’clock and Anthony Jeselnik vinyl signing. That’s fun.

Seven o’clock the hall honoring the greats of stand-ups or they’re finally doing this thing. The greats of Stanhope are George Carlin. Richard Pryor Jr. Was Robin Williams.

That should be a good time at seven o’clock Seth Rogan’s table reads. I’ll tell you about that in a second. Aziz, Ansari and friends at nine 30 is sold out. You can’t go just added [5:00] PM. Sebastian mascot. He’ll do a second show at eight o’clock Nick Kroll at seven. Doug loves movies at four 20 well-played Donnell Rawlings going to tell you about him in a bit big Jay at nine 30, Sam moral has a late show.

All right. So I like to play the, what should we go see game?

Let’s see.

If we were there five o’clock, we should go see Sebastian Maniscalco, that slots nicely. So then we’ll be free around seven. I, if you could get into the hall, I think it have to do that. Especially if you host a daily comedy news podcast, if that wasn’t your thing, and you wanted to pick a seven o’clock show,

probably Sam Mora would be what I would pick.

And then for a late show at nine 30,

your choice between Aziz and big J I think I would pick big Jay. You can find all this on Netflix is a joke fest.com

from the LA times. Comedian Donnell Rawlings always keeps busy.

They must have interviewed him a few weeks ago. Cause they asked him about the slap and your career. Have you ever had anyone try to get physical with you during your set? You know, timeout comedian interviews right now? For two years, it was, Hey, how is the pandemic affecting your comedy? There’s also the, Hey, did you see Dave Chappelle special?

What do you think about kids will go to dinner and now it’s you got to ask every comedian about the slap. They must be so bored with that question. Donald Rowling said, yeah, most definitely. I’ve had instances where some hecklers got crazy. I felt that negative energy and thought it couldn’t get physical, which it almost did, but luckily there were good security and bouncers, but it was more than 20 years.

Early in my career before there was social media, I just let loose on them. Luckily, didn’t get physicals in the nineties. So early in my career, I had nothing to lose. I was just, again. Oh my goodness. The next question. Hey, what are your thoughts on cancel culture? Oh, tolerable. They said to me, cancel culture represents some people who may not be in line with your thoughts and opinions.

So they want to stop your cashflow canceled. Doesn’t care about any apologies. They really only care about the bottom line and that’s when they know they can control you. When you’re not mowing any networks or corporations, you have more freedom to express yourself the way you want to without worrying about censorship or the cancel culture, taking money out of your pocket.

Most comics who were successful against the cancer culture are the ones who empower themselves with a large fan base. And they can make enough money to earn a living, whether cancel culture, texts them or not. That is actually very well said.

Here’s another hack question. Hey, for standup comics, Danelle Rawlings should no topic be off limits for jokes. Danelle said, well, I’m leaving total freedom of speech with having freedom of speech. You got to still be responsible. If he words, Joe can be too soon, but it can never be too soon for a funny observation.

Just cause he can go out and curse for 45 minutes. Doesn’t mean you should. That is excellent advice. People would say what they want for sure. But at least have some class and some tactics and be sure you’re actually saying something real

Donnell Rawlings Hollywood improv tonight seven o’clock also at seven at the Orpheum Seth Rogan’s table reads the exact lineups are still a mystery.

What table reads are, is Seth Rogan and a group of well-known friends and comedians in real time read various scripts of their favorite movies or TV sitcoms.

We don’t know who’s showing up. We don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s tonight should be fun.

There’s a podcast called auth book, the improvised musical. I’m a fan of that one. That is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy musicals, which I do. You didn’t know that, that, you know, my kids enemies could theater and she got me. Off-book the improvised musical tonight. Seven o’clock forget lavishly crafted musicals that take years to put together comedians, Jessica McKenna and Zach Reno put a fresh one on every week on their improv podcast and they’re bringing it live to the bourbon room.

That’s a good time.

Back to news from news channel five, a former CEO of a healthcare company has filed suit in federal court against comedian, Kathy Griffin alleging she doxed him on Twitter and caused him to lose his job.

I’m trying to see if I understand this year from the article, the suit comes a result of the dude losing his job hours. After Kathy Griffin posted a tweet about his conduct towards a high school student, the viral video, which hit tick-tock C told us. Now, if the tick talks describe an interaction between the guy and the student who was wearing a red prom dress.

In the video, the students, all the dude, I choose what’s aware. So you can F off the dude responded by shrugging and smiling and telling the student you look like an idiot.

The man said in the lawsuit, he was meeting family for dinner at a hotel was first arrive in his group. He sat down with a man from California while he waited. He was interrupted by a group of teenagers, according to the. The suit states during the conversation, the two men were interrupted several times by loud yelling, cursing, and invasive noise in the lobby and restaurant area.

The vulgarities were emanating from a group of approximately 40 to 50 teenagers dressed for the prom entering the hotel lobby.

So from what I can gather here, the original tic-tac started to get popular online. The original Tik TOK is now deleted eight sweater account named 50 shades of Wei identifies itself as a freelance journalist posted the video on Twitter, which got 1.7 million views. Kathy Griffin picked up on the account and retweeted it, naming the dude and the guy’s wife.

Kathy got 5,800 retweets and 9,900 likes. She wrote, it seems like he’s dying to be online, famous.

Per the suit. The guy’s asking for a jury trial claiming Kathy Griffin owns him substantial compensatory damages and caused emotional distress because of Ms. Griffin’s conduct. The couple felt terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, and molest.

The cases in federal court frozen until the summer when a federal judge is waiting on arbitration before the case proceeds, huh? That’s your company news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcasts, overcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, you can buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news.

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