Why Bill Burr thinks the NBA is low-key rigged – plus is a Comedian Uprising about to happen?

Bill Burr has a theory that the NBA is “low-key rigged” to keep games close.

Why comedy clubs may be facing a comedian uprising

Jimmy Carr’s dad Jim Carr wants Liverpool to strip Jimmy of an award.

The Office…in Arabic

Seth Macfarlane on The Slap

More from that interview with the boss of Netflix comedy….and it reads kind of defensive.

Late nights, little light this week, but Jimmy Kimmel joked about Donald Trump going to the NRA convention where Trump talked about increasing school security, to which Kimmel said he wants it to be harder to enter a school than it is for Trump to enter. Malani. Um,

I’m mugging for the camera in the basement. I have a big grin. That was a good joke. Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah is back from a hiatus. Is it me? Or does Trevor Noah get like a lot of time off? Like a lot anyway.

He joked about monkeypox, which experts say is mainly spread via sexual contact Trevor. So at least now when you show up to the doctor with monkey box, the doctor can be like, my man.

Bill bird told Jimmy Kimmel that the NBA is low key rigged. A notion that I don’t disagree with Berger said, I also think the NBA is also low key rigged. Why is that surprise? Any NBA fan? I don’t know how many times you can watch a game. A team goes up by 20, then all of a sudden Ticketek foul. Ticketek foul.

All of a sudden they’re in the penalty. The rest job is to get down to about five or seven at halftime birth through, in a joke about ESPN analysts saying something like I’m really concerned about that team that used to be up 20 and is now only up five, trying to drum up excitement the second half birth and broke down your average NBA game by.

First half of the third quarter is for the players. Then the referees assess what they need to do to make it come down to the final two minutes. He watched the first quarter. They let seam splay second quarter belongs to the refs. Then you wash on the half of the third quarter on very interesting.

mike.com a big of thing as circulating in the industry under the headline. The comedy industry is flirting with an uprising. Comedians are upset about how much they’re being paid. Now. Poor Rick Bronson’s apparently a club in Phoenix. They get singled out in this.

mike.com writes Rick Bronson’s a 300 person venue pays $25 per cent for feature acts. So who were the feature acts? Those are the comics. You do 25 minutes right before the headliner. That’s the person you came to see feature acts, perform six shows or a four nights, so they can expect a paycheck of $150 at the end of a weekend before taxes.

After taxes that leaves comedians with less than a hundred dollars for four nights of now, sass, just the pay. Remember you’re on the road here. See food, lodging and transportation. You got to get to the club. I guess you got to eat at some point and you got to stay somewhere at road clubs, meaning clubs located, not in New York city or LA or Chicago clubs considered road clubs.

Or what about Austin now?

The pay for feature access, typically a hundred dollars a set max, a fee that has remained stagnant for four decades. According to several comedians who spoke with Mike Maria Bamford said from what I could sell feature X to get the same that I did 25 years ago, which could be anywhere from zero to at the most in a club, a hundred dollars a show.


Maria said I did some featuring, but not much for the first 10 years of Stanhope and made more sense emotionally. I didn’t do well at the clubs and financially I could earn more temping. Jackie cation said through the 90, his clubs would include a hotel with a feature spot.

Now, it’s not so common, which forces feature tracks after pony up for lodging to Jackie says it’s criminal. It affects the safety of the acts and the quality of the show. How are you supposed to do your best? If you’re sleeping in your car or on a couch in a living room for a weekend, Jackie’s a suggestion is have a place like 300 seat.

Rick brown. Increases the price just 69 cents per ticket. I don’t know why she went with 69 cents per ticket instead of a dollar other than 69 is a funny number of hilarious ha her math. If Bronson sells $150, a $25 a ticket raising the price to 25 69 chuckle chuckle would bring in 621 more dollars for the six show week.

And that’s well more than the feature comics entire paycheck. Now, even before expenses, that doesn’t sound unreasonable. I guess if I showed up at the club and they were like, it’s $26 to get in, I’d be like, what? Which 25 69 I’d be like, no, that’s hilarious for me. IO, Jimmy core’s father wants an award taken away from chimi.

Y in 2021, Jimmy Carr, Jr. I guess, released a book titled before and laughter in which he joked about his parents. He wrote I’m the son of two immigrants from Limerick who moved to slouch. They moved from an S town to another S town. I guess they knew what they liked

now by S town. He means crappy town. I’m keeping it clean. Jimmy Carr’s father, Jim. I was not pleased with the sons remark. Jim Carr sold the Limerick leader that the comedian had crossed the line. Yes, of all the lines. Jimmy Carr has walked up to dumping on Limerick. That is the line he crossed. Jim Carr found the comments to be so derogatory and offensive

that he has called on the mayor of Limerick, the Limerick city and county council to revoke an honor awarded to Jimmy Carr. In 2013, Jimmy Carr was given a certificate of Irish heritage award, which held the ascendance of previous generations of Irish citizens in an official way. They gave out that award from 2011 to 2015.

And then what did you run out of people? I’ll take one. I’m a virus.

Don’t cancel me Irish people. . I’m Irish American.

Following the comments in the book. Jim Carr branded his son a shot. Chuck he’s one sick comedian, literally, and metaphorically looks like it anyway. We’ve all that aside. I don’t want somebody writing about Limerick in a book. His defense will be their only words. I’m only having a laugh.

According to Jim Carr, Jimmy car’s actually incorrect. Jim Carr moved from Limerick to south Kensington, London with cars, mother.

Last year, Jimmy core revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his father for 21 years saying he’s dead to him. Jimmy Carter said, you know the line, my mother’s dead. My father’s dead to me, which sounds very cold until you meet the guy. Wow.

A new version of the office is coming out. It is the first Arabic language version of the office. PBC studio struck a deal with local producer broadcaster, M B. The show will be renamed Al Mahtab, which is a straight translation of the office. It will be set in a courier company. Boss, David Brent becomes

Malique outs.

This version will have 20 episodes. Local versions have been produced in France, Germany, Canada, Sheila, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Israel, India, Poland. And did you know there was an American version? Steve Carell played the Boston adverse.

The Orville is back on your television today. It is on Hulu season three of the Orville,

and that’s a list of things that I don’t have time to watch. I didn’t see Kenobi yet. I forgot I was watching wild horses or whatever. It’s called the JK Simmons. I saw that got picked up for two seasons forgot. I was watching it and started hacks yet. Haven’t seen nor McDonald’s special.

I never finished the expanse. I mean, I got a lot of TV to watch, but I really liked the Orville. Seth McFarland is making the rounds. He spoke to the Hollywood reporter and they asked him about the slap. Now you’re like, why were they ask Seth MacFarlane about the slap Sam McFarland hosted the Oscars. For some reason, even Amy Schumer was like Seth McFarland who hosting the Oscars for some reason, callback, the machine where people are gonna get mad at me, but like, why did Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars?

That’s ridic. He said, I don’t think anybody could have handled it better than Chris rock of all the comics to have it happened to it’s a guy who’s universally beloved. Hmm. Let’s play that out. Imagine will Smith slapped Jerry Seinfeld. Oh, that would have been epic. Wouldn’t you pay to see that?

I would pay to see that.

I’m just, I don’t know. Who’s popping to mind if willsmith slapped Colin Quinn. I feel like Colin Quinn would have like a really snappy comeback. Well, what if willsmith slapped colon Joest? What would happen then? Would Scarlet get up?

Is that says everybody loves Chris rock. So if you’re going to hit some. I don’t know, first of all, the day that I, Seth McFarland did the Oscars. I had about three whiskeys before I even walked on stage. I probably would have felt it much by the time the show had happened to me.

Look, comedy’s in a strange place. I’ll see. There’s a lot of reading the news and a lot. I see on the news every day, obviously right now that makes me angry. I’ve never felt a particular emotion after watching a comedy show or a sit-com or anything designed to generate laughter. Even if I think man that’s pushing it, I don’t leave with a sense of anger.

That’s a little foreign to me. Obviously the Roe V Wade situation makes me very angry and I don’t feel that anger when I watch Dave Chappelle, I’m having a laugh. It’s the old saying? Pick your battles. I think if we can do a little more of that, we can find that a lot of us can unify ourselves a little more.

Not all. But those of us who can be saved are kind of on the same side. There’s an argument that it’s easy to get mad about the Oscars. It’s easy to get mad about comedy because it doesn’t really require a whole lot of work. It doesn’t require you to know history or science or math, but to dig in and get angry about, let’s say a harmful bill that’s making its way through Congress.

That takes a little more work. It takes some research and it takes some reading and some effort. And we don’t want to do that. It’s a lot easier to get ticked off at something comedian says. So I do think that’s a part of it. There’s a lazy. Um,

All right. The plug for palace intrigue. That’s the podcast about the Royal family on the writer. Big day today. It’s trooping the color. They have a big parade. Queen comes out and waves. BFD in the UK, the celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee all weekend. We’re doing extra coverage.

It’s taken me like an hour and a half to write the script.

So check it out. Follow the show, wherever you get your shows. It’s called palace intrigue. Also, I’ve got a very, very, very, very casual travel podcasts. Like this comedy podcast. I take this seriously, but my travel podcast is about places that I go and what I do when I’m there, stuff that I like to do this week’s episode is Los Angeles.

Last week was Pacific coast highway the weekend before San Francisco, that one is called travel is. You can get that wherever you get your podcasts right more from that interview with Robbie Prague, that’s the boss of Netflix comedy. Remember vulture interviewed him. We were talking about that last week, and then there was this whole holiday weekend and stuff.

Let’s get back to that. Cause it was pretty interesting. Vulture asked Robbie PRA Netflix comedy boss. Hey, he had 15 politically incorrect standup subcategories like cynical, politically incorrect, European, politically incorrect and irreverence. Why the dedication of this. Robbie said, I don’t think we have any dedication to that.

We have comedy for everybody certainly some stand up comedy is on the bleeding edge. We have tons of different types of specials in any given week. We have a special coming out from different artists that I don’t think it would be categorized in that way. It’s a Testament to our members and people generally having different tastes.

that’s what that is.

You don’t feel like you’ve been doing slightly more than that in that area? Robbie, brah, he says, I don’t think so.

Vulture says, we’re not trying to be like, how dare you do it all. Robbie, who, as I read, this sounds defensive. At least in my interpretation of the text, Robbie said, no, no, no, I’m not taking it. No way. I actually just dot, dot, dot. It says the article. It’s something we should look at, but now I don’t think that’s the case.

It’s possible that maybe some of those specials get a little more attention in the media, but I don’t think it’s necessarily an accurate assessment of how we’re programming. Certainly some comedy falls in that lane, but I wouldn’t say that’s a specific concentration. My question to Robbie pro is, did the labels make themselves,

did the singularity happen? And Netflix came to life and said, , I, the being that is Netflix will label these politically incorrect. How did that happen? Robbie PRA someone did it at some point, a human pushed the letter I on a keyboard. It didn’t just happen.

Vulture four years ago, Jason cinnamon. That’s the guy in the times that I like a lot asked you this, but he couldn’t answer. there’s one very famous comedian. You used to work with named Louis CK. If he was interested, would you buy his next Robbie prod jumps in and goes, sorry. Could you spell that?

Vulture sticks to their guns and says, yeah. So C as in C, K as in Kay. Robbie progress. Oh, okay. Cool. Cool. Cool. Yeah, I mean, we have no plans to work with Louis right now. What a Taj.

I feel like corporate training, HR guts, a Robbie pro vulture. What sorts of considerations? Research and conversations go into someone like Jeff Ross being actively featured in the festival,

seemingly part of the development pipeline, but someone like Chris, D’Elia not being there at all. Even though he was previously part of the Netflix family.

Just to catch you up where you to Google Jeff Ross controversy, what would come up would be sexual misconduct allegation in June, 2020 and allegation that Ross had engaged in sexual relationship with a 15 year old, when he was 34, it was published in the media.

Where are you to Google Chris D’Elia controversy? The first thing that comes up as Chris D’Elia owns up to misconduct, I do have a problem. And the second entry is Kristalina accusations. Five women share their stories.

So that’s a great question from vulture. Let’s back up. What sorts of considerations, research and conversations go into someone like Jeff Ross being actively featured in the festival, but someone like Chris, D’Elia not being there at all. Robin, it’s obviously a tough question. Every situation is different and we do an appropriate amount of due diligence on making some decisions.

We try not to be reactive. I mean, generally first things first we’re for creative expression. We have a lot of people have discussions on every special that we do and every person that we work with. And I think we make the best informed decisions that happens across the board on every single selection on the slate.

Obviously I’m responsible, but we discuss things as a group. That’s all we put out in the world speaks for the decisions we ended up making. Hmm. Okay. Vulture. How do you measure the success of a special beyond numbers? Robbie? I mean, everything from the amount of folks who watch it to the amount of folks who rewatched it to the amount of conversation that was about it, to the fact that it then went on music streaming services and was in the top 10 to the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s you love when people love something it’s hard to define.

And that’s something that was unquestionable about Bo Burnham’s inside people loved it. It’s one of my favorite things that we ever put out. Interesting article there,

Daniel Feinberg, my favorite TV critic in a hollered Porter watched shore Z. That is the spinoff of letter Kenny, add letter Kenny, to the list of things that I got to remember that I’m watching that I never actually. Feinberg says shores is far better than I expected. Sure. It’s course and repetitive, but that’s absolutely what the characters fans will crave.

And as the six episode season progresses, it finds unexpected ways to turn shore Z in somebody worthy of sustained attention. It isn’t quite Brockmeyer, but its very best moments. You can see how the blueprints for the two comedies might’ve been similar for those who don’t know the hero from Letterkenny Z.

He’s a notoriously dirty player. He likes to have sex with rival players, mothers release, insinuate that he has any cries during oh Canada.

Amazon has handed out a formal two season order for the animated Saifai comedy from executive producers, Maya Rudolph, and Natasha Leone. It is called the hospital.

The series follows sleek and clack aliens, best friends, and intergalactically renowned surgeons. As they tackle anxiety, eating parasites, illegal sign loops, and deep space S T I’s risking their careers to take on a remarkable case. They put existence itself in jeopardy, although considering their dismal personal law.

Oblivion might be an improvement. That’s copywriting. If I’ve ever seen it. And from variety, Leslie Jones will lead the voice cast of another adult animated comedy series. Boy, we’ve got a lot of those, including Bob’s burgers. Have you ever seen it? No. Have you ever met anyone? No. Did you see the movie now?

It’s a hoax. Leslie Jones will produce unsettled series and we’ll play the character plastic. According to an individual with knowledge of the project, the show is not connected to plastic man of DC comics or plastic woman from DC comics. But her character is called plastic plot details for the show are being kept under wraps.

No writer is attached. Doesn’t have a network home yet, and the show doesn’t have a name, but it’s totally coming. This sounds like a bigger host than Bob’s burgers. Heard from Caroline who sent me a nice note. She enjoyed the guy Branum story from the other day. Thank you, Caroline. For listening.

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