Why Chris Rock is wearing headphones

Chris Rock has been spotted around town wearing headphones. He is trying not to talk to you.

Comedy Dynamics will release ten new albums/specials!

Helium Comedy Club joins the video comedy channel world with a Youtube channel.

Nice lineup for the Minneapolis Comedy Festival – Maria Bamford, Dusty Slay, Chris Redd, Jared Fried, Matteo Lane, Donnell Rawlings, Josh Wolf and more!

Chelsea Handler won’t make fun of ugly kids.

A look at tonight’s Netflix Comedy Festival lineup

and a check-in with Sarah Cooper! You remember Sarah, she used to pantomime to Donald Trump videos on Tik-Tok!

I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Kimmel is having fun with this whole truth social app. And he was looking at their community guidelines. He said the biggest, no-no the one they actually call truth. Number one, they’ll delete your account. If you use the platform as a tool for a crime or any unlawful activity, like I don’t know, starting a riot at the Capitol, maybe that’s a great joke. Now what I’m wondering is maybe this is why Trump hasn’t been posting on truth.

Social he’s banned from that one, Sue Troon. Social’s getting a boost from the news that Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Their app is now number one on the apple store. We know this because Trump released a statement that said truth. Social is number one in the apple app store a statement.

He didn’t bother post on truth social by the way, because no one would see it there. He hasn’t posted it on his own chewed, social absence. The day it launched back in February, the last time he ignored something, this much it was named Eric.

From page six sources say that Chris rock has been wearing headphones around his neighborhood in Soho. Not because he’s listening to music, he’s hoping it’ll stop people from talking to him. And insider said, it looks like he’s listening to music, but it’s just so nobody approached. Page six had more of those spies at the comedy cellar.

It’s weird that page six, always Aspies at the comedy cellar. It’s totally not insiders from the seller calling page six and saying like, by the way, Chris rock is here tonight. It’s that the spies are there 24 7. And if Chris rock walks in the spies report back to page six, that’s totally what’s happening.

Cause the spies happened to be there Tuesday night when Chris rock walked in.

During the show and audience member yelled out, we won’t slap you. The spy said, Chris is a veteran. He made light of it and moved on

the post. Must have some budget for spies. Like, do they have a spy at Caroline’s as the respired Gotham? One of Chris rock shows up at Gotham and the spies is not there.

From laugh button. Last summer, 10 comedy specials were filmed at the Tribeca film festival.

How many dynamics is going to release them on video, on demand platforms all summer long. These are Josh Gonnerman’s people. Pleaser bill Bellamy’s. I want my life back Helen Wong’s well, Hong great name Coco. Brown’s famous enough.

My into Giorgio’s Maya, Maya, Maya, Jackie. Fabulous. Is men applause, Stephen, Michael . Do you know who that is? That’s gummy from breaking bad. He’s a comedian. Yeah. Stephen Michael Crusader, the new Mexican Ms. Crackers. Here I stand. Katrina Davis is figuring it out and Kellen Erskine’s zoomed out.

These will be on various VOD platforms starting May 24th. Now this is interesting. Good job at comedy dynamics, the albums will be released on apple music, Amazon music, Spotify, and other streaming services. Also for purchase starting May 27th. Now I bring that up.

Let me skip down here. I had a story for later in the show, but I’m going to skip down this whole thing with comedians, pulling their material off the streaming services. So I saw this story. Let me do the story and I’ll circle back to the main topic. Emily Heller has got a new podcast. It’s called I’m listening.

A Frazier podcast.

You know, it’s one of those TV recap podcasts, Emily Heller, and her friend, they watched Frasier. And they’d tell you about it.

Cultural rights Heller comes to the table with an already crazed, a fleshed out bunch of recurring characters to keep things off from Frasier cranes, Xs, and Looney neighbors down to baby. The cockatoo.

I never really watched Frasier. Coincidentally, I was talking to my mom last night and she had freezer on and I was staring at it and the laugh track was horrendous. Horrendous. I don’t know how you guys watch these things horrendous. Anyway. So I saw this story and you know how

I host the show in live one, the weekly comedy thing. It’s like this, except I can play bits. So I was like, oh, this Emily Heller story would be nice. I’ll put that in the show. Let me just make sure there’s active Emily Heller comedy that we can play. She’s got five albums in the system right now.

They’re not available to play. I’m guessing that’s because of this whole like licensing whistling act that everybody’s doing. Now Emily’s not being played. I’m trying to play your stuff, but I can’t very frustrating. I’m not sure this whole thing is good for the comedians.

So the live one folks, I’m not going to do the story because I can’t play Emily. Does that help her career? I’m not sure it does. So back to comedy dynamics, I’m glad you’re releasing 10. Digitally starting May 27th. Good job at comedy dynamics, Brian volt wise, always. Good job.

Meanwhile, the and Sarah bang tells us helium comedy is starting their own streaming video content.

They have a YouTube streaming channel. There’s some clips up already from some people including, but not limited to Jeff dye, John Doerr, lawns of Boden,

Bunch of others, the channel offer new content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. DRA Carmichael was on Howard stern. Carmichael said, I told a friend that since coming out, I take better pictures because I’m not worried about looking gay before I was like, am I not smiling?

Because smiling is gay.

He started talking to Howard about porn and sold a Howard stern. He used to chase gay porn, viewing sessions with a shot of straight porn as if it was the Lamb’s blood to wash away the gay sin. These days, he considered himself a fringe porn fan.

I think being closeted probably attracted me to like versions of secrets. I like pouring that set in public, like stairwells cars I’m really into that.

Or Michael says he’s not active on social media, but he does have a ghost Twitter account on which he follows his favorite porn stars. Howard was wondering who he’s into Carmichael said, bro. I mean, it changes. I should have been more prepared for the smoke cause I really want to shout them out. I want to have sex with someone.

I don’t have Twitter and Instagram, so all I have at this moment, Howard, please help me backs. I could bring a list

from bring me the news.com the Minneapolis comedy festival returning after two years,

June 13th to the 19th. The festival includes Steve O and Minnesota zona. Maria Bamford. Let’s fly through the full lineup. Pinky butcell Jr. To Guzman. Steve-O Josh Wolf. Who’s great. Mark Norman. Who’s great. Eddie, B teachers only comedy tour, Donnell Rawlings Marcell lane. He plays volleyball. He likes pasta.

You listen every day. You know what I’m talking about? Callback Ari Shaffir Jared fried, Chris red, dusty sleigh, and Brian Simpson, Maria Bamford. That is a solid festival. No offense. That’s a really good festival for Minneapolis. You know, that’s not New York, LA, and we’re supposed to kneel before Austin now, but Minneapolis, nice job there.

Chelsea handler got a cover story out of E I don’t know if there’s a cover to have her on, but you know, cover story, big story with Chelsea handler.

She said, I finished a year supply of mushrooms in the first two weeks of COVID. I was doing mushrooms with my landscaper. I was like, wait, how long is this going to go on? Cause I’m going to have to make a new order in the article. They shared some Instagrams of Chelsea skiing, topless. They were like, you’ve perfected the order of the nude.

Do you think we’re getting any close to people? Not being shocked by the sight of women’s nipples. Chelsea said, who cares? I’m just having a good time, but yes, it’s ridiculous that women can’t be topless. One men’s bodies are allowed to be out. I think Sarah Silverman said were able to nourish and feed whether breast, but you have to keep them covered.

So, yeah, there’s a complete double standard and a sexualized thing that women can’t show their breasts because men, what we’ll get.

E you’re known for pushing the boundaries. Is there anything you wouldn’t do

chelsea said I try not to make fun of ugly children. That’s not cool.

There was a new episode of my casual travel podcast that is called travel is back in the current season. You’re hearing my recent outing to the west coast and the greeter Las Vegas area. In this particular episode, I went to Fremont street spoilers.

I didn’t like Fremont street. If you want to hear me slowly losing my mind and being like where the hell is. Listen to the Fremont street. Episode of travel is back wherever you get your shows, the Netflix comedy festival continues. And guess who’s there tonight?

We haven’t talked about this person in a long time. That’s right. The new innovative voice of comedy, Sarah Cooper, Sarah Cooper, seven o’clock tonight at the bourbon. The LA times caught up with Sarah Cooper, you know, Sarah Cooper. She used to pantomime to Donald Trump videos on Tik TOK and then had a Netflix special.

And then a CBS sitcom. Sarah Cooper. Remember? Yeah.

He only time said Sarah Cooper is probably the only comedian to go viral without having to say a word in 2020 or tic-tac videos. Impersonating president Trump made her an instant lip sinking legend.

The LA times said, Hey, Sarah, what are some ways that your comedy has evolved since going viral in 2020? Have you incorporated your life now into your standup? Sarah Cooper said so much happened in 2020. It was just crazy for my career. I really didn’t expect those videos to take off. And then, you know, it’s one thing to go viral.

They actually changed my life. I was able to get my Netflix special. I was able to auction my books for TV shows. Then in 2021, I actually went for divorce.

All the stuff happened. We’re asked myself questions. Like what’s really important to me. How do I want to spend my time? And I realized I didn’t want to spend my time married anymore. And so I ended up doing that and I’m spending a lot of time with my family. They’re Jamaican.

They live in Florida. So I have a bunch of material from my mom and from everybody giving me advice throughout the. And if you take something that’s kind of sad, like an a force and find the humor in it. That’s really what this pandemic has been about for a lot of comedians. This took a weird turn. I’m just here to goof on Tik TOK videos.

Sarah Cooper. Now you’re making me say. The LA times asked, can you see yourself doing lip-sync content on Trump? Again, thank you for the save LA times or possibly find a new angle on it, or are you over it? Sarah, there was a moment early on when I was making these videos and I was just like walking down the street and this car drove by and the guy pointed at me and yelled.

Hey, it’s true. And I was like, oh no, what have I done? Because I hate this person. And yet now I’m like associated with them. I always want to do comedy. I always wanted to perform. Yeah. I made those videos. Yeah. I was lip sinking. I was performing and I was editing them and it’s doing all this stuff, but I really want to keep doing that, especially because he just says the same thing over and over again.

I think I’d kill myself if I had to do that anymore. But there’s like a funny persona in there that it captured in terms of like this ignorant guy who thinks he knows everything. And it kind of ignited that for me, that sort of persona was really fun to play. Especially as a woman, especially as a black.

Sarah Cooper seven o’clock tonight at the festival.

And let me open up my bookmark counter and see who else was there. And today is Saturday, April 30th

at noon. A free event, outdoors at the Hollywood palladium. I hope you download it. Today’s episode early, big mouth. Meet the hormone monsters. That’s at noon. Dave Chappelle again at seven Wanda Sykes at seven fortune Feemster at seven.

See, I learned Doug Stan hope at seven. Oh, I love Doug. Doug is fantastic. This festival is so good. Marlon Wayans. It’s seven Catherine Ryan. Seven and nine 30, the laugh factory presents the all stars of comedy

featuring a finesse Mitchell and Dan, a dude. Nice comedians. Not sure those are the all stores. Let’s do that. Hey, I’m going to form the all-stars of comedy. I dunno off the top of my head dash bell. Bill Burr might be two guys had pick, I might take Chris rock right now. He’s pretty. Jerry CK. These might be the all-stars Malaney Gaffigan.

My team’s pretty good. Who’s on your team, Dan? A dude. Wow. Okay.

Sarah Cooper had seven. Natalie Palin medias. Oh, she’s got a new show. I did not know that. That’s awesome. Also at seven. All right. I love playing this game. Let’s pretend we were at the comedy festival tonight and you were like Johnny Mac. What are we going to do now? We got to make some tough choices at seven o’clock, uh, as much as we want to see Chappelle let’s try and see Chappelle a different day.

Huh? If we go see Sarah Cooper, we get great content for the podcast. Natalie Palamida is, I wonder if she’s doing another show.

Now she’s only doing the one. Her last show was so good. I know this is crazy. We might have to go see Natalie seven o’clock I think that’s the play tonight.

I’m surprised there’s not more shows later at nine 30. They’re all smaller Aristotle and a CIF at Sukkot OCA, sukkah, Gretta. Teitelman

I think for that late show me, we do go see the laugh factory, all stars of comedy and hope somebody shows up.

Well, too many good shows at seven o’clock

and from Shortle to new podcast launched by the D of a comedy channel in the UK.

Josh Widdicombe and James H castor show is based on their TV format hypothetical, but this time they must answer absurd theoretical questions. Instead of asking them each episode will feature comedian guest host interrogating them on their answers. A caster said after years of delighting and the panic of our guests, Josh and I can’t wait to see how much easier answering hypotheticals is for a couple of cool cucumbers like us.

Bring it on. Love it.

The other podcast is Jordan Brooks. Look at what you’ve done on it. Brooks interviews come to guests about their life, but while it starts as a traditional chat, the podcast takes a surreal turn. As the conversation imagines each guest future life right up to death, the broadcaster describes it as this is your life.

But with an existential comedic twist, I’m going to subscribe to both of these. Hypothetical launches May 5th, Jordan Brooks later in may someone to remind me to download it. Like if they’re not out yet, I can subscribe to them. Should I leave myself a note? I’m too lazy. That’s your comedy news for today?

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