Why Chris Rock WON’T host the Emmys. Pete Davidson wants to be a dad! Be careful Kim!

Chris Rock was reportedly offered the Emmys at turned it down.

Wanda Sykes doesn’t want to host the Oscars again.

Pete Davidson wants to be a dad

Amy Schumer wants to have dinner with Mark Twain

New movies for Will Smith and Adam Sandler

How Mac-Packer Henry Winkler found out he was nominated for an Emmy.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news late night is still off. And the comedy news still a little light coming out of July 4th. Hopefully we can have a controversy. Dave Chappelle could do something or maybe will Smith could slap someone like that time. He slapped Chris rock. Chris rock will not be hosting the Emmys.

That’s the, Emmy’s not the Oscars. Don’t wanna confuse you there. I got confused myself. The first time I read the story. Chris rock was offered to host the 2022 Emmy awards, but turned down the job. A source says he’s in the middle of his tour and is preparing for the taping of his comedy special, which will be taping this fall.

That’s gonna be a monster special is it not? Yes, it is the source adds that Chris rock is kind of over Hollywood and he’s hoping to travel in lay low after this comedy tour. Hopefully he’ll host the academy awards next year. Now somebody who doesn’t wanna host the academy awards wanted Sykes.

She was on with Kelly and Ryan, and they were like, Hey, you wanna host it again? And she said, Oh, hell no. And then back that down saying, I shouldn’t say it like that. You know what? It was an amazing honor and I think it’s something that you wanna do. You do it once. I don’t know if I wanna do it again.

It’s a huge job, but it took a lot of people to clean me up.

Tim Hyer was on the last laugh podcast.

. Hey, recently you tweeted a comment in reference to Ney, bringing up Dave Chappelle as a surprise guest on his tour. you were basically the only comedian I saw speak out against that. Hi, Decker said, I mean, listen, I have friends who are trans and that sounds like the worst way to start that conversation.

Right. But I really do. And I have fans who are trans and I’ve spoken to them about this and I’ve heard directly from them. And there was tremendous anxiety and uncomfortableness and sadness and hurt that it’s treated so flippantly and often dangerously by these people with giant audiences.

And I don’t believe that John Ney has any kind of issues with the trans community personally, but at the same time, I don’t understand why you need Chappelle to come out onto the stage when an audience that have already paid to see you.

So I did it as an honest statement that you should feel safe coming to my shows that I’m not gonna spring a leader in the anti-trans movement. It seems to be an issue. Elle cares deeply about.

I did it out of honesty and a little bit of snarky, like F off, and also as this message to other artists and comedians and musicians to be like, you know, feel free to speak out about this. You’ll find a lot of encouragement and gratitude from a very cool audience. I’m speaking completely self servingly here, but if you wanna build a cool young, creative, smart audience, these are not the people you should be excluding from your audience, and that’s not why I’m doing it, but there are positive side effects of just being inclusive and understanding of marginalized communi.

That you don’t even have to have full understanding of. You just have to be tolerant and respectful. And I’ll say one more thing. When I hear the anti-trans comedy, it just sounds like the cheap eighties gay stuff, like Andrew de clay, who I know is doing character, but the people that Andrew Dee clay was probably making fun of, kind of got swept into the dark side of things.

Bone Aite to your home for comedy and food news spoke to Amy Schumer. Hey Amy, if you could have any three guests dead or alive, fictional, or real at your ideal dinner party, who would they be and why would you invite them? Amy’s answer mark Twain. Yes. This choice is problematic, but if I’m being real, I wanna hear what he has to say.

Rachel Feinstein, my best friend and a comedian. Would laugh together at Twain’s humor and my husband, chef Chris Fisher to share in the moment. Okay. With a dinner, beat your home at a restaurant somewhere else, Amy, Chris would cook, but not at our home. We would host somewhere fun and different. Maybe the Campbell bar in grand central station in New York city.

What would he talk about? I’d ask mark Twain. What Helen Keller was like. They were friends. I’d wait until appetizers to let him know the things he got wrong. Then we laugh and I listen. He was kind of the greatest comic to live so far until I arrived on the scene.

Just kidding.

Got a will Ferrell story here from Collider. I’m less interested in the story than how they phrased Will’s resume. So the story Amazon has acquired the rights to will Ferrell and Reese with student’s untitled wedding comedy. There are no other details regarding the project, including cast or pilot or at title, but it stars will Ferrell, or maybe it doesn’t star will Ferrell who knows.

But here’s how they phrased his resume. And I don’t know what I want out of it. This just doesn’t sound right. Ferrell best known for his acting roles in classics, such as elephant anchorman got his breakthrough in the 1990s on SNL, after leaving the cast in 2002, he moved on to star in several films, you know, just, you know, a bunch of films that was kind of in sorter

as well as becoming co-founder of the comedy website, funny or die. All right. Ferrell. Co-produced the HBO sports comedy series eastbound and down as well as the Chris ARD show, we’re pretty far down will Ferrell’s resume I’m gonna call up his IMDB. He’s been nominated and won several awards for his work, including a golden globe nomination for his production.

Work on the satire film, vice. Will Ferrell’s resume. We’re getting all the way to a golden globe nomination for production work. Yeah. I M D B will. Ferre.

Let’s see here, maybe I’m wrong. Will maybe just has a lot of minor roles. Let’s say he’s Frank and old school. I love old school, buddy. The elf. We mentioned that one big Earl uncredited role in Starski and Hutch, the anchorman movies be witched, which nobody likes Talladega Knights. That’s worth a mention.

Isn’t it? LA of glory. That was all right. Semipro also alright.

Land of the lost, oh, may, maybe, maybe Collider did get his resume, right?

The office. That’s right. He played D Angelo Vickers. He.

And he’s in the your vision song contest, and he’s in the Austin Powers movies. So, all right. All right. I apologize. KA Collider. I think it might have nailed his resume after all I thought will Ferrell was in more great things.

Apparently not. You know, who’s in a lot of great things, Adam Sandler, and he’s gonna be in another one. Netflix has launched production on you are so not invited to my bot mitzvah, a new young adult comedy from happy Madison.

In which a girl bought mitzvah plans, comedically, unravel, and threaten to ruin one of the most important events of her life. Sarah Sherman from SNL. Also part of the picks ensemble cast. It’s not confirmed, but is expected that Adam Sandler will play the dad. Let’s stop off at gossip corner. Pete Davidson was on Kevin Hart’s peacock TV show called hearts to hearts.

A that name is lame B. That name is hack and C I forgot that show existed.

Pete Davidson wants to be a dad. He said my favorite thing ever, which I’ve yet to achieve is I wanna have a kid that’s like my dream. Yeah. And it’s like super corny. Kevin Hart jumped in and said, it’s not super corny. It’s the best G D thing you can do in life. Davidson would wanna say that he’s now preparing to be a father one day.

it would be so fun to dress up a little dude. I’m so excited for like that chapter. So like, that’s kinda what I’m just preparing for now. Use protection, Kim.

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Rosie O’Donnell will host a comedy night tomorrow night benefiting friendly house in Los Angeles. The benefit will feature performances from ATCO Osaka, Beth Leeds, Gina Y she and headliner Kathy Griffin. That’s a pretty good line. Rosie said over 70 years ago, friendly house was created by one woman with a dream, a dream of a safe space that would unconditionally love and support women in recovery from a.

600 seat theater tickets, 80 to 150 bucks, all proceeds going directly to friendly house again. That is tomorrow night in LA. Amazon has ordered a remake of the British comedy show. Friday night dinner. This will air on the free V service. In the British version, brothers, Johnny and Adam Goodman return to their parents, Jackie and Martin’s house for the traditional Jewish Friday night Shabbat meal, a meal that has always be set with disruptions among the regular disruptions are Johnny and Adam trying to endlessly play pranks on each other.

The show ran for six seasons and 37 episode.

One of the stars tragically passed away in 20 21, 6 weeks later, a special 90 minute documentary episode air to celebrate the show’s anniversary was dedicated Tori’s memory. Amazon’s remake will be named dinner with the parents, which sounds like it would be a Ben Steeler thing. Right. It’s given a straight to series order.

Tana episodes, no casting details yet.

tech radar says this is the not first, not second, not third. It’s the fourth attempt to remake the show. The first one to get into actual production. The first attempt at a remake came in 2011, not long after the show. First aired in the UK, Greg Daniels, the guy that remade the office for Americans. He was signed up to remake the show.

All right. You’d think that would work. They recruited Allison Jenny from the west wing and mom. And Tony SHA lube, they were gonna be in the roles. And somehow that didn’t get picked up by NBC CBS tried twice to remake the show once in 2014. And again, in 2016,

this time, Amazon bypassed the pilot stage and went straight to production. Okay.

Mac packer. Henry Winkler is up for an Emmy. How did he find out? Henry said I was watching television. I was watching JB smooth being very smooth. Apparently not during a casino, commercial Henry wink. And he’s just a delight, not during the casino commercials, Henry LER. And then I went immediately do emmys.com and read down the list.

And there was my name. Imagine that that’s how you find out, Hey, let me go to emmys.com and see if anyone nominated me. All right. Henry Winer said, I thought, Hey, that’s an okay picture. Then my children called and I got such lovely tweets and texts and emails. I’m very proud. So I’d be home and be working on a script.

And I thought I got this down ready. I’m just gonna relax. Have a V8, little ice, little lemon, and then I’ll be fine. then here I am in Los Angeles. I go into the set bill Hader takes me to Peru. I didn’t even think of where we was going. The two of them, Alec Berg and bill Hader are extraordinary bosses.

They’re insightful. They’re funny. They’re great writers, wonderful directors. And there’s a policy of no idiots. I clean that up for the paper on the set and the crew time out there. I had that rule at serious and I have that rule in my life.

I told the staff, if we sniffed that anybody was gonna be a pain in the neck to work with, let’s not do a deal with them. Here’s why it sucks all the energy out of your staff and just makes everybody miserable. So Henry Winkler, I support your no idiots policy. Henry said when you’re doing a scene and you’re looking at the edge of the lens box, there’s a piece of pink tape and you’re acting your heart out to that piece of tape.

And the operator after the tape leans out from behind the lens. And if you find her and looks at you and just goes, wow, then you think, well, that’s like getting an academy award. Truly. I just like the idea of Henry Waker at home, having a V8 with a little ice, little. And jumping on emmys.com and that’s your comedy news for today?

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All righty. See tomorrow.

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