Why did Pete Davidson and Colin Jost buy a ferry boat?

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost bought a Staten Island Ferry so they could make it into a comedy club for some reason.

Jon Stewartt will win the

W Kamau Bell’s Bill Cosby documentary sounds like it’s good. Were the Cosby clues in Bill’s comedy all along?

Tom Segura has a new book.

Christina P and David Cross announce new specials.

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If you blew off the weekend episodes because you thought I was going to talk about David Letterman all weekend. No, no, no, no. Saturday wound up being a tribute to Louie Anderson and yesterday was a mix of some Louie stuff, some Sackett stuff, and some really, really random, funny stories I saw. Good episodes all weekend to hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news.

Jimmy Kimmel lamented. The low vaccination rate in the us

it’s almost like people here are getting bad information from somewhere else. You know, the only country below us is Russia, which is kinda nice. Our countries haven’t been on the same page since like Rocky fought drug. Oh, the survey found that 6% of Americans say they’re planning to get the vaccine came, uh, last.

Okay. When the vaccine has been out for more than a year, how busy could you be with.

Quick story about Louie Anderson from Thrillist. A woman walks over to the Louie. This is at the Costco. I read the Costco story on Saturdays up. So go back and listen to that. So they’re there at the Costco.

A woman walks over and taps Louie Anderson on the shoulder and says, excuse me, are you the actor? Family feud. Louie tells her indeed. He is the guy from family feud and agrees to take a picture. The woman could Joel’s her teenage daughter and a taking a picture with Louie Anderson. The girl sits down next to him on a couch, looking mortified.

Louie puts an arm around her. Yeah. I don’t even know who I am, but it’s better to get it over with. Isn’t it? I had a mom too. She seems like a nice mom. Is she? That’s good. Moms are important.

Pete Davidson bought a ferry boat. Yeah. From vulture Colin Joest. Now Colin is married to Scarlett Johannson. The man’s got game. He’s teamed up with Pete Davidson. They just bought the Staten island ferry. No, not the whole thing. A Staten island ferry, the near post reported on January 19th that an anonymous bidder had spent $280,000 on a defunct Staten island ferry at an online auction vulture ass, who would do such a thing, a historical society, some kind of sea Barron.

Good writing there. Nope. Pete Davidson and Collin Joest.

They teamed up with comedy club owner, Paul Italia, who owns the stand, the three plants or rehab, the former 5,200 person capacity ferry into a live entertainment space and event venue with comedy arts and food, they will have to find the boat, which is named the John F. Kennedy a waterfront home, or it will be docked permit.

vulture rights, Joest and Davidson both have ties to this ferry when it was still operational. Joseph wrote it into the city as a high schooler. All right. And Pete Davidson wrote it to duke gigs.

Although the boat was listed in being in poor condition. Won’t be a problem. Cause there’ll be a doctor comedy club. I totally forgot on Friday to tell you this one. If you listen back to Friday’s episode, you’ll hear me say, oh wow, we’re running long here. Let me bump a couple things.

I meant to do the story in the second half of Friday’s episode. And then Louie Anderson died and here we are on Monday, but you’ll be happy to hear. John Stewart will receive the mark Twain prize at the Kennedy center in April., I know you needed this information on Friday afternoon. I left up your weekend. Not telling you until now. I know. I’m sorry.

Jon Stewart will be the 23rd recipient of the mark Twain prize for American. Stuart said I’m truly honored to receive this award. I have long admired and been influenced by the work of mark Twain or as he was known by his given name, Samuel Leibowitz.

The last recipients was Dave Chappelle. He was celebrated in a show that featured tributes from Bradley Cooper, Tiffany Haddish, John Stewart, and many of the. John Stewart also participated in the 2008 ceremony honoring George Carlin

they gave Stewart’s resume here. Let me read it to you. I know you’re just like Jon Stewart daily show. Stuart 59 spent 16 years as host and executive producer of comedy. Central’s the daily show where his political sets, iron commentary attracted young audiences in one 20 Amies and two Peabody awards,

maybe stop there. Cause then they tack on the comedian. Now hosts the apple TV plus series. The problem with John Stewart, you forgot that existed. Didn’t you? You did. You don’t watch the problem with John Stewart. You forgot. John Stewart also wrote direct to the movies, irresistible and rosewater. And as the author of America, the book, a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction one word, and is an executive producer of the late show with Stephen Colbert.

I wonder how he, how did he get that

it Kobe? Or just hook them up as a thank you. Why would CBS say yes to that? That’s interesting to me. I got to dive in.

the Kennedy center president said in his statement for more than three decades, John Stewart has brightened our lives and challenged our minds as he delivers current events and social sets higher with his trademark wit and wisdom. For me, turning into his television programs over the years. You don’t stop over the years has been equal parts, entertainment truth in these often divisive and challenging times.

Someone like John through his undaunted advocacy for first responders and veterans also demonstrates that we can all make a difference in this world through humor, humanity, and patriotism.

If you want to go. April 24th is the date of the event. Tickets go on sale. February 11th, Tom Segora announced. He wrote a book it’s called. I’d like to play alone, please. In the book coming out, June 14th, SAMHSA Gora combines his signature curmudgeonly. With a revealing look at some of the ridiculous situations that shaped him and the ludicrous characters who always seem to seek him out.

I haven’t read a head here yet. Do you think we’ll see the copyrighting rule of three? I bet we do. Let’s continue.

The stories feature hilarious anecdotes about Tom’s time on the road, including some surreal encounters with celebrities in airports. His unfiltered south American family to the trials and tribulations of parenting, young children with bizarrely morbid interests three and oh, not copywriting real three.

There are four things here and perhaps most. Experiences with his dad who like any good baby boomer father loves to talk about his bowel movements and share graphic Vietnam stories and inappropriate moments. All of this is enough to make anyone want some peace and quiet. You can. Pre-order the book that also be an audio book read by Tom.

You knew it sounds score is married to don’t you Christina P and she’s returning to Netflix with their third comedy special. They were planning on recording Saturday night in New York city at the Gramercy. I am assuming that taping actually happened.

If so It will be a Netflix special later this year, David Krause announced he has his own special. This one is called. I am from the future. This was recorded November of 2021.

It’ll be out February 12th, an official David cross.com.

If you’d like to be part of the show, you can leave me a voicemail and I’ll probably use your voicemail on the podcast. Go to pod inbox.com/daily comedy news, pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. If you want to talk about something or tell me I’m stupid or talk about Louie Anderson or Bob Saget, or just say hi, pawn in.com/daily comedy.

I saw the Hollywood reporter listed at the top a streaming series for December 20th to the 26th. I know that’s a month ago, but caught my eye

original series, the Witcher Emily and Paris Hawkeye wheel of time. Lawson space baking show Jurassic world Daredevil, Jim Gaffigan comedy monster, 186 million minutes viewed that compares to the Witcher, which had 2.7, 3 billion minutes viewed,

but more people watch Gaffigan and money heist

Over the weekend. They screened. We need to talk about Cosby at Sundance. I’m looking forward to see what people are saying about. Yahoo writes directed by w Kamau bell. Cosby serves up a compellingly and nuanced. Look at the actor and stand up comedian, formerly lauded as America’s dad, but now an accused serial sex abuser.

Bel found himself drained by his Cosby quest.

But he persisted saying who I am and what I’ve done helps this project shows I’m able to navigate difficult conversations. I’m a black kid who learned from Cosby and in some ways learn the lessons that helped me make this film still. This is hard. There were times when I wanted to quit while making this Marc Lamont hill as a professor at Philadelphia’s temple university.

He pointed out early signs of cosmetic behavior. If only we had not all mutually agreed to never connect the dots, he points it out. Cosby’s old Spanish flies, standup routine in which bill Cosby, enthusiastically endorsed an alleged aphrodisiac that would render women help.

He’ll said from day one, he was talking about putting things in women’s drinks and getting them to do what he wanted them to do. So when we fast forward, it’s not a huge leap to think that what he was talking about in the sixties, he was doing

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