Why Jim Gaffigan didn’t think his last special would be so popular

I think Jim Gaffigan’s last special was his best work yet, but Jim was worried the Netflix algorithm might have hidden it. He was wrong.

Christopher Titus aspires to be Carlin-esque

Amy Poehler on comedy as comfort food

Tom Papa thinks his writing is getting better

Want to submit for the Asian Comedy Festival?

Hannah Gadsby has some words for Netflix

And a great story involving Zach Zimmerman….

Gaffigan was surprised that his last special was so high.

Jim said I was always frightened by the Netflix algorithm because they have this reputation as a clean comedian, which carries a lot of baggage. I believe that all adults, teenagers who are Netflix are like, I’m a big boy or I’m a big. And I want to hear some naughty stuff. When they go to look for adjectives to search for something to watch, they’re not necessarily going to pursue clean.

The reality is you can’t be funny without being a little irreverent or a little shocking. Any comedian would tell you that the only adjective they’re going for is funny. Some comedians might want to be rockstars. Some might want to be revolutionaries.

The only measuring stick that matters is.

The spokesman caught up with Christopher Titus, his favorite comedian, George Carlin

Titus said I’m doing a bit on white supremacy in my show, and I proved that it’s. A guide, a recent show walked out and told me to stop myself, hating. I could do the, get her done material, but I don’t want to do it. Gabriel Iglesias is funny. Everybody loves him and he’s playing theaters, but me I’m playing a 140 people a night as I ripped through COVID in the COVID conspiracy.

Titus said he had a recent brush with death at the dentist. I was having some extensive dental work done. I was given some nitrous and I had an out of body experience. I floated to the roof of the room and then of the sky, and then a deep space. When I saw earth,

when I came back, I told my dentist and he said, I experienced what they call a dip. He’s this Russian guy who to said you dipped and maybe had a little death. Don’t worry. You’re here now.

Hmm. At a recent show, there was a guy handling Titus, a guy who looked like he was on his way to a civil war. Reenactment said, I wish you would do something funny. And the audience booed him. I said, maybe just don’t get it, dude. He goes back to Carlin. He made you question your beliefs. I’ll never be Carlin, but I’m trying I’m from the clan of white trash, but I’m not white trash enough to be in the Klan.

Amy Poehler thinks people medicate with comedy, which made for a good headline. I got a lot of pickup, including from the Liberty hill independence.

Amy Poehler believes people want something familiar to watch during scary and unsure times , like the decade of the twenties. She told the guardian, I think to get a little existential when times are scary and unsure, we like to go back to things we’ve seen before comedy, especially as a way to medicate.

A lot of people went back to shows. They knew would keep them happy. They could watch with their family and they knew how it would end. And I think parks and rec was lucky to be one of those.

When she’s making decisions in her own life, Amy Poehler often consider is what Leslie know, per character in the show would do character, such an engine. So action oriented, and always trying to figure out a way up and out. She has a strong sense of justice and is a loyal guardian of her friends. She sees things in people that they don’t see in themselves and believes in people before they do.

. She doesn’t always think or act correctly, but her heart is always in the right place. So yes, I do sometimes think about what would Leslie do?

How do they differ? Oh boy food. I don’t want to cause a problem. I like waffles, but I don’t love them. I’m more of a savory breakfast person. That’s the kind of acting you’re gonna get from me. My character might love a waffle. I just like it, Tom. Going up with the Berkshire Eagle. Tom has written two books.

The latest being you’re doing great. Some opposite right now. I think I’m doing great. It’s getting better with age. My writing is getting better and the better writer I am, the better comedian I am. I’m already working on my third book.

Standup is the purest form of being funny. I can find, I have amazing energy on stage with the audience. My comedy is observational. I keep my act universal. I look through the eyes of the family. I grew up with with the family. I’ve now I have two daughters, 16 and 19, and they think I’m funny, but they think they’re a bigger deal than I am at home.

I’m the opening act.

It was in middle school hop hop. It looks through comedy legends for inspiration. I was seventh grade when my friends and I were listening to Steve Martin and George Carlin, I realized I can make a living being funny. He started his career in 1993, playing open mics and hosting at the standup New York comedy club.

He then toured as the opening act for Jerry Seinfeld.

It is a light day for comedy events at south by Southwest. The only thing on the calendar, the Doug loves movies podcast at four o’clock might be a good day to get out of Dodge and hit the airport. Early. The Asian comedy festival is returning to New York. May 6th and seventh up New York will be accepting submissions until March 23rd.

For your chance to be part of Asian comedy festival.

So far, the lineup includes Karen she and the Fung brothers. The complete list will be announced on April one. Hm. April fool’s day. I don’t know if that’s the best day to announce a serious thing. May 6th will be a comedy show at up New York May 7th will feature different forms of comedy, such as musical sketch and more.

Netflix has their own festival that one’s called Netflix is a. They have added the best of Brazil May 4th, the laugh factory will be hosting the best of Brazil, featuring some of the best comedians Brazil has to offer. I know a little bit more about comedy than your average person don’t know anything about Brazil.

Want to hear some names? Sure. Why not? Fabiano. Cambodia. Maricio Mirella’s Rodrigo Marquez, Bruna Louise crisp Hiva Layo Lynn. Murillo Couteau, Patrick Maya Rofina Bastos hosting the event. Manu Marsielle I’m sure I butchered every single one of those names. I come in peace. The press release says additional diverse international shows throughout the festival

we’ll include women of comedy. Best of Canada. Best of UK, Spanglish hosted by Paul Rodriguez, musical comedy jam all-star comedy hosted by finesse Mitchell Mazda, Brawny and friends and chocolate sundaes details to come.

It’s so nice to have comedy festivals back. Isn’t it. Gilda’s laugh. Fest continuous Maria Bamford. Is there today? I love these little bios they have for everybody creator of the semi-autobiographical Netflix comedy series, lady dynamite known for her voiceover work and newest project. Coming out. This March is the new Netflix comedy called human resources.

A spinoff of the successful big Mount SI. She’s got two shows that the wealthy theater tonight at seven and nine 30 from chortle, they caught up with Hannah Gatsby, who said, people have a lot of opinions about me. I felt like I was under the radar. Then I really had such some nerves and I didn’t really care.

I think the nerves that I touched her fairly childish. So I just let people have their emotions. I lived a life before comedy and that’s a lot harder than people not liking my jokes. I think that perspective has really toughened me up.

Her last kerfluffle was when Ted Sarandos, the Netflix boss addressed concerns that Dave Chappelle’s material on the platform was homophobic and transphobic. He cited Hannah Gatsby shows us evidence that they love everybody. Hannah said, Hey, Ted Sarandos, I’d prefer for you to drag my name into your mess.

Now I have to deal with even more, the hate and anger that Dave Chappelle fans like to unleash on me. Every time Dave gets $20 million to processes, emotionally stunted, partial worldview F you and your amoral algorithm cults these days Gatsby is reluctant to be drawn into too much condemnation of Chappelle stance. She says, I don’t mind talking about it, but most of them I have to say on it. The subject of intersectionality. And I think T white people talking about is not a great space to talk about that. Having a decent conversation about this in public deserves a more representative channel.

She added Netflix is like a family and like all families, they hate gay people. Good joke there, Hannah, I will dedicate a large portion of my next Netflix special talking about how dumb Netflix is. Let’s see a brave. They actually are about freedom of speech. It’s ultimately about profit. They talk about freedom of speech, but if people weren’t making a profit for them, it’d be an entirely different conversation.

And I’m not making a big profit for Netflix. She has faced calls to take her work off of Netflix, but says, while she could technically do that, where would it go? They own it.

She has her new show, body of work, which is touring the UK. It’s a storytelling show, which I think is what I was, did best Nanette and Douglas moved away from that. So try to swing it back towards weaving stories, but I can’t help myself. I still have opinions on stage

Kate Wilkins was asked her favorite show ever by staging.dev.comedy.uk. Your home for COVID. Kate will can set us probably winning the gong show at the comedy store 2008. It was a crazy night. Jim Jefferies was the host. I remember all the comics being really worried that he was going to make the atmosphere even more brutal.

I didn’t arrive early enough to go on in the first half. So I figured it would definitely be a bear pit by the second half. Right before I went on, a girl had been gunned off and she chucked her pints all over. Jim J. The atmosphere was properly hostile because apparently it should come with a load of men who wanted to get him outside or something.

Anyway, the crowd was really booing everyone, since the pint checking was getting gonged off after two to five seconds, I want not expecting the same and somehow got laughs. I felt the magic after I hit my five minutes and got off Jim Jeffrey said, I’d like to thank Katie for saving a room because now we’re happy again.

And I won the.

That’s a good story. Hey, I didn’t realize Larry the cable guy in his regular persona as his actual self. Dan Whitney is doing a podcast called talk and truth. Not end in a talk in truth conservative pastor Brian Clark and popular comedian. Dan Whitney, AKA Larry, the cable guy joined forces to talk about the truth of the Bible and add a little encouragement to your day.

Apparently it’s been going on for a while. Hadn’t noticed it. Hadn’t seen anything about it and interesting to me that Larry is doing it as Dan Whitney. Now that’s a good opportunity for you to listen. And I’ve talked about this in the past. I know Larry slash Dan, and when you’re in the room with them, You can tell when you’re talking to Dan and when the Larry character is coming out, the Larry character has more of the accent you’re used to hearing.

Dan does not have quite the pronounced accent. So I haven’t heard the talking truth podcast, but I bet if he’s there as Dan Whitten. You’ll hear him speak a little differently and you get some insight into what I’ve been talking about. All right. Here’s the story I bumped from Tuesday’s podcast because it was long.

And I think this is a really fun one from LGBTQ nation. Zach Zimmerman was in for a shock when a standup set, when awry thanks to a pair of friends in the audience. Okay.

Zach Zimmerman was teasing someone, the audience for adamantly expressing her heterosexual.

A woman named Elena was quick to proclaim her sexuality. When Zimmerman asked if there were any street, people in the audience, Zimmerman declared Elena , the straight mayor of the. And then he turned his attention to Quinn well, are you straight Quinn said no.

Elena Said, yes, you are Zimmerman said, did you just come out to her? Elena? Is this news Quinn? You’re not straight. No, I’m queer. I’m queer Quinn. She said she hadn’t come out to your friend yet because she lives in Seattle and they didn’t know each other that well,

I’m missing a detail with she lives in Seattle. I’m not sure where their show took place.

This Ammerman joked. And she was so supportive and asked Elena should try to responding to her friends coming out again. Elena said, of course I care about you. I don’t know what to say. Like, obviously that’s amazing. That’s so great. I’m happy for her. If she didn’t tell me before it’s okay. I’m going to love her no matter what.

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