Why Joe Rogan is mad at Bill Gates

Colin Jost uses his wife’s skin cream. Remember his wife is Scarlett Johansson.

Joe Rogan is really upset that Bill Gates is promoting synthetic meat.

TK Kirkland supports T.I. getting into comedy

How did Chelsea Handler get into Canada anyway?

Johnny Mack with your daily company news, that age-ism guy from yesterday. He didn’t cancel me yet. Who? Jimmy Kimmel commented on the Ukrainian situation. Even famously neutral. Switzerland is taking action against Russia, Switzerland, the people who never take a side or taking a side Kobe or Switzerland has a knife out for Russia.

Since it’s a Swiss knife, it comes a little scissors, toothpick, and a corkscrew. Cute joke. I’m smiling. Trevor Noah, whose father is Swiss German, by the way, the Swiss don’t get involved in war. They don’t get involved in alliances. My dad didn’t get involved in my life. I would ask them to hug me and he’d tell me his official policy was to stay neutral. Kimmel. The Swiss president said Russia’s attack cannot be accepted regarding international law. This cannot be accepted politically, and this cannot be accepted morally. And these are the people that gave Hitler, a safe deposit box Cole bear. This is Switzerland who I may remind you.

He didn’t take a side when it came to Hitler, but they looked at Russia and said, all right, you’ve gone too far Covera. This is like the Dalai Lama, grabbing a buck knife and an AK and screaming, kill them all. Let the Buddhist sort them out in cordon. Imagine being sanctioned by a country that has been neutral for hundreds of years, it would be like Tom Hanks telling a child to go FM self Kimball. They have frozen Russian assets and closed Swiss airspace, which is helpful.

Not only is Putin and hot water. He’s in hot chocolate too. That’s a terrible, terrible, terrible joke. Jimmy Kimmel. Come to my house. I’ll explain you how bad that joke is. How did that make the monologue? So to recap, Russia’s now lost the Taliban and the Swiss, the most and least violent people in the world are United against Russia.

Comedian TK Kirklin has it valued at T I’s comedy routine at $2 million and says life’s not fair.

Kirkland was on Vlad TV and said Tai, because he’s a phenomenal rapper will sell out every comedy club in America because he’s TEI and he’ll make 70, $80,000 on the weekends just because he’s TEI. Life’s not fair, but if he stays with it, guess what he could probably become really decent in 7, 8, 9 years.

Cause all it takes is practice. He’s got a great stage presence about him. His T I going to put nine years in a comedy. He has been around comedy for a minute. I know him very well, so he could probably pull it off. But right now he could probably make a million, $2 million this year, not even being. I’ll interject.

Why doesn’t he just pantomime to Donald Trump videos on tick-tock? You can get a Netflix special. CBS will give you a sit-com. You can host Jimmy Kimmel show. I digress T his fan base in the rap world would come to see him do stand up and support him. That is true.

Remember Godfrey was upset. The TEI was on the stage.

T I competent had you taken the time to come to the stage? You would’ve heard my set. I said, I’m not a. I’m a superstar. There’s a difference. Love it personally. I think it’s great to see you guys doing comedy

from the post-millennial your home for comedy news. Joe Rogan slammed bill gates and the gates foundation. Oh no. Now what for rapidly buying up farmland across the U S as well as for gates health initiative. Rogan was incredulous as to how a man in such obviously poor health can give advice on how to be healthy.

I’m getting a note from the daily comedy news lawyers here. Um, I have no idea how healthy bill gates is or not. That is Joe Rogan’s opinion that he is obviously not healthy. I don’t think so. I think it’s quite possible that bill gates is the healthiest man on the world. And I encourage him to sponsor my show.

Apparently what set Rogan off was bill gates was arguing in favor of synthetic beef.

It looks like gates said you can get used to the taste difference of synthetic.

Rogan said the thing is he keeps saying that we’ve got to eat less meat. We got to cut our consumption of meat to be healthy. And we’re going to get used to these meat alternatives when a guy like that says it, I’m like, are you making money because of this?

Like, why are you saying that? And by the way you look like S.

If you’re eating those plant-based burgers or whatever the F you’re doing, your obese,

The post-millennial article then takes the time to point out that Rogan is 54 eats a very carnivorous diet and is in noticeably. Excellent. Physical.

My lawyers are telling me that is the opinion of the millennial for all. I know, joe Rogan is not in good condition at all. I’ll leave that to the experts. I have no expertise in Joe Rogan’s condition.

Robin COTA gates, who apparently said, I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef back to Rogan guy like that, telling people about he’s got these breasts in this gut and I’m like, this is crazy. You’re one of the richest guys on earth. You have access to the best nutrients.

You can have an amazing trainer. You could be in phenomenal shape and you’re giving out public health advice and you’re. Yeah, Joe, I hate when people give out public health advice and might not have any expertise in the subject hate those people. Rogan continued. It’s literally like a, non-athlete trying to coach professionals.

Like what the F are you talking about? How are you giving any health advice? When you look like that your health is PP poor. I cleaned that up a little. Now that Rogan people are going to come after me and the AGS guy who. just make sure you download it.

Folks. I get paid for the ads, Chelsea handler talk to the Calgary Herald.

If Jesse Hamlin, his fame has led to a loss of privacy. She certainly doesn’t complain about it as much as some of her fellow celebrities do. She said, I think that was my goal. As a young person, I wanted to be seen. I wanted to be heard. I likewise feel that way about people wanting to be seen and want to be heard.

I don’t have a problem. Being in the public eye are being written about nobody’s exposing anything that I haven’t exposed about myself.

Her current chore is post therapy, post COVID. It starts out with COVID and all the ridiculousness we’ve all experienced is very important time to make fun of how we all behave.

You talked about when her sister to grow nieces and nephew invaded her spacious LA home during the pandemic, it was a real slap in the face side to deal with that. I actually sold my house right after they moved out. So I’d never had that situation happen to me again. And I bought a new house with zero guest room.

Guest stayed for three months, which handler says was more than enough time for her to make new material out of that. It was brutal. It was my sister. So I had to say yes, but I got the sense right away, the difference between boys and girls and the space that men take up and the space that women take up.

And the conversation we’ve been having the last couple of years started to become very clear. I always thought of my nephew is someone who was woke progressive liberal and all those things, but there’s something innately in men where they feel like they have more space to take up. So there’s a lot about that in my awakening.

So jumping off point in the show and then there’s everything that’s happening in my life. There’s a lot of Canadian stuff in there because I spent a good portion of quarantine and Whistler.

I have a question. How did she get into Canada during the pandemic? Wikipedia says Chelsea handler was born in Livingston, New Jersey, right down the road from me, Canada. Wouldn’t let me in. Hm. Should we investigate? Should we cancel Chelsea handler for her international cross?

She adds, I don’t think there’s any restraints on comedy. If all you have to do is not be sexist and not be racist, it’s not that diff.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by my other other podcast. It’s called travel is back every week. I’d tell you somewhere I’ve been and what you should do when you go there. This week is Barcelona. One of the most beautiful cities in the world absolutely loved my time. There travels back is about to get a lot better.

I’m in the process of processing the episodes from my recent trip to Las Vegas, where I had a bunch of. Very scenic locales, death valley, Zion national park, Hoover dam. And I brought the recorder with me. So that show is getting closer to the true vision of the show, which was me going someplace and telling you about it because of the pandemic.

I wasn’t able to sneak into Canada. So I had to record these things from my basement and just do them off memories. But the upcoming episodes, I think there’s two more of the basement batch. And then we’ll start to get outside on set. So that’s called travel as back, wherever you get your shows. The newest member of the Mac pack is Henry Winkler.

If you’re new to the show, the Mack pack or my celebrity crush friends that I would have, like, it’s like Johnny Mac entourage. I would hang out with Michael Chiklis Keegan, Michael Key, Andy Sandberg. And now Henry Winkler is in the Mac pack. He’s going to store in the new comedy Chan. She C H a N S H I and is really U S crossover, according to deadlines.

The show revolves around chance. She a young religious girl from the Jewish community in Brooklyn, who decides to disobey her family and immigrate to Israel just before her wedding Winkler will portray Teddy chance. She’s father, whose anxieties grow out of control. As he demands that his daughter returned home.

They don’t have a us distributor yet, but they’re working on it.

British comedian, London, Hughes, you know her from her Netflix special back in 2020, she’s working on a new film in unsettled comedy film his will play a woman who’s transported to 19th century England, where she becomes entangled in and upends the love affairs of the community with her modern sensibilities.

That sounds like a good time. B T S C Alliance has announced. Carolyn Ray will headline their 20th anniversary comedy for a cure on April 3rd. Colon Joest will headline the 22nd annual comedy fundraiser for cancer support community Indiana that’s on June 4th.

Joe’s wife, Scarlett Johannson has officially launched her clean skincare line. It’s called the outset. And to get comedy podcasts to talk about it. She revealed that her husband, Colin Cheerios was very involved in the product testing. Scarlet says he’s the first partner I’ve ever had that uses an IQ.

Sure Hanson asked Joseph to try to match who was thinking about adding to the line, but failed to mention important details. Scarlet said, I forgot to tell Colin it was self warming and he thought he was having a really crazy allergic reaction to it. He was. It’s spread and it’s melting off my face. He was completely freaking out.

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