Why Joe Rogan isn’t on your podcast app or in the UFC4 Video Game

An episode of Star Wars: Detours leaked on line. That was a comedic animated Star Wars series, and 39 complete episodes exist, yet it never came out. Weird Al and Joel McHale are among those who did character voices.

Weird Al recommends you watch Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun on Netflix and his 100% correct, it’s fantastic!

Joe Rogan’s podcast is now exclusive to Spotify. And if you are wondering why Joe isn’t in the UFC4 video game…he didn’t like the sessions.

Some Upright Citizens Bridge alumni formed nonprofit [Squirrel Comedy Theatre](https://www.thesquirrelnyc.com/) to fill the UCB hole in NYC.

Colin Quinn thinks all comedians may need to fly south for the winter if they can’t perform indoors. Covid and stuff.

And a Felicity Huffman sitcom where she becomes the owner of a baseball team….pass.

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