Why Josh Wolf asked for another monkey, and a bully turned comedian feels bad he stole a kid’s pizza

Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent) tells Sesame Street the word of the day starts with F!

Looks like Spotify took down some more comedy albums.

Paul Rodriguez is touting with some new Latin Kings of Comedy Johnny Sanchez, Dennis Gaxiola, Gilbert Esquivel, and returning member Joey Medina. No Cheech Marin nor George Lopez this time.

Josh Wolf asked for another monkey

Jimmy O. Yang’s show got a good review

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, the state of Florida has announced a ban on a number of proposed math textbooks for students because they are references to critical race theory or other prohibited topics. Stephen Colbert said this official censorship, isn’t just effecting history class because this weekend we learned that they struck 41% of new math textbooks.

At least they think it’s 41%. For some reason, they suck at math. Trevor don’t get me started on the violence inherent in math. . I will never forget the day 7, 8, 9 scarred me for life that skewed cold beer. B Florida education department.

Explain the reasons for objecting textbooks included references to critical race theory. Which the legislature says includes theories that distort historical events that explains the updated unit on division a house divided against itself is Hey, that’s two houses. Nice. Also cute Kimmel. Thanks to his important work.

Florida has rejected more than 50 math books after the team uncovered sentence problems like Jamal has seven. They felt Jamal sounded suspicious. And where did he get the apples to see have a receipt for them? Wow.

Brett Goldstein comedian. He plays Roy can’t on Ted lasso. You know what I’m talking about? He was on Sesame street.

He’s in a sketch. He’s making cookies with Tamir, whoever Tamir is I haven’t watched Sesame street in 40 years. And the cookie monster, my favorite, the word of the day begins with F yep. They actually went there while they didn’t go all the way there. But they did go for the joke just to get the parents to snicker for a second.

The word of the day begins with F the word is fairness. What did you think it was from the laugh button comedians took to Twitter to share that Spotify apparently has removed more comedy, from labels, including AST records, blond medicine, 800 pound gorilla helium and kill rock stars.

And, and I can see why the left button would care about this. The laugh button records,

Megan Gailey tweeted, Spotify removed a bunch of comedy albums from independent labels today. Spotify doesn’t seem so great, huh?

We’ll have button says, if you go to any of the Spotify pages for those comics or labels, you’ll find them dead length. What’s dead links. Basically the page still exists and you can see the tracks, but you can’t actually get them to do anything. This is part of an ongoing legal battle between some of the streaming services and comedian rights management companies, word collective and spoken giants.

The whole battle is over royalties. It’d be interesting to see how that shakes out from kiss. El Paso. Paul Rodriguez is touring with the 20th anniversary tour of the Latin Kings of comedy.

This time, the Kings are Paul Rodriguez, Johnny Sanchez, Dennis gushy, Yola Gilbert SQL, and Joey Medina. Medina and Rodriguez. The only two of the original Latin Kings of comedy in 2002, some of the people that were on that first tour and they seem kind of important.

And if you’re going to do a Latin king. Cheech Marin and George Lopez. So I’m not really quite sure what we’re doing here. Hey, branding.

Be totally different new Latin Kings of comedy. We’ll be touring this summer. Eddie Pepitone spoke to good times, South Carolina. He said I’ve always been a harbinger of doom, not to brag during the pandemic at a bunch of friends. Go to me. Are you happy? Pepitone and I’m like, no, no, I’m not.

A lot of comedy is toothless and doesn’t punch up or attack the right people. You want to go after people go after the Pentagon, the war machine, or the fact that America has the largest prison population in the world. And corporations use prisoners to do work for them without paying them in. And then he added, meanwhile, I have an iPhone, I’m a sports fan.

I’m still part of the culture. So I’m making fun of myself too. I tell people I don’t have material. My sets are a cry for help. I’m the punchline.

Josh Wolf is in Nashville for the comedy festival. This week, main street, Nashville says back in the early nineties, Josh Wolf was living in Seattle. He got one of his first roles. He was the height man and host for a behind the scenes, Nintendo power VHS previewing. The soon to be released donkey Kong country.

Joshua said, people send it to me once or twice a year. And ask is this, you. It was embarrassing on my hair down probably mid back and wearing a vest with my t-shirts tucked into my acid wash jeans. It wasn’t a great look for anybody, but it was a good time. I got to work with a monkey they were like, Hey, if this monkey takes something out of your hand, don’t take it back.

And I was like, why not? Oh, it will rip your face off what they were like. Yeah, it’s right around the age where it’s starting to get aggressive towards humans. It’s like a teenager. So this will probably be the last day it works with a human I’m. Like, did you have another monkey?

If you’re at the Nashville comedy festival tonight, Bert Kreischer at the Opry house at seven o’clock

Joe Gatto and Steve burn over at Zinis at nine 15, not a bad night. Nashville.

Sons of shows at moon terror tonight. Wow. Let’s say Jessica Curson has one, five o’clock that’s early. I’m not reading them all there. There’s way more than I can ever read to you in a podcast. Kurt Braunohler and Scotty lands at Cedar street courtyard at five 30 Rosewood baker and Andy Haynes Creek and the cave at 6, 30 at the valve comedy lounge.

Shawn Donnelley, Jessica Curson, Chad and J T that’s a good show dance soda at the paramount at seven fancy.

My went to hand parish at nine o’clock. Big Jay Oakerson, mark Marin build second for some reason. And Allie Makowski, That’s not even an alphabetical order wise, Marin in the middle of.

Deon. Cole’s got the paramount to himself at nine 30 Neil Brennan has the state side to himself at nine 30.

On Tuesday show. I was reading to you from variety’s interview with Rebecca Corey. The subject was Louis CK. Rebecca is out promoting, stand up for pets. That is a fundraiser at Gotham on Sunday. I’ve been looking, I’m not sure who else is on the bill yet, but it’s a worthy cause variety, Astro Beckett, Corey, it seems like all is forgiven and forgotten.

In some parts of the comedy community. Topic is Louis C K that’s puzzling us on. Becca said, if I could make this a glass half full moment, I, unlike some of the others was lucky enough that I never had to see him. Um, I’ll clean it up finish, but can you imagine if Dr.

Fowchee did this to someone at his work? Hmm. I’m going to take a second and think about that. I know it’s not funny, but the Fowchee part’s funny. Come on. Would it be brushed off as odd? Just his thing now I can’t stop the thing. I know I’m horrible person, but. The visual is funny. It’s funny. And I, and I don’t even think I’m picturing actual Fowchee.

I think I’m picturing Kate McKinnon’s Fowchee. I’m a bad person. Everyone’s going to be mad at me. I know Fowchee won’t be reading this, but just in case he does, I want to congratulate him and the millions of men all over the world who go to work every single day with women and don’t harass them. One of the easiest things to do is not masturbate at someone and you guys are living proof.

Keep up the great work.

Right. And ask why you’re willing to address all those things in your act. I’m still thinking of Fowchee. Variety asked, why are you willing to dress all these things in your act coming up when you weren’t at the time? Rebecca said it takes time to process it and so much about it. It was so unbelievably painful and disappointing and sad and hurtful.

And many times I feared for my safety. As I said earlier, I’m now able to process it and I find some of the funny and what is it? Disgusting and absurd circumstance. I think it just takes time to process trauma into humor. Rebecca. Thank you for saying that. Cause I’m sitting here, the voucher thing has to be cracking up.

Like I’m 12. I know the subject’s not funny, but you’re the one that threw the Fowchee image into my brain, man. That’s funny. Go with that. Put that in your act, Rebecca, maybe you don’t think of yourself as a role model, but thinking of other people who might be in comparable positions, you haven’t had anything you’d say to them, she said I’m a role model for eating carbs and then laying down, not this crap.

I would say that I would never tell anybody how to handle anything like this or comparable to it in any way you handle it. However you feel is best for you. If that means staying silent. So be it, if it means screaming it from the mountain SOPs. So be it, no one else has a right to judge how someone handles being put in a lose, lose situation.

Oh. And spay and neuter your pets adopt, never shop. Jimmy O yang played case Western reserve, you, somebody from the observer.case.edu newspaper was there and said, Jimmy made a heck of a first impression. The show was opened by case Western reserve university fourth year student Nate nega Magera opening a show with an audience waiting for Jimmy O yang is a daunting task.

However, this Spartan faced the challenge head on and triumph. Despite only being on stage for 10 minutes, he made quite the impression packing in a wide variety of funny bits. He cracked jokes about the university, his classics major, and his parents disapproval of his life.

Bland, even educated the audience about the classics major a surprisingly funny topic considering how esoteric it is.

Good job for the fourth year student next up was, and now I will go on a sidebar here.

Next step was special guest Pete Guercio. The writer said as a personal fan myself, I was thrilled to see his name on the program and considering his over 200 million views on multiple platforms. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who Pete, where CEO I’ve got more. Pete started with some jokes about the repeated mispronunciation of his last name.

I’m probably doing that right now. A rather plain SABIC that he somehow transformed into something comedic, probably the funniest part of his time on stage. However, was his mention of Craigslist and the rather basic to say the least nature of their website design

the creative Craigslist had graduated from the university back in 75. So it was some hometown humor. I was curious about Pete Guercio. I’ve never heard the name. So I typed Pete squares. He owns a Google and here’s what auto completed is Pete, where CEO a real comedian. that cracked me up. The answer peak where CEO is a comedian in LA has silly, positive comedy delights audiences around the country.

Who knew maybe you all knew, maybe I just suck at this. Jimmy O yang took the stage, the writer’s favorite part was about Jimmy having loser friends. Jimmy talked about how successful friends never have time to hang out. So having lots of loser friends is essential.

He did some material about the height difference between himself and his girlfriend. A yang is five, six. The setup for the joke is that his girlfriend wears heels because heels make my ass look good. his retort. Well, yeah, now it’s at my eye level. That one killed the crowd.

It sounds like it was a good show from chortle seven comedians have been shortlisted for the main award at the Melbourne international comedy festival. They are Aaron chin four. If it weren’t filmed, nobody would believe Cameron James for electric dreams. Daniel Walker is nostalgia Geraldine. Quinn’s broad a Greg Larsons, and we all have bloody thoughts.

Laura Davis, if this is it and Reese Nicholson’s research.

The winners will be revealed [12:30] AM. On Saturday night. Chortle gave three and a half stars to Tom Cashman show at Melbourne called grafts.

They wrote, obviously Tom Cashman show is geeky, but in the same way, those PR generated news stories, which claim something like scientists have graded the perfect formula for loading your natural chips. It’s fun, but real nerds might complain about the flagrant misuse of their beloved science.

Cashman went viral twice in the last year. The first time was he was tired of all the red tape. He had to go through to secure a lease on a Sydney property. He then asked the landlord for their references. The second time was after the cleaners left his garbage in the street. He got an angry letter from a neighbor which Cashman posted online.

He mocked the disproportionate intensity of the.

Catherine reacts with disbelief that a silly gag is being taken so seriously. It makes him something of a passenger in his own store. Tom Kashmin graphs at Melbourne town hall until April 22nd. And from the daily mail, stay with me, stay with me. A comedian who bullied his classmate by stealing his pizza makes amend more than 15 years later.

That’s right. A comedian used to steal his classmates lunch in elementary school. Tik TOK of course helped him reconnect with his former friend. Joe Erwin is 25 he’s in Tulsa. He shared a story in a now viral video explaining how he used to take his pal Dylan’s pizza when they were in the first grade.

Everyone explained he was friends with Dylan at the time. He didn’t realize his actions were hurtful. He just wanted his lunch. We both always got pizza and we always sat next to each other. We actually played at recess together. We were friends, but he was a little guy and I was a fat kid.

So I just thought, since he’s such a little guy, he doesn’t get hungry. Like I do. Erwin said he would trick poor Dylan in a looking in the opposite direction. And once the kids turned his head, he would grab his pizza.

Dylan told him he didn’t like it when he stole his lunch. And he would tell Dylan, I’m sorry, man. I’m just hungry. That’s all. I’d absolutely. How’s that pizza right in front of him. And he didn’t get to eat lunch.

So Erwin asked his viewers if any of them knew a guy named Dylan who went to the particular school and is now in his mid to. Dylan. If you’re out there. I’m sorry, man. I want to take you out to the most expensive pizza place that you could think of. I know it’s not going to completely make it right, but at least I want to say, I’m sorry.

This video has been viewed 9.4 million times. One of the commenters you didn’t hear killing starved to death. Never saw the second grade. Another said Dylan grew up to be Papa, John.

And a follow-up clip Irwin revealed that he attract Dillon down on Facebook. He messaged him. He shared his video, explained he wanted to make a men’s.

Dylan said, this is amazing. Of course. I remember you and I’ve seen your fantasy online. Tic-tacs I remember this happening, but I had no clue as you next time I’m in salsa. Pizzas on you, man. What? Good news. They’re going to reconnect this. Erwin is planning to try for hours to meet up with Dylan and Kansas city on May 14th.

That is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, Google, wherever you get your shows. If you’d like to support the show, you can go to buy me a coffee. Yeah, the ice is melting and this one, I need a new one. And what if somebody steals it when I’m not looking? You know what I mean?

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