Why Kevin Hart doesn’t dare follow Chris Rock when they tour together

Kevin Hart and Chris Rock are touring together for Rock Hart. However, Johnny Mac says Hart should go first as Chris Rock will blow him off the stage.

Ukranian Yakov Smirnoff and wife are trying to aid in the humanitarian crisis. Find out more about their favored charity Convoy of Hope: https://convoyofhope.org/response-updates/convoy-reaching-out-to-help-in-ukrainian-crisis/

Pete Davidson got pizza. Two pies and an appetizer.

See this thing where Donald Trump wants to paint the planes with the word China on the side and start a war between China and Russia. Bad idea. Jimmy Fallon said, then Trump said he would stop Russian tanks by painting a tunnel on the side of a mountain. So they slammed me. Meet me, Seth Myers. He definitely gets his ideas from cartoons.

I mean, this is a slightly stupider version of bugs bunny dressing up as a sexy lady to distract Elmer Fudd. Finally a way to bring stability to the world, a war between Russia and China felon. So if you’re wondering what Trump has been up to lately, the answer is huffing glue felon.

These are the types of ideas you come up with after you stare at the sun too long.

Fallon. Meanwhile, here in the U S a convoy of truckers spent the last few days surfing the Capitol beltway outside DC to protest COVID restrictions. Yet the truckers waited until all the mandates were lifted and gas hit five bucks a gallon, Trevor. It’s a horrible time to be driving is your protest because now they’re praying the cops will tow them away just to save on gas.

This is sad. American Trickers were trying to block traffic, but DC already has so much traffic that nobody noticed. Let’s be honest, a protest isn’t much good. If it’s too subtle for people to know it’s a protest. Yeah. It’s like if Rosa parks briefly decided to sit in the middle of the bus, it just wouldn’t be the.

Stephen Colbert said, yeah, I guess is at an all time high, but clean conscience is worth a buck or two. I’m willing to pay $4 a gallon. Hell I’ll pay $15 a gallon because I drive a Tesla

Fox, for Casey caught up with Yakov Smirnoff.

Smirnoff emigrated from Ukraine than part of the Soviet union. In the 1970s, he became an American citizen in the 1980s.

Here in the states. Now he’s desperately trying to help friends and family escape. He said they went to , which is west Ukraine. And then we’re able to take the train to Krakow that sucked for days. They’ve been figuring out how to do it with two kids. His wife spends all day on the phone, helping friends try to survive and keep their spirits high while they live in basements.

She prays with them, helps them financially in any way she can and tries to help direct people heading toward the border. Olivia Smirnoff said, my friend said today, I washed my hair and my friends bring me bread and she cried and she’s been appreciative for this. We forget to be appreciative for bread, for water.

What we have.

Yaakov said Olivia is doing it because her heart is so big. they were able to help her mother, sister, and children get over the border. They have some family who decided to stay. Yakoff said, there’s a realization that you may not talk to them ever again. And I know so many people who are going to bed that are outside.

Not sure if they’re going to be able to connect with them again.

Yaakov reminds us to remember the Ukrainian children. They’re helpless adults. We’ll figure it out. Somehow the children don’t have that capacity. I’m leading off with this. I know this is not fun, but this Ukrainian story I watched the news every night. This has been really bothering me, watching people with bombed out homes, watching children figure out where to go next.

Smirnoff hopes that people can make donations to convoy of hope, to help refugees as they come across the border of the organizations working in six countries on the border of Ukraine to get food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, and medicinal supplies to the refugees.

I’ll put a link to convoy of hope in the Shona. I also posted on the daily comedy news, Facebook page, a funny routine by British comedian, ammonia, Chihuahua.

I hope I pronounced your name correctly. Moonia mocks the racist undertones of news networks covering the tragedy in Ukraine. He does it in a funny way, but basically the point of the joke is. The loaded use of words, like civilized to

describe Ukrainian refugees, as opposed to say Syrian refugees. All right, let’s do some fun. Now about five seconds after I recorded yesterday’s podcast, I saw this one, Chris rock and Kevin Hart are teaming up for a brief run of co headlining dates. This July the rock hearts only headliners allowed soar consists of five shows taking place in New York and New Jersey, including a July 23rd date at Madison square garden and July 25th at Brooklyn’s Barclay center. That’s where the nets play tickets. Go on sale Friday at [10:00] AM.

Rock and heart are touring separately the summer. But for this joint show, Kevin Hart said when Chris and I realized we were both going to be on tour this year, we immediately knew we needed to do something special with been friends and mentors to each other for 20 years. We’ve never shared a headlining stage together until now.

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the return of live comedy. That’s a co-head line of show with my brother, Chris rock. This is a major moment comedy and one for the history book.

Here is my advice to Kevin Hart. Go first. I’ve seen a lot of live shows. The two best acts I’ve seen live. Number one, Jerry Seinfeld at his peak number two, Chris rock, and it was close. I’ve seen since Jerry and I think Jerry’s lost a little office. Fastball, Chris rock. You don’t want to follow Chris rock right now.

There’s also the style of the comedy. Kevin, you know, has a good time is storytelling. It’s a bit stylized, Chris. Rock’s got something to say. And he’s really good. You do not want to follow Chris rock. Could Dave Chappelle follow Chris rock right now? I would say no because of Dave’s pacing. I think if he went after Chris Dave’s pacing make Dave’s performance looks slow compared to what Chris brings.

Could Louis CK follow Chris rock? I think Louis C K’s.

Over the top Crean Schumer. Wouldn’t follow Chris Rockwell.

Don’t follow Chris rock. Kevin, Hardy listening. Go first, leave your, you go home. Go first

from laugh button, trailer for the new Mikey day hosted Netflix game show. Is it cake is out, is it cake debuts, March 18th. What’s is it cake about, on the show? Celebrity contestants have to figure out if an object is an actual object where cake at the end of the show, the baker that most successfully fools, the panelist walks home with cash.

If it sounds familiar it’s because it started as a meme.

That sounds like fun. And speaking of Saturday night live Kenan Thompson has now appeared in 1500 sketches.

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It’s about an Arab comedy troupe in Montreal,

the comedian Elias said.

He talked about the first time he got up on stage his joke. I will tell you a secret, you need to get to yourselves. We have presidential elections in Syria during COVID 19, the audience cracked up

why it says I wasn’t sure if they were laughing at the fact that I was telling a secret on stage to 50 people or because Syria had presidential election. It was an open mic event. I was supposed to go watch with a friend who canceled the last minute. I’m so glad I went, nevertheless, it started with an emcee making jokes in Arabic for a mostly Arab audience laughing with no censorship, but jokes that touch upon some of the taboos of our embattled religion and a very smart, naughty and elegant way.

I learned later that his name was Eli and that he was a Lebanese filmmaker. We talked about COVID-19 racism in Canada politics and the Arab world, the immigration experience, sex and dating death, motherhood, and social media. We spoke about everything that concerns us and the people watching were either triggered or laughing.

The punchline for the joke about the presidential election was this. Those presidents or elections were just like any other premium born movie, regardless of the stories to us, we all know the ending

from the express, Katherine, Ryan, sick home, the award for best female entertainment performance at the national comedy awards for stand up to cancer while accepting her award and making a heartfelt speech. She stood up for Jimmy Carr. Par has been a little kerfluffle lately about some of the jokes he made about traveler.

Not people on vacation, a group that is sometime referred to as gypsies during her acceptance speech. Catherine paid homage to the late Sean Locke who died last year of. She said, I know that people only voted for my clip because Sean lock was in it. And I have to say, I feel very lucky to have ever spent a moment, his presence.

It’ll be 10 years in may since I first appeared on eight out of 10 cats will, most of me first appeared on eight out of 10 cats and I loved it when it evolved into eight out of 10 cats does countdown and I always looked forward to the bit where Jimmy Carr would give me the roast joke.

This is a genre of comedy that he happens to be the best at. I think it’s really important that we all protect that genre, even if people get offended by it. So thank you to eight out of 10 cats does countdown Jimmy Carr, and thank you to all the men that let be on their channel. Four show. Express says the arena of her fellow colleagues or erupted in applause as she made her way off stage.

Some viewers of the awards were shocked by her words and took to Twitter. Benji Popkin said, has Catherine Ryan just tried to defend Jimmy Carr at wine Monday said not sure. Catherine Ryan sinked, Jimmy cart, roasting people was not offensive, was offensive. Sarah flooding added Catherine Ryan defendant, Jimmy Karner room full of people who slammed his jokes.

Bold. However, most viewers applauded plotted support, supportive her colleague with Holly Hobson, writing anyone else noticed the constant Jimmy Carr jokes, right when, so Katherine Ryan spoke out to support him and then they suddenly stopped. let’s finish up on gossip corner from Yahoo, Marissa to may said she recently gotten contact with her king of Staten island CoStar Pete Davidson, because she realized she never got paid

during an interview with rolling stone. She talked about working with Pete Davidson on the 2020 film And she said to Pete, I never got paid for that day. Did you in this age of transparency, can we talk.

Representatives for Judd Apatow and universal pictures did not immediately respond to insider’s request for a comment, uh, despite maybe not being paid. Who knows? She said she had a rollicking good sign playing pizza. Vinsons mother.

She was asked about Pete Davidson. You know how Pete Davidson has it with the ladies? Marissa may said he’s just so effing real and he’s unfiltered, but very sensitive. So he’s almost an irresistible combination and he’s good-looking, even though I played, let’s put the mom thing aside, like let’s never mention that again.

From iHeart. They said Pete Davidson has finally opened up about what he thinks about Kanye video.

Uh, source told entertainment tonight. Pete finds the fact that Kanye included cartoon version of him and his music video hysterical. He’s almost flattered by it all because it’s so ridiculous to him. That source said, Pete is not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form. He’s using this to grow in more ways than one, including for himself and his relationship with Kim, he is turning all the negativity into a positive thing.

However, us weekly has their own source that says peach, trying to make out like he finds Kanye pranks, hilarious, but nobody really believes. He’s attempting to downplay the impact of the video. He actually feels sorry for the guy, but at the same time, he just wishes he could be left alone. And part of my show prep every day, I Google a few terms, Chappelle Malaney, Pete Davidson, and it turned up this one from S I live you’re on for comedy news feeds Davidson stopped by Denino’s pizzeria in port Richmond on Sunday evening, he grabbed some food to go.

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