Why Nikki Glaser took her shirt off on stage (Bert Kreischer)

Oh I knew THAT would get your attention. Nikki Glaser said, ” I was working with Bert Kreischer and I was like “I want to take off my shirt. Like what’s that going to add to it?”. I loved it, because I am so aware my shirt is off, I’m scared about what they’re thinking, ”

Jim Norton on his biggest fear

Larry Wilmore on his cancelation at Comedy Central

And some international stuff.

Hot are wherever you are. It’s been hot, huh? unless you’re in Australia or something. Wow. It’s been really hot. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jim Norton says the thing that scares him the most in life. Is being the UN funny guy who thinks he’s funny, the guy who thinks he’s telling an interesting story, but really being a dumb, rambling ass.

You’re not talking about me, Jim, are you? He might be. We also all know people who are like that. Hmm. Jim does know me. We also know people who are like that, who are terrible storytellers, terrible joke tellers. And they just don’t know it. The characters I do are making fun of qualities. I hate in other people, things that would terrify me to become now, Jim Norton in real life is actually pretty soft spoken and quite thoughtful, not the same as his stage persona.

Saying the stage persona is fig, but it’s a shade of Jim’s character. And as I’m reading these words, I’m picturing the thoughtful Jim Norton that I know thinking carefully about what he’s saying here, Jim Norton continued. Every comic has that fear.

Every standup has that terrible thought that they aren’t gonna be funny or that deep down they suck the self doubt. I think that’s pretty common. I need to stand up in spite of that. He’s excited to be back out on the road. There’s this pandemic. Did you hear about it? Google COVID 19. You’ll be like, oh my goodness.

I missed that whole story. Jim said I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do jokes again. In those 15 months I took off, there was a fear of going back on stage. Like, am I gonna be able to tell jokes again? I just appreciate it so much more now than I ever did.

Politics slash topical. Jim says I always attack the entire country, the left and the right. I think they’re equally repulsive, but I like to attack the public. I think the public is the problem. Always. They’re just updated things to do with that. The virtue signaling getting, or not getting the vaccine, people, putting their esteem into these things outside themselves.

It’s just kind of attacking everybody with what’s been going on in the last couple years. It feels.

, I love it. When people set up to get angry about something and then see where I’m going with it. Most people are reasonable. If they think you’re being fair,

jim’s in Denver this weekend. Another show tonight at the comedy works downtown and says, Denver’s great. It’s a good club. the people there, especially they listen, they’re focused. It’s an amazing club structure wise. The staff there really knows how to run a club the way every comic wants it run.

It’s honestly, just an incredible place that is high praise from Jim Norton. Nikki Glazer is supposed to laugh button and she says, I need to feel nervous and scared to enjoy this business. The second it becomes easy.

I need to go do a challenge. You know, I went topless on stage this past weekend. because I was working with Bert, ER, and I was like, I wanna take off my shirt. Like, what’s that gonna add to it? I loved it. Cuz I’m so aware when my shirt is off, I’m scared about what the audience is thinking I’m sucking in.

I’m also like who cares? It’s freeing in some weird, liberating F the patriarchy way. When I used to smoke weed before I like doing it, cuz I might forget my joke and that fear of talking and not having any to say would light me up inside. So I’m feeling those feelings about releasing the special again, like, oh no, what’s gonna happen.

Who’s gonna disagree with me. Who’s gonna be offended. But that’s what I love about this. She was asked if she actually cares what people say in social media. Yeah. My biggest fear is comedians thinking. I’m not funny or thinking I’m a gimmicky comic. I know I’m not. And I know that I’m a good comic. There are certain comics that we all know who are hacks and we tolerate them and they’re popular.

We won’t tell that to their face. We all secretly know who the hacks are and I’m not one of those hacks to them person who is able to identify the hacks. Thus, I can see that I’m not, but I do worry about the, oh, she’s just a sex comic. She’s a one trick pony, one trick donkey show.

I wonder who she means there. I’m just doing a mental checklist of who the most popular comedians are right now. And I can’t think of anybody. Who’s obviously hacky who’s popular at the moment.

Right? Elaney Gaffigan seora Chrysler.

I know some people don’t like the Southern guys, but that its own style of comedy. I, I don’t know who she would be talking about. There, there is one name that is popping into my mind, but if I say this name, I will get so many angry social media posts. So I’m not going to say it.

Lazia said when I watch people to stand up, all I do is nitpick. I’ll go. I really like that. She did that. I’m jealous of that now. And I’m threatened by her and I don’t wanna watch the rest or I’m like, oh, that was such a lame joke. What an easy gimmick to get the audience, to like them more and to convince you that you’re funnier than you are.

I try not to do those things, but I’m sure I do some that someone could call me out for, but my worst nightmare is a comedian watching my special going, oh, that old trick. Oh yeah. That old road hack trick. For example, the comedy fans listening to this when a comedian mugs, after a joke that really disgust me, they’ll do a punchline and go, and it was a red wheelbarrow.

And then she mugged for the camera. I don’t know. I kind of like mugging for the camera. Bob hope did it, Johnny Carson definitely did it. Letterman would do it. She said there are acts out there that I love. And there are reaction faces that I utilize that are so important, crucial to comedy, but there are some egregiously used and there to manipulate the audience that thinking you’re funnier than you are.

That’s my biggest fear. The back of the room. What other comics will say about me and. and what I will say is I tried my best. I’m trying to do a comedy. That’s funny, but I also do care about talking to younger girls. What I will say is funny will always come first and should come first. But a close second for me is trying to make people feel less alone and be able to laugh at things they think only they struggle with.

Vulture asked Larry Wilmore, how did it get so tense and ugly with comedy central? You said at a certain point, they wouldn’t even talk to you guys, and that later you felt a sense of shot Freud did I pronounce that right?

Germans. Let me know when the network couldn’t put together another late night. Wilmore said, I don’t mind being salty in cancellation, but we were up against some very tough things. People have to remember. I was in the slot that Stephen Colbert had and he had a very passionate, loyal audience. They put his show on a pedestal.

And my show was, I think, ingested by a lot of that crowd as the show that replaced Stephen show, I was being judged. Partly from that standpoint, from the network’s point of view, it was like, here are the numbers Steven had when he was leaving, not when he got there, but when he was leaving, how come your numbers aren’t up here?

It was an uphill climb. I knew from the beginning, there was no way I could compete with what Steven did. I had to be my own thing. It takes a while to find a show, even John Stewart, who took over the daily show from Craig Killborn people weren’t pleased with what he was doing at first. And it took a while to turn that into his show.

Same note from me on Trevor Noah, replacing John Stewart. People seemed to like Trevor Noah now. Right? It’s

Wilmore. I thought what made ours show special was we were having a conversation that America said it wanted to have. And I’m like, all right, MF, first we’re gonna have. Comedy central wanted us to do games, things like that. I think their point of view was like, we’re just trying to fix a show, but they never approached it.

Like, is this show an expression of Larry Wil Moore’s voice, but the time we were canceled, they weren’t interested in us. They hadn’t talked to us for months. We were pretty much finding what the show was at that point. And I think people really appreciated. Many of our fans felt like we were voice in the wilderness covering issues that others weren’t covering.

We were well oiled to handle any situation that came up in the news. We could have comedy, we could have discussion, it was built to have both, and we could keep it real in each format and entertaining.

One of the 8 billion things I do is I have a casual travel podcast. That podcast is called travel is back every week. Tell you about a place that I’ve been. And what I like to do when I’m there, this week’s episode. Is about long beach island, New Jersey. And as you listen to it, I’m probably at long beach island, New Jersey, maybe even listening to myself, tell you that I’m at long beach island, New Jersey.

Now the question is, am I just air checking daily comedy news? Or am I listening to travel? Is back regardless. Travel is back is available wherever you get your podcast. Last few episodes have been about beaches next week is about Catalina island. And then I might do some Australia episodes. I’ve started doing some production on those travel is back wherever you get your shows.

Let’s check out just for laughs. Tonight.

What’s today, today is Saturday the 23rd.

Johnny Mack. Why don’t you know what day it is? Did you tape this on Wednesday afternoon or something? No.

Seven o’clock the nasty show. Seven o’clock just for the culture. Eight 30 Randy Feld face.

Alien of extraordinary ability. There’s only one Randy Feld face, which technically makes him a critically endangered species. Don’t miss your chance to see this felt faced, wonder delivering an hour of blistering jokes in his natural habitat. The theater. I wanna see Randy Feld face. I wonder if I have a shot at seeing him when I’m up there.

He is there Wednesday at nine o’clock, but I’m at new faces. Maybe if I run across the hall, I can catch it. Hmm. I might have to put in a request for those tickets there.

So Randy fell face at eight 30 at nine 32nd show for just for the culture on the nasty show. 10 o’clock Reese Nicholson.

Reese Reese. Reese. How about a nice little hour where we pretend the last couple years haven’t happened? That sounds nice. Yeah. Nice little comedy show with your old Powell or Reese winner of the most outstanding show at Melbourne at 2022.

That’s high praise as well. Now he’s playing Wednesday at 10 30. Maybe I’ll do that. I think I asked for James a caster tickets. for the late show, but boy, there’s so many choices. And then at 1159 midnight surprise Johnny UA is midnight surprise at 1159. Here’s why when you schedule something at 12 o’clock and you write am, some people don’t know.

What does that mean? Is it midnight? Is that tomorrow? Like, for example, if I tell you, Hey, the show’s Saturday at midnight, do, I mean, you know, at the very end of Saturday, as it’s becoming Sunday, cuz technically it’s Sunday and it gets confusing and the whole amp thing.

So when you say the show is Saturday at [11:59] PM, people know what the hell you’re talking about. Midnight surprise,

love the description. The shows at midnight, the rest is a surprise.

those are usually really good shows. Speaking of, just for laughs the, just for laughs Sydney comedy festival is coming later this year. I have to figure out some way to get there. Should I do the travel podcast from there and write it off? Can I convince someone to fly me down there and cover the hell out of this thing?

Cuz Jimmy O yangs at the city opera house Saturday, December 3rd,

they also announced. Rock whi is live at the state theater on that same day. What is that? Australian television’s original rock trivia show. We’ll make its first appearance. It just for laugh Sydney

the night before Friday, December 2nd, just announced Alan Carr, regional trinket Alan’s back on the road with a brand new standup. From the exhilarating high of his star studied wedding day to the low of lockdown, stuck in a farm. A lot has changed since Alan’s last Australians who were in 2016, the SI comedy festival, November 28th to December 4th.

And let’s stay international from choral nominees in this year’s Edinburgh comedy awards will be showcased on radio four. The day after their names are announced, an hour long gala show will air [11:00] PM on Thursday, August 25th, featuring comics shortlisted for both the main award and best newcomer accolade.

The BBC announced a bunch of plans for Edinburg. Other highlights include a new documentary on the history of the fringe as it marks its 75th Ann. The 90 minute show has the working title, the fringe fame and me will err, on BBC Scotland and BBC two. Hey, that’s why you’re gonna need that express VPN that I read the commercial for every now and then I know I’ll be at my house in Scotland to watch that wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?

Say no more.

Meanwhile, Mark Nelson will front a new series of Edinburgh unlock for BBC Scotland, which I can watch from my Scotland residents while I’m there featuring some of the top names from the fringe. First episode, August 11th, to further shows August 18th and 25th.

And a bunch of radio shows, which you’re not gonna listen to. So I won’t tell you about them. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify, wherever you get your shows, you can buy me a coffee. Here’s a, here’s a coffee. That’s pretty much empty. It sounds a lot like the coffee I was drinking on Thursday’s episode, but, uh, there’s no way.

Could be, cuz that would imply that I recorded this on Wednesday afternoon, which obviously I did not. So buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

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