Why Pete Davidson got a spray tan PLUS more Louie Anderson stories

Pete Davidson got a spray tan.

Some more Louie Anderson stories.

A comedian pranks the city council.

The KC Jazz Museum and the National Comedy Center make a lame bet.

Gilbert Gottfried and Patton Oswalt on Bob Saget

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news and normal edition today, I’ve got some Louie Anderson stuff, some Bob Saget stuff as well, but as I usually do, I’ll start with late nights. Seth Meyers said president Biden said that his first year in office has been a year of challenges, but I’d rather focus on the positives like your COVID test.

That’s a great joke, Jimmy Fallon, when Biden was asked, what he’s learned. He said being vice-president was a hell of a lot more fun. Cole bear said it seemed like just yesterday, our democracy was being held hostage by a cabal of obstruction. Who didn’t want every vote counted? Oh, wait. That was yesterday felon a year ago.

Biden pledged to address COVID the economy, climate change and racial injustice and good news. After 12 months of tireless effort, we’re all getting three free masks, seven Myers Biden held a one hour 51 a minute press conference. It was the first thing Americans actually wished Joe mansion had stopped.

Michael Ian black pointed out. The good thing is there aren’t that many more people left to do. Louie Anderson talking about president Trump in 2017 and said just recently, I’ve been discovering bits I didn’t have in me. So people say, they’re worried about Trump and they’ll say, aren’t you worried about Trump?

And I say, no. , because my dad wants, kept us up from midnight till [6:00] AM. Because somebody left the butter out. They always laugh because they understand how absurd it is. But my dad was like that and he got stuck on things. It’s been wonderful fodder.

This part of my life is about celebrating the people I love and my family, especially, even dear old mean dad. I never admitted. I left the butter out by the way he wanted me to, but I wouldn’t do it the way he talked to the daily press about fact jokes. He said, they’re not mean to be self-deprecating.

They’re just circumstantial. I’m big. I don’t do them to excuse myself and make fun of. I’m just talking about me. People say you don’t do those fat jokes. You should embrace yourself. And I tell them I would embrace myself, but I can’t get my arms around me.

That’s a new one. It just comes from opening my heart up. I wanted to be a politician. I was going to be president. I thought it’d be good at it. I wouldn’t get a lot done because I’m lazy, but it’d be good at getting elected

Arizona central ass Louis in 2019. Why does stand-ups always come back to standup? Like they go off and do other things. And then I do stand up again. Louise said, it’s true. I think it’s what you know, and you don’t need anyone to do it.

Nobody can interfere and it’s just that close relationship between you and the audience. And usually when you’re doing it, you’re working stuff out. So it’s kind of like, I don’t want to say therapy, but I don’t want to say it’s not therapy.

It’s the first love for most of us,

Louie, when you were coming along in the eighties, it seemed like there was an arc to a comics career, get known, get on Johnny Carson and then become an actor or their shared skills or something. Louise said commanding on stage is a pure performance. What I think I get out of it is a connection.

You know, your fans really love you when fans really love you, man. That’s a great feeling. It’s like having a really great family that you’re not related.

You got really close to these people for an hour and a half or two hours and you get as close as you can. And then you say goodbye and no one really wants to leave you or the audience. Well, some of the audience might want to leave, but you’re saying goodbye. And hopefully they’re taking something with them that night.

I’m definitely taking something with me from the.

from 2017 and the Las Vegas sun Louis talking about Las Vegas is a big circus, but I say whatever helps bring people to town and go for it. We’ve got Brittany saline, rod Stewart. Everybody’s here. Now boys demand back street.

It’s good. Cause everybody can’t go to all those shows. 25% of people that come to Vegas, 5, 6, 10 times a year in each time they make a show. That’s the ritual. I know these people, they have a list. When I had a show on the strip, I was one of the picks. I heard it many times. They, Louie, we came to see you instead of saline.

And next time we’re coming for her. Vegas is bigger than a circus that has a mystique of its own. And everybody wants to know what show is new with the most risky or what restaurant can I go to order something off the menu? There’s such a rich. Who else has a mob museum?

and I was trying to find articles about Louise time hosting family feud. I couldn’t really find any, as you imagine right now, if you Google Louie Anderson, you get 10,000 obits, but I did find this from entertainment weekly. He said he watched family feud as a kid. I’d be on the arm of the couch. My dad would be in his chair.

My mom would be in the kitchen. Would all be playing feud. My dad would go look at Richard Dawson slobbering all over the women. My mom would go. I think he’s nice. You wouldn’t think he’s nice. You know, that kind of thing

he told he w he would overhear arguments during the commercial breaks. I hope he got a ride home. Carl chicken. What? A dumb answer. Coral. All right.

Pizza. If you thought Pete Davidson looked a little extra airbrush, should I bust out half-ass Jeff Foxworthy. Think so. If you thought Pete Davidson looked a little airbrushed on new year’s Eve, you were not wrong.

As it turns out. Pete Davidson got a spray tan before taking the stage. This from us magazine. Pete revealed this the other night at the Patrice O’Neal comedy benefit concert that got very little pickup in the. He said he was told to get a tanning treatment. Cause he’s really white and a little extra color would help him look not so bad on camera.

He admitted he didn’t actually like the whole hosting thing. He found the ordeal to be pretty embarrassing. Some thought he was . Others felt that his bleached blonde hair and pale complexion made him look like beetle juice. One fan tweeted, still lobbying for beat Davidson to play young beetle juice.

Pete Davidson looks like a millennial Beetlejuice SNL shot down that rumor. Remember earlier in the week, there was a rumor that Pete Davidson was missing rehearsals because he was a total diva and hanging out with Kim Kardashians and NBC spokesperson released a statement. Saying no rehearsals have been missed adding.

It’s not true now. I can’t tell you if Pete Davidson was on SNL last night. Cause I recorded this at [12:11] PM on Saturday.

If you’d like to participate in the show, I set up a voicemail account. You go to pod inbox.com/daily comedy news, and you can leave a voicemail. You can do that right from your phone. I’ll use your voicemail on the show. Pod inbox.com/daily comedy news. The national comedy center and American jazz museum have a wager on tonight’s bills.

Chief’s. Alright, before I read you the story it’s Buffalo and Kansas city. We should probably bet Buffalo wings versus some sort of Kansas city barbecue. Isn’t that what you would do, right? Yes. Well, the national comedy center and American jazz museum, those entertainers have decided. If the chiefs, when Kansas city residents can enjoy the national comedy center for free.

And if the bills, when Western New York residents can enjoy the American jazz museum for free, okay, let’s pull that apart. So if the chiefs win and I am a Kansas city resident, I can go to Jamestown New York, which is in the middle of nowhere and go to the comedy museum for free. Gee, thanks guys. Or if you’re from Buffalo, you can make your way to Kansas city and go to the American jazz museum.

Yeah, you don’t want to just do wings, us barbecue food,

but wait, there’s more. Gary Hahn is the director of communications at the national comedy center. And he said, in addition to admission, we’re going to have a little bit of fun on social. Oh, okay. All right. Some fun. If the males, when the executive director of the American jazz museum is going to sing the Bill’s fight song, a kind of jazzy version of that.

And they’re going to post it online. Oh, I can’t wait if Kansas city were to win. We at the national comedy center, we’ll post some standup comedy about Buffalo. What ah, staff or the winning museum will be treated to the other regions. Most beloved dining delicacy. Finally, the jazz guys will get Buffalo.

And the comedy guys would get barbecue. Just do that.

Right. I got a fun story at the end. I know today’s a lot about death. Kelly Rizzo, the wife of Bob Saget share that their final communications were filled with love. Kelly said, I think I said, I love you dearly. And he said, I love you. And Leslie, and then I said, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

When she last spoke to Bob on the phone, he was just on his way home or back to his hotel. And he was telling me what a wonderful show we had and how it was so amazing. He was happy and just loving what he did. It made him so happy to bring laughter to people. Kelly Rizzo talked about how her husband would rush back after shows.

He’d go to sleep at [2:00] AM. Wake up at [4:00] AM, just so he could be on a [6:00] AM flight to come home. He valued every single second we had together.

That’s why this is so heartbreaking. The one silver lining from this as the incredible outpouring of love and support. Not only from everybody that loved Bob, but also his friends and family. I don’t know how else I’d be getting through this right now.

Gilbert Godfrey shade with vulture. I remember when the aristocrats came out and people would say, can you believe Bob Saget is talking that way? Nobody who knew him was in any way surprised. That’s the way our conversations always were out.

Now. Filthy.

On our podcast would start like a typical interview and he would immediately veer off into something totally perverted. There was nothing that was too far. That was a friendly competition in our conversations. We’d always try to outdo each other for a while. We were sending each other emails and they were getting more and more crazy.

And we thought this would make a great book. We were looking forward to that told his manager and his manager read the emails and said in no uncertain words, no, you are not sharing this with the public. Gilbert added. Since I heard he died in my head, I still kind of think I should call Bob and talk to him about this.

I’m pretty certain. If there was a way to talk to him now he’d be making some really poor taste jokes about his own death. Patton Oswalt said, everybody said Bob was so dark. He was so raunchy, but it was never from a mean-spirited place. It was from a giggly. I can’t believe we got to do this stuff kind of place.

I know people came to see him because they thought, oh, he’s that wonderful, man. We watch on TV. And I’m sure they were initially shocked, but it was hard to be offended by him because he was so clearly having a goofy time up there. It was not coming from a place of personal acts, but from a place of just having fun,

when you’d meet him personally, he was still that same friendly, goofy, upbeat energy. He wasn’t telling dirty jokes, although he could, especially if he is with other comedians,

he was just a very nice guy. And from Vancouver is awesome. You’re home for comedy news. Fans of local politics might have noticed an awkward moment during a recent public hearing for the city of Vancouver. Okay. Council person, Pete Frye asked for the first speaker to start the name of the first speaker, jackin daddy off council person, Pete fry called on the speaker speaker, number one, Jack and daddy.

The person who responded, isn’t legally named Jack and daddy off. He is Brandon Washburn, a local comedian. Who’s taken a prank like this one because a lot of the comedy clubs are closed. Washburn as daddy off, went on a three minute rant saying, I can’t have this rezoning, go ahead. There’ll be traffic and noise.

It’ll disrupt my vibe. I have a bear inside me and I need the discipline of martial arts to keep him at bay. I got to keep the bear teamed. Otherwise he’s going to go searching for honey. He’s going to go searching and he’s going to face.

Councilperson Melissa diGenova then went on to ask him several questions about the project that its impact on him. Washburn thought. I thought it was funny that somebody who was unvaccinated could tell jokes at council, but not at a bar. And that’s your comedy news for today. Follow this show on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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