Why Ricky Gervais thinks we are all spoiled

Ricky Gervais on technology, how spoiled we are and religion.

Matthew Broussard’s worst New Years Eve gig.

James Austin Johnson on what he’s famous for.

Canadian comedians you should know.

Tom Clark on hanging with Mitch Hedberg

How Lucy transitioned to television with the help of Buster Keaton and Pepito the Clown.

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Uncorrected Transcript:

Fasten your seatbelts for this first joke from Trevor Noah

for decades, owning a home has been one of the core parts of the American dream just below dating Pete Davidson. But right now, actually buying a home has been harder than Matt gates watching the new saved by the bell. Why do millennials love crappy old houses that nobody else wants? Because it’s their only option.

It’s like me asking a great school. Trevor. Why do you love sitting by yourself at lunchtime? So that’s where we are right now. Thanks to boomers and wall street, owning a home may soon, no longer be the American dream. the Good news is if you wait around long enough, you still might get a chance to date Pete Davidson.

Ricky surveys and spoke to the AA. RP. Ricky said I’m so grateful for technology, especially during COVID the first pandemic, meaning the black plague must’ve been terrible without zoom. They would just throw you out of a window and into a. License good as it’s ever been on the planet. When I was on tour, once I stayed in a castle and slept in the bedroom where Henry the eighth had slept, I was in awe, but I couldn’t get onto the internet because the walls were so thick.

I started complaining in a castle. It was crazy. I just had to stop and laugh at myself. We are the most spoiled people in history.

He spoke about his faith. I haven’t said there isn’t a God. I said, I don’t believe in your God or any God, it’s technically, I’m an agnostic atheist because one deals with knowledge and one deals with belief. I choose not to believe because I’m conditioned to have a science-based outlook.

I want evidence before I believe in something, but if I show up at the pearly gates, I’d like to dig that, say, you’re wrong, I’d go yam embarrassed. And let’s say, don’t be embarrassed. You’ve been good. And we’d rather have a good atheist than a bad Christian. So in you come.

Talking about comedy. He said in good faith, you have to try to not hurt someone feelings with your comedy, but every jokes reminds someone of something bad. Some will get upset. I did a joke on Twitter that sums it up. Why did the chicken cross the road answer? And few, my chicken was run over yesterday.

What can you do? You can’t help that your joke reminds somebody of something bad? I can’t say does anyone know anyone who’s got Ms. It. Okay. I won’t do that one. Does anybody ever get sunburned? Okay. I won’t do that one. Imagine that.

I hate it when I hear a left-wing comedian or right-wing comedian, I think we shouldn’t know what wing a comedian is. We shouldn’t be able to tell from the jokes. People think a joke is a window to the comedian’s true soul.

I pretend to be right wing, left, wing, no wing. If that makes jokes better, I’ll change a choke. I’ll go the opposite way and play the wrong side of the coin arrogantly and people get it. What’s funny about a comedian coming out and telling you exactly what he believes.

Where’s the joke.

Matthew Broussard sock to the RVA magazine. They looked at his bio, which says failed financial analyst, turned comedian Broussard, corrected them and said disgraced. That’s right. Disgraced financial analysts. Matthew Broussard said, yeah, I got fired. I was just very bad at my job.

I had no focus. I don’t know if I could have ever survived in a real workplace. I’m terrible. I have no organization or nothing. He’s going to be in Richmond for new year’s Eve. He spoke about his worst new year’s Eve show. Uh, worst show I ever did was a new year’s Eve show at a Hilton in little rock Arkansas.

They brought me on and we were doing this expensive party and it ran from nine till midnight. They’re going to bring me up at nine o’clock for 20 minutes. And then they’re going to bring me up again at 11 for 20 minutes. And there’s a band and an auction and DJ, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a bar mitzvah or maybe like a wedding after party.

There was a big dance floor and then a buffet all around the dance floor. No seats. The band goes up and they just killed a local country band. Everybody’s so excited for.

I go up, the dance floor is empty and there’s just people swarming the buffets. I think four polite souls walk up to the stage and you have to somehow calm down this lovely party with my okay. Jokes to get their attention. I don’t, I bomb and I walk off stage and no one wants to look at me. All these people that were so excited just don’t want to make eye contact.

The guy running the show comes up to me and says, after all that I have to go up again at 11, when they’re drunker and rowdy. And he goes, you know, I think you’re good for the night. We don’t need you again. Great job. Here’s your check. I couldn’t stay at the party cause I pushed everybody away, like a skunk, the stink of failure on me.

So I just went up to my hotel room and held that check. In my hand, I resented the check and I was like, I don’t deserve this. And I think I just went out and walked along the river and caught Pokemon on Pokemon go. There was a Bulbasaur hotspot. I got a lot of Boba SAR back when that was a hard Pokemon.

New topic. How important is the internet presence for comedians now, Matthew Brossard. He said, it’s my day job. I want from thinking, ah, I can’t, I can’t wait to be a comedian. We don’t have a day job. And now my day job is to post stuff. Jokes, videos, edit content, always have stories from my shows with funny content.

It’s our nine to five. It’s everything. I know some great comedians who are horrible online. They can barely make a living if I’m. And I know some very mediocre comedians who just understand algorithms. Amen. On that.

We’ve been picking away at vultures comedians. You should know one of them at James Austin Johnson. You know him now cause you watch Saturday night live and you love his impression.

James Austin Johnson. Describe your comedy in five words, adults swim, Andy Griffith baked. What are you best known for? What have you most proud of? He said, I think people freak out the most about my trip videos, where I’m just walking around Glendale. Babbling is Trump. So the voices and impressions thing is really what I think brings a lot of boys to the yard. So to speak the things I’m most proud of are getting to work with the Cohen brothers and getting on SNL.

But when I asked my wife what I bring up the most as a proud moment, she says, it’s when I was ed Begley Jr. On the Josh Hutcherson show future man timeout. Hey Josh Hutcherson that show you need another name, man.

I, it took me eight takes to get that as poorly as I read it. Josh Hutcherson show. That’s really hard. Time in that was the first comedy acting gig I had where I let loose and goofed around. Did the job, brought a little of myself to, it felt really cool. And that set like was actually learning how to do the job and not blowing it.

Some of his favorite comedians right now, Sarah SCORM, Conor O’Malley his amazing joke was Salus sketches. Danny Polin was cooking videos, but hard to think of anybody funnier in LA than Jamelle Johnson an effortless crusher and super charming in weird best comedy advice have fun up there. It took me years to realize what it means now.

I kind of do it really helps worst comedy advice of my pawpaw. So many to avoid the theater crowd and be a history teacher would not have been the best thing for my comedy. If he had the power to move anything from the comedy world right now. Deep fakes, really struggling to think of something that was improved by deep faking it’s unsettling and distracting.

Like why would you deep, fake Bruce Willis is face on some Monica from friends. And then after you did that pointless thing, why would you post it? Why did you even post? What did you accomplish? You just posted nothing. Anytime I’m watching one of those things,

I’m just like, why do this.

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Nominees Asia to Chardonnay Derrius Davies. Shojai Rachel Morton, young Robin Perkins or mood at Vermont. I don’t know them. Best improv, troupe, comedy, sports, doom, and bloom. Fantastic voyage improv, histrionics monkey toast. I’m going to vote for monkey toes, just cause the name best sketch troop, bad medicine, foil, arms, and hog grown ass women.

New kids on your mom. And Yas queen I’ve voted for new kids on your mom, just cause it’s funny.

Best TV program. Auntie Donna’s big old house of fun. I’m voting for that. I love that Iggy and A’s is this thing on star struck, waiting in line best animated TV program, the Simpsons, Rick and Morty central park Archer. And. Bob’s burgers. Two questions. One. Have you ever seen bombs Berg as you haven’t to have you ever met anyone?

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Interbank, did a good job with 10 Canadians who killed in comedy in 2021. I like keeping an eye on the Canadian comedy scene. It is not my wheelhouse because I don’t live in Canada and there’s a pandemic. They will let me in, in terror. Bang says Keith Pedro’s album Trilla Pino.

The type of Elm that jumps out from your core stereo and made you long for dimly lit club, show that at too many times this year felt like a distant memory. Steph the only person on the list I am familiar with.

Her Tik TOK is a hilarious range of characters that have no time for being delicate or humble yet she’s a standout through and through appearing on bill Burr is the ringers

Tamra Shavonne for purse wine.

Perse wine is a timestamp collection of material paying tribute to her former self, her vices and the places it took them. This album should not be streamed a track at a time. You want to hear it in its entirety. It’s a performance has been polished to a point where Chavonne is both in total control, but entirely in the moment.

Cowbell comedy, Braden Lynch finally got his illegal park show, right? The summer with aggression of cowbell. Hold at Toronto music gardens had boasted, large crowds and hot lineups all summer, Matt right here live not a cat mat, right? His comedian. Who’s the next generation, the comedic legacy of Canada’s east coast.

The is an impressive contemporary, solid hour of material that calls out all facets of pandemic, living and lack there of for having the audacity to ruin the time COVID jokes are a harder sell than regular jokes. As they require people to laugh about pain, they are not entirely over.

This is the thing, fiber TV, the interrobang rights, just like Staten island is not New York city. Hamilton is not Toronto and don’t get a twisted.

The series follows Mike Mitchell and Tim Ford as they work at the mall by day and the comedy rooms by night, it’s whip smart and we’ve sent a generous amount of cameo highlights, including comedy records, resonant, buried sailor appearing as himself. Wow. How’d you get him?

Kesha brownies album is ingredients of a brownie. Uh, Jamaican French Canadian as she cut her teeth on Toronto’s legendary Nubian show that show gave many of their start, including a young Russell Peters.

Danny Martinello won the Seattle comedy contest. Seattle is not in Canada guys.

But he’s from Alberta yelling and stomping firing so many jokes. He was the embodiment of if you’re not first you’re last

album is called tiger. King Sigler spelled at T I G R E.

The humor and the intense African pride,

if his mother is reading this, I am a 100% giving your son a sparkling review. I know you do not abide any nonsense from Western hipsters who think they know anything.

And it tells you how much I like being the Ricardo’s. You heard yesterday’s revised funniest things of 20, 21 town and country road. How Lucille ball went from B-movie queen of comedy superstar.

After her film career stalled, Lucy found success with the radio series. My favorite husband, when it premiered as a weekly show in 1948, the series started Lucy and Richard Dennings as a well-off society. Couple 10 episodes into the first season.

The writing team was replaced by Jess Oppenheimer, Bob Carol, Jr. And Madeline Pugh. And we’ve come to know them from the being the Ricardo’s movie. Now they promptly rewrote the characters to be a comfortably middle-class couple who has the tagline went lives together and like it.

So then CBS was like, let’s make this a TV show. Lucy said, sure. Except my husband’s going to be played by Desi.

CBS was like, no one will believe that you’re married to a Cuban manly.

So they said they would tour the country together that summer and prove how willing American audiences were to see them as a couple for the tour. Lucy rehearse for hours with Buster Keaton and Pepito Perez, who was known as Pepito the clown together, they concocted an act for Lucy largely based on Pepito, his own involving a tramp costume and a giant cello.

The Torah was a smash. And when CBS finally allowed while on Arnaz to film a pilot, they recreated the sketch sequence eventually found its way into the first season as part of episode six, the audition

And from the Milwaukee record, they caught up with Tom Clark and they were like, Hey. I heard you talk about once, about being heckled by Mitch Hedberg, when you were performing at comedy cafe, . What’s it like to have such an odd, an awesome connection.

One of the best comedians of volts I’m Tom Clark said he was such a wonderful person and obviously a great comedian. I fish for the whole week with him at the comedy cafe in Milwaukee, back in 2002, he’s was one of the nicest people. And I had a pretty weird style, which he liked a couple of years later.

I was a new face in Montreal for just for laughs and had a bad set. He was also there invited me to hang out at a show. I think he knew my show. Didn’t go well. He was so supportive and meant a lot.

Milwaukee record said, finally, I believe you have the distinction of being the first comedian or one of the first comedians to perform at the fire service forum. When you open for gym. Tom Clark said, I think Kevin Hart has that honor. Jim said Kevin had reached out and asked if it’d be okay if he went there first.

But yeah, it was amazing. Now that the bucks have won the NBA championship, I’m worried that my achievement will be overshadowed. That is your comedy news for today. Worldwide comedy Warren’s dot com vote man, follow the show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, all that. See tomorrow.

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