Why Smartless podcast fans are annoyed at Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett

Bill Engvall is like, “Where’s my check?”

HBO announces a Larry David documentary. Very very interesting.

The Bob Saget case takes another turn.

Roy Kent and Oscar The Grouch? Brett Goldstein does Sesame Street.

Paul Reiser joins the cast of Reboot.

Should Henry Winkler be added to the Mac Pack?

Pete Davidson is back on Instagram.

Amy Schumer’s Life and Beth debuts.

Rashida Jones will star in teh annoyingly titled “Sunny” not be confused with the show about the bar in Philadelphia with nice weather.

Brooklyn 99 Marathon on Comedy Central

HBO Max cancels The Prince

Kate McKinnon joins Barbie

Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx with Will Forte team up for Strays

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser is a thing that will air on E

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news now to just see the whole deal with the Russian Olympic skater. Now I’m not one to make fun of children, but I slated to jokes when late night shows, because they’re more about the concept of the joke rather than a specific girl. Jimmy Kimmel said she tested positive for three substances.

That can be used to treat hard problems. Imagine how devastating that must be. Train your whole life to be in the Olympics. You follow all the rules you put in all the hours, eat the right things. Then last minute you accidentally take your grandfather’s heart medicine. Trevor Noah said, but again, I’m not saying Russia did it on purpose.

I’m not saying that. I’m just saying don’t be shocked. When later this week they use 15 year olds to invade Ukraine.

Funny, not funny. I’m predicting. They invade Sunday afternoon. Here’s why three-day weekend in the United States. I’m a time studier of the media and I could see world war three, breaking out. When CNN has the C team at the anchor desk, it happens all the time. Keep an eye on that. Hope I’m wrong. Johnny Mac is officially an XY world war three.

Johnny Mac is officially pro peace. Did you see the thing in Arizona where the priest did the sacrament wrong? And now everybody’s got to be rebaptized for two decades. Father Andres erino performed the sacraments of baptism. With the words we baptize you in the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit.

He was supposed to say, I baptize you. So everybody’s baptism is invalid. Trevor Noah said, wait, I’m sorry, what? All the baptisms are invalid because of one word. This is like the worst thing a Catholic priest has ever done. Since we were young, many of us been sought the same story. Right. Be good. Pray every day and you’ll get into heaven.

I like your grandmother probably didn’t mention is that a paperwork issue could send you straight to hell. Kobe church leaders investigated and found that father Aramco had incorrectly performed thousands of baptisms over more than 20 years. Of course, this was just a priest at a baptism. It could be worse.

It could have been a rabbi at a bris, Trevor, like, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to hear that the Catholic church cares about people’s pronouns, but this seems like a minor mistake to me. And what’s going to happen to all the people that weren’t actually baptized. What happens to them? Huh? They gonna go to hell for someone else’s mistake.

That’s so unfair. Everyone else gets to go to hell because they got to have some fun.

From the LA times last month, bill invol got a very nice email from Pandora, congratulating him on reaching over 600 million streams. Wow, that’s pretty good. That came from 227,000 monthly listeners. Congratulations, bill angle.

But then bill noticed he hadn’t been paid for any of those streams billing ball told the LA times it’s like sending somebody a birthday card that says, oops, forgot to give you a gift.

Bill is part of this lawsuit against Pandora and said, if you invent a product and it sells, you want to be paid for it. And I think sometimes in this society, we tend to ask for forgiveness instead of permission, while I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to generate a name, there’s a lot of cats out there that don’t in, their stuff is being used and they need to be paid as well.

None of us are asking for any more than what we’re owed.

Larry David will be the subject of a two-part HBO documentary. This one called the Larry David story in the Larry David’s story. Larry David gets candid about his personal and professional highs and lows from his humble beginnings. As an unfunny Brooklyn kid, it’s becoming America’s favorite misanthrope.

This’ll be on HBO March 1st. So you don’t have to wait too long, especially cause February’s a little short. The trailer is soundtrack by Larry David discussing his life. It opens with a picture of him as a child, under a voiceover explaining he never considered himself to be very funny.

As the trailer goes on, Larry David discusses, how he fell in a comedy and how his persona on curb is not who he isn’t real life. All right.

Your spidey sense, tingling from sky news. A judge has blocked the release of quote unquote graphic records relating to an investigation into the death of Bob Saget.

sowed yesterday. Sag. His family had fought a lawsuit to stop the sharing of evidence collected from the scene of the death. They said it depicted Bob graphically and should be released only to family.

The judge agreed, issuing a temporary injunction, agreeing as family would suffer severe mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress. If the request was not granted

from the AAV club, Brett Goldstein, you know him, he plays Roy cans on Ted lasso. He had a breakout year, but he loves Brett Goldstein. Now he was on the Muppet show.

And guess who he was hanging out with. That’s right. Oscar, the grouch Sesame street, social media shared a 16 second clip teasing Goldstein’s guest spot on Sesame street. He gets his own trash can next to Oscar, the grouch. That’s awesome. We are not sure when that will air Paul riser has joined the cast of Hulu’s re.

Reboot stars, a Mac packer, Keegan, Michael Key. Paul riser will take over the role of Gordon.

Michael McKeon was originally going to play Gordon in the show. Hulu decides to reboot the beloved family sitcom step right up from the late nineties, early two thousands that forces the dysfunctional cast back together. Now they must deal with their unresolved issues in today’s fast changing world.

Paul riser. His character Gordon is described as the hacky creator of the original sit-com who never understood why everybody loves Seinfeld and Frazier

this weekend on this very podcast tomorrow, you don’t want to miss Mitch Hedberg story. I recorded that one back in December, but then I got out my calendar and I saw, oh, Mitch Hedberg birthday is next week. Let me use this as quote unquote weekend filler. I use the term lovingly. This Hedberg episode is really good.

So check that out. That’s tomorrow Sunday, a love letter to Ivan Reitman films. Talk a lot about stripes, meatballs, and animal house. So that is Sunday show today’s episode of daily comedy news is sponsored by. Travel is back. That’s my other podcast that I do, it is a casual travel podcast. I am not a travel expert, but I like doing these from time to time.

I did 25 episodes in season one. And this is the kickoff to season two because in February of 2020, right before the pandemic, I went to Paris. I dropped yesterday, episode one, have a look back at my trip to Paris. So if you ever thinking of going to Paris, a you should be. Listen to the episode. Again, I’m not a travel expert.

It’s just one idiot from Queens, walking around Paris, telling me what to do there and telling you what I like to do when I go places. Season one talked about, let’s say Chicago, Boston, Princeton, Nashville, Vancouver, Iceland. Check that out. Travel is back. Wherever you get your shows. Beat Davidson has rejoined Instagram.

Guess who’s following him. Kanye west is now following Pete Davidson on.

Kanye posted a screenshot of pizza count and captured it followed

Page six says Connie deleted the screenshot shortly thereafter. Pete Davidson did not follow Kanye back. Pete had previously been on Instagram. he quit Insta in the summer of 2018 over mental health concerns. At that time, he said, no, there’s nothing wrong.

Nothing happened. There’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t want to be on Instagram anymore or on any social media platform. I wonder if Instagram fan girlfriend Kim Kardashian has encouraged Pete to jump back on. Let’s see.

Today on Hulu, all 10 episodes of life and Beth make their debut. This star is Amy Schumer, who for some reason is hosting the Oscars. She plays Beth.

Again, this exciting plot when a sudden incident forces the adult Bethy re-examine whether she wants the life she’d built for herself.

She begins to look back at her childhood in an attempt to discover how she became who she is and figure out who she wants to become. Amy told entertainment weekly. It’s about so much. It’s really about what I’m thinking about every day, which is releasing your own shame and fear because of these early traumas we arm ourselves.

It’s about letting go and trusting and how to let yourself figure out how to be happy. A bit curious to see if the Oscar thing helps or hurts. Hulu’s attempts to get, press on this show. I guess it will help, but you got to factor. So I’m in the media and when you pitch stories, you might go to an outlet and be like, Hey, can you talk about life and Beth?

And they may say back to you, we just did stuff about Amy Schumer earlier in the week where Amy Schumer doubt, that is a real thing that happens. So you, even though the heat is on Amy right now, this actually could possibly hurt the Hulu effort.

The trailer did nothing for me, but I don’t think I’m the target audience maybe this’ll do. Okay. We will see apple TV plus has announced a new dark comedy titled a sunny, which is really annoying because there’s that thing on FX that I just refer to as sunny the thing in the bar in Philadelphia, that one.

So this is going to be really confusing. Can he call this something else? It stars Rashida Jones as sick. An American living in Kyoto, Japan, you didn’t think I was going to say Kyoto. Japan. Did you know Susie lives in Kyoto after losing her husband and son and a mysterious plane crash. She’s gifted Sonny, a domestic robot made by her husband’s electronics company.

This is weird and unexpected friendship between Susie and sunny leads the deal. Discover what happened to Susie fan. And uncover a world Susie never knew existed. It is always sunny in Kyoto. Apple describes it as a darkly comedic half hour drama.

Hey, we’re going to talk about another Mac packer, Mac packer, Andy Samberg. He was the star of Brooklyn. 9, 9 8 is coming to comedy central. They’ve acquired the full library. They’re doing a marathon on Sunday. It starts at [5:00] PM.

If you’ve got nothing to do, put your feet up and watch nine seasons worth of Brooklyn. Nine nine on comedy central Sunday, starting at five Eastern Brooklyn, nine nine follows the exploits of hilarious detective Jake Peralta and his stoically ever professional captain Raymond Holtz along with their diverse, lovable colleagues as they protect the NYP.

D’s 99th precinct who wrote.

Barry is coming back that store’s Henry Winkler, Henry Winkler may have to be in the Mack pack. Now that I think about it, I do have a man crush on Henry Winkler as well. Should we put them in the Mack pack? Let me know. Good use of social media, Facebook group, daily comedy news, a podcast group, right.

Daily comedy news, subreddit and Instagram at daily common news. Should Henry Winkler be in the Mack pack? If you’re new to the show, what are the Mack pack? These are my celebrity crushes. The initial member of the Mac pack was Michael. Chiklis weird. Right? I know you can make fun of me when I’m not around.

He’s awesome. Keegan, Michael Key. He’s in. Just last year I added Andy Samberg and I think Henry Winkler may have to be in here.

Barry returns for an eight part third season Sunday, April 24th on your HBO, max.

What’s not coming back to HBO. Max is the prince. Remember that the terrible cartoon about the British Royal family and our mind you I’m the writer on the podcast, palace intrigue. I like making fun of the Royal family and I had no interest in this show. I’m someone who Googles Royal family, Kate Middleton, and Megan Markle almost every day of my life.

And I had no interest in the show. Apparently nobody else did either. So, if you want to make fun of the Royal family, the prince is over. You’re going to have to subscribe to the podcast, palace intrigue, wherever you get your shows. 20th at TV animation says there are no plans to shop around a season. Two of the prints.

It is dead. This is an X series.

They’re making some kind of Barbie thing. Kate McKinnon has joined the cast. She joins Margot Robbie, who I assume will be Barbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrara and Simo Lou. It’s a Warner brothers movie about Barbie. Okay.

A lot of just news items say like quick hits. We’re not deep diving on Rogan and Chappelle and Delaney, Pete Davidson. This is all just like news news. This is what I thought the podcast was going to be. I said that all week, right? This is exactly what I thought it would have. My former coworker, Jamie Fox, he seen him up with will Thoreau who gave me the cold shoulder one day, who talked about that in about a week.

They’re teaming up for something called strays strays as a live action. CGI. The story follows an abandoned dog who teams up with other strategies to get revenge on his former owner will Ferrell is the abandoned dog. While Fox is one of the pooches Hooper friends, him will forte is that horrible human owner.

Nikki Glaser gets a docu series called a welcome home. Nikki Glaser this’ll be on. He is still a channel. Apparently I haven’t even seen Ian years. May.

The log line, the stresses and joys of moving back home, especially as a celebrity will be the focus of the show. Also feature will be her parents. Throughout the show she’ll be looking for love and also trying her hand at becoming a musician. Okay. And that’s Smartlist podcast that does really well. They did a live event and apparently it didn’t go so well.

I wasn’t able to get the full story. I tried to do some research, but everything is behind a paywall, but here is what I got so far fans from around the country came to Boston last Friday for the Smartlist tour, live hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes. And. But some ticket holders left the [9:00] PM show unamused one audience member tweeted.

I’m officially starting the Smartlist Boston [9:00] PM support group. We all went through a tragic event and we need each other.

So all I know is instead of bringing out an ALA celebrity or a high profile comedian, Such as Conan O’Brien, who was at the [6:00] PM show on Friday for the [9:00] PM show. They invited out an MIT professor mm. That your comedy is for today. Mitch Hedberg tomorrow, Ivan Reitman stuff’s Sunday filed a show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, buy me a coffee.com/duly comedy news.

We finished fourth and trivia. I know you were wondering, see you tomorrow.

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