Will Jimmy Kimmel walk away from Late Night?

Jimmy Kimmel talked about whether or not he will keep doing late night.

Jimmy was also a guest on Bill Maher’s podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jimmy-kimmel-club-random-w-bill-maher/id1613459129?i=1000565320465

Will CBS even bother replacing James Corden? A look at some options.
Katt Williams on being a trampoline

Cameron Esposito on rape jokes

Comedians discuss what they don’t like about comedy specials

Some free shows at JFL Montreal Comedy Festival

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Jenny mag with your daily comedy news late night shows were fascinated by the January 6th. Hearing. Stephen Colbert said it’s like stranger things we met the monster years ago and we’re pretty sure the Russians are involved. Jimmy Fallon five minutes in even Mike Pence was like, I’ve had enough. Let’s see what’s happening on RuPaul’s drag race,

seth Myers that’s right. The January 6th committee air to 90 minute hearing era to buy all the major news networks except Fox news. Although facts ended up with better ratings by just airing the original capital attack. Of course, Fox isn’t airing. It. They’re a key suspect in it. That would be like if court TV’s coverage of the OJ trial had been hosted by OJ fantastic jokes, asthma.

For me to see online Jimmy Kimmel wishes. He could tell people what the future holds for him on late night TV. But the truth is he doesn’t know.

He told variety’s awards circuit. I wish I knew what I was going to do. I have moments where I go, I can’t do this any worn. I have moments where I go, well, what am I going to do with my life? If I’m not doing this anymore, it’s a very complicated thing. And there are practical considerations and there are family and friend considerations and co-worker considerations.

And eventually I’m going to have to stop doing this. I’m not doing this forever.

I would not be honest at all. If I said I’ve decided one way or the other, I’m thinking about a lot though. Jimmy Kimmel’s 54. You’re not stopping it. What would you do? He’ll do it for like another 10 years. So this is a negotiating in public.

He said a certain amount of pessimism infects him during difficult times like this, this was after the recent school murders.

He wonders if his carefully crafted words will eventually reach the people who can actually make a difference, like senators and congresspeople, but then it doesn’t and it’s somewhat shocking. And then it happens again, it happens again. And when it happens, when you’re on break and you’re not even on TV at a certain point, you feel like, why am I screaming into the void here?

People agree. And yet we’re not getting anything done. In fact, we’re taking steps backwards in so many different areas, not just the.

But he says, what are you going to do? Give up? What are you going to talk about? The NBA playoffs? You can’t, you have to talk about what’s on everybody’s mind. And I have a hard time with it. It’s very difficult for me. It’s hard for me to get through it, but I don’t feel like I have any choice. By the way Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on bill Maher’s club random, and they had a very Frank discussion about the Jay Leno Conan O’Brien transfer.

And Kimball does not sound like a fan of Jay Leno. I really enjoyed that. I will throw a link in the show notes for you to check out that podcast.

Meanwhile from variety. CBS is considering replacing James Corden’s show with a multi-host panel.

A panel format could encompass a wide range of concepts, such as something like politically incorrect or Chelsea lately, or maybe even at midnight.

Remember that the Chris Hardwick show that was fun. Wow. That’s been off since 2017 already. Wow. That went quick. It’s entirely possible. The new show might not have a live band or any of the other late night stuff.

And if they have a panel show it wouldn’t hinge too heavily on one particular host and would allow the network to tap a broader array of talent, potentially weaving more diversity in a time period that doesn’t have much of it at presence. I’ve also seen some thoughts that they might go, why are we bothering with this?

And just turned 1230 back over to the affiliates on your Netflix today. Pete Davidson presents the best friends, a multi comic, special hosted and curated. Pete Davidson,

Cameron Esposito spoke to the collegian.

She said like all stand-up comics. My main goal is reducing sexual violence. She addressed rape jokes saying sexual assault can be funny because all topics can be funny. However Cameron said, rape is off in the punchline of jokes, which makes them uninteresting.

If rape is the premise of a joke and the punchline is something that takes down the system of power, then the joke is so much more interesting and should be funny. She also said no joke is too soon. As long as the topic is treated, as seriously as that particular topic demands. As an example, airplane food, you can treat less seriously than sexual assault.

vulture has spoke to Kat Williams and said, Hey, Kat Williams, he’d been open about your successes and your shortcomings with your audience. What does it mean for you to be open about your feelings? Good question. There. Vulture Katt Williams said we’re all flawed. There’s no such thing as the person that can’t fall down.

There is such a thing as a person who did not get back up, I’m showing you trampoline skin. This is something I’m trying to foster and be part of your Instagram is a lie. You’re only posting it when you’re feeling good and looking good. And everything’s great. So now your timeline is a collection of times you were great.

Well, that’s fine, but it’s, nobody’s real life. Life is hard. And since I’m in a job where I criticize other people or their situations and offer my stupid meaningless opinion about things, I am obligated to be transparent. Vulture asked a bunch of comedians. What is the most overused aesthetic trope in comedy specials? They didn’t identify the comedians who responded, but some of the answers, stools, most people never sit on them. That’s true. Right? The still sits there with your water and your note card when you forget where you are and you kind of walk over and glance and go, oh yeah, I’m supposed to do the garbage cans.

A sketch in the beginning. I hate those. I always skip those

a bare stage with a subpar spotlight. Sweeping camera moves on a Dolly shooting in black and white. It says to me, I’m just trying to be artistic without actually.

more answers. I hate the big we’re doing this because it’s on camera ovations comics get when they walk out on stage and a special that’s true. Somebody else hates sketches of any sorts.

I like this answer. I don’t like dizzy, handheld closeups of the comedians. When they’re in between jokes, it neither mimics the feeling of being in the audience nor gives you a special vantage point. You really want, it usually feels sweaty and disorienting.

Cutting to an audience shot of the person who best encompasses the perceived demographic of the current joke being delivered is the comic talking about Chinese food, better cut to the Asian guy laughing. So everyone knows it’s okay. That’s a great comment. Comedy should have four shots, max, tight, wide, medium, and maybe one from behind the comic for edits.

Otherwise the director team is just, uh, indulging themselves. That’s not how it was phrased.

Who watches comedy while slowly walking to the left or right. Folks can follow a joke without a sudden cut to a different angle for the punchline. Amen. Hey, just for laughs. Montreal announced some free shows.

My French is terrible. So I’ll just call this location spectacles. It’s got a fancy French name. I’m not going to attempt it, but there’s free shows. Yeah. July 27th, the goddamn comedy jam hosted by Josh, Adam Meyers comedians were formed a standup set and a short story followed by song of their choosing companied by a live band free outdoor show.

July 27th. That’s fun. Is that the day I’m going?

It is. All right, I’ll meet you there.

Uh, oh, wait, there was another one. Why isn’t it in my notes? And I have to go back to email and you have to listen to me babble while I find the email.

Here it is. The other one is Trixie Mattel. The stage name of Brian, Michael Fergus and American singer actor, drag queen and recognized skinny legend. Trixie is the winner of RuPaul’s drag race, all stars, season three second, mention of RuPaul in today’s podcast. Interesting that shows July 29th at the Boniva stage at nine 15.

And my apple watch just bleeped who knew.

Let’s stay international from the Scotsman They’re covering the Edinburgh fringe festival and they say the Tron, which is, you know, is right in hunter square by old town, you know, the place. Right. Anyway, that.

We’ll feature. Only female stand up comedy acts. That’s right.

But they didn’t set out to do this. They said, as we were programming the Tron, we realized that without actual intention, the room seemed to be mainly female performers. So we’ll only a couple of slots left. We actively sought out to create an all female venue. It wasn’t driven by us wanting to prove a point.

It’d be all political. It was just going to be that way. So we pushed it further. So the point is this happened because we chose a lot of funny people to be in the space and it just turned out they were female make of that. What you will,

that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, see you tomorrow.