Will The Rock go on Joe Rogan? Is the new Kevin James movie horrible?

David Letterman was a guest on Late Night (with Seth Meyers)

Paul Shaffer on his favorite Letterman bits and agrees with Johnny Mac that Chris Elliot nailed the Paul Shaffer impression.

Jay Leno on updating his comedy act

Awful Announcing savages the new Kevin James movie

The Rock says he may go on Joe Rogan

Kanye is driving Kim and Pete closer together

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news as expected. Late-night commented on the retirements of Tom Brady, Trevor Noah parse the words in Tom Brady’s retirement statement. Other things that require my attention. That’s a weird reason to retire. It sounds like it’s got household chores. I love playing in the NFL, but I’ve got 20 years of laundry piling up. So it’s time to call it.

Kimmo what he’s accomplished is amazing. 22 years in the league, seven super bowl victories, five MVB trophies, all the while just eating one almond a day. A quarterback retiring at 44 is like the rest of us retiring from our jobs at 95 Fallon man, when they said everybody’s quitting their jobs during the pandemic, they meant everybody cordon Brady’s now in his mid forties jobless and has no real traditional work experience.

So he’s going to fit right in and Florida. And Trevor, now that Tom Brady’s put up his cleats, the question is, was Tom Brady the best football player of all time? Some people say yes, because he holds all the records. And one of the most super other people say no, because he didn’t do that for my team.

David Letterman. Was this 40th anniversary. Did I mention that? Yes, he has announced the new YouTube channel. It’s got a bunch of clips, kinda was excited. Then spend some time on it. It’s got that modern style. Uh, here is five minutes of whatever with like a modern style graphic.

If you’ve been on the YouTube, have you seen this website? If you’ve been on YouTube, you know what I’m talking about? It’s just like an oversized graphic. And like, I don’t know. I, I can’t even explain it, but I was like, I just want unedited clips or I want to see Chris Elliott or throw stuff off a tower.

I don’t care that you interviewed Tom Hanks in 1997. That’s not what I want, Dave.

They was on late night with Seth Meyers. I shared that on the subreddits, which is called daily comedy news on the Facebook group, which is called daily comedy news Facebook group.

They were talking about Dave’s morning show. I need to do a deep dive on that. I don’t know. Ever seen it. I want to go hunting on YouTube for clips. Letterman said that the daytime show replaced two or three game shows and it turned out America didn’t want them to replaced. They certainly didn’t want them replaced by me.

After that show was canceled. day sat around for a year, more nervous than ever saying

it seemed like an eternity. Cause in show business, if you screw something up, like blowing up a network, state time schedule, it could be awhile before they call your number. Again, he did get that second chance, but it says he was consumed by paralytic fear. , I was still living with this trepidation that, well, this can’t possibly go any better than the other one.

Seth Myers talked about his own hosting and saying, one thing I should have understood from watching your show is that people that watch your show tend to watch it every night on Thursday, you can call back to Monday with the sense that. We’re there with you. And that became a nice intimate connection.

Uh, I’ll jump ahead here for this own show. It’s why I use recurring bits. And that is a Letterman influence on me. Things like when I say national doughnuts chain, or I keep saying that I’m going to buy. have a beer. It is coil language, but it becomes the language of the podcast. And as we’ll see later, some listeners are connecting with me and are using the language back and that’s how you build community.

So it’s pretty cool that you guys use the language of the show.

I wish everybody had done this Letterman stuff, you know, in advance, not waiting until the day to talk to people like Paul Shaffer, but that’s what vulture did. Vulture ass, Paul Shaffer. How does that initial era of Letterman contrast with the leader? CBS elder statesman years, this would have been really helpful in January when I was doing all the Letterman stuff there.

Paul Shaffer. So there’s a lot of experimentation. Sometimes it bombs sometimes successful, but the feeling was, we have licensed to try anything who’s watching. When we moved to 1130, the feeling was people are watching the show may have gotten a little bit safer. I totally agree. I have talked about this.

I loved the first year of 1130 Letterman, and then it just felt like, I think Paul nail is safe. It didn’t have that 1230, who cares attitude. It was like establishment Letterman. And I really didn’t watch Dave’s. I’m doing the math in my head. Um, he retired what, like 10 years ago and moved to CBS. So I probably didn’t watch the last 15 years of Letterman.

And that just seems incredible to me, but I also haven’t really listened to the last 15 years of Howard stern, who I once loved. Paul said the show may have gotten a little safer. He didn’t want to involve with something that wasn’t gonna be successful or funny. I was expected to keep up with the change to get a bigger band look like more of a presentation, the four piece band just wasn’t gonna cut it anymore. Some of Paul’s favorite bits from the early years, , the time when the screen rotated 360 degrees, I understand they got a lot of complaints has halfway through. It was upside down. I remember that night, like it was yesterday, we tried something like that way later at the ed Sullivan theater, let’s do a show at [4:00] AM.

So everybody set their alarms, the bad part. What was the same shot of him at the desk? It could have been any time, but I took advantage. At the time I was doing a James Brown Cape bed every Friday night during a commercial they’d come back in the middle of the station break and see me with a different celebrity.

Putting the Cape on me from president Donald Trump to Heidi. Clume everybody in between for this [4:00] AM show. I got to do it right in the middle of Broadway, down on my knees, screaming like James Brown and the doorman from flashed answers. Topless clubs still open at four, came out with a Cape and put it on me.

This next topic. Surprise me. Vulture asked Paul Shaffer. Who got the impression of Paul Shaffer right over the years was Gary Kroeger, Mark McKinney, Chris Catan. Paul said all of them capture some elements of my bizarre character that I try to do, but there’s nothing like when Chris Elliott tried to do it on Letterman, he nailed me.

I have shared that on the Facebook group. I watched that clip maybe once a week. It is amazing. Go on YouTube type in Chris Elliott. Paul Schaffer it’ll come up. It is amazing. Paul, is there a particular Letterman impression? You’re a fan of Paul said norm McDonald, I guess there’s a feeling in satire.

You can only do somebody. Great. If you really love them.

When I kidded Sammy Davis on those early Letterman days, or talk like Tony Orlando, it was because I really loved those people and their talent, but they’re so over the top, you just have to send it up vulture long piece with Paul Shaffer. They also talked about Paul’s time on SNL. You definitely want to check that out.

Jay Leno. He’s the guy that took the tonight show from Dave. Boom. Jay Leno was in St. Petersburg tonight, the St. Petersburg catalyst caught up with him and said, the tour that brings you here was canceled twice. Cause a COVID. What’s the pandemic been like for you? Jay Leno. Jay Leno said for me, it hasn’t been too bad. If this happened at the beginning of my career, it would’ve been a nightmare.

Now that I’m in the Twilight or whatever you want to call it, it’s not the end of the world. I was setting myself a Maverick fortunate enough to make it. I’m not going to be one of those guys who turns down a gig because it’s not enough money or it’s too far away or whatever. So consequently, when I did start to make it, I kept that pledge and it took every date that was offered pretty much.

I didn’t want to be snobby. I didn’t want to be complacent. When you’re in your late sixties, early seventies, and you’re forced to stay home. It’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s not the worst thing in your early fifties either. I’d never taken five days off. So I was like, all right, I didn’t complain about anything because I’d made my money.

It’s in the bank. If everything ends tomorrow, I’m okay. It’s gravy at this point.

Jay talked about keeping his act fresh. he says, when you’re out that long, you have a tendency to stay with the material too long. When you realize you’re doing bits about Reagan strips, a Bitburg, he got to get rid of that one. What happened was I was off the road for almost a year and I’d forgotten everything.

So I’m starting fresh with new material. I like it. It’s fun. I’m a lemonade from lemons kind of guy. I’m not a bitch moan and complain guide. Tell me what the rules are and I’ll conform to.

Awful announcing took a look at this new Kevin James. Sean Payton football bounty gate movie, the one Adam Sandler is a producer or something. They killed it from awful. Announcing the footage must exist somewhere at Netflix headquarters. There’s video evidence of the pitch meeting for home team. That’s the name of the movie could they give it

would love to see the look on executives faces when the happy Madison production team first unveiled the idea of turning the aftermath of bounty gate into a family movie. You remember the scandal, the new Orleans saints paid bonuses for intentionally injuring opposing players.

Maybe Netflix was originally horrified and confused. Maybe Netflix statement care, content rules, and Adam Sandler’s production company gets paid a lot of money to make films and unfunny comedy fine. Kevin James is Sean Payton, fine projectile vomiting as a plot device. Sure. Criticism be damned.

Everything is fine. Just as long as people will. All the one asset continues. Almost every adult is as multi-dimensional as a cardboard. Cut-out nobody seems particularly interesting. Kevin James spends most of his time wearing seats gear as if he needs to constantly remind the audience that he’s Sean Payton, even though he looks nothing like Sean Payton, the coach.

You’d never believe he was a coach at any level while Kevin James is dull. The movie does him no favors with a supporting cast. Instead of character development, we get too many oddball characters. The worst of the bunch is Rob Schneider. That’s a shocker who was seemingly contracted to appear in every happy Madison production as per usual.

Rob Schneider plays a weirdo this time. He’s a new age stepdad weirdo. Weren’t fortunately introduced to him, sharing a Snuggie with Peyton’s ex wife at a football game. That’s a joke straight out of 2008.

There’s a joke in the industry about how Adam Sandler makes movies to simply get paid for hanging out with relatives and friends. Home team only reinforces that because Sandler’s wife, daughter, and nephew are all in this movie. Adam Sandler, who I’m blaming for this has created a family business and is laughing all the way to the bank.

He sure is. Even if we’re not.

I was listening back to the show yesterday, supportive. My routine is I get up in the morning. I go to the national donut chain. You’ve heard me talk about that. And I listened back to the show, not because I’m an egomaniac. I just want to make sure that like, I didn’t blow an edit or the mistake I tend to make every now and then is I forget to label the file and give it a title.

So I will have downloaded say DC N fib three. That’s not what I want to title the episode. So I do that listening and I was listening back to yesterday’s show and I don’t feel like yesterday’s episode clicked. Hopefully you didn’t notice. And my career has been as a programmer in radio, and one of the things we teach hosts and producers is you can’t overstress about one show.

You’ll have a great show. You’ll have a bad show. Bad shows happen when I do the podcast, I want every podcast to be awesome. Of course I do, but that’s just not how. Some days you feel great. Some days you don’t get in the zone yesterday. I never felt like I was in the zone and. I had mentioned my back was killing me, said I, my back is achy, but I feel like I’m in the zone today.

I’m rolling. I actually just bumped three stories cause I went long in the first half, but I’m feeling good. And I’m planning on recording a bunch of podcasts for some upcoming travel while I’m in the zone. The other thing that happened yesterday was I was struggling through the episode and my wife came home.

She does not give a hoot man dropping stuff in the kitchen. And he thinking go upstairs and be like, can you keep it down? I’m trying to record my comedy podcasts in the basement. Imagine doing that and getting like, you know, I went food shopping and nobody helped me with that. So I didn’t love yesterday.

Show. Hope you enjoyed it. Oh, the whole point of all that is, as I was listening back, I realized I blew such a good opportunity for a joke. Can I shoe horn it in here?

I was doing a story about what’s his name from game of Thrones and the whole snow white and the seven doors controversy and how Brad Williams was commenting on it and how Brad Williams used to open for Carlos min SIA. The joke I blew was

that explains why Carlos Mensa does so many jokes about being a little person. I blew it. See, Carlos Mincey is notorious joke.

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And as you know, you can go to buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. If you dig the show, someone what, two large iced coffees, they didn’t give their name. They just wrote someone. So thank you, someone and someone wrote keep that national donut chain honest and by Glenn that 5, 7, 7. That’s how I started my morning.

I saw that message. I did a screenshot, sent it to Glenn and I was like, Hey Glen, we have fans. Are we hitting trivia? Glen’s like I never had fans. So we decided to hit trivia now through the nature of time travel, I can’t tell you how we did it trivia because right now trivia is at my future. But right now, trivia is in your past.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how we did. And my plan going into last night and your world was to get a picture of Glen with five sevenths of a beer. Buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news. Let’s head to gossip. Uh, source tells page six, Kim Kardashian, and truly wants Kanye to be at peace with their marriage being over and find happiness.

She’s worried about how all these things are being played out. So publicly on Kanye Zen, how the hell affect the kids in the future.

Connie is trying to get Kim to come back from dating. Pete Davis.

the source a Kanye is actions in an effort to convince him to come back or actually bringing Pete and Kim closer together. The rock says he might go on Joe Rogan.

Dwayne, the rock Johnson soul Joe Rogan. He looks forward to coming on the podcast one day in quote, breaking out that says Keela with you

on Netflix today. Murder Advil. That will our Nan thing, the Hollywood reporter recapped. It sounds like it’s pretty good as puzzles go murder Ville looks like a blast to solve each episode. a different celebrity guest is invited to partner with detective Terry Seattle. He’d that name played by will Arnett’s to solve a murder. The twist being that although Arnett and the rest of the cast know where the story’s headed, the celebrity guest does not. That is a good premise. The celebrity is left to improvise their way through each case.

It’s part improv part immersive experience in part scripted crime comedy. And if you’re thinking two to three, sounds more interesting to do than watch. You’d be right. It’s not that murder fills a bad time. It’s got a likable cast, good guest stars, but the six episodes range from faintly amusing to reasonably diverting.

Some of the guests include Conan O’Brien Ken. Kumail Nanjiani.

I’ll probably get to that over the weekend. Hey, tonight, it’s the podcast awards. Are you excited? Who can’t wait, man.

These are the iHeart radio podcast awards. So they’ll be busting out their talent. Some of the people scheduled to appear. Jason Bateman will Arnett and Sean Hayes from the smart, less podcasts. The office lady is Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey. There’ll be there, Bowen yang, cause he’s got a podcast loss culture.


will Farrel did that to let that out.

The nominees for best comedy podcasts. Sadly, this one, not on the list. Your nominees are comedy bang.

Comedy bang, bang, being the only live show I ever walked out of. I was in Chicago with a coworker who I won’t out. We were sitting there and we were watching it and we never leave shells. Even though we were industry our industry, we don’t leave shows this one. We sat there and we’re like, this isn’t going to get better.

Is it. I know that won’t make me friends, but comedy bang, bang, and I’m going to get my vote. Last culture east is my brother, my brother and me smartless and the Reed I had to pick there. Wow. I’m just staring at that list. I wouldn’t have nominated any of those. I’ll give it to loss culture. ISAs just cause I dig bow and yang, but who, I don’t know, what’s going to win that.

That’s a weird set of nominations. I do have a recommendation for you, tom Papa’s breaking bread. His guest, Jim Gaffigan. Very good episode. Check that out. I shared it on my good pods list. I’ve got a million things to blog now, but it’s in the good pods playlist or, you know, use the app on the phone.

That’s probably in your hand right now and just type in Tom Papa and look for the Jim Gaffigan episode. It’s like four or five down. Very good. Listen. And that is your comedy news for today. All right. I saw the enough coffee and plugs and everything. So let’s just leave. You know what to follow show, see you tomorrow.

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