Will WWE’s Madcap Moss quit wrestling and try standup? How Jim Norton got Robert DeNiro to slap his butt!

WWE Superstar Madcap Moss is interested in trying stand-up comedy.

New albums out today from Greg Proops, Orlando Baxter and Julia Scotti

Why Joel Kim Booster hates bananas.

Nazeem Hussain is shocked to discover he’s ‘the face of Vegemite’

A look at tonight’s packed schedule at the Netflix Comedy Festival

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jim Norton will be at the stress factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut tonight and tomorrow. I know Jim and he’s a good guy. He said I’ve always kind of been this way. So I don’t think anybody walks into one of my shows and expects not to hear anything. They might find offensive, upsetting or annoying.

Imagine you went to a Jim Norton show and complained like, Hey, this guy was really dirty and said crazy things. He talked about his Netflix special from 2017 mouthful of shame. There’s an introduction scene with Robert DeNiro. In that one, he said it was both in fun and nerve wracking to shoot.

Having had a small role in the Irishman. Jim Norton contacted dinero to see if he’d be up for recording a video intro and to Norton surprise DeNiro was.

Norton said the spanking part of it. I did not put in the script. I was afraid. He’d look at that and say yuck. So the day I showed up and I said, look, you probably don’t want to touch my beer, but, and he’s like, I don’t care. So when it came time, I just dropped my pants, got it over with, and he was awesome with.


here’s one of those stories I blatantly do for the SEO to get a couple more people to sample my podcast. Hi, wrestling fans. The headline will WWE is a mad cat Moss. Try, stand up.

This from ringside news, apparently madcap Moss was talking to you, WWE espanols El brunch. I liked that El brunch.

He said he has a passion for comedy Moss said it’s hard to explain a reason out, but it’s something I’ve always loved. I’ve always had the personality where I want to make people laugh. Even when it might be inappropriate. Even if it’s a serious conversation, I try to slip in a joke or two for me, the goofy or the better might not be a full-on joke.

I might be sitting at the breakfast table, but suddenly let out a Brock Lesnar scream that gets a laugh out of everyone. I find it hilarious.

To me. I think it’d be very easy to go on stage and completely bomb and have dead silence. As you’re trying to tell your jokes. I like watching Jerry Seinfeld’s comedians in cars, getting coffee. They talk about even the best comedians have nights where they bomb. That’s a tough deal. As a WWE superstar, I can relate not every matches your best match you have down nights.

It’s something that someday I might have. Something I’ve thought about. And I’ve talked to people about, as of now, there are no plans I’m focused on in ring, but possibly in the future, for sure.

Tri.com caught up with Vic debits Hedo

They said on social media, you post these short videos of ticked off rants, outdoor dining in inclement weather and absurdities around the house among other things to these ideas, just come to your head and you flush out ideas with other people.

Vic said, some of them I’ll get up in the morning, look out the window, I’ll see the weather and that’s what gives me the. Others. I’ve been thinking about for weeks and they’re festering in my mind until I think it’s right. And I just do it. There’s really no formula out of all the videos I’ve done.

I think the bread and milk one is still one of the best to go viral. It’s crazy with social media. It’s like playing the roulette wheel in Vegas.

Apparently Vic’s kids have moved to Scotland.

Try to come. I was like, wow. Being an Italian guy from Brooklyn, what was the experience for you going to Scotland? Vic said it’s definitely a culture shock. Believe it or not. I did find good Italian food. The only food I didn’t care for was the Scottish food, but they loved the New York accent.

Even if you’re from America, it’s nice to go somewhere where people don’t sound like you. It’s a different experience. It really is.

But two words that don’t belong together, blood and pudding.

It’s a big day for comedy albums. I’ve got three to tell you about Greg Proops. You know, Greg from whose line is it? Anyway,

his album is called the city.

He recorded the city in San Francisco at the punch line.

He talks about human behavior and misbehavior traveled sales experiences with mild anesthesia. And he leads the audience to a new year’s Eve countdown. A wrap is set. Guess what? It was filmed. That’s right. Thanksgiving, new year’s Eve, uh,

Orlando Baxter as a new special.

This is called live from south high.

Orlando returns to his Alma mater south high performed in front of a live audience, which included his former teachers and colleagues, much of the content are hilarious, takes from his experiences at a teacher at the school

it’s free. It’s on YouTube watching. Orlando Baxter TV is his YouTube channel. you’re looking for Orlando Baxter live from south high. I’ll put it in the notes.

And Julia Scotty has a new album out today as well. Julia featured in the film. Julia Scotty. Funny that way her comedy album is called primal cuts. She’s turning age sex.

For decades, New Jersey performer, Julia Scotty was known as Rick Scotty as successful comedian. He was in a stride and a comedy Boone in the eighties.

It’s true awakening at age 47, led to new identity as Julia Scotty, everyone’s turned away. Former wives, friends, family, comedy, world buddies, and most painfully her children, Julia reinvented herself, spent a decade teaching. And then several years ago, got back to comedy at age 63. She took the stage at America’s got talent to show that age has nothing to do with anything she killed, made history as the first trans comedian appear on aging.

Julia, Scotty’s funny that way out today.

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Speaking of food was I, speaking of food, grub street caught up with Joel Kim booster. Grub street does this thing where they’ll talk to comedians and have them track what they eat for week. Now. I don’t really care what Joel Kim booster ate for an entire week, but I read the article and there are a couple of fun things in here that just, I dunno, it made me smile.

Joel, Kim booster said after the CIM, I grab a protein. No banana and extra protein I’ve hated bananas ever since I could remember, and only began eating them when they were mixed in this particular protein shake.

Came to find out after drinking one of these shakes several times a week, I’m allergic to bananas. Sorry, Joel. I don’t mean to laugh at your allergy, but that was a funny sentence. You’re a comedian, right? I usually subbed the banana for blueberries, but today the girl making the shake, didn’t ask me if I want to do that.

Maybe it’s the Midwestern in me, but I never have the strength to ask if they don’t offer.

I’m a big smoothie fan myself. I like it. Bananas in mine. I like bananas, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and peanut butter and ice. You don’t care. Joel Kim booster his next meal, doing my best to avoid writing the project I’m currently working on. I turned to an old standby, a snack in this case, eight tiny can of diet Coke and some cheese wrapped in pepper.

They came pre-wrapped cause I know in my heart of hearts that even the simple act of wrapping a piece of cheese and pepperoni would be too much for me. Next meal backstage in a four 20 themed shell, they had my favorite pizza. Tamina was meat lovers, whatever they put in the crest is bad. I’m positive about that, but there’s something about the consistency of the crust on the sauce.

Joel, you live in New York city. I really do attribute much of my pallet going back to growing up poor in the Midwest. My family did the best they could, but we weren’t eating amazing food. I really learned young that food doesn’t have to be expensive or complex for it to be good, not ashamed of the way that I eat or how I eat.

That’s what I like. Joel. You’re in New York city pizza. You don’t like just there’s pizza, man. You’re not trying.

Let’s see. Who’s at Netflix tonight. Today is Friday, May 6th, six o’clock patent Oswald vinyl signing nine o’clock free events. The drop-in hosted by Mark Norman. The seven o’clock shows are gave a glacier at Dodger stadium. Yeah. Amy Schumer, Eliza Slessinger Margaret show Taylor Thompson, Jimmy O yang, Marsha Warfield, Letterman, Mo Gilligan.

Wow. All stars of comedy, dusty, slay who self picking there. Cameron Esposito.

Eight o’clock Kevin Hart, the nine o’clock shows of the Norman show. Tony about Amy again, Deon Cole Letterman. Again, Christella Alonzo. It’s Hale lane who so many good choices. All right. I like playing that. If I were at the festival game, I guess I’d swing by the patent Oswald vinyl signing because I host a podcast.

I can get some audio out of that. All right. We got to strategize here. Let’s assume we can get into the Letterman show at 9 45. I mean, I am not missing David Letterman. If I’m at this thing now, seven o’clock here are choices. Gabe Amy Eliza, Margaret Cho Taylor, Jimmy O yang Letterman, Mo Gilligan.

That’s tempting to dusty sleigh. Huh? I’ve been really into dusty sleigh lately. I’ve been really into Jimmy O yang lately, but I also like Mo Gilligan. How often has Mo Gilligan around. So this is, you know, my theory of comedy festivals is, you know, I probably can see dusty slay more easily than mogul.

Again, I can probably see Jimmy O yang more easily than mogul again. So let’s do mogul again at seven, but there’s no way we’re missing Letterman at 9 45. Those are my picks for tonight. The LA times spotlighted magilligan show.

And guess what they asked him about. I, you know, I haven’t even read this yet. Let me guess the slap and cancel culture. That’s right. First question. The slap Mobilian said to me just felt like two massive celebrities, colliding Smith and rock know each other. So someone can afford to make a joke at someone else’s expense and someone can afford to slap someone I’m not in that position just yet.

Magilligan you gained fame mainly through something he posted on the internet , is that the preferred path comedians take these days most said, yeah, a hundred percent, man. It works helped me. And that’s where I gained my audience from social media is probably more powerful than ever.

Now you can get your own pocket of fans that will rock with you. Observational humor is your thing. What’s the key. I have to make it relatable. There’s no bigger disconnect than a comedian talking about things. You know, your audience is not going through like, oh, don’t you hate it when you go to business class and you’re trying to put your luggage up and they’re offering you champagne.

And that’s not a problem. Most people face differences between UK and us audiences. Okay. This is good. This isn’t canceled culture questions. I like these questions. Good job. LA times Mo Gilligan said the two things I find is one. I can speak very quickly to some audiences. They’re like, no, you need to slow down.

We’re very relatable, but some of the words we use are totally different. For example, one of my specials, I have this material where I say the one thing you have to do guys in a relationship is take the bins out. You guys would say, take the trash out. That’s a cultural difference because it’s my punchline.

Some of those little nuances can get lost in translation

in terms of black British comedy. It really isn’t showcased around the world. The UK, we export Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. So that’s the world’s perception of the UK. Having a black guy with the Queen’s English on stage can sometimes throw people off

magilligan at the region seven o’clock. That would be my pick David Letterman, 9 45 at the Fonda. Letterman’s going to do some interviews, but he’s supposedly doing some standup. Ooh, that’d be awesome. On the bill rose, bud baker, Phil Wong, Sam moral

second shows Brian Simpson, Robyn Tran, and Naomi Peregian. Hm. Would love to be at that.

And from the daily mail comedian and Aseem Hussein is shocked to discover that he’s the face of Vegemite. You remember Vegemite from the metalwork work song down under, yeah. When I was on Australia, I actually saw of Vegemite and took a picture.

A photo to Zim shared on social media was uploaded to Vegemite official Facebook page in may of 2019. The image showed the funny man holding a Vegemite in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other. He seen smiling at the camera while a plate of scrambled eggs avocado, and so sits in front of him.

The capture on the post Vegemite with eggs 100% normal Nazeem Hussein don’t let anyone tell you otherwise the post spread with the hashtags tastes like Australia and B vitamins for vital. The Zim said he’d never seen the Facebook post and was surprised by his existence.

He said, someone is using my face for Vegemite. I need a lawyer. I need a good invoice template. This is ridiculous. He explained that he’d posted something on his Instagram about liking Vegemite with eggs, and they clearly have used that photo as an ad. That is awesome. And that’s your comedy news for today as.

I don’t know. I told you I recorded this a week ago. So tomorrow is probably the stuff that would normally be a Friday episode would be my guests a week ago, time machine. And a Sunday is probably a normal episode is to, you know, what, follow the show on apple podcasts or Spotify or overcast. And then you come back tomorrow and we’ll find out what future me wound up doing.

See tomorrow.