Anthony Jeselnik on Shane Gillis: basically the worst comedy I ever heard

Anthony Jeselnik says the controversial Shane Gillis bit was “basically the worst comedy I ever heard.”   Plus, there’s a new documentary about Ralphie May, and news from Bill Burr and Jeff Dunham.

Eddie Murphy plans to bring back Buckwheat!

A great article in the New York Times with Eddie Murphy.  Eddie hopes to bring back Buckwheat, Gumby and Mr. Robinson.  Louis CK has a Toronto residency, but you can’t take notes. Artie Lange wants to apologize to Howard Stern.

EXPLICIT. Very Explicit, seriously. Roseanne is on tour with Dice

Warning extreme language and content today for real.

Seriously, lots of naughty words, gross descriptions and some ideas I am not crazy about.  Today it’s Roseanne and Andrew Dice Clay touring together, and Steve O is on tour himself with an act so explicit he requires a waiver.  Warning extreme language and content today for real.

Ray Romano and a sex robot? You’ll watch

HBO Max announced a new series starring Ray Romano and his synthetic partner.  Also, Adam Sandler’s new movie looks pretty good, Artie Lange is funny on stage and the world’s most talked about comedian is….Volodymyr Zelensky.

Has Roseanne uncovered the vast global conspiracy?

Denis Leary’s Comics Come Home fundraiser lineup is great with Bill Burr, Lenny Marcus, Nick Kroll, Steven Wright, John Mulaney and more!  Meanwhile, Roseanne thinks things worked out a little toooooo conveniently.  Right.  Also Ed Helms joins NBC’s Peacock streamer, and Arsenio Hall gets a Netflix special.