Hannibal Buress returns to Miami, Nathan Fielder returns to TV!

Nathan Fielder will be returning to television under a new deal with HBO, Hannibal Buress returned to Miami where he was once arrested, and KeeganMichael Key is in some funny commercials.

Whitney Cummings Instas a Nipple…and Eddie Murphy IS Dolemite

Whitney Cummings accidentally included a nipple in an Insta post…and some folks tried to extort her.  Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy is Dolemite, and Bill Maher zings the President.

Why are people mad at Chris Rock for a Bette White related Instagram post?

Chris Rock posts a picture of Bette White on his Insta and people aren’t happy….Wesley Snipes joins Coming To America 2….and Amy Poehler weighs in on awards shows without hosts.