The Forward’s Rise and Fall of Jerry Seinfeld

The Forward takes on The Rise and Fall of Jerry Seinfeld saying “Seinfeld is obscenely wealthy. He marries and enters what I’ll call his “Marriage Ref” stage. Suddenly the keen insights pivot to matters most comics have opinions on. We’re in the uninspired world of feminine doublespeak”

Adam Sandler’s beard is as bad as his movies! Hey Adam says nobody likes his new beard…I say that about his movies. He was on Ellen’s show.

Chris Rock says he is looking to take on more dramatic roles. Andy Samberg, Craig Robinson, and Common will star in Super High about Superheroes who…get high.

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The 7 Comedy Specials that inspired Joe List

Joe List’s list of specials that influenced him include Louis CK and Dave Chappelle. Nate Bagartze talks podcasting. A ridiculous press release about Trevor Noah. Michael Palin on comedy not being restricted.

A preview of Andy Kindler’s State of the Comedy Industry

Andy Kindler to give 25th Annual State of the Industry speech, alive from home! presented by CTV Comedy Channel. Every year Andy Kindler delivers his infamous State of the Industry Address at the Just for Laughs Festival. What is usually an exclusive event for industry pass holders is now open to the public and coming to you live on Andy is expected to poke away at Joe Rogan.

Wayne Knight resurrected his Newman character and sounds so so serious about it.

The Dubai Comedy Festival is returning to the city October 21 to October 24

Jimmy Fallon donated to a comedy club

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How YOU can see Sarah Silverman naked – and why!

Sarah Silverman, Tiffany Haddish, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer are among the naked celebrities who want to educate you about Naked Ballots. A preview of tonight’s Just For Laughs 2020 Virtual Events. Jerry Seinfeld was on Colbert who cussed. Sarah Cooper’s plans for the future.

Marc Maron, Dane Cook, Adam Sandler react to death of Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen passed away and Dane Cook, Larry the Cable Guy, Marc Maron, Adam Sandler and Jimmy Kimmel were among the comedians who paid their respects. The SNL audience was paid – and why that may have been a workaround. Marc Maron’s GLOW was canceled. And lots and lots and lots of late night jokes about the President’s return to the White House.

Why is Jerry Seinfeld still upset at “some Putz on LinkedIn?”

Jerry Seinfeld is out hawking his new book and still seems bothered by “some putz on LinkedIn.” Jason Alexander chimes in with an unfunny appearance. Jay Pharaoh does some Dragon Ball Z impressions. SNL held a drive-in premiere in Los Angeles….and did SNL waste Chris Rock’s appearance as host?

Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler both told stories I do not believe are true

Jerry Seinfeld is hawking his new book, and I don’t believe the story behind it. Adam Sandler told a story about buying back is own hair. I don’t believe it. Speaking of hair, what’s the deal with Drew Carey’s new look? Sarah Cooper is having her moment. And a preview of Just for Laugh’s New Faces.

The crowds really loved Dave Chappelle’s Shows in the park

Comedians respond to President Trump testing positive. Bill Burr’s F is for Family gets picked up for a final season. A preview of The Comedy Store show that’s on tonight.

Why fans love Adam Sandler movies and I don’t

With Adam Sandler’s newest movie Hubie Halloween only days away, it’s time for another look at Adam Sandler’s movie career. Adam is coming off his (for real) best film in Uncut Gems….but will Hubie Halloween be a relapse into his very successful but stupid formula?