Super Bowl Comedy Preview

Rob Riggle on how he’d run the Chiefs offense.  Boston comedians will sell you cars. Bill Murray is back for more Groundhog Day. Craig Gass tries to get Richard Sherman back to Seattle.  Oh, and a Bobcat Golthwaite musical? I’m in.

Advice for Ari Shaffir, and a new book from Jerry Seinfeld

Ari Shaffir explains his attempt at Kobe Bryant humor.  Kevin Hart and Jason Statham might make movie.  You’ll watch.  Jerry Seinfeld has a new book.

Why Jim Gaffigan is heading to Philadephia

Gosh that’s such a clickbait headline.  He’s filming his comedy special there.  Also, Johnny Mac updates his Comedy Power Rankings, the Russians are listening (hi Vlad!) and whatever else we didn’t get to this week.

Kobe Byrant’s death was foreshadowed by comedy show

Single topic today about doing comedy in times of tragedy.  Johnny Mac talks about his experiences at SiriusXM, and from there an old Comedy Central show that showed Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter, and finally some thoughts on Ari Shaffir’s comments.

Pete Holmes says he told Obama daughter to STFU

Pete Holmes told a funny story on Conan.  Susie Essman has had enough with this PC crap.  Terry Jones had one more project in the works.  Your host records a podcast in his car.

Seinfeld: What else does Jerry have on his bookshelf?

In a previous episode of @dcnpod (Seinfeld: does Jerry have porn on his bookshelf?) Johnny Mac took a look at Jerry’s interesting VHS collection.  Today we take a look at Jerrys board games, and speculate on why he has two golf videos.  Or are they golf videos Jerry?  Hmmm new theory….


What was Comedy Central’s Worst Idea? This was…

Comedy Central did THE MOST ANNOYING PROMOTION OF ALL TIME involving Awkwafina.  John Mulaney opens up to Colbert.  Miek Birbiglia says that’s not him in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but he’s wrong.

Terrible advice to Eddie Murphy from Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield gave Eddie Murphy some terrible advice.  Patton Oswalt is in some new Marvel something M.O.D.O.K. No sitcom for Nate Bergatze. A sitcom for Jim Jefferies. And hello to my friends in Russia!

Remembering Terry Jones…and his Top 11 Monty Python sketches

Terry Jones of Monty Python fame has died.  A look back at his persona favorite Python sketches, and what the other Python’s had to say after learning of Jones’ passing.