Would you sign a $1 million NDA to see Pete Davidson? I wouldn’t

Prete Davidson is reportedly making fans sign a $1 million non-disclosure agreement to see Pete’s show.  No thanks Pete.  In other news, MST3K has been canceled, a Canadian judge fined a comedian $35,000 and Louis CK digs a deeper hole for himself.

The Racial Draft and The Washington Post’s Top 20 Sketches of the last 20 Years Part 3

The Washington Post did a fun list of the Top 20 Sketches of the last 20 years, and Johnny Mac has some thoughts about them.This is Part 3 of 3, go back and listen to the last two Monday episodes for Parts 1 and 2.  With the fourth pick I take….

Attell: The days of booze and strippers are over

Dave Attell told Conan O’Brien that the days of booze and strippers are over.  Maria Bamford didn’t like the suggestion that’s she’s weird, and Brian Regan talks about failing on stage.  Follow @dcnpod on twitter.

Was SNL’s Democratic Debate Sketch funnier than More Cowbell?

During the week Johnny Mac declared that last weekend’s Saturday Night Live sketch about the Democratic National debate was “the funniest sketch of the last twenty years.”  Oh really?  Lazy Sunday?  More Cowbell?  Will Johnny Mac admit he was wrong?