Comedy’s Top Dog: Bill Burr or John Mulaney?

In week one of Comedy’s Top Dog, Bill Burr knocked off Jim Gaffigan Now, as defending champion, Bill Burr takes on John Mulaney. You can vote by going to the instagram page and finding the Top Dog post about this matchup and responding in the comments.

Chappelle’s show is back on Netflix, and the announcement was made by one Dave Chappelle!

Brooklyn 99 is coming to an end. Boo.

John Oliver was glad he wasn’t working during the insurrection.

Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out The News gets a second season. I kinda missed the first season, didn’t you?

Bill Murray won some kind of Leonard Maltin award.

They are making a movie based on the video game Boderlands and it will star Kevin Hart. How does Kevin Hart have time for all these projects?


Is Jimmy Carr the UK’s funniest comedian?

I think the most fascinating thing today is the unexpected sidebar into Ed Asner’s Thunder Alley? You remember that show? No? No-one does. But Johnny Mac googles it mid show.

The real topic was NBC’s new sitcom about the car industry. Why?

Speaking of NBC sitcoms, a look at Kenan.

A survey found that Jimmy Carr got the most laughs per minute from UK audiences. A look at the entire list.

And it’s Matt Berry Sunday…and Vulture thinks Matt should go on twitch.

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The Guardian’s 2021 Comedians to Watch

The Guardian lists 10 Comedians to watch for 2021, you can read about that here:

Maria Bamford talks about her mother.

Sacha Baron Cohen on how scary it was to go under-cover as Borat.

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Was Kevin Hart the victim of a million dollar scam?

John Oliver catcher up with Stephen Colbert, and discusses sharing a birthday with John Cena

Kevin James is excited about The Crew, his new NASCAR show. Ryan Blaney is his nemesis!

FOX News is starting a late night comedy show.

Kenan Thompson is talking about doing a full 20 years on Saturday Night Live.

Lorne Michaels also doesn’t plan to leave and wants to finish the 50th season. WOW.

Ted Alexandro says he hasn’t heard from Lorne nor SNL yet, but doubles down on the suggestion of joke theft by SNL writers.

Kevin Hart may have fallen victim to a million dollar scam.

Mindy Kaling will star as Velma, a Scooby-Doo spinoff.

Pete Davidson will start in an animated comedy set on Mars.

Elton John and Michael Caine did a funny vaccination commercial.

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Rokus Most Searched? Adam Sandler!

By the way I keep forgetting to promote that if I get 100 followers at then I will do an entire bonus episode that is only me saying nice things about Adam Sandler. I don’t think I said anything mean in this one. The Sandman is Roku’s top searched anything.

Late Night rebounded off those awful Super Bowl jokes. Jimmy Fallon’s writers continue to crush.

Matt Berry’s Toast of London series gets a 4th season – this time it will be the Toast of Tinseltown, as Stephen Toast heads to the United States. Yessssss!

Did you see the Cat-Lawyer? No he’s not someone who does legal work for cats. The details in the pod.

Astoria NYC’s comedy club The Creek and Cave is opening at a new location….in Austin Texas?

Judd Apatow casts Frank Armisen, Pedro Pascal and Mac Packer Keegan-Michael Key in his next comedy.

Brian Regan has a new special in two weeks. On The Rocks, on Netflix, Feb 23rd.

Don’t forget to vote for Comedy’s Top Dog. Is is Jim Gaffigan or Bill Burr? Vote on the instagram page (dailycomedynews)

What would The Office be like in the pandemic?

A spec script for The Office handles what if the pandemic had happened during Season 2.

The Patrice O’Neal documentary will finally come out next week.

Dani Zoldan from Stand Up New York isn’t too happy with Governor Whatshisname Cuomo from New York. New York is producing outdoor comedy shows!

Did you vote yet for Comedy’s Top Dog? It’s Bill Burr vs. Jim Gaffigan. Vote in the comments on instagram.

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Did Saturday Night Live steal from Ted Alexandro?

The Zillow sketch on Saturday Night Live was very funny, but did Ted Alexandro do it first?

Tiffany Haddish doesn’t know what vamp means? Come on.

Mary Lynn Rajskub shot her special Live From The Pandemic from her garage – with no audience.

Salma Hayak will star in It’s A Boobs Life.

Elizabeth Hurley is playing moms of adult characters now? She’ll be one of the leads on CBS’ Welcome to Georgia.

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Comedy’s Top Dog: Jim Gaffigan or Bill Burr?

Introducing the Daily Comedy News Top Dog! Every week YOU vote on who comedy’s Top Dog is. This week it’s Jim Gaffigan vs. Bill Burr. Go to the Instagram Page @dailycomedynews and find the post about this and vote in the comments. OR if you are from the 1980’s like me, you can leave me a voicemail at (973) 370-5353.

George Lopez is selling Carne Asada and Pollo Asado and four kinds of beer and opened some restaurants and WHAT??? It makes for a fun segment.

Mike Birbiglia on playing “hell gigs”

Comedy Dynamics announced a special by Lewberger. It’s musical comedy and sounds fun.

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