Ricky Gervais on if The Office would be canceled now

A comedian said stupid stuff about footballers.

Ricky Gervais discusses Cancel Culture vs. The Office

Jim Jeffries NBC sitcom is not happening, and isn’t that a good thing?

Pete Lee’s special gets a good review

Why aren’t LA comedy clubs booking women?

Does Kumail Nanjiani still do comedy?

Bill Cosby gets banned from another club. Meanwhile, Louis CK sells out some shows in a hurry.


Bill Cosby not welcome at the Cellar not that Bill Cosby was gonna play The Cellar

Bill Cosby is not welcome to perform at the Comedy Cellar as if he was going to perform at the Cellar anyway. I have also BANNED Cosby from doing stand-up at my house!

Jamie Foxx hits a taco stand….and in his new movie plays a pool guy slash vampire hunter. What? Did Adam Sandler turn that down?

A look at some potential Emmy Nominations in comedy.

Joel McHale has two new projects.

Sam Jay gets renewed.

Stephen Colbert hosts a team of Richard Branson’s spaceflight.

How Jon Stewart Killed Comedy. Wait, what??

The Spectator wrote that Jon Stewart killed comedy. I disagree…let’s take a look at what The Spectator had to say about Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show.

Then, some fun Triumph The Insult Comic Dog stories from Robert Smigel.

Keegan-Michael Key talks about Sexy Dentists

Mac-Packer Keegan-Michael Key talks about a Saturday Night Live sketch with a sexy dentist.

A look at the top grossing comedy movies of the 1980s.

Jim Breuer shares his philosophy of being kind and turning off the news.

Mike Siegel on life as a cruise ship comedian.

Revisiting Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

A look back at the time Joe Rogan accused Carlos Mencia of Joke Theft

Pete Holmes on comic vs. comedian. Actually he makes sense.

John Cleese is working on a Python-free stage version of Life of Brian.

Lego Seinfeld!

Jo Koy had a restaurant?

Would you go see Bill Cosby on tour?

Bob Saget, Doug Stanhope, Gilbert Gottfried, Tim Dillon, Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder, Jessica Kirson, Mark Normand, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly, Sean Patton, Shane Gillis, Tony Hinchcliffe and more will all perform this fall at Skankfest in Houston.

Is Bill Cosby really considering a stand-up tour?

A car crashed into George Lopez’ Chingon Restaurant!

Netflix canceled Kevin James’ Nascar sitcom, and Gabriel Iglesias’ Mr. Iglesisas.

Some say Pete Davidson didn’t dress correctly for Wimbledon.

Joel McHale shows off his chest.

The CW grabs Wellington Paranormal

The Seinfeld Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Seinfeld – the audio cues and stuff – has been released as an album.

Comic Con At Home includes a Bob’s Burgers panel which features “never before seen” clips – wouldn’t that be ALL the clips? Have YOU ever seen Bob’s Burgers? No. Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s Burgers? No.

Adam Sandler is not going Hotel Transylvania 4. Even Adam must have limits. Mac-Packer Keegan-Michael Key and Jim Gaffigan are in it.

Joel Kim Booster gets more work.

The Baltimore Sun looks at the ratio of Trump jokes to Biden jokes on late night.


Worcester, the city that means well

Pete Holmes feels bad for those who don’t have the talent.

George Lopez wants you to tell the people you love that you love them.

Jo Koy on why he loves Rob Schneider

Bill Lawrence says to pick your ass.

Ted Danson on liking roles that stretch him.

Jessica Kirson slams a heckler

and Worcester comedians make fun of Worcester.

Why Bert Kreischer takes his shirt off

Bert Kreische shares why he talks his shirt off on stage.

Bill Carter on what attracts us to Late Night and how it took Conan O’Brien and Trevor Noah a minute to shake off some big shadows.

A look at the early 1860’s days of standup. Yes the EIGHTEEN sixties.