Heartbroken Mrs. John Mulaney is listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s breakup album

Page Six says John Mulaney’s estranged wife listens to Olivia Rodrigo’s breakup album.

Whitney Cummings and Joe Rogan talk Cancel Culture

Dave Grohl cohosted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

A look at the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival.


Bill Burr says sure root for the Minnesota Vikings

Bill Burr says sure go ahead and root for the Minnesota Vikings.

John Oliver shows how easy it is to get Fake News on The News

Stephen Colbert will bring back live audiences.

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Bo Burnham’s special will debut on Netflix on Sunday

Comedian Jessica Watkins walked across the United States

Are there Ghosts in Tom Segura’s house?

Is Tom Segura and Christina P’s house haunted?

Amazon has three new Borat specials today.

Rory Scovel announces a new special.

The King of Comedy is being sent to stud!

Esther Steinberg would like to be on her high school’s Wikipedia page
Chris Gethard is really excited about these alligators man.

The finalists for the Asian Comedy Festival are
Lindsay Burton @lindsaykburton
Jatin Chhugani (Buzzfeed India) @jatinchhugani
Anne Lim @eggstan99
Manolo Moreno @manolosomething
Srilatha Rajamani @srilathasauce
Rita Sengupta @ritasengupta46574834744
Siyu Song @siyu10095082209
Annie Wong @headexplodie
Peter Wong @peterwong74862674123
Andy Zou @yoandyzou

Dave Chappelle performs stand-up in New York City with Chris Rock

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle did sets at The Stand in NYC

John Krasinski talks about how he learned to perform as Jim on The Office and find teh funny.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing somehow ran for 194 episodes.

Adam Sandler was spotted playing pick up basketball.

The National Comedy Center won’t have a Lucille Ball Comedy Festival again this year, it will return in 2022, but they did announce Summer Fun Weeks

People are rediscovering a famous Richard Pryor Chevy Chase SNL sketch that was written by Paul Mooney.

NBC is burning off Brooklyn 99 for some reason.

ABC is committed to comedies.

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Did Obama tell James Corden there are aliens?

President Barack Obama was on with James Corden and did he tell James there are aliens?

Jimmy Kimmel ripped ABC at the Upfronts.

Sam Jay is trying to reinvent Late Night

Stephen Colbert teaches us how to get back to normal

Garfunkel and Oates talk about The Loophole

Chris Rock to John Mulaney: hire my ex-wife’s lawyer!

Chris Rock told Jimmy Fallon that John Mulaney should hire the lawyer of Chris Rock’s ex-wife….I guess Mrs. Rock did pretty well in the settlement.

Comedians in Austin don’t seem too happy that Joe Rogan and his hooligan crowd are taking over the town or something.

Adult Swim announces a Rock and Morty spinoff and some other new shows including Donald Fiason as Alabama Jackson, sounds fun.

Kumail Nanjiani will play the founder of Chippendale’s for Hulu. Interesting.

Tom Allen moved out of his parent’s house

And I will be in the basement googling TIG NOTARO SEX

Patton Oswalt unleashes M.O.D.O.K.

Patton Oswalt’s M.O.D.O.K. is out and sounds like it is pretty great.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reyndolds get a soccer show for FX

Kevin Hart is involved with Snoop Dogg’s comedy sports news show.

James Corden talks about having Prince Harry on the show. Cross-plug for the Palace Intrigue podcast!

Iliza Schlesinger has sa new movie

It’s the Idaho Comedy Festival

DCN Thursday May 20 Sara Schaefer-auphonic

Jimmy Fallon will host The Tonight Show for another 5 years (at least).

Dave Chappelle, Tom Segura, Andrew Schulz, and Nate Bagartze announce tour dates.

Joe Rogan worries about being silenced! Is there reason to worry?

Ramy Youssef talks about performing in Gaza at the 1001 Laughs Palestine Comedy Festival in 2015

Peng Dang on why he went public with the Tony Hinchcliffe video.

According to Tim Dillon’s podcast we were supposed to be tipping at Sonic. Did you know this? I am horrified. I did not know.

Amy Schumer was filming in Rockville Center and they closed some streets.

Sarah Schaefer explains what it is like to be part of the comedy scene.

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Comedians react to the death of Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney has died at age 79.

Mooney was best known as a writing partner for Richard Pryor, and his later appearances on Chappelle’s show.

Dave Chappelle, George Wallace, David Alan Grier, Bill Burr, Marc Maron, W. Kamau Bell and other comedians shared their thoughts about Mooney,