Taylor Tomlinson on the evolution of her act PLUS George Lopez Tacos RIP

Dane Cook on the evolution of his act

Taylor Tomlinson on the evolution of her act.

George Lopez Tacos are no more

Bill Maher on not being canceled

The Mexican Wave

The Shark Deck. Hello, , I’m Jenny Mac with your daily comedy news. Dean Cook caught up with Philly Weekly. Philadelphia Weekly has a tremendous comedy column. It’s really great. Ad Amorosi is the guy who writes it and he has Dean. Considering all the success, you’ve, Addie is still hungry. Dane said, I still have the same sense of ambition. It’s more about an inward journey at this point, and what I can share with the fans and those who continue to check in with me

ad had a nice segue talking about sharing. You were one of the first comedians used social media. We all know that story. Dane said, that’s my wheelhouse. I love talking comedy and creativity. What gets me kicking is the house and whys of promotion. Getting publicity in a world that is very corporate.

The question becomes how can you independently find your fans at an avenue in which to share arts? When I was coming up, the allure was of me sitting in California and going through this new window where I could talk with a guy in Delaware or a girl in Tampa and share ideas that were funny, quirky.

I was the tip of the spirit at the moment. Today it’s different. You’re up against backlash naysayers, rubberneckers who just wanna cause trouble. So now you’re referee doing a lot of defending beyond the art. Still there’s one thread that remains. You wanna be in people’s pockets with ideas and content for people to engage in.

Mission critical on this tour was, as I was putting together new ideas, was what were people responding to? Look, the moment is heavily politicized regardless of what side red state, blue state, I found that people still wanted to escape. What can I say that someone on a daily nightly news comedy show or during a talk show monologue hasn’t said brilliantly and poignantly.

That’s not my lane. So as this tour started, I’m still about things that are happening observationally, and I’m just not pushing any kind of agenda down anyone’s throats.

Then they got into, and I didn’t realize this, maybe everybody else knows this, and I forgot Dean Cook auditioned to be Captain America in the Marvel movie. Dane said, what I didn’t realize then I wanted to bring a lot of the humor that I recognized from the comics to my performance. I love Michael Keaton, one time standup comedian as Batman.

I’d seen comics play these darker cartoon characters and still bring levity to the part. That’s what I was hoping to do.

Taylor Tomlinson told Forbes was a really shy, scared kid. I was really, really anxious to go on stage. For the first five years I was doing this, but once I was up there, I felt like myself. I felt like, oh, this is who I actually am. This is who I want to be. Over the years, I got closer and closer to that, and now I feel like I’m the same person off stage that I am on stage.

At first, I just couldn’t be that person every day, but I could be that person for 10 to 15 minutes on stage.

Taylor Thomason spoke about her previous specials and said, I wanted quarter life crisis to be about being in your twenties and not knowing who you were. I wanted it to feel consistent throughout the whole thing. Look at you, was me being able to do all that, and that was great and really rewarding. That being said.

It was also really sort of emotionally exhausting. By the end of that tour, it was just a lot every night to sort of stick to that landing and presenting the material in a way that wasn’t gonna make people uncomfortable, while also making it clear that I was fine and I was okay. Just took a lot to do it, and then meet people after shows and talk about it more.

I wanted this new current hour to be lighter and sillier and probably just a little more fun for myself and for the audience.

Right now. I like where the hour is. Quarter life was kind of about not knowing who you were, and I think this hour is kind of about knowing who you are, but not knowing where your life isn’t where you thought it’d be.

Everyone has a different age in their head of, this is what I’m gonna have X, Y, and Z, and this is what I’m gonna have everything figured out. But life doesn’t work that way at. Everybody in my life, in their twenties and thirties, they may have their dream job, but they’re not married. They might be married, but they don’t know if they want kids or they have kids and they don’t have the dream job or they got divorced.

So that’s kind of the overarching theme of have it all.

Hey, bad news. For a long time, listeners, I was hungry and I’m like, Hmm, you know what? Hit the spot. George Lopez Tacos. You remember that during the pandemic, George Lopez made a huge deal about George Lopez Tacos.

Well, I went to look and website no longer exists. If you go to lopez tacos.com, it doesn’t respond. I went on GrubHub, tried to order some George Lopez tacos, and it said, not available on GrubHub anymore. If you are new to this, George Lopez Tacos was created by George Lopez and next bite, George Lopez Tacos was a delivery only restaurant with locations across the us.

The menu included Laing and Las Mosque cabron with various meat choices, chips, salsa, guacamole, and churro bites. George gave quite many interviews about it and looks like it didn’t work out. Sorry to hear that. Bill Maher is in Tahoe. He says, I don’t like careful. I like bold. I like honest.

I like surprising.

If you ask me what I’m most proud of, that would be it. Survival. Every week is a test. Sometimes people say to me, how’d the show go? If I haven’t been canceled by tomorrow, then it went great. I could be canceled very easily. Anybody could. But you don’t stay on TV for 30 years unless somebody likes you.

There’s definitely an audience for what I do. It’s not like anything. If you wanna hear real honest talk, not tribalism, different points of view. People who talk with each other listen to each other. They’re not a places to do that. It’s certainly a more dangerous place to be out there. Now. When I was starting, there were no cell phones, so you could be as politically incorrect as you wanted to be, and nobody would know about it.

We always hear the notion of crossing the line. Comedians would? How do we know where the line is unless we cross it? The Comedy Club was a place where everybody understood you were experimenting. Now I hear a lot about comics. You say something and somebody tweets it out, and that’s it.

I’m kind of glad I came up when I did

bad news. If you’re a fan of Barry, the fourth season will be its final season.

The eight episode, fourth season will debut on H B O Max April 16th.

One of my favorite things to do on the podcast is play the game that we’re about to play, which is, Hey, pretend we were at a comedy festival. What shows would we go see today? Today we’re pretending we’re gonna be at South by Southwest. Let’s take a look at the Schedule four o’clock. Funny thing about bringing up the Boys Club.

Join Comic Relief us for a special event on the intersection of gender, comedy, and social impact through a standup performance by comedian, writer, and actress, joy, l Nicole Johnson, and a panel discussion. Featuring Abby Jacobson and Sam Jay. The event will address the role of comedy and entertainment as a catalyst for change and how when done well, can combat not cause polarity?

Seven o’clock at the creek in the cave This Saturday. Show parentheses Stand up. A killer lineup of comedians to make your Saturday night special. They include Aristotle, Aari, Sam, j Mike, Lawrence, yam, Monika, Saunders, Emma, Wilman,

Eight o’clock, the UCBs as Cats,

Anthony at Taik, Matt Besser, John Ling, Sandy Honig, Jessica McKenna. You’re gonna have a hard time talking me out of that, but let’s see what our options.

10 o’clock. A good trip. Live a night of comedy and psychedelic stories. Steve Ag. Eric Andre, dj Dog Mound, Sandy Honig, Hamilton Morris, Reggie Watts.

Join, the producers of the hit Netflix doc. Have a good trip for night of comedy and psychedelic story.

11 o’clock, the hateful eights roast battles tournaments of champions round one. You’re gonna have a hard time talking me out of this as well

in round one. The top eight roast battlers from around the country will compete to see who advances to round two the next night. Tonight competing. Morgan Anderson, Keith Carey, Holly Johnston, Mike Lawrence, Greg Leishman, Lucas McCreary, Brian Moses, yamaka Saunders, omit Singh, Steph Tole, Dan Wicks.

So unlike other comedy festivals, not too much overlap here. So here’s what we’re gonna do tonight, friend. Four o’clock. We’ll do funny thing about breaking up the Boys Club. That’ll take us to five 15.

Hmm. Let’s skip the seven o’clock standup comedy show and go to Ascat at eight o’clock. So we get some dinner and some brewskies in between there. Ascat ends at nine 15. Oh, I missed one. The creek in the cave. Standup showcases at nine James and Noian to be Joy Johnson. Beth Stell, Steph Tola. Hmm. That’s pretty good.

Maybe they’ll let us in late. Let’s go to Ask Kat. We’ll try to sneak into the back of the creek in the cave. We’ll see if we get in, if not more beers. And then we’ll make sure at 11 o’clock we’re at the Hateful eight roast battle. That should be a good night of comedy.

As I sometimes mention, I’m the writer on a podcast called Palace Intrigue. On Palace intrigue, we cover the royal family and by cover the royal family. I mean, most days we make fun of Megan Markle. I’m all about the downloads. I can write a story, Kate Middleton look nice, giving money to a charity and hugging kids, and nobody clicks on it.

If I put in a headline, Chris Rock destroys Megan Markle. Y’all click on it. So I play the. From Variety King Charles Coronation to get royal parody on the Harry Enfield comedy, the Windsors. Have you seen this? It’s basically a sitcom about the royal family. It’s kind of cute

while the Windsor’s is coming back for coronation special. The log line. Charles’s whole life has been building up to this moment, and he wants the UK’s first coronation in 70 years to be a spectacular fair. What all the pomp and circumstance he deserves, as does his queen consort Camilla, who can’t wait to drape herself in diamonds and fur.

Sadly, the UK is in the middle of a cost of living crisis and. That’s Princip. William to non-real aficionados thinks the coronation should reflect these more straightened times. The special also promises cameos from Harry and Megan. Yes. Not the actual. Harry and Meghan of course,

A suit said any channel where that Salton has a landmark show with the word of coronation in the title for the b. B. It was the world’s first televised coronation in 1953 for it. V, it’s the world’s longest running soap Coronation Street. We at Channel four are delighted to announce that we now have our own record-breaking Coronation Jewel as the heart of our broadcasting crown.

The funniest show on tele it’s tour. Tremendously historic week for Britain,

and from the Daily Mail comedian Monty Franklin. Has defended an Australian term after realizing other countries don’t use it. The controversial term, the Mexican wave. Calm down. Let ’em explain.

Monte Franklin capturing a video. Things in Australia that sound racist but are not.

In his video said, you know, the wave at sporting events that goes around and everybody does and they have a wonderful time. In Australia, we call that the Mexican wave. I don’t know why there’s no need to put Mexican in front of it.

He said he realized it wasn’t that common when he was watching TV in Australia with his American wife. They said the Mexican wave on TV during cricket, and Mrs. Franklin said, why do you call it that? She thought it sounded funny, but I realized, I have no idea why we call it that, and I’ve never questioned it.

It’s always just.

They also call it the Mexican wave in New Zealand. Now stay with me, Franklin said. It could be from the origins of the wave itself. The first time commentators saw the wave was at the Soccer World Cup in Mexico in 1986, so they started calling it the Mexican wave and it kind of stuck.

However, a comment in his video disputed that research claiming the wave started in 1979 and was created by Crazy with a k George Henderson in October, 1980. At a televised a’s Yankees playoff game in.

Another thing he discovered, Americans have a thing called Aussie cheese fries, french fries, covered in cheese. And he said, I’ve never heard of this back home. I’m gonna speak on behalf of all of America. I’ve never heard the term Aussie cheese fries. Not once, never. And I’ve been Australia, not there. other than my time in Australia, I’ve spent the rest of my life in America.

Not entirely true. I’ve been Europe a couple of places, but I’d go with a bit. Um, and while I’ve lived in America, I’ve never heard Ossie cheese fries. Have you Franklin said, as an Australian living in America, I say a lot of things that sound odd and raise eyebrows flat. White is another one. I have a flat white story.

So when I was in Australia, I wanted a coffee and. , I don’t know. And hey, service, like what would you like? I’m like, ah, lemme get a coffee with milk. And she goes Flat white. And I’m like, huh? And she’s like, flat white. I didn’t know what a flat white was. This was before Starbucks introduced flat white, by the way.

I’m not that dumb. And I was like, um, sure. And then it came and it was what I wanted, this was one of my takeaways from Australia. I feel like if I. Two weeks there I’d adjust cuz the next day I went for coffee and I just went flat white.

I feel like if I hung out a little bit, I’d reset my vows again. my favorite t-shirt I saw, which was Bananas of her Barrans. that. . Always reminds me to flatten out my as I feel like I could fit in.

Anyway, that’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. See you.

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