Is Chris Rock obsessed with Jada? Joe Rogan: Tim Dillon is running a scam. PLUS new John Mulaney Netflix special coming

A source says, “”Chris (Rock) is obsessed with (Jada) and that’s been going on for almost 30 years.”

Joe Rogan on Tim Dillon: ” “It’s funny because a lot of people think that Tim is not gay. They think it’s a scam”

John Mulaney has filmed a new Netflix special – is it too late?

Why Pete Holmes was happy to have a pandemic break.

Dan Harmon has a new animated series coming to FOX

The Bob’s Burgers Hoax has a new angle!

The shark. Hello, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily Comedy News. Donald Trump gave a speech at CPAC in his speech. He said in 2016, I declared, I am your voice today. I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution. I am your retribution.

Jimmy Fallon said, he’s like, I’m the captain now. I am the one who knocks. I am the walrus cuck cchu. That was exactly what I was thinking. Well, not in so many words, but what I read, the original Trump quote, Jimmy Fallon added, he’s either running for president or auditioning to be the next John Wick, Seth Meyers.

He was such a terrible president. Now he’s auditioning to be bat. Problem is he would never respond to the bat signal cuz there’s no way he’s ever just looking ply out the window. You’d have to text it to him or just shine it on Sean Hannity’s forehead or you know what you could do? You could project it on a solar eclipse.

He looks at those great jokes. I watched the Marlon Wayans special Heavy pass. Heavy pass. Heavy pass. Did you like it? Johnny Mac? I found it unwatchable. I was so excited about it. I had read the articles to you. I was like, oh, this sounds like really cool. Sounds of the moment. And I hit play and I was like, wow, I am not feeling this at all.

Let me skip ahead and see if another part. I am still not feeling this at all.

I’m aware that I disagree with everyone who has reviewed this thing, but for me, heavy. , let’s start today on Gossip Corner. People Magazine has a source that said Jada has had no part in this other than being heckled. Chris Rock is obsessed with her, and that’s been going on for almost 30 years. Look where he chose to film his Netflix special, her hometown of Baltimore obsessed back in 2016, she helped start a movement with the Academy Awards by questioning why there are so few Black members, and Chris took it to.

You may recall in 2016, Jada showed her support for black actors as part of the hashtag Oscars so white movement Will Smith. That year was shut out of the best actor race for his performance in concussion. One of the jokes in Chris Rock’s special years ago, his wife said, I should quit the Oscars I shouldn’t host cuz her man didn’t get nominated for concussion.

Then he gives me an effing concussion. The source continues. She never asked Chris to not host the Oscars ever. she publicly said in a Facebook post at the time, Chris would be a great Oscar’s host and is perfect for the job

in his special. Chris Rock said quote, I did some jokes about her. Who gives an F? That’s how it is. She starts it. I finish. That’s what the F happened. Nobody’s picking on this bitch. She started this stuff. Nobody was picking on her. The source tells people they were shocked at how many times Chris used the word bitch in referring to Jada.

I think that was the point of the routine to say it like 23 times. No. Yes.

We are getting a new John Malini special on Netflix. He recently recorded at Symphony Hall in Boston. It is from his from scratch tour.

Spoilers ahead seems like it’ll be a lot of what we’ve heard. John has been touring for the last year and a half, two years, maybe. Much of it centered around lenney’s intervention and stay in rehab.

I feel like this is coming out too late, right? We’ve been talking about John Lenney’s rehab stint forever, and for it to come out now, like even on the other side of Chris Rock and the Oscars, I feel like this is two year old material now, John Lenney, but we’ll see when it comes to Netflix.

As for a date coming soon, not soon enough. My.

Plenty of comedy news today, but while we’re talking about Melany, a quick stop on gossip corner from the Daily Mail de caption predator actress showed off her impressive figure on a boat in a bikini. The story Olivia Mun shared a heartwarming picture of a adorable baby boy trying to drink from a glass bottle.

So what do we do? We focus on the bikini. I just love the writing by the Daily Mail, the Oklahoma native was pictured laughing with her head back as her baby daddy. Two time Emmy winner. John Elaney held the bottle close to him. The Daily Show alum showed off her impressive post-baby beach body and a string bikini top with her one year old son on her lap wearing a red and white strip onesie.

The beauty styled her long brunette tresses straight. Well, the side part, she wore black ray van sunglasses and accessorized her look with multiple bracelets and a diamond. The 42 year old actress who boasts 2.8 million Instagram followers, caption on the Post Sandy

interesting comment by Joe Rogan on his podcast last week. , he floated the conspiracy theory that Tim Dylan is not gay. Rogan said, it’s funny cause a lot of people think Tim is not gay. They think it’s a scam. Chris DeStefano kept warning about it and Joe Rogan said it’s a scam.

Rogan Added that it’s like a free pass that some people have to get out of jail for. Joking about topics most people can’t even touch. Rogan said, well, so it’s like he gives them the get outta jail free pass. Oh my God. There’s so many things he can make fun of that we can’t even touch.

Fascinating from the review, west Michigan. Pete Holmes, welcome the pandemic. Relax some logic behind what Pete was.

We told review West Michigan, there was a Daniel’s host joke where he was like, I don’t want to die. I want all of us to die when he is talking about the end of the world. And what I took from that joke is I didn’t want to take a break from standup. I wanted all of us to take a break from standup, and that’s what I got.

He discussed his failed at CBS sitcom, how we.

Pete said it was one of my favorite show business experiences, just because when I was a kid being a success, like dreaming about being comedian meant you would’ve a multi camm sitcom. And what I learned from the process is I always thought I wanted to do something that was hip and I did crashing, was hip.

But it turns out I just love being with people, creating something and it doesn’t have to be super cool to be super.

His current tour is called Where we Were, but it says I’m 43. I remember what standup was like before the internet, but now because it’s possible to find your various specific stamp, it’s easier. You know, there’s podcasting, there’s clips online, there’s specials.

You don’t have to catch them on HBO at eight o’clock on some specific Friday. You can watch them whenever you want by virtue of the information being so accessible. Now comedians can get more and more specific, whatever their interests are. When I find spiritual or unitive about doing standup is that a bunch of individuals show up and they become an audience.

So they merge into one thing and then a good performer. And this is what I try to do is merge with that merger. And then there’s a second merging of the performer in the audience. And I think it’s a spiritual thing. We all came in separate, then we sort of spent time together. And I sometimes joke and it’s so interesting how quickly we become an us.

Pete added. I always get super depressed when I see something in like a world market, like a wooden sign that says Laugh once a day or something like that. And I’m like, that’s way too low. So it’s a good reminder, but I think it’s just a good place to start with The low times in my life, I’ve been carried through by friends, and what that means is by people that have come around and come into my life and reminded me to laugh.

Heed Homes is at the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids tonight. Seven o’clock tickets 35.

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You can become a premium subscriber and for five bucks a month you get the episodes ad free and a little bit early. Usually around [4:00] PM Eastern the night before, if you know what I mean. And the weekend episodes are usually there for you on Friday morning. Eric shot me a note. Hello, Eric. Eric wrote, Hey Johnny, Mick, love what you do.

Haven’t heard mention of this one. Pretty solid lineup for Idaho Home of Ryan Hamilton. I used to do a comedy show in community radio here in Salt Lake City and now cover comedy for our local affairs program.

Wait, he wrote S L C I just translated that to Salt Lake City. Is there like S L C Idaho? I don’t wanna get in trouble with Ryan Hamilton and his posse. I’m Googling S L C Idaho, maybe. I don’t know something.

Nope. You know what happens if you Google slc? Flights you. Just get the price of flights from Salt Lake City

Airport Code SLC To Idaho Falls. I d a. Expedia says 169 bucks.

That feels like a lot. Should we just drive it?

You know, I’m from the East coast, so I think everything’s two hours away. Let’s see. Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls. Three hours. Two minutes. Yeah. Why would we pay 169 bucks? Let’s hop on the I 15. Anyway, I digress.

Eric said, I we. Little press pass for Tree Fort and plan on saying way too much comedy. Really excited for Shane Tourists. Thanks for what you do. And he sent me a link. So let’s talk about the Tree Fort Music Fest, March 23rd to the 20. Are you telling me I get to do 1, 2, 3, 4 more days of Idaho jokes later this month?

Dude, I’m in considerate, bookmarked, whoa. I’m looking at the bottom here. It says Line up TIG natar. Wait list news and schedule. Let’s click on TIG Natar Wait list. What’s going on here? Hmm. Airtable says The private share link you tried to reach is not a. The owner of this base may have unshared or deleted it.

Please contact them. Whoa. Is there like a secret TIG Notator show that we can’t get into?

So I’ve clicked over to schedule. It says, TIG Nazaro, late show, added back to back shows added by popular demand. Get ready to laugh twice as hard. Astros added a second comedy for.

among the comedians, TIG Nazaro, I think we discussed that already. Matt Besser, Shane Torres. Jessica Keenan, Johnny Taylor, Todd Basil, Maureen Ferguson, Brian Bixby, Jake Silverman,

and Sophia Jve. Now, if we’re having a comedy festival in Idaho, I think we’re missing a pretty big Idahoan.

Where’s Ryan Hamilton? What’s he doing? Why isn’t he going?

Ryan Hamilton’s not even touring in late March. He’s in Rexburg, Idaho on Friday. I actually have a story about that. Then April 7th and the eighth, he’s opening for Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon in New York, so he’s got a little gap.

Some of those other dates in case you’re curious about the Ryan Hamilton, cuz he is the hottest comedian on daily comedy news. He’s also playing Irvine Redding Fort Lauderdale, key West Durham, Wilmington, Oklahoma City, the one in Oklahoma, Hattiesburg and Minneapolis Apples.

I guess he feels like he just played Rexburg Idaho this week. He doesn’t need to play Idaho twice, who knows?

Sounds like a great festival. Eric. Thank you for the note, and I’m gonna put that in the calendar to talk about when it rolls around later. This.

Speaking of recurring bits, if you’re a longtime listener, you are well familiar with the hoax. That is Bob’s Burgers. Now, if you’re a new listener, let me ask you two questions here. One, have you ever seen Bob’s burgers? I’m not asking you if you’ve seen Bob’s burgers drawings. You clearly have. I’m not asking if you’ve seen Bob’s Burger’s drawings on a t-shirt or something.

Merch you have I I have no doubt. But if you’ve ever actually seen the show, Have you just heard Joe Buck talk about it during football games saying something like coming up after the game, it’s an all new Simpsons and then Bob’s Burgers, and then by the time eight o’clock rolls around, you’re over watching Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football.

And I know both Joe and Al Michaels have moved on, but that’s not the bit, the bit is the way I just phrased it. That’s how the classic bit goes. So I don’t think there is actually a Bob’s Burger show. I’ve never seen it. Now here’s my second question to you. New. Have you ever met anyone who has seen Bob’s burgers?

Like in your life? Has anybody ever gone, Hey, did you see Bob’s Burgers last night? They have it, so here’s my theory. Fox promotes it, but they don’t actually make it. They just kind of sign off and run the national anthem or something. Cuz they know you’re watching football over there With Al Michaels, I get that.

He’s moved on, go with the. So they just have a test pattern up or the National Anthem or an American flag blowing in the wind. They don’t bother making Bob’s burgers, but they sell merch cuz you think it’s cool. But I don’t think the show exists. Well, supposedly this weekend they’re doing a crossover between the Simpsons and Family Guy, which definitely both exist.

And Bob’s Burgers, no.

They even shared a clip in the clip. Peter Griffin is avoiding his annoying wife, Lois, all the way to their lead-in show finding Homer, waiting for him. No, none of that mentions SPS burgers. Hmm.

Speaking to EW family guy co showrunner, Richard Chappelle. said. Even folks as jaded as Hollywood sitcom writers get a thrill seeing them together in the same scene. It’s the same sort of excitement you feel when a Chicago policeman and a Chicago fireman are in the same scene on a Chicago themed program.

Will we’ll see. Speaking of animation, Dan Horman, you know the guy that created community and Rick and Morty, so we’re gonna pay attention to him. Right. He’s got an animated comedy coming to Fox, this one called Polis. It has not yet aired and it’s already been renewed for two more seasons.

Is this another one of those Fox animation scams? Yeah, we’re crushing it. We’ve got Bob’s Burgers. We’ve got three seasons of Polis, just as Dan Harmon.

The cast is pretty good. Richard, I, you know him from the IT crowd, Hannah Wingham, you know her from Ted Lasso and Matt Berry from The Toast of London. Oh my. That’s a killer cast. The show set in ancient Greece.

I’m, I’m tempted to going in a half ass Matt Berry here. Despite the old world get up, turns out as ancient Greece. There’s a lot of similarities the present.

They asked the Fox suit, Hey, why three seasons? You haven’t even aired it yet. Fox Suit said, I think the third season pickup really speaks to our commitment to the show and frankly, the quality of the series. It’s hilarious. And Dan Harmon is such a unique voice and so. Doing a comedy set in ancient Greece has been a passion of his for a long time.

Yeah, animation is a huge priority for us. We have a fantastic legacy and we’re taking on the exciting challenge of continuing that legacy, and it really starts with a voice like Dan Horman.

All right, Fox Suit. How much have you seen of season one? Fox Suit said, we’ve seen several colors and many animatics, and we have a jumpstart on the scripts ready for season three. In other words, it doesn’t actually exist. Kind of like, say it with me, everybody on 3, 2, 1. Bob’s Burgers. Thanks for playing along.

There’s something unique about the series in a way that when we get it in the colors around the office, there’s an excitement to see the next episode that’s contagious.

So when the other seats and I we’re thinking about, or we prepared each other for season three, it was really a no.

All right. Fox Suit is this adult animation. Fox Suit gave a very corporate answer. We’re a broadcast network with a wide reach and I think Propolis is a series that has a type of humor that can be enjoyed on many levels, no matter where you’re from or what your background or your sense of humor.

It really is unique and then I think a wide audience is gonna be really able to connect with it.

Micar aside, I’m guessing they’re holding this back for the fall. There’s a writer strike coming into Hollywood, so I think networks are like, Hmm, do we need to run this in April or should we hold onto it in case we don’t have anything else? So I’m guessing that’s why they’re holding this back. It’s Dan Harmon.

I’m all over. It Can. Eh, I can’t wait, but I’ll still watch it. That’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify. You too, wherever you get your shows, and I will see you tomorrow.

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